Chauvet’s own Jim Hutchison, creator of, challenged Berenice Chauvet to take part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which imprisons people in their own bodies.  It’s terrible.  TEAM CHAUVET got in on the action to take the fight to the front line in the Lighting Industry — check it out!

A HUGE THANK YOU to TEAM CHAUVET, Albert Chauvet, and our special guest drenchee, Product Manager Mike Graham’s son Connor Graham!  GO BOY GO!

YOU’RE UP NEXT, George Masek and Bob Gordon from ACT Lighting, and Richard Belliveau from High End Systems/Barco!  TAKE THE CHALLENGE!


CHAUVET Professional Will Be at the New UK PRO Show!

Are YOU coming to the new PRO Show???  We’ll be exhibiting at PRO, which will run alongside the upcoming BPM show at the NEC in Birmingham.  We’ll be there!  Will we see you?  Come on by Stand G42!

Breakfast Demo Invitation v2

BIRMINGHAM, UK – CHAUVET Professional is exhibiting at an exciting new event focussing on professional lighting, audio and video technology. PRO will run alongside the successful BPM show at the NEC in Birmingham, 13-15 September 2014.
LED wash fixtures, powerful and versatile LED moving head lights and an easy-setup pixel mapping display system are among the products in the spotlight on stand G42 at PRO, and in the neighbouring BPM Arena, sponsored by CHAUVET Professional.
On display will be an array of luminaires, including the Nexus line with Nexus Aq 5×5 and Nexus Aw 7×7 narrow beam panels, ÉPIX Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX Strip 2.0 pixel-mapping fixtures, the Legend 330SR Spot powerful moving yoke and the feature-packed Rogue Spot and Beam fixtures that bring great value and performance.

CHAUVET Professional is making it easier for users to create professional video and pixel-mapping displays with its groundbreaking ÉPIX Series. Included are two one-metre linear tri-color LED fixtures that work together seamlessly — the ÉPIX Bar 2.0 and ÉPIX Strip 2.0 — and the ÉPIX Drive 642, which hosts the fixtures’ processing and power supply. Requiring little technical knowledge to set up and configure, the ÉPIX Series has been designed to give users of all experience levels a way to achieve vibrantly coloured pixel mapping and video in minutes with minimal effort.

The company will showcase the latest additions to two of its most celebrated fixture families. The Parnelli award-winning Nexus LED display series has been expanded with the launch of the Nexus Aq 5×5 (RGBW) and Nexus Aw 7×7 (WW) narrow beam panels. Ideal for creating large arrays on stage and in studio, these multi-function panels can be used for everything from generating high-impact aerial effects, to producing vibrant text and graphic displays, to serving as a wash or audience blinder.

Another must-see is the newest model in the popular Legend moving head series. The Legend 330SR Spot, a compact moving head spot featuring a 330-watt Osram Sirius lamp and precision optics for extremely intense brightness and crisp gobo projection — plus a full complement of pro features, including a custom-designed CMY colour mixing system, 22 gobos, 8-facet prism and variable frost-filter for dual use as a wash-type fixture.

A new class of fixture, the Rogue Series consists of high-performance automated spots and beams that are loaded with features like gobo morphing, variable speed scrolling and multi-prism rotation, typically thought to be unattainable at their price point. Promoted as “weapons of mass creation” that revolt against “the tyranny of tight budgets,” the Rogue fixtures’ bright output, vivid colours, stunning effects and rapid movements will impress audiences and clients in a wide range of applications, while their cost-efficiency will yield a high return on investment for lighting designers, installers and rental houses.

See these and other exciting products from CHAUVET Professional on stand G42 and in the CHAUVET Professional Arena at PRO 2014.

We have a limited number of Trade Passes available for free admission to the PRO Show. Trade professionals are also invited to join us in the Arena for a product demonstration, with complimentary breakfast, at 10am on Monday 15th September.
To register to attend, or for further details, please contact:



THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – WINGS of ICARUS!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again – time for The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!

You’ll have to pardon our posting pause, our little digital stagehands needed to have a few weeks vacation after a 7-week tour, and you definitely have to make the crew happy. I mean, who is going to move the emails if the digital stagehands go on strike?!


