Manhattan’s Pier of Fear, with CHAUVET Professional!

NXT-1 and the Legend 330 SR Spot helped make this year’s NYC Pier of Fear in Manhattan a bright, intensely lit success!  Check it out!

Pier of Fear1

NEW YORK – Manhattan’s Pier 94 has seen a lot of history pass through its 135,000 square feet of space since it opened in 1935 as an ocean liner terminal, but it’s doubtful that this venerable structure, which was later remodeled as an exhibition center,  has ever witnessed anything quite like the Pier of Fear. Now in its third year, the two-day festival served up a spectacular Halloween treat for New York’s EDM fans with a stellar lineup of DJs, a colorful array of costumes that were definitely not picked up at Wal-Mart, and a brain tingling lightshow anchored by Next NXT-1 and Legend 330SR Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

KM Productions of Hicksville, NY set up the lighting rig for the Halloween festival, which is put on by RPM Presents (New York). “This is a major event on the EDM calendar,” said Kevin Mignone, president of KM Productions. “It’s very DJ centric with performers like Knife Party, Adventure Club and Nicky Romero on stage, so our lighting designer Mike Gionfriddo and I wanted a fixture that could really add extra punch to the DJ booth, especially at a long setting like Pier 94.”

The punch Mignone and Gionfriddo were looking for was provided by 13 Next NXT-1 fixtures, which flanked the elevated center stage DJ booth, in addition to being positioned below it on trussing. A moving head panel with 25 pixel-mappable Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, the Next NXT-1 has the intensity to cut through haze and the light from other fixtures, a quality that helped it draw attention to the Pier of Feat DJ booth.

Pier of Fear2

“Everyone was impressed with the forceful visual impact of the NXT-1,” said Mignone. “Mike and I also loved the eye candy qualities that resulted from its bright colors and lightning quick movements. It was an ideal effect to keep up visually with the intense music on stage.”

The Pier of Fear lighting rig, which was controlled by a full-size grandMA2, also included 24 Legend 330SR Spot fixtures. Quick and agile with an extremely bright output of 62,200 lux at 5 meters, the Legend fixtures were used as the primary spot fixture over the stage.

“The Legend 330SR Spots were the workhorses of the rig, hitting the stage from every conceivable angle and engaging everyone in the audience regardless of where they were on the pier,” said Mignone. “We were totally impressed with these Legends. They were smaller and lighter than the big name moving spots we used in the past, but they were equally functional. The fact that they were more compact made them a lot easier to set up.”

As befits a Halloween festival in “the city that never sleeps,” Pier of Fear went on until four in the morning.  (The event’s first performance started at 8 pm.)  Even with dawn rapidly approaching, the big crowd at the historic pier was still ready to party on – so too were the CHAUVET Professional fixtures.


The Weekly Rig #10, from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – Duas Arces!

Back by popular demand after a small pause for the LDI Show preparation…  THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!!!


This week’s installment is called Duas Arces, which means Two Towers in Latin.  But obviously DUAS ARCES sounds way cooler than Two Towers, right?!  And look — you just learned some Latin!  How cool is THAT?!

Our imaginary band, Todd’s Crazy Shirt, is rocking and rolling with a mix of keys, percussion, a mix master, and vocals — and a full rig of CHAUVET Professional fixtures cutting through the air and making magic pictures!

A few things to take away from this week’s Weekly Rig — design liner notes!

