CHAUVET Professional Parades at Endymion For Mardi Gras


NEW ORLEANS – The Krewe of Endymion Parade, started at City Park and Orleans Avenues in New Orleans, and from there took visitors on a journey that figuratively at least reached far beyond the confines of the Crescent City. Built around the theme “Fantastic Voyages,” the largest and most legendary of New Orleans’ Mardi Gras parades, featured floats depicting 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, Gulliver’s Travels and other tales of transcendent journeys.  Accenting it all, along with 2,650 masked revelers tossing beads to the crowds are video panels from CHAUVET Professional and Geyser RGB Foggers from its sister company CHAUVET DJ.

“Chauvet products are a key part of our design,” said Ray Ziegler of RZI Lighting (New Orleans), which does most of the lighting and special effects lighting for Endymion. “Being in New Orleans at Mardi Gras, the Endymion floats have to be very lush and rich visually to capture the imagination. Yes, the Chauvet products certainly contributed to this look.”

The Endymion project starts with a series of 45-foot floats which linked together to form a parade train that roll through New Orleans. Each float was decorated to reflect the “fantastic voyage” theme of this year’s parade. “Our goal with the lighting design is to accentuate what the design artist has created on each float, highlighting the various props and adding even more excitement to them without drawing attention away from them.” said Ziegler. “This can create a challenge, given the static nature of the float displays.

“Essentially, the floats are large cars with props that don’t move,” continued the LD.  “So you don’t want to overwhelm the props, the lighting design should make the float more interesting, colorful, and unique”

To lend movement to the floats Ziegler installed 24 MVP 12 LED Video Panels from CHAUVET Professional on the side of the parade’s lead float. The panels, which were position 12 on each side of the float, display motion graphics and overlaid text, creating the desired sense of motion while also treating the crowd to some vivid LED colors.

“We pushed the content to the wall with a custom built, waterproof server/driver combination,” said Nolan Beaver who created content for the panels in After Effects and Illustrator “The CHAUVET MVPs were awesome in this application because the 12mm pitch is a perfect size to allow for maximum impact both to those in the street and parade watchers a block away. Plus the light weight of the panels allowed us to retrofit them into an iconic, long-existing Mardi Gras float without the need to obtrusively re-engineer the superstructure. Another thing I like was the generous number of threaded mounting points on each panel, which allowed us to secure each wall against shifting while the float is in motion.”


Chauvet Geyser RGBs also helped add more light and depth to the floats with their streams of colored fog. “The average person looking at the float gets about 30 seconds to view it before it moves further down the street,” said Ziegler. “So we really needed a fixture like this that shoots a quick shot of fog with no re-heating.”

Designed to add drama to any setting, the Geyser RGB blasts a vertical stream of safe, water-based fog while simultaneously illuminating it with 21 high-output RGB LEDs to create streaming 30-foot plumes of color. “We get a lot of excitement out of the Geysers with very little installation time,” said Ziegler, who positioned 10 of the units on his float. “Endymion is near and dear to a lot of people in New Orleans, so we wouldn’t make a decision about gear lightly. I feel good about the Chauvet fixtures and the contribution they can make to our floats.”

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Happy CHAUVET Professional Customers!

We love seeing happy customers, these customers are going to be making some pixel-mapping, beam-razing, hazy haze good times pretty soon!


Check out their purchases:

WELL Flex:  Battery-powered uplighting mastery!

ROGUE R2 Spot — A monster moving head spot, powered by LED!

EPIX Tile 2.0 — 12″ square of pixel mapping goodness!

AMHAZE II — arena hazing, from your trusted source!



Jim Hutchison Talks Lighting Physiology at PLASA Focus Orlando!

Are you heading to PLASA Focus Orlando next week? Come listen to Jim Hutchison, who creates and is our Customer Engagement and Education Manager for CHAUVET Professional and Iluminarc, talk about how to better use your colors to make a more impactful lighting design!

Register for Jim’s course here!


SUNRISE, FL – The human eye contains millions of cone cells for detecting color — and Jim Hutchison hopes to tingle each and every one of them in his upcoming LED Color: The Psychological Experience seminar at PLASA Focus Orlando from 2-3 pm Tuesday February 17. Hutchison, the customer engagement manager at CHAUVET Professional and ILUMINARC, will take visitors on a colorful tour showing the effect that different colors and combinations of colors have on human thought and emotion. Along the way, he’ll share some insights on ways LDs can utilize the influential power of color to create more impactful designs.

