Bandit Lites Increases Their CHAUVET Professional Lineup!

We’re humbled and honored to be considered worthy of the types of major scale productions that Bandit Lites puts on everyday!  Check out an awesome article by Live Design on the incorporation of CHAUVET Professional Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels, Nexus™ 4×4 fixtures and Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures into the Bandit Lites inventory!

Garth2 PlatinumStage

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – While 2014 may be edging its way to a close, Bandit Litescontinues to increase its inventory of new gear by purchasing Chauvet Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels, Nexus™ 4×4 fixtures and Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures. With the most popular acts in music putting on bigger and brighter shows, Bandit looks to provide its clients with the best and most versatile technology available.

Lighting designer Chris Lisle took advantage of the Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels versatility on Miranda Lambert’s Platinum Tour, which just announced it’s 2015 plans following an amazing 2014 leg. The panels project narrow beams of light, provides warm washes, makes instant audience blinders, and displays impactful text and vivid animated graphics.

Lisle built the Nexus panels into an “M” shaped truss downstage. The panels were driven via the lighting console to create a variety of visual effects that flowed with the far-ranging mix of songs in the concert set.  “My idea was that the Nexus panels would be nice eye candy for everyone above floor level,” said the LD to Chauvet. “I wanted to give them a little something more that the people on the floor wouldn’t see. Our programmer, Scott Chmielewski, worked hard to create some great mapping moments in the GrandMA2 for the Nexus panels.”

In addition to adding new gear for Miranda’s tour, Bandit also added the Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures to Garth Brooks’ world tour. Lighting designer Dave Butzler was able to utilize the fixtures incredible beam, giving punchy looks with versatility, as its fully scrollable, variable speed color wheel provides 14 fixed colors plus white. Bandit project manager Don Lockridge added they provide one of the biggest looks in the show.

Dave also uses a large number of Nexus 4×4 for audience light, as he finds the smooth color texturing vital to the audience looks he desires to achieve. It affords him so much more versatility than simply a white audience all evening.

We are absolutely thrilled and honored by David’s decision,” said Albert Chauvet, president and CEO of Chauvet Lighting. “Everyone knows the reputation that Bandit Lites has established over the years for its dedication to excellence in every facet of this business. To have a relatively new series like Rogue selected by a company like Bandit for something as prestigious as the Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood tour is a validation of the vision our team had when we were spending all those long days, nights, weeks and months developing the Rogue Series.”

Bandit Chair Michael T. Strickland stated, “Albert and the people at Chauvet were brilliant to work with and a great partner. They continue to come up with innovation solutions with their products. The products are reasonably priced and of the highest quality; our hat is off to them for being such an innovator and for assisting us on so many projects.”

About Bandit Lites, Inc.
Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace.  From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. Bandit’s global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you.


The ROGUE Series is Getting Wash Units! Welcome the R1 and R2 Wash!

When it debuted at PLASA 2014 this month, CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue Series rocked the industry’s notions of value, delivering upscale performance and features that were unheard of in LED moving head spot/beam fixtures at its price point.  Now we’re doing the same for wash lights, adding two new RGBW colorwash moving heads to this trailblazing series: Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash.

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Creative Use of Gobos, This Month in Lighting Insights!


We’re back with another episode of the LIGHTING INSIGHTS video newsletter!
Everyone uses gobos, but are you really getting the maximum effect out of them? CHAUVET Professional’s Jim Hutchison offers some insightful tips on how to have more fun with gobos while adding an extra depth and excitement to your light show.

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Lee Rose is Balancing Light in This Month’s Lighting Insights!

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This month we talk to an amazing artist of light, Mr. Lee Rose, who talks about all things lumens, from color to artistry and everything in between.  Check it out!



Vancouver Fashion Week Chooses OVATION!

Ovation E-190WW and F-165WW LED fixtures help Vancouver rock its Fashion Week in LED style!  Check it out below!

VANCOUVER, BC, Canada – Started 13 years ago as a platform where emerging and internationally acclaimed fashion designers alike could exhibit their latest collections in a free-spirited milieu, Vancouver Fashion Week (VFW) has become one of the industry’s most highly regarded showcases of creative talent, drawing some 25,000 celebrities, media representatives, buyers and fashion trade professionals to this western Canada city twice a year.  The recent Fall-Winter 2014 edition of VFW, held September 15-21, was the largest in the show’s history, bringing together 70 designers representing more than 25 nations – spanning the globe from Australia to Russia, from South Korea to Brazil.


To accommodate its growth, VFW moved to a new site under a massive 14,000 sq. ft. tent at Queen Elizabeth Plaza, marking the first time the glittering fashion extravaganza has been held outdoors.  The white saddle-style tent featured a sweeping 90’ runway across its center, with a seating capacity of 720, plus cocktail and interview areas.

