CHAUVET Opens A Belgium Facility!

Happy Monday, World of Lighting!  In case you haven’t heard, we’ve opened a new facility in Ghent, Belgium to serve the Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg areas, as well as anywhere else that wants us!  Check it out below!


Lighting supplier Chauvet has this week officially opened a full-service subsidiary in Ghent, Belgium. The company, which has its main headquarters in the USA, has expanded the newly-opened facility from the Chauvet branch in the UK, looking to further its reach on the European mainland.

The new operation will act as the Chauvet distributor for the Benelux area, serving dealers of CHAUVET Professional and CHAUVET DJ brands in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. The facility will also support Chauvet distributors and strategic partners elsewhere in Europe.

“Given the success of our operations in the UK, it made sense to expand to an inland facility so we can better serve customers not only in the Benelux area but also throughout the continent,” said Chauvet President Albert Chauvet. “With high profile products like our CHAUVET Professional Nexus and ÉPIX being seen worldwide, and the widespread following of CHAUVET DJ in multiple countries, we’ve established globally recognised brands. This facility will help bring these brands to more markets, even more rapidly.”

In addition to serving as a sales, service and distribution centre, the Belgium facility houses a showroom in which the company can hold product demos and training sessions. The new subsidiary is Chauvet’s fifth global office, joining existing facilities in the US and Mexico, as well as its UK operation.


“We are eager to see our new Belgium subsidiary build on the success that we have enjoyed elsewhere,” said Michael Brooksbank, General Manager of Chauvet Europe. “Having been involved with the Chauvet UK operation since its inception in 2010, it’s been very gratifying to see how the European market has responded so positively to our formula of offering quality-driven value products and supporting them with a passion for service.”

The opening of the new facility in Belgium will make Chauvet products more accessible to mobile DJs across Europe, while also supporting Chauvet’s UK operation.


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We can’t wait to tell you about NEXT week’s news!


Cole Swindell Goes CHAUVET Professional!

NASHVILLE –  Like many fans, lighting designer Justin Kitchenman of FadeUp Design Group and the team at Elite Multimedia were impressed with rising country music artist Cole Swindell when he opened for superstar Luke Bryan last year. They were in a good position to appreciate this emerging talent, since Kitchenman was the LD on the tour and Elite provided its lighting and video package. So when Swindell announced his current Ain’t Worth The Whisky tour, they were eager to put together a lighting package, which is precisely what they wound up doing in colorful fashion with some help from 44 ÉPIX Strip 2.0 units from CHAUVET Professional.


“We’ve had a great relationship with Justin and production manager James “Mo” Butts, who works with Luke Bryan and Cole Swindell,” said David Venus of Elite Multimedia. “Justin has used the ÉPIX strips in various rigs over the past few years.  He has found them to be a versatile, impactful video element that is easily deployed and extremely reliable. They worked great for him in the Luke Bryan tour, so it was pretty natural for him to include them in the Cole Swindell rig.”

Like Bryan, the Country Music Association’s Entertainer and Male Vocalist of the Year in 2014, Swindell brings a high level of energy to his performances. Seeming to cover every inch of the stage as he jumps and struts from side to side, he captivates audiences with a heartfelt country sound that often veers into progressive territory.

Keeping up with such a passionate performer requires an intense lightshow. Kitchenman delivered this and more with a collection of high output moving fixtures and the ÉPIX strips. Pixel mapped to display video images, the strips added a level of depth to the stage that provided a counter balance to the moving beams. The pixel mapped images were fed to the units via Kling-Net driven by a media server which was triggered by lighting cues on a grandMA2 Light. 

“The ÉPIX strips are positioned both vertically and horizontally throughout the entire rig in pre-rig truss as a backdrop to the band,” said Venus. “They do a great job filling in space to make the design look much bigger. We ride the strips and pre-rig truss in set carts, so they don’t have to be torn down and setup every day.”

Most of the ÉPIX strips in the “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey” tour are positioned at a slight angle. Each strip is angled in the opposite direction of the one next to it to highlight the band on stage.

Like a good country artist, the ÉPIX strips have earned praise from Nashville’s Venus for their rock solid performance.  “Overall we can rely on the ÉPIX Strips because they are a reasonable fixture that fills a lot of space in lighting rigs,” he said.  “We constantly have them working on tour and one-off shows without a problem. They help pull a lot of designs together.”

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ProLight+Sound 2015 with CHAUVET Professional [PHOTOS]

We’re here at the Messe Frankfurt for the awesome and always pleasing 2015 ProLight+Sound show! We’re here with our Professional brand, talking light and spreading the good news of the lumens!

Check out some fun photos of our CHAUVET Professional stand, #D30 in Hall 11 — come say hello!







Come say hello, we’re excited to see you!


Avett Brothers and Legend 330, Winning Fans!


NELSONVILLE, OHIO – A lot of fans are blown away when they attend a concert by The Avett Brothers; and why not? The heartfelt hooks and harmonies of this up-and-coming Grammy-nominated band are at once comfortably plain spoken yet endlessly complex, effortlessly blending the group’s bluegrass roots with genres ranging from punk to calypso to ragtime.