This week’s rig is called Wings of Icarus – with the stage design being pretty simple and relying heavily on the architecture of the venue we’ve created for this week’s rig, we wanted to push the idea of being able to use the powerful beams of the Legend 330 SR Spot as your scenery. With this expansive stage-width truss design, you can give your audience member a focal point on the stage from anywhere in the venue to really keep their eyes focused where you want them.


An interesting design choice this time was the addition of 14 panels of PVP S5 5mm video panels in a wing configuration across the fronts of the truss podiums.  In addition to content being broadcast across the panels from the Arkaos Media Master Pro server powering the panels, they can be used either on their own for certain moments of songs, or as a major visual effect any time you need it.  Balancing video and beams, now THAT separates the photons from the electrons, doesn’t it!

The Wings of Icarus truss design is pretty simple, but expansively effective.  Spanning across the rear of the band and beyond is the wing structure of the design, all ground-mounted with 30″ Trusst Base Plates.  A unique but very effective piece we utilize in this week’s design is the 2-Way 135° Truss Corner, which gives us those great shapes in front of the drum riser.  The 2m Stick1m Stick, and Half-meter Stick are all utilized in Wings of Icarus, composing the uprights bearing the Legend 330 SR Spots and the PVP S5 video panels, as well as the center mass around the drummer.  As most Trusst designs should be, we’ve also utilized about 16 of our 6-Way Corner Blocks on this design, it’s a valuable, regular piece of Trusst that everyone should have to open their design horizons!


Front light and back light spots are all the Ovation E-190WW LED ellipsoidals. We also added a front blast from the FOH truss of E-190WW LED ERS with Chroma-Q scrollers attached, just to please the people who still use scrollers in their rigs! E-190WW is versatile and ready for whatever you want to toss at it in production.

We’re using the dependable, reliable COLORdash Par Quad 7 as toners for our rig; the Par Quad 7 is a bright toner that fits inside most 12” box truss, and since we’re using Trusst brand truss here and we know that the COLORdash Par Quad 7 fits right inside, it seems like an ideal fit!


As a real-world side note, the Par Quad 7 fits nicely right between the diagonals of the Trusst sticks and arcs that you would use to put a rig of this nature together, so keep them in mind as a great toner in your inventory! They make great backlights, too!

For the toner rig, we’re generally using a pretty simple rule of 1m – if the stick is at least a meter long, we added two toners, top and bottom, to the stick. This gave us a nice compliment of dual-toned colors to make undulate and vibrate during portions of the set. Toners can be very special additions to any rig, just make sure that you’re using them to bring some life to the structure!


For Wings of Icarus, we went for a rig of single model units, in this case all Legend 330 SR Spots because of their excellent output and complement of beam shaping accessories – great rotating gobo wheels, color mixing, and a steel wheel of scrolling gobos that each can be individually selected and manipulated. The Legend 330 is a powerhouse among its competitors too, bringing affordability and power to one complete package.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Weekly Rig – check out some renders of our virtual concert!















A Voz Portugal – con Nexus 4×4!

For our Spanish speaking audience out there!  En español!

Un hermoso, impresionante, e intenso diseño creado por el LD Marco Silva con el NEXUS 4 × 4 de CHAUVET Profesional. ¡Dale un vistazo!

LISBOA, PORTUGAL – Una de las cosas que han convertido a ‘The Voice’ (LA VOZ) en un éxito internacional sin precedentes, es el hecho de que cada país parece encontrar su propia y única manera de mejorar el espectáculo, añadiendo un toque local a lo que se ha convertido en un fenómeno global. Esto es algo muy evidente en “A VOZ” de Portugal. En 2011, se introdujo un cambio en las reglas que permite a los espectadores votar para traer de vuelta a los participantes perdedores en las rondas eliminatorias. Este año la franquicia con sede en Lisboa elevó nuevamente su nivel al incorporar efectos de mapeo de píxeles con los paneles Nexus™ 4×4 de CHAUVET® Profesional.

Chauvet Voice Portugal

Marco Silva, LD y programador de ‘A VOZ’ de Portugal, utiliza 28 paneles Nexus™ 4×4 para crear un impresionante arreglo en el frente del escenario para el control de pixeles que está a cargo de João Canoso de FX-Road Light.  Utilizando un servidor de medios Mbox Studio, Canoso creó un impactante diseño coordinado con la pantalla de video instalada.