“I’ve geared this course to show lighting designers what it means to be able to use color on a level that gives their designs even more depth and a greater ability to convey the story they want to tell,” said Hutchison. “It’s obviously very important that, as designers, we spend time talking about the pixel pitch and batching of LED fixtures and look at their mathematical data and photo metrics, but that’s still only part of the equation. What we also need to do is put ourselves in the audience’s seat to see how we can better tell a story to them and suspend their disbelief more effectively.  This course will offer advice on how you can do that by having your audience experience different colors of light.”

Some of the examples of color influence that the seminar will explore include the power of red to increase breathing and digestion rates, how heavy yellow hues evoke “an almost a blissful confusion,” and how blues and greens engender states of calmness.  “Individual colors are potent influencers,” said Hutchison. “Then, when you use them in combination with one another, you pump up their power even further. Our seminar will cover some proven examples of this color synergy.”

Hutchison will be relying on a collection of CHAUVET Professional COLORado Batten Quad-9 fixtures to provide vivid examples of LED rendered colors in action during the seminar. “We’re going to fill that room with heavy hues and induce some color fatigue in everyone’s cone cells for the sake of art,” he said. “It should be fun and I promise that anyone who attends will never see color in quite the same way.”


Interstate Hotels and Resorts Goes EPIX!

IHR Power of One F&B Conf 1

ARLINGTON, TX – Josh Smith knew he had to come up with something extra when he got the call to create the lighting rig for Interstate Hotels and Resorts 2014 Food & Beverage Conference at the Hilton Arlington Hotel outside Dallas. The widely recognized leader in its field with over 425 hotels and 79,000 rooms under its corporate umbrella, IHR is one of the final arbiters on all things pertaining to the hospitality and conference industry.

“When you’re doing a conference for a company that is a leader in hotel conference centers, you want to create something that goes above and beyond your typical corporate meeting,” said Smith, the National Operations Manager at Dobil Laboratories.  “Having a very unique and engaging lighting design was critical to our plans.”

IHR Power of One F&B Conf 2

A key part of that design were the 31 ÉPIX Bar 2.0 Bar units from CHAUVET Professional that Smith arranged around the main room’s stage and the massive rear projection video screen in its center. “The ÉPIX Bars gave us a totally unique look for the stage and surrounding area,” he said. “They enabled us to create a low-res extension of the main video screen so we could create a more all-encompassing and engaging atmosphere in the room between the corporate presentations.”

By extending the stage video wall to the lighting rig with pixel mapped video images on the ÉPIX bars, Smith was able to create a unified the look for the entire room.  He also used the LED bars in tandem with four Rogue R2 Spots, powerful automated LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional, to add an extra element of fun to the corporate event.

IHR Power of One F&B Conf 3

“The ÉPIX bars were used in tandem with the Rogue R2 Spots during fun trivia games that were held throughout the meeting,” said Smith. “We had cues set up to make the Rogues highlight specific tables when guests were involved in a contest. Then, when an answer was given, the ÉPIX bars and Rogues turned red or green, depending on whether it was right or wrong. So really, the lights became a direct part of the entertainment.”

Adding to the impact of the lighting rig were a collection of other CHAUVET Professional fixtures, including six Legend 412 RGBW moving washes positioned between the ÉPIX bars. Smith also used four Q-Spot 560-LED and four COLORado 2-Quad Zoom Tour high output RGBW par-style fixtures to add texture to the walls and ceiling of the main room. For stage lighting, he relied on four Ovation E-190WW LED ellipsoidal fixtures, and for perimeter uplighting and truss warming he called upon the RGB output of 12 COLORado 1 Tri-7 Tour compact fixtures.

Smith deployed another dozen COLORado 1 Tri-7 Tour units for uplighting in the walkway leading to the main room. He also positioned 40 PVP S5 LED video panels on the walls of the walkway to reach visitors while they waited to enter the conference. All content and control for the PVP S5 video wall and the ÉPIX Bars was provided by an ArKaos MediaMaster Pro on two separate computers.