Jeremy and Keith Harold of United Sound and Electronics were also deeply moved by this North Carolina band’s show recently, not just by the music (though they liked that well enough), but also by the intense output of the Legend 330SR Spot from CHAUVET Professional, which was used in the group’s lightshow.

“The Legend 330SRs blew us all away,” said Keith Harold, who is responsible for lighting at USE, which set up the rig for the band at the Nelsonville Music Festival. “The technical director of the festival had actually cross rented the Legends from another company because The Avett Brothers needed a CMY spot fixture.”

After working with the Legend 330SR Spot on stage, the Harold brothers made a big decision. “When we saw how fast and powerful the Legend 330SR Spots were, we knew that we had to have them for our own inventory,” said Jeremy.  “So we sold many of the moving heads we had in our rental inventory and replaced them with these fixtures for the touring season.”

A moving spot fixture powered by a 330-watt OSRAM Sirius lamp, the Legend 330SR Spot produces 62,200 lux at 5 meters, but Keith Harold notes that there were features beyond output that made the light well suited for The Avett Brothers concert. “The match between the Legends and the intense emotions of the music was great,” he said.  “I have to say the 330SRs with their rich colors and punchy output played the biggest role in setting the mood to the group’s music.”


A total of eight Legend 330SR Spots were used on trussing over the 40’ by 40’ Nelsonville Music Festival stage for performances by The Avett Brothers and their opening act The Head and the Heart.  There were four Legend 330SR Spots on upstage truss and four on downstage truss, each configuration intermingled with an equal number of wash fixtures.

Also included in the rig were par 64 fixtures and 8-spot audience blinders.  A full-sized grandMA console was used to control the lighting rig, which was called upon to represent a range of emotions visually during The Avett Brothers lively and engaging 22-song set.

Epitomizing the group’s categorization-defying musical style, the set began with a rollicking rendition of the Appalachian fiddle and banjo standard “Chuck Old Hen” and ended with a surprise encore cover of Harry Bellefonte’s calypso hit “Jumping in the Line.” In between were a collection of favorites from the group’s top ten Billboard albums Magpie and Dandelion and The Carpenter.

“The rich colors, along with the powerful and punchy beams, gave some really awesome looks for a great show,” said Jeremy Harold. “Everything went very smoothly with this setup. We’re grateful to everyone involved at Nelsonville for making this go so smoothly – and for introducing us to the Legend 330SR Spot!”

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Steve Lieberman Uses NEXUS and EPIX for XS Las Vegas


LAS VEGAS – You have to stand out to stay ahead in Las Vegas; nowhere is this more apparent than at XS. The award-winning club at Encore at Wynn Las Vegas has led Nightclub & Bar’s Top 100 list for an unprecedented six years. Never one to rest on its laurels, the team at XS has continuously sought out new ways to provide guests with an unparalleled nightlife experience, whether it’s by bringing in the most sought-after DJs or taking a great lighting design to the next level of technology.

Renowned nightclub Lighting Designer Steve Lieberman of SJ Lighting is intimately familiar with the latter point. The creative force behind many leading nightclub lighting designs, Lieberman was engaged to work his magic on XS and give the club a new, more technology driven look. He met this challenge with a bold futuristic design that drew on the pixel mapping power of the Nexus Aw 7×7 warm white LED panels and ÉPIX Strip 2.0 LED strips from CHAUVET Professional.


“I’ve enjoyed a good relationship with the team at XS,” said Lieberman. “When XS managing partner Jesse Waits announced that they were ready to take the next step at the club in terms of lighting, we put our heads together to come up with a state-of-the-art concept. They wanted to incorporate newer technology into the design so they could stay ahead of the competition. We built our design with pixel mappable fixtures such as Nexus and ÉPIX, which could do things that weren’t possible when the club was originally conceptualized.”

Among the high-tech features that Lieberman incorporated into his design was a custom designed DJ booth. “We wanted a booth that allowed the DJ to face front and back,” said Lieberman. “We created a 3D video screen with six cubes that displays video on four sides to create a sense of depth.”

Once the DJ booth was constructed, Lieberman turned his attention to the overall design of the venue. His goal: to use lighting to create a completely immersive experience in the club, making every aspect of the room an interwoven nexus of light, music and energy.

“When I looked at the room I wanted to highlight all of its architectural elements with tech driven visual excitement,” said Lieberman.


Lieberman lined the walls, archways and soffits of the club with 80 Nexus Aw 7×7 panels. Using a MADRIX controller with a grandMA console, visual elements are pixel mapped throughout the venue via the Nexus units.

While the Nexus panels unify the visual landscape at XS, the ÉPIX Strip 2.0 units and struts that support the large DJ video panel provide greater depth and detail to key scenic elements. Like the Nexus panels, this technology is pixel mapped to display images that coordinate with video.

“Everything in this room works together,” said Lieberman. “Technology has given us great new tools to create more movement and add unity to lighting designs. We wanted to use this capability to create something cutting-edge and unique at XS – it’s what this club is known for.”

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