BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ Charity Event, with CHAUVET Professional!


We are very honored to have been included in making the BBC’s Children in Need event a beautiful success.  In addition to being a beautiful broadcast event, it raised funds for a very important cause.

Read more about the BBC Children in Need event, check out two excellent articles from Live Design and Lighting and Sound International.  Check them out!



42West Takes Their Low Ceiling On A Ride with CHAUVET Professional!

Legend 230SR Beams and PVP MVP 12 video panels helped lighting designer Ben Danielowski make the 42West performance of Beatles’ tribute band Prefab 4 extra awesome in this excellent low-ceiling New York City club!  Check it out!

NEW YORK – Liverpool’s Cavern Club, the iconic venue that gave the Beatles their first taste of fame, began life as a cellar warehouse and later served as an air raid shelter during World War II.  So, it’s only fitting that the world’s first interactive Beatles Tribute Show, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Y3), made its New York appearance at 42West, a venue that served as a mid-town Manhattan parking garage, before being transformed into one of the city’s hippest nightspots.


All of this may make for nice symmetry and a cool experience for audiences, but the low ceilings of the former parking structure created a special challenge when it came to lighting the group’s performance. Lighting Designer Ben Danielowski met this challenge in impressive fashion by utilizing the zoomable prism on Legend 230SR Beam from CHAUVET Professional.

“The club is a fantastic venue that’s very popular in New York,” said the LD. “However, as a former parking structure it does present some challenges when you’re trying to light a rock show. With 12′-14′ ceilings, and large support beams blocking most of my first choices of angles, it was difficult to get many of the great clean shots I was able to achieve during previous productions of this show when we’ve been touring.”

Danielowski relied on the Legend 230SR Beam with its zoomable 8-facet rotating prism to help him achieve the desired beam coverage on the stage despite the low ceiling and relative scarcity of good angles. Zooming the prism out, he was able to get wide coverage in the low ceiling structure, while at the same achieving the distance needed to hit the stage with light.


“I was very impressed with the Legends,” said Danielowski. “They were very fast and very bright, aside from having a nice beam angle and the zooming prism.  They were a great alternative to the more expensive moving fixtures, and since budget is never not an issue that’s always very important.”

Danielowski planned on using CHAUVET Professional’s ÉPIX Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX Strip 2.0 at Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s New York appearance, but since 42West already had a massive 36′ long by 8′ tall video wall made of CHAUVET Professional MVP 12 LED Video Wall Panels, he had to put that plan on hold. “I can’t wait to use the ÉPIX products on tour, but since the MVP wall is already installed at this club, we changed our plans. We created a video interface with “Max6″ that allowed us to push images, video, or DMX values to the MVP screen via an iPad remote.  It was an amazing show. I had a great programming team of Zack Janesky and Jamie Roderick.”

The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah band, “PreFab4” also came in for praise from Danielowski. “The band members Mat Leland, Anthony Rella, Eli Zoller and Rich Berta are very talented,” said the LD. “Each of the guys sing and they all jump on different instruments throughout the show, so it’s very dynamic with a lot of on-stage energy. This is really the first interactive Beatles tribute show, with all the songs played by request, so audience engagement is key.

“Our lighting was a big part of the show’s look and feel,” continued Danielowski. “The audience loved the design.  They felt immersed in the show, since many of the lighting looks that were on stage were mimicked in the audience. That made us feel very good about our work.”



Las Vegas’ The Sayers Club – The Creators Interview!


Meet Jason Scoppa, the creator of the Sayers Club LA and Las Vegas, and Micah Otano, the Technical Master behind Jason’s creations!  CHAUVET Professional had the opportunity to talk with these two promoting masters and how they used CHAUVET Professional lighting equipment to make their club a powerhouse of light and atmosphere!

Check it out!


Pantano Christian “Makes Good Better” With CHAUVET Professional!

