MVP-12 Makes A Big Statement at Miami Music Week!


Check it out — CHAUVET Professional’s MVP-12 video panels helped make a bright statement at Miami’s Music Week a few weeks ago, featuring Steve Angello and Swedish House Mafia!

From the press release…


MIAMI – Steve Angello and the Swedish House Mafia made a habit of breaking barriers, not just with the raging creativity of their music, but also with their choice of concert venues.  Never ones to limit themselves to big halls, SHM preferred unorthodox settings for their epic EDM throwdowns. Now as a solo superstar, Angello is continuing this tradition. At the start of Miami Music Week, the iconic DJ held his #Decade concert at an abandoned RC Cola plant off 1-95 in the city’s Wynwood section, performing on a giant stage backed by a massive wall of MVP 12 LED video panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Provided by cross rental house Design Oasis (Davie, FL), the MVP 12 video wall measured 38’ x 20’, making a bold statement that commanded instant attention. The dramatic wall even garnered its own rave reviews from music critics, one of whom, writing for the Miami New Times, marveled that the “massive LED panel setup… consumed one’s entire field of vision,” noting that “I can only describe it as Ultra-level quality.”

Luccas Olveira, co-owner of Design Oasis, observed that the MVP 12 with its 4,850 NITS illuminance and 12.5 mm pixel pitch was able to deliver the brightness and intensity demanded by the concert setting.  “The old RC Cola plant is a local icon,” he said. “It’s a massive concrete and steel structure with a lot of graffiti and a huge parking lot, so it’s kind of easy for a stage to get lost in this compound, but the PVP S5s really served as a great anchor for the whole lightshow. We had the large video wall behind the stage and a band of video panels in front to create a very nice multi-dimensional look.”

With a 140° viewing angle, pixel density of  6400/m2 and an IP 54 rating, the MVP 12 was ideal for the big outdoor stage, which was set up on one end of the plant compound’s parking lot.  The panels’ 13.4 percent transparency worked well to allow other lighting elements of the show to pass through them.

“The panels looked good from every viewing angle,” said Abbas Ritscher, another Design Oasis co-owner. “They were also bright enough to make a strong visual impression during the earlier performances, which took place when it was still light out. Jon Triccas, the lighting designer, VJ Josh Gallagher, and production designers John Ferlito and Mark Underwood all deserve a lot of credit for making this a success.”

Produced by Mix 3 Sound and SRX Events, the #Decade concert was held to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Angello’s Size Records label. In addition to the former Swedish House Mafia member, the concert featured a galaxy of EDM stars like Thomas Gold, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, AN21 & Max Vangeli, and more. It was a totally immersive experience for the thousands in attendance – not just for the music, but for the setting, which in true SHM fashion created a visual impression that no one who saw it is likely to forget.

One of the largest cross rental company in South Florida, Design Oasis rents lighting, video, audio, staging and power, providing 24-hour customer support at no additional cost. For more information visit the company’s website


YELLOWCARD and LD Cody James ROCK the LEGEND Line!

Chauvet_Yellowcard 1

The band YELLOWCARD is out there right now with lighting designer Cody James, rocking the Legend 230 SR Beam and the Legend 412 LED wash from CHAUVET Professional.  Have you seen their show?  It’s energetic, the audiences love it, and the band brings a lighting performance that accentuates the wide scale of their talent!


From the press release:

PROVIDENCE, RI – The platinum recording group Yellowcard refuses to be pigeonholed. That’s not surprising from a band that was featured in a compilation called “Punk Goes Acoustic.” Audiences may love Yellowcard’s meshing musical performances — but some flexible fixtures in the hands of a skilled LD are required to create a lightshow that keeps pace with the group’s eclectic musical mix.  The Legend 230SR Beam and Legend 412 moving heads from CHAUVET Professional provided this flexibility, while LD Cody James of JDI Productions furnished the skill to create just such a lightshow for the band’s sold out performance at the iconic Lupos Heartbreak Hotel concert hall.

Chauvet_Yellowcard 2

Described by one music critic as “two concerts in one,” the Lupos appearance marked the 10th anniversary of Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue album. The concert was divided into two hour-long sets: the first devoted strictly to acoustic performances, and the second turned over to the band’s famous hard-driving electric punk sound.

Yellowcard’s LD since 2012, James relied on the CHAUVET Professional fixtures to set a distinctly different visual tone for each set. “The moods of the two sets were very different, and this had to be reflected in the lightshow,” he said. “We used the Legend 412s to create a mellow atmosphere during the first set and then turned to the SR Beams to create a big bang in the second hour. In both cases the mood created by the lights got the audience more into the music being performed on stage.”