Along with the tented venue came a whole new set of challenges for Showmax Event Services (Vancouver), which has designed the lighting for VFW the past three years.  The company was engaged initially to “take the event to another level,” said Showmax Executive Director Daniel Sabina — an aesthetic mission it continued to fulfill, while meeting the technical issues posed by the new locale, with a collection of LED Fresnels and Ellipsoidals from CHAUVET Professional, along with LED colorwash strips and par-style fixtures from its sister company CHAUVET DJ. Showmax Event Services acquired the Chauvet products from Canadian Distributor Erikson Pro based in Montreal.

Discussing the main concerns involved in lighting the event, Sabina said, “We wanted a clean, crisp look for the runway, with LED accent lighting for the architecture and side walls. Full lighting coverage of the runway is vital as there are tons of photographers, and they are very picky about even lighting coverage.” Yet, he noted, “the tent offered very limited rigging points – only four – so we had to use the minimum amount of lighting fixtures that would give us the best possible coverage.”

To amplify output and achieve an extremely flat, even field of light, the Showmax team chose CHAUVET Professional’s Ovation E-190WW, a warm white LED Ellipsoidal-style fixture, and Ovation F-165WW, a warm-white LED Fresnel with a motorized 13°-54° zoom that can accommodate barn doors.  Sixteen Ovation F-165WWs were used to light the runway itself, eight on each side. Four Ovation E-190WWs served as overhead lighting, attached to the tent’s apex rigging points, while another four E-190WWs illuminated the runway ends, positioned on 12’ truss pillars. This design, coupled with the impressive output of the Ovation F-165WW and Ovation E-190WW — 1,869 lux (13° beam angle) and 4,380 lux (16° beam angle) at 5 meters respectively — yielded the required bright, even runway illumination, while working within the tent’s constraints.

“We chose the Ovation fixtures because of their low power draw, great output and even coverage,” said Sabina.  “In the past we used Ellipsoidals for the runway, and this created a lot of hot spots.  The Chauvet Fresnels used in a side light configuration with the zoom feature and barn doors for beam shaping gave us a beautiful, even runway wash that didn’t spill into the audience.”

Color was another important element of the lighting design at VFW, given the scope and diversity of the production.  Each designer’s work had to be framed to perfection; thus the lighting fixtures had to be capable of creating a vast palette of colors with very subtle nuances.  “We created different scenes for the fashion show, based on the designer’s preference,” said Sabina. “There are about eight shows every night, and the designers come from all over the world so they ask for the colors they prefer.”

To fulfill this international potpourri of requests, Showmax relied on CHAUVET DJ’s SlimPAR HEX 3 IRC, a 6-in-1 RGBAW+UV LED par-style fixture, and COLORband PiX, a strip wash light with Tri-Color RGB LEDs and pixel mapping capabilities.  A total of 36 SlimPAR HEX units were installed on the tent’s trussing support system, where their low-profile design and the wide color rendering ability of their 6-in-1 LEDs made them a superb choice, said Sabina.  “The SlimPAR Hex 3s are the best truss warmer fixture we’ve ever had,” he proclaimed.  “They are small, offer RGBAW+UV for a myriad of colors, are easy to use and very versatile.”

Twelve COLORband PiX strips were used for uplighting the fabric side panels of the tent. “The COLORbands do a nice color wash, especially when they are installed side by side to uplight walls.  I really appreciate their size, which allowed us to install them 3 inches from the side panels,” said Sabina.

Being easy to work with was another benefit of the Chauvet products that he and his team greatly appreciated, added Sabina, since the project’s timeframe posed another big challenge.  “We were given a rough plan for the project and had to finalize the lighting design on the setup day.  The tent installation was completed on Sunday at 2 p.m. (the day before the show opened), and that was the first time we got to have a look at the venue. Our lighting team did a great job adapting to the venue and making the most of what we had to work with.”

Apparently others involved with VFW thought so too.  “Everyone was very happy,” reported Sabina, “from the lighting team, to the photographers, to the show producer.  The client was very pleased, and he feels that the show is now at a whole other level.”  True compliments these are, coming from an industry with a most critical eye for style.

For more information about Showmax Event Services, visit:


INNOVATE Technology Showcase, Hard Rock Hotel, Tulsa, OK!


Are you going to be at the INNOVATE 2014 Technology Showcase in Tulsa, Oklahoma next week? CHAUVET Professional’s own Eric Mueller will be there, and we’ll be showing off some pretty excellent products from our Professional line!

At the INNOVATE 2014 showcase, you’ll be seeing the following from our Professional lines of lighting:

The PVPS5 Video Wall system:

The COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour and Quad Zoom VW Tour:13854129458316-COLORado-2-Quad-ZOOM-TOUR-RIGHT 13850643901622-COLORado-2-Quad-ZOOM-TOUR-VW-RIGHT

The COLORdash Batten Hex 8:

The COLORdash Par Hex 12:

The COLORado Batten Quad 9 Tour:

From our Ovation line of LED ellipsoidals and fresnels, the Ovation E-190WW and Ovation F-165WW:

The ROGUE R2 Spot and R2 Beam:
rogue-r2-spot Rogue-R2-beam

Come see us and put your hands on some great fixtures!  We look forward to seeing you there!