Duke DeJong and Todd Gathany of CCI Solutions brought some CHAUVET Professional to Pantano Christian Church!  Check it out below!

TUCSON, AZ - Pantano Christian Church already had a good lighting system, when its leaders concluded that “good” lighting wasn’t quite good enough when it came to creating the kind of engaging worship experience they wanted to offer their congregation. So they contacted house of worship design/build firm CCI Solutions of Olympia, WA to implement a comprehensive lighting and audio upgrade at their church.

Chauvet Pantano Church 2

Consultants Duke DeJong and Todd Gathany of CCI Solutions spent two days with the senior leadership and programming teams at Pantano, working with the church to define their vision and walk through their potential new lighting and audio systems, describing how each could help them achieve their goal. For the lighting side of the upgrade, CCI Solutions added a collection of LED stage lighting from CHAUVET Professional to the church’s system.

“Pantano was already doing some great things when it came to their lighting,” said DeJong. “However, there was a desire to add a lot more color to their lighting rig, and their dimming system definitely needed greater reliability. As we walked through each part of the new systems with the team from Pantano, it became clear that big out-of-the-box ideas were not only acceptable; they were encouraged.”

Among those “outside the box” ideas was the decision to replace the church’s old dimmable incandescent fixtures with two LED products from CHAUVET Professional: the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal, and Ovation F-165WW Fresnel; a move that DeJong and Gathany said took some members of the church by surprise.

Chauvet Pantano Church

“While Pantano’s leaders assumed that new LED lights would be used to give the church the big color they wanted, they didn’t think they would be replacing their incandescent dimming fixtures too,” said DeJong.  “They thought adding new dimmers would be sufficient, but we believed and recommended to the church that its best option was to replace its incandescent stage lighting system with a collection of CHAUVET Professional LED products: the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal and Ovation F-165WW Fresnel.”

“We made this recommendation because we believe there are too many advantages to going to LED fixtures to pass up,” added Gathany.  “This being Tucson, the fact that the fixtures give off far less heat and consume less power than incandescent fixtures is very significant. We were also convinced that the flat even field, brightness and theatrical friendly color temperatures of the Ovation fixtures would best serve the church.”

Having literally come to their meeting with Pantano Christian directly from LDI, where they saw the Ovation series fixtures in action at the show, DeJong and Gathany felt confident recommending them for the church.  “We were so impressed with how effective the fixtures were,” said Gathany.  “We knew they would be a great fit for what Pantano was trying to accomplish.”

CCI Solutions’ design has the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal fixtures positioned on the church’s house lighting pipes to serve as key lights. The Ovation F-165WW Fresnel fixtures are used as fill lights. Rounding out the stage rig are COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 RGBA linear wash fixtures.”

“The COLORdash Batten-Quad 12 fixtures are positioned at different points around the stage for band and stage set washes,” said DeJong. “For example, they may use the fixtures for a subtle wash during services then create something with more dynamic movement for special events. The dimming capabilities, beam angle and rich colors of this fixture make it very versatile.  It not only opens up creative possibilities for the church, it also saves them time and money by being so versatile.”

Gathany notes that Pantano Christian Church is also very pleased with a more subtle feature of the new lighting system. “The fantastic color temperatures of the Ovation products make the preacher and anyone else on stage look great, both in person and on camera,” he said. “Their old system was functional, but with the Ovation fixtures everyone looks more natural and evenly lit, which is critical since they do use image magnification.”

“We’ve had good success over the years using Chauvet fixtures to provide bright, dynamic color for the churches we serve,” added DeJong.  “And now, with the Ovation series fixtures, we have also have a great solution for white front lighting.   With the quality of light those fixtures put out, and the great price, we look at using Chauvet lighting in our projects more than ever.”

# # #

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CHAUVET Professional and the Miss USA Pageant!

Check it out!!  Q-Wash 419Z, MVP Ta8 Curve, and Legend 412 help to make the Miss USA Pageant a success!  HUGE thanks go to Image Production Services for making this great!

