Empire Pro Hosts FREE Courses for CHAUVET Training Day!


Pretty cool!  Empire Pro AV is hosting what they’re calling Chauvet Lighting Day, a full day of courses geared towards improving your lighting knowledge, for free!

Offerings for this free day, which is November 6, include the following:

Lighting for Audio Guys

  • Same Science, Different terms; Band Pass Filters, 3db Down Points & Inverse Square Law
  • Advantages to LED instruments & ROI; It is equal parts science, art & the environment.
  • Lighting Instruments Then & Now; Hands on shoot out between the old & the new

Basic Lighting Design

  • Stage Plays, Opera & House of Worship….It’s all theatre, isn’t it?
  • Television lighting design as it applies to House of Worship
  • Concert lighting design as it applies to House of Worship

DMX 512 Lighting Control

  • It’s Digital, It’s Data!
  • Integrating into an existing system.
  • Software, hardware or a little of both?

Nightclubs and the traveling Nightclub (DJ’s)

  • From Flash n Trash to World Class
  • Ambient Light for Hospitality
  • Truss systems and safety

Atmosphere: Haze or Fog?  (A violent reaction or sneaky smoke?)

  • Different fog juice formulas & their advantages

Check them out, let us know if you go!  Visit the Empire Pro website for registration…  WHICH IS FREE!