Time pressure made James’ task even more challenging.  As a result of scheduling issues, he had only six hours to build and program the Yellowcard lightshow.   “I’ve worked with Legend fixtures before and they are very responsive; this made programming very easy, which was essential given the timeframe we faced,” he said. “The lights were critical to this show coming off successfully, so was Derek Iorfida at JDI Productions, who was always there when I need him.”

James used 12 Legend 412 moving heads on upright trusses across the back of the stage. The fixtures were staggered at different heights on the truss to provide a more textured color wash.  With a light source of a dozen 10-watt RGBW LEDs and color macros with speed adjustments, the Legend 412 units provided a richly saturated uniform output that supported the mellow acoustic mood during the concert’s first hour.

When the pace quickened in hour two, the half dozen Legend 230SR Beams in James’ rig were there to pump up the crowd with their smooth ultra-quick movements across the stage and audience. “The hard edged beams from the 230SR have the same punch and intensity as the band’s music, so it gave the fans the same visual feeling they were already getting from the songs themselves. The fast pan and tilt movements of the Legend 230SR Beams were important to me, because the pace of the band’s electric music is pretty intense.”

Powered by a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp and putting out an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters, and with a slit-like 2.25-degree beam angle, the Legend 230SR Beam delivers the intensity Yellowcard’s music calls for, according to James.  The LD was also impressed with the gobos he could create with the fixture. “I liked the gobos’ capabilities,” he said. “This definitely came into play with my lighting design. During the electric set the band went from fast punk pieces to giant crowd sing-alongs, so I used the very distinct gobos to create some separation between the different types of songs.”

Figuring out how to navigate your way through sharp musical turns is part of the challenge and fun of designing for a group like Yellowcard, says James — especially when you have some nimble fixtures like these Legend units in your rig.


CHAUVET Professional’s Senior Product Manager Ford Sellers in Church Production Mag!

Ford Sellers


Awesome!  Check out an article that our Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional, Ford Sellers, wrote on addressing chromatic shadows in LED lighting for Church Production Magazine.

Here’s a link to the article, check it out!



CHAUVET Professional on the Road with Distributor from Portugal

Our distributor from Portugal Garrett Audiovisuals took a nice variety of CHAUVET Professional fixtures on their road show, such as lights from COLORado series of LED wash lights, Strike strobes, moving yokes from the Legend series, stage and theater fixtures from the Ovation line and more.

photo 5

photo 2

photo 3


Q-Wash Washes in Hot Colors Red Hot Chili Peppers

RCHP Awesomeness!

About 85 CHAUVET Professional luminaires took center stage with rock band Red Hot Chili Peppers for a fiery performance at Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot.  Musique Xpress Lights from Puerto Rico used 49 Q-Wash 560Z-LED & 35 Q-Wash 260-LED wash lights paced on high truss sticks throughout the set. Here are some awesome shots:






THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – THE GREAT WALL!

It’s the fifth installment of THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!  This week’s installment is affectionately called THE GREAT WALL — check it out!


The Great Wall, built from TRUSST Trussing, gives a solid structure on stage for you to use in any configuration you can invent — the edges of The Great Wall design features built-in out-rigging support in the form of truss legs that keeps the design upright and weight-balanced.  Make sure that if you modify this design at all that you plan in these pieces on the edges to support the structure!


THE GREAT WALL utilizes several different models of TRUSST trussing, including 6-way corner blocks (strong and dependable!) 3m straight sections2.5m straight sections1m straight sections, and 24″ base plates.  THE GREAT WALL is a tall-standing backdrop for your tour, band, event, or for anything else to which you can add light and truss!

This week’s installment of THE WEEKLY RIG features the powerful and fast LEGEND 330 SR Spot from CHAUVET Professional — a moving head spot that is just as much of a feature-packed tool as it is a photon cannon.  Also included on the FOH Truss are the venerable Q-Wash 419Z LED fixtures, used in THE GREAT WALL design for front light color washes, and the excellent 3200K LED fresnel in the Ovation line, the Ovation F-165WW, as low backlight blasts.  Truss toning of THE GREAT WALL is done by the COLORado 1 Tri-7 Tour, one of CHAUVET Professional’s hot LED PARs that blasts color down the chords of the truss effectively and intensely.

Spread the word, The Weekly Rig #5 is OUT!