  1. Never forget about your background.  Often in venues that you’ll play, you’ll have a terrible-looking back wall that can be made amazing with a simple focus palette that you update from venue to venue that gives you gobos along the back wall.  Spin them, pulse them, rotate them with colors and varying directions, and you just blew the audience’s mind!
  2. A great gobo usage scenario is having projecting heads on a FOH truss.  Sure you can spot the band, you can highlight parts of the band at certain points…  but what about a front gobo wash?  Turn your band from a front-lit bunch of musicians to a gobo front-lit bunch of musicians that are in motion and vibrate!
  3. Toners:  You have the ability to make every piece of your truss into its own member of the band by just paying a little bit of attention to add your toners to your cues…  truss is gorgeous while lit, why not make it part of your stack?
  4. Add a powerful backlight to each band member — in the case of Duas Arces and Todd’s Crazy Shirt, I added a COLORado Batten Quad 9 Tour behind each band member for a burst of LED color and intensity to turn each member of the band into their own silhouette that lives and breathes with every single human movement the band members make.  Try it, you will not be disappointed.  Try it!
  5. A single front light on each band member can give you the control you need to simply highlight each human and keep your rig tight without having to use an entire system of wash fixtures (or PARs, depending where you are in the world, of course) to accomplish the look.  You can definitely still design in the front washes (and maybe a GOBO WASH system from the front!) while having specials for each band member.  It’s all about how you want to control your rig!

Weekly-rig-10-duas arces-multi

DUAS ARCES:  CHAUVET Professional Lighting Products
We’ve got a sizable rig for this week’s Weekly Rig — but for a theoretical band of this magnitude, what choice do we have?!!

Direct from the virtual truck pack — fixtures on the stage deck:
30 @ COLORado Batten Quad 9 Tour

Fixtures on Trusst:
48 @ COLORdash Par Quad 7
8 @ Legend 330 SR Spot
4 @ Ovation E-190WW ERS
24 @ ROGUE R2 Beam
28 @ ROGUE R2 Spot

DUAS ARCES:  TRUSST Trussing Products
Lots and lots of Trusst!

32 @ 3m Trusst Arc sections
3 @ 1m Trusst straight sections
24 @ 2m Trusst straight sections
21 @ 3m Trusst straight sections
32 @ 6-Way Trusst corner blocks
28 @ 1m Trusst extension pipes
8 @ 30″ Trusst base plates

Enough of the bullet points, let’s check out this week’s Weekly Rig!  Ladies and gentlemen, Duas Arces with Todd’s Crazy Shirt on the mic!

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This rig is completely theoretical, and there are lots of things like chain motors and required safety devices that would need to be implemented to make this a reality.  Just keep in mind that no matter what rig you build or how you adapt these designs, you need to consult riggers, structural engineers, and all other appropriate experts before attempting to build any of these designs!  The optimal phrase here is “IF YOU CAN’T RIG IT RIGHT, DON’T RIG IT AT ALL.”  Safety is paramount.  Nothing else is really that important.



October 2014’s TOP TEN POSTS on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

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Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (134 de 115)

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#1:  Ovation Adds LED ERS and Fresnels That Work on Conventional Dimming!



Ovation C-640FC Llena de Color a la Nueva Plaza Galerías Toluca

En español en todo el mundo para nuestra audiencia de habla española!


TOLUCA, México – La luminaria Ovation C-640FC de CHAUVET Professional hizo su debut en la nueva Plaza Galerías Toluca, incrustada en una de las zonas industriales más pujantes del país. Ubicada sobre el paseo Tollocan, a sólo 10 minutos del centro de Toluca y 45 minutos de Santa Fe, surge esta nueva opción para miles de habitantes de varios municipios mexiquenses, en el que podrán hacer sus compras y disfrutar de múltiples opciones de entretenimiento.

El nuevo centro comercial está encabezada por la nueva tienda de Liverpool, una de las cadenas de almacenes más prestigiadas y de mayor crecimiento en el país, y compartirá el espacio con un gran número de establecimientos que ofrecerán una amplia gama de productos, servicios y diversión.

AG Lighting, S.A. de C.V. fue la empresa encargada de diseñar el proyecto de iluminación de los enormes espacios comunes de este complejo, y después de analizar detalladamente las especificaciones de varias luminarias eligió a la Ovation C-640FC para crear los ambientes propicios en la dinámica de la plaza. Otro factor decisivo fue la extensa garantía y respaldo que ofrece Chauvet and Sons de México para todos los productos.