WORCESTER, MA – Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to lighting beauty pageants, getting things right means adhering to an exacting set of standards. So say Darren and Tyler Lussier, who speak from experience.  Aside from lighting concerts and major league sporting events in New York and New England, their company, Image Production Services, has become a beauty pageant maven, illuminating no fewer than six state segments of Miss USA in 2014.

Miss MD 2014

This year, the father-son team added a new twist to their pageant lighting when they replaced the fabric curtains they had been using on stage risers with MVP Ta8 Curve 8.33 mm pitch LED video panels from CHAUVET Professional. “The panels have taken us to a whole new world when lighting pageants,” said Tyler Lussier. “They give us much greater flexibility to change colors and scenes to match what’s happening on the stage and coordinate the risers with the moving light from the Chauvet Q-Wash 419Z-LED and Legend 412 fixtures that we use on the set for spot lighting and some strategically placed ballyhoos.”

The Lussiers use 66 of the MVP Ta8 Curve panels, which measure 23.6” x 23.6” (600 x 600 mm) on their beauty pageant stages.  These panels are arranged in eight curved tiers that descend down to the middle of the stage. “Pageant contestants stand on these tiers during the event, so we want them to be colorful and elegant,” said Tyler Lussier. “The bright resolution and vivid colors of the panels are important in helping us achieve this goal. Of course, it’s also important that the MVP Ta8 is curved, so it can be used to create concave or convex facings. This allows us to configure the panels to fit the contours we want on our on-stage risers.”

Arkaos MediaMaster is used with a CHAUVET Professional VIP Driver to feed graphical images to the video panels. The Lussiers don’t use text on the MVP Ta8 Curve panels for this show, because “it would be hard to read,” given the tiered structure of the risers.  Instead, they rely on using a variety of different graphical images to keep the appearance of the set “fresh and dynamic throughout the pageant.”


The brightly tiered LED video panels also create an attractive structural setting for the television cameras. “TV camera crews love the panels, because they make it easier to create good looking shots,” said Tyler Lussier. “The looping graphics that we run on the panels create a lot of nice movement for TV cameras, without them having to worry about shooting from different angles. They provide a great backdrop for the TV camera, without detracting from the main focus, which is the contestants.”

Television crews also like that there are now fewer fixtures on the beauty pageant set. The Lussiers say that using the LED panels has eliminated the need for some lighting fixtures, particularly the batten washes that were used to uplight the curtains. This makes the set less crowded for video crews.

Using fewer fixtures has also reduced the setup time Image Production Services needs at the beauty pageants. “The panels have definitely shaved an hour or two off setup time, which is good when you’re doing a lot of pageants,” said Tyler Lussier. “They’re going to be part of our pageant lineup for a long time.”

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2014’s TOP TEN POSTS (SO FAR!) on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!


We’re drawing closer to the END of 2014.  WHERE ON EARTH DID 2014 GO?!

We’ve had an amazing 2014 with you all on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!!  As always, we love to read what you LOVE to READ, so obviously we love to see what you love on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!  Here’s the top ten posts over 2014 to date (not like there’s much left of it), starting with the #10 most read post!

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Photo courtesy of, All Rights Reserved

Photo courtesy of, All Rights Reserved

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…and the NUMBER ONE POST of 2014:
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cat-west-kaskade-atmosphereLet’s make 2015 an AMAZING year together!!!!



Come Visit the CHAUVET Professional Showroom!!!

Are you going to be in South Florida?
Are you going to be within a half-hour of Fort Lauderdale?
Are you into lighting and the lighting industry?

Come check out the CHAUVET Professional Showroom here in Sunrise, Florida!  We’ve got our Professional and DJ lines ready for prime time, any time you want to come get a view of what we have to offer the Professional, DJ, Architectural, Video, and Touring markets!

A few shots from the Showroom:

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