Chris Lisle Talks Lighting and Honesty in Lighting Insights February 2015!


Chris Lisle is a lighting designer.
Chris Lisle is a lighting designer who makes amazing light.
Chris Lisle spoke with CHAUVET Professional this month…  it is awesome.

Check it out!

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Mitchell Schellinger Defines Pixel Mapping in LIGHTING INSIGHTS!

Another great lighting designer, another great interview in Lighting Insights from CHAUVET Professional!  Meet Mitchell Schellinger, the lighting designer who is out there rocking right now with Third Eye Blind.  If you haven’t seen Mitch in action…

We highly recommend you do so as soon as possible.  Keep rocking, Mitch.

Mitch 10172862_10152362914138826_3486549203652932354_n

Check out the Lighting Insights interview with LD Mitchell Schellinger here, in Lighting Insights!

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Bandit Lites Increases Their CHAUVET Professional Lineup!

We’re humbled and honored to be considered worthy of the types of major scale productions that Bandit Lites puts on everyday!  Check out an awesome article by Live Design on the incorporation of CHAUVET Professional Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels, Nexus™ 4×4 fixtures and Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures into the Bandit Lites inventory!

Garth2 PlatinumStage

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – While 2014 may be edging its way to a close, Bandit Litescontinues to increase its inventory of new gear by purchasing Chauvet Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels, Nexus™ 4×4 fixtures and Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures. With the most popular acts in music putting on bigger and brighter shows, Bandit looks to provide its clients with the best and most versatile technology available.

Lighting designer Chris Lisle took advantage of the Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels versatility on Miranda Lambert’s Platinum Tour, which just announced it’s 2015 plans following an amazing 2014 leg. The panels project narrow beams of light, provides warm washes, makes instant audience blinders, and displays impactful text and vivid animated graphics.

Lisle built the Nexus panels into an “M” shaped truss downstage. The panels were driven via the lighting console to create a variety of visual effects that flowed with the far-ranging mix of songs in the concert set.  “My idea was that the Nexus panels would be nice eye candy for everyone above floor level,” said the LD to Chauvet. “I wanted to give them a little something more that the people on the floor wouldn’t see. Our programmer, Scott Chmielewski, worked hard to create some great mapping moments in the GrandMA2 for the Nexus panels.”

In addition to adding new gear for Miranda’s tour, Bandit also added the Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures to Garth Brooks’ world tour. Lighting designer Dave Butzler was able to utilize the fixtures incredible beam, giving punchy looks with versatility, as its fully scrollable, variable speed color wheel provides 14 fixed colors plus white. Bandit project manager Don Lockridge added they provide one of the biggest looks in the show.

Dave also uses a large number of Nexus 4×4 for audience light, as he finds the smooth color texturing vital to the audience looks he desires to achieve. It affords him so much more versatility than simply a white audience all evening.

We are absolutely thrilled and honored by David’s decision,” said Albert Chauvet, president and CEO of Chauvet Lighting. “Everyone knows the reputation that Bandit Lites has established over the years for its dedication to excellence in every facet of this business. To have a relatively new series like Rogue selected by a company like Bandit for something as prestigious as the Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood tour is a validation of the vision our team had when we were spending all those long days, nights, weeks and months developing the Rogue Series.”

Bandit Chair Michael T. Strickland stated, “Albert and the people at Chauvet were brilliant to work with and a great partner. They continue to come up with innovation solutions with their products. The products are reasonably priced and of the highest quality; our hat is off to them for being such an innovator and for assisting us on so many projects.”

About Bandit Lites, Inc.
Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace.  From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. Bandit’s global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you.


TOP TEN POSTS of JULY 2014 on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

Ah, one of our favorite posts to write!  We love seeing what you love to read on the CHAUVET Professional Blog, and this month is no exception!  July 2014’s TOP TEN POSTS start below, and it’s full of awesomeness.  GO!

Counting down from the #1 post of the month of JULY 2014:

King of the month – #1:
Lady Antebellum Shines for CVS Charity Classic with LEGENDS!

Chauvet Lady Antebellum 2

#2 post of July 2014:
TECH TALK – Creating Content for Video Walls, Part 1



#3:  Chicago’s THALIA HALL Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Photo by Clayton Hauck for Dusek's / Thalia Hall

#4:  The Voice Portugal is Singing with NEXUS 4×4

Chauvet Voice Portugal

#5:  Bandit Lites and CHAUVET Professional Give New Life to the Dow Events Center


#6:  Peter Greenbaum is Rocking the Nexus 4×4 on the Today Show!


#7:  Drones Flying through Fireworks – This is AWESOME!


#8:  West Evénement Shows Off an Army of Legend 412Z!


#9:  The Lighting Insights newsletter from CHAUVET Professional!


…and the last but definitely nowhere near least post of July 2014 — #10:
Reno’s Whitney Peak Hotel Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Chauvet WhitneyPeak2


Bandit Lites and CHAUVET Professional Give New Life to the Dow Events Center

A donation, a devoted football player, and a desire to make something great.  Check out that great story from CHAUVET Professional!