“El mapeo de pixeles de los Nexus crea una apariencia atractiva y dinámica que encaja a la perfección con el espíritu de ‘A Voz’ de Portugal”, dijo Silva. “Este programa celebra el talento, el esfuerzo y la pasión de los participantes, y el espectáculo de iluminación ayudó a crear un aura estelar en el escenario. A veces utilizamos las mismas imágenes en la pantalla de video y en los paneles de Nexus, lo que genera un estupendo efecto gracias a los reflectores LED de las unidades. Nos gustó mucho el resultado”

Silva también quedó impresionado con la versatilidad de los paneles Nexus. “Nosotros los colocamos dentro del diseño, como lo hicimos con otros equipos, y cada uno hacía su trabajo y tenía su propia personalidad”, explicó.

Hay varias etapas diferentes en ‘A VOZ’, y los paneles Nexus han jugado un papel específico en cada una de ellas, según Silva. En los segmentos a ciegas, donde los jurados no conocen el aspecto físico de los participantes, los paneles son utilizados para crear un brillante borde horizontal; en las galas y en las rondas finales son colocados sobre el piso con arreglos diferentes.

Pero tal vez el uso principal de los paneles es durante los segmentos en vivo del espectáculo. “Montamos los paneles verticalmente para las tomas en vivo”, dijo Silva. “Están ensamblados en dos torres de 7 metros de altura en ambos lados del escenario. Esto nos proporciona una gran apariencia para las tomas cercanas de los participantes, y cuando hacemos ampliamos las tomas el Nexus crea formidables efectos de cegadora”.

Para los segmentos en vivo de ‘A VOZ’, Silva complementa los 28 Nexus 4×4 paneles con 48 luminarias lineales COLORdash Batten-Hex 8 y 48 luminarias estilo PAR Colorado 1-Quad Tour RGBW, también de CHAUVET® Profesional. Los equipos de Chauvet son suministrados por Garrett Audiovisuais de Carnaxide, Portugal.

“El COLORdash es excelente para ayudarnos a crear escenas, y los COLORados son magníficas luces de fondo”, dijo el LD. “Estamos muy satisfechos con la potencia y mezcla de color que nos ofrecen ambos productos”. Equipados con ocho LEDs RGBAW+UV, los COLORdash Batten-Hex 8 producen una amplia variedad de blancos, colores saturados además de potentes efectos ultravioleta, lo que los hace ideales para una producción con tantas facetas como ‘A VOZ’.

Cuando se le preguntó cómo realizaba las transiciones de un segmento a otro en ‘A Voz’ de Portugal, Silva describió el proceso de esta manera: “Durante los segmentos de las audiciones a ciegas, mantenemos un bajo perfil de la iluminación para no distraer la atención de los jueces y su interacción con los participantes, así que no utilizamos las luces en movimiento, pero al mismo tiempo debemos crear diferencias sutiles que ayuden a distinguir a cada intérprete. Una vez que entramos al segmento en vivo, empleamos la iluminación para captar la máxima energía y desbordar el entusiasmo dentro del programa”

El espectáculo de luces diseñado por Silva ofreció un gran apoyo a cada una de las diferentes etapas del programa. “Nuestros productores están muy complacidos con lo que hemos logrado”, dijo el LD. “Tal vez Portugal no represente las mayores cifras de audiencia de la franquicia, pero nos sentimos orgullosos del impacto creativo que hemos aportado a “The Voice”. Y al ver el resultado de los impresionantes efectos visuales logrados por Sliva y su equipo, honestamente nadie puede cuestionarlo.


This Week’s TOP TEN POSTS on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

What a week!  Touring the Today Show, Fantasia out on the road with the Legend 230 Beam et al, meeting people all over the world, and spreading the good news of CHAUVET Professional!  How was YOUR week?  Are you keeping busy, staying happy, and making the light??

It’s time to see what you all loved to read over this week!  We love seeing what interests you and drives you to keep coming back to the CHAUVET Professional Blog, we’re lighting nerds, geeks, and dweebs too!