“La Ovation C-640FC es magnífica para reemplazar las luces tradicionales de ciclorama. Puede crear cualquier color de los catálogos de filtros, y ofrece un consumo mucho más bajo que el de las luminarias convencionales”, afirmó Fernando Argueta, especialista de CHAUVET Professional. “Está preparada para su uso en cualquier aplicación en espacios cubiertos que requiera baños de luz amplios y potentes, gracias a sus dos cabezas ajustables individualmente. Puede ser operada mediante DMX, y de forma autónoma a través de los programas de cambio de color con velocidad ajustable o con colores estáticos”.

La zona central del área común está cubierta por una enorme carpa blanca, bañada por 18 equipos Ovation C-640FC colocados estratégicamente sobre cada uno de los tres soportes con tensores de acero de la cubierta, para lograr cambios de color que van desde los tonos pasteles más sutiles hasta colores intensos y saturados. “La alimentación de electricidad no representó ningún problema”, continuó Argueta, “Al igual que otras luminarias de la serie Ovation, cuentan con conectores PowerCON™ de Neutrik® para garantizar una conexión segura y una fuente de alimentación que se ajusta automáticamente a rangos de voltaje de 100 a 240 VAC de 50/60 Hz”.


Además, su tamaño compacto y sólida construcción, el bajo costo de operación, el mínimo mantenimiento requerido y la larga expectativa de vida de sus 64 LEDs RGBWA de hasta 50,000 horas son enormes ventajas que no pueden hacerse de lado.

AG Lighting, S.A. de C.V. es una empresa dedicada al desarrollo de proyectos, suministro e instalación de la más amplia gama de sistemas de iluminación, establecida en la ciudad de México. Cuenta con una gran experiencia y ha creado una infinidad y diversidad de diseños de iluminación en todo el país.

Para conocer más de AG Lighting, visite:


Meet the COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour!


New to the COLORado Family, a new twist on a dependable, bright, and popular LED wash fixture — meet the COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour! CHAUVET Professional’s Jim Hutchison walks us through this excellent addition to the COLORado family, check it out!

Visit the COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour site:



Empire Pro Hosts FREE Courses for CHAUVET Training Day!


Pretty cool!  Empire Pro AV is hosting what they’re calling Chauvet Lighting Day, a full day of courses geared towards improving your lighting knowledge, for free!

Offerings for this free day, which is November 6, include the following:

Lighting for Audio Guys

  • Same Science, Different terms; Band Pass Filters, 3db Down Points & Inverse Square Law
  • Advantages to LED instruments & ROI; It is equal parts science, art & the environment.
  • Lighting Instruments Then & Now; Hands on shoot out between the old & the new

Basic Lighting Design

  • Stage Plays, Opera & House of Worship….It’s all theatre, isn’t it?
  • Television lighting design as it applies to House of Worship
  • Concert lighting design as it applies to House of Worship

DMX 512 Lighting Control

  • It’s Digital, It’s Data!
  • Integrating into an existing system.
  • Software, hardware or a little of both?

Nightclubs and the traveling Nightclub (DJ’s)

  • From Flash n Trash to World Class
  • Ambient Light for Hospitality
  • Truss systems and safety

Atmosphere: Haze or Fog?  (A violent reaction or sneaky smoke?)

  • Different fog juice formulas & their advantages

Check them out, let us know if you go!  Visit the Empire Pro website for registration…  WHICH IS FREE!



Ricky Martin Mexico City BEHIND THE SCENES – Video and Photos!

We had first-line access to the Ricky Martin tour stop in Mexico City a few weeks ago, and the photos and video we got were outstanding!  Check out Ricky Martin’s Mexico City load-in, with CHAUVET Professional Nexus 4×4 panels, NEXT NXT-1 moving pixel panels, and the Vesuvio RGBA hybrid atmospheric!

Check out the video, Behind the Scenes:  Ricky Martin in MEXICO CITY

Now for some excellent behind the scenes photos!

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (102 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (104 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (115 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (119 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (122 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (125 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (127 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (128 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (131 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (134 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (136 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (145 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (149 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (153 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (156 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (94 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (71 de 115)


Check out the initial press release here!