SAGINAW, MI – As a football player, LaMarr Woodley reached the top of his profession. A unanimous first team All-American at the University of Michigan, he’s gone on to enjoy a stellar professional career as a Pittsburgh Steeler and Oakland Raider, winning a coveted Super Bowl ring. Through it all though, Woodley has never forgotten his roots in Saginaw, MI, which is why he made a six-figure donation to revitalize one of the city’s most popular landmarks. His efforts scored a touchdown,  thanks in part to a standout lighting rig by Jeremy Sinicki of Bandit Lites (La Vergne, TN), which used a variety of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.


Woodley’s donation went to upgrade The Red Room (formerly “Unity Hall”),  a key part of the city’s landmark Dow Event Center, which is owned by Saginaw County and managed by SMG of West Conshohocken, PA.  Located between the Dow Center’s Heritage Theater and Wendler Arena, The Red Room has long served as a dedicated banquet and meeting facility. The city wanted to broaden its appeal by giving the room the added capacity to function as a mid-sized concert venue with a professional stage. “The ultimate goal is so that, when you walk in there, it doesn’t feel like a banquet hall trying to put events on,” one official told the local press.

A lighting upgrade was critical to this endeavor.  “The goal was to bring the hall’s lighting into the current century by replacing the few ellipsoidals and par cans that had been in the room forever with a new rig that provided brighter, more richly colored and smoother light,” said Sinicki, whose rig included 24 COLORado 1-Quad Tour compact washes, four Q-Wash 419Z-LED moving yoke washes, and six COLORado Batten 72 Tour linear units from CHAUVET Professional, as well as eight ellipsoidal fixtures and eight LED pars.

“All the fixtures are linked together by DMX and controlled by a Pathways Cognito console. They’re dimmed and chased thru various cues and effects written on the console,” said Sinicki, who positioned the units between two existing raceways and a newly installed upstage pipe.

With their 11° beam angle, the Quad Tour fixtures are ideal for providing a narrow field wash or beam on the new stage, and with a 1,500 lux output at five meters they also deliver the brightness needed at the upgraded hall. “We have been really pleased with the Quad Tours in the past on other installs, and that made it easy to select them for this project,” said Sinicki. “The Q-Wash was an important addition for us, because we were looking for some eye candy to add to our rig so it could support live performances. We were able to get the zoom we needed to wash the stage or do some beam effects with the Q-Wash — and at the same time, we were also able to run some effects on the face of the light.”

Given that The Red Room renovation was a public works project in a city and state that are still struggling economically, cost was “a huge factor” in this install, according to Sinicki. “We needed a lot of bang for the buck,” he said. “We went with the Chauvet fixtures because we could get the maximum amount of quality performance for the budget we had to work with on this project.”


Perhaps even a bigger factor than cost in The Red Room project was time, said Sinicki. “Our top challenge was that we had to complete this project in a week,” he said. “This included audio and drapes as well as lighting, so time was of the essence.  We made it, thanks in part to the Chauvet fixtures. They were easy to install and worked flawlessly, which ultimately saved us time.

The Chauvet fixtures also made it easier to train the hall’s staffers on operating the lighting rig. “We were able to have people unfamiliar with lighting set up and make all the fixture work with very little training,” said Sinicki. “Even the novices were able to pick it up.  It is very helpful that the menu structures are similar throughout the product line.”

As for his clients at the Dow Event Center, Sinicki reports that they are “extremely pleased” with the project, noting that it “breathed some new life into the room.” Outside the reborn landmark there’s a plaque honoring hometown hero LaMarr Woodley’s generous donation. Although Woodley has earned quite a few honors during his career, including the Lombardi Award as the best college lineman in the country, this accolade is likely to have special meaning for a man who’s never forgotten his roots.

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Bandit Lites is a global leader in the entertainment lighting marketplace.  From touring productions to fixed installations, Bandit Lites has a full staff of highly trained professionals to deal with all types of lighting needs. Bandit’s global presence will insure seamless transitions no matter where your next show takes you. 



Great CHAUVET® Professional Products, Great Company at PLASA 2012

CHAUVET® Professional booth displayed amazing new fixtures and welcomed various distributors at this year’s PLASA show. See how people mingle with lighting:

From left, Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET® Ford Sellers, Blue Haze Entertainment President Andrew Strain, CHAUVET® CEO Albert Chauvet and also from Blue Haze Entertainment, Foxton Lewyn.

International Sales Director for CHAUVET® Stephane Gressier, right, with our distributor from Sweden.

Our customer from Holland is checking out the new high-resolution video panels PVP™ S5 and PVP™ S7.

Senior Product Manager for CHAUVET® Ford Sellers, left, with Lighting Designer Jeremy Hoare.

Our distributor from Norway plays with lights from the new Ovation™ line of theatrical fixtures.

The distributor from Spain, middle, paid a visit to our team.

The team from Utopium Lighting in the UK, passed by to check our new products.

Chris Barbee, left, and Roth Edwards from Bandit Lites.


LDI 2011: Day One, Load In

Written by Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET® Professional

It’s day one of load in for LDI. Our crew killed it today! We rigged a total of 31 rigging points and all of our truss is ready for lights and video. Yep, its official, we are at LDI and ready to go. Big thanks to Andy Knighten from Bandit. Everything he promised us has come true. Nothing better than a man keeping his word!