The PVP S5 panels on the walkway walls were used to show videos of the previous day’s activities at the conference, as well as images consistent with the food and beverage theme of the event. Since these panels were in an area leading up to the main room, the viewing range for visitors was relatively short.  However, the definition and clarity of the images from the 5.2 millimeter pixel pitch panels provided everyone with a good viewing experience.

“We got a lot of favorable comments on the images on the video panels,” said Smith. “In fact, we received many compliments on the entire presentation. The Chauvet fixtures really gave us the versatility to do a lot of different things with the lighting, from fun stuff and entertainment, to straightforward stage lighting, to glitz, all within a reasonable budget.  This was an important event and the lighting package was more than up to the task.”

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Design Oasis, Chris Kuroda, and JAM CRUISE – Holy Ship!!

Legendary lighting designer Chris Kuroda, lighting designer for Phish, The Black Crowes, among others, made Jam Cruise 2015 ROCK this year, using CHAUVET Professional’s MVP-12 video panels! Check it out!

Holy Ship 1

MIAMI – Every music festival offers fans a chance to get away from it all, but few do this quite so dramatically – or literally – as Jam Cruise and Holy Ship! Produced by Cloud 9 Adventures, these floating festivals serve up hours of live music on the decks of cruise ships playing their ways through the warm Caribbean waters to exotic ports of call like Half Moon Bay, Bahamas and Rotan, Honduras. The Design Oasis helped provide gear to create an engaging environment at both nautical music fests with a lightshow designed by Chris Kuroda anchored by 72 MVP 12 Video Panels from CHAUVET Professional.

“Jam Cruise and Holy Ship! both feature big name artists and both draw large crowds expecting to have the time of their lives,” said Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis, which supplied the video gear for both cruises. (Premier Global Productions supplied the lighting equipment.) “Chris Kuroda and video engineer Ashten “Whoopi” Winger of V Squared Labs did standout work that lived up to the high expectations that people had when they went on this cruise. They created a big production look on the main stage as well as different points on the deck where fans gather.”

Jam Cruise, which drew 3,500 passenger/fans for five days at sea, featured an all-star lineup of live music bands like Umphrey’s McGee, The Word, Galactic and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. The four day Holy Ship! cruise gave fans a chance to set sail with top DJ acts like Knife Party, Boys Noize, Maya Jane Coles, Flume and A-Trak. The same video images on MVP panels were used for both cruises, but IMAG was added for Jam Cruise.

Holy Ship 2

The main wall behind the stage was 20-feet by 10-feet and we broke it into three video sections. Graphic video image were run across all three sections to create a sense of movement and depth. “Of course there are a lot of super bright aerial effects on either side of the stage as well along the top of the truss, not to mention blinders, so the output was intense,” said Ritscher. “The MVP panels more than held their own in this environment. “Not only were the panels bright enough to hold their own, but were used as blinders too.”

A high definition modular video panel with a pixel pitch of 12.5 millimeters, the MVP 12 has a transparency of 13 percent, making it well suited for temporary use in the outdoor environment of the cruise ship, since atmospheric elements can pass through without impacting clarity. The panel’s ultra-bright SMD LEDs also served them well; helping them stand up to the bright lights on the stage rig.

There were 32 MVP panels scattered around the pool deck. Positioned on the railings of the second level, these panels were tied into an existing video wall on the pool deck to create an effect in which people were surrounded by the video images. “Chris and Jason did an amazing job with the Chauvet panels,” said Ritscher. “The whole thing had an effect of bringing everybody closer to the action on stage and made it that much special.”

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The largest cross rental company in South Florida, Design Oasis rents lighting, video, audio, staging and power, providing 24-hour customer support at no additional cost. For more information visit the company’s website


COLORado Colors Carnival in Curaçao

CHAUVET Professional distributor Massive Productions supplied about 45 COLORado fixtures for the exuberant Curaçao Carnival 2015. Eight COLORado 2-Quad Zoom VW and 38 COLORado 1-Tri IP wash lights drenched the stage in color, animating the carnival’s fiery performances. Here are some hot shots:

Chris Lisle Talks Lighting and Honesty in Lighting Insights February 2015!


Chris Lisle is a lighting designer.
Chris Lisle is a lighting designer who makes amazing light.
Chris Lisle spoke with CHAUVET Professional this month…  it is awesome.

Check it out!

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