ROGUE ARMY – Liberating YOUR Imagination from the Tyranny of Tight Budgets!


NEW from CHAUVET Professional, an army of moving heads to rule them all — meet the ROGUE ARMY!

The ROGUE series from CHAUVET Professional, liberating imaginations from the tyranny of tight budgets!

ROGUE moving heads are bright and feature packed, and fit into your budget regardless of the scope. ROGUE R1 Spot and R1 Beam, ROGUE R2 Spot and R2 Beam are now on the entertainment battlefield to help you achieve your best and most creative looks!

Check out the ROGUE ARMY from CHAUVET Professional:

ROGUE R1 Spot:
ROGUE R2 Spot:
ROGUE R1 Beam:
ROGUE R2 Beam:

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