Travel Day Photos at 30,000 Feet — Texas, Georgia, Florida

Happy Saturday to all of you road warriors and lighting industry folks!

It’s something that people in our industry tend to forget from time to time — remembering that the world is still spinning out there while we’re jetting between shows!  Here at Chauvet Professional we travel quite a bit, so here’s a little something to remind you on this fine Saturday that the world is a beautiful place, so fight for that window seat!

We recently returned from WFX in Dallas, Texas; check out the fruits of our travel time.

Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-5 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-4 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-3 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-2 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-1 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-6 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-8 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-7 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-9 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-15 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-14 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-13 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-12

The beautiful Omni Hotel in Dallas, conference hotel for WFX 2013.  It’s pixel mapped with goodness:Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-11 Chauvet-Professional-WFX2013-clouds-10Have a great Saturday, everyone!



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