This week’s countdown, this time from the #10 spot and counting down!

#10:  Collyns Stenzel, Life in Color’s Lighting Designer, Talks Light with CHAUVET Professional!

Chauvet Life in Color

#9:  THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – QUATUROR ERRO!


#8:  LD Profiles — Benjamin Brown

Ben Brown-blog

#7:  Who Needs A Pick-Me-Up?  Here’s PHISH Playing CAVERN!

Nexus panels rocking the show!

#6:  NXT-1 from CHAUVET Professional Makes Moving Pixels


#5:  We’ll Miss You, Robin Williams.

Mork & Mindy

#4:  TECH TALK:  Creating Content for Video Walls, Part 1


#3:  CHAUVET Professional at ENTECH Connect with Australian Distributor


#2:  FANTASIA and CHAUVET Professional Get the Soul Out in Concert!


…and the #1 post of this last week:

THE VOICE Portugal is Singing with NEXUS 4×4!

Chauvet Voice Portugal


Fantasia and CHAUVET Professional Get the Soul Out in Concert!

Gotta love the soul!!!  From Columbus, Georgia — a story about the soul brought to the floor with Fantasia Barrino on tour, playing shows and rocking faces with the CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 560Z LED, the Legend 230SR Beam, and the COLORado Batten 72 Tour.  A powerhouse rig for a powerhouse voice and soul!  Check it out!


COLUMBUS, GA – Award winning Broadway actress; New York Times best-selling author; Grammy recording artist; American Idol winner… Fantasia Barrino has already worn many hats extraordinarily well in her young career, but this multi-talented superstar is (by her own description), one thing above all else: a soul singer. This much was very evident to the fans at her recent southeastern tour stops. Holding nothing back, Fantasia rocked the house to its very core with a heartfelt collection of powerful tunes all supported by an appropriately intense light show featuring a variety of CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

Lighting designer Jay Chiari and lighting tech Brandon Thomas of Audio Visual Services (Macon, GA) used 12 Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving yoke washes, six COLORado Batten 72 Tour linear washes and 18 Legend 230SR Beam moving beams in a rig that drenched the stage in intense colors. “We wanted an intense light show to match the power of Fantasia’s performance,” said Thomas. “The concert covered a range of moods so we relied on a lot of dimming and color changing to reflect these changes.”

The COLORado Batten 72 Tours, which were positioned downstage and used to uplight Fantasia and other performers, were key to setting different emotional tones for the concert. Powered by 72 calibrated red, green, blue, white and amber LEDs and featuring five dimming curves, the batten-style wash produces a vast range of colors.

“We were impressed with the colors produced by the COLORados,” said Thomas. “The amber LEDs really help enhance the quality of the color mixing. The fixtures were great for setting moods on stage.”


For added impact and to engage the crowd with audience lighting, the Legend 230 SR Beams were positioned throughout the rig. “We had them upstage, downstage and mid stage,” said Thomas. “We had them on truss and on the floor. Their sharp beams were essential to creating the dynamic look that the music demanded. There were six big name beam effects on our rig along with the Legend 230s, and if you were at the show – even if you were in the lighting profession – I don’t think you could have told the difference between the two sets of fixtures.”

Rounding out the rig were the Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving yokes, which were positioned upstage and down stage. Producing a uniform wash emitting an impressive 13,100 lux at 5 meters, these fixtures were more than able to hold their own next to the rest of this intense output rig.

“We used this rig at three venues: the Columbus (GA) Civic Center, the Johnny Mercer Theater in Savannah, and the Florence South Carolina Civic Center,” said Thomas. “The rig was easy to set up and the lights were easy to program, which is always nice when you’re touring. Wherever we went people were impressed with the lightshow; the great performance on stage deserved nothing less.”


CHAUVET Professional at Entech Connect with Australian Distributor

CHAUVET Professional Australian distributor Showtools International showcased a great selection of products at Entech Connect, organized July 23-24 in Melbourne. The stand was loaded with Nexus 4×4 lights, Nexus Aq 5×5, Nexus Aw 7×7 pixel-mapping panels, fixtures from the Ovation line for theater and stage, like Ovation C-640FC, Ovation E-190WW and more! Here is an awesome shot of the striking display Showtools did: