LD profile: Jordan Chance

Six questions with Jordan Chance, lighting designer and owner of Luxe Productions design company. 

1. How did you get into this field?
Lighting is something that has been growing within our company and I’m privileged to learn from people within the industry who I really respect.  Lighting caught my interest when I saw how it can dramatically change a space.  I started to feel passionate about it when I noticed that you can take two basic ideas, implement one of them differently and end up with a bigger, more dramatic effect. After that discovery, I started to look for the best possible ways to setup in order to bring fresh ideas to rooms  and obtain the biggest effects.

2. What do you think is the next big thing in the lighting industry?
Obviously LED fixtures have changed the lighting industry for the better.  Now that there is so much versatility in effects, the big question is, how to maximize that effect.  I think battery operated fixtures with built-in wireless DMX are awesome and those features help with setup and tear down time.  It would be great to see powerful, LED gobo projector with a temperature control — this would allow for minimal power consumption and pinpointing the proper white to suit the event.

3. What has been your favorite design/project?
I love anything that hasn’t been done before.  If it seems ridiculous or really difficult, I am immediately interested. One of my favorite projects this year was lighting Martin Estate.

4. What was the biggest unforeseen obstacle that you’ve faced in one of your designs, and how did you overcome it?
We recently lit an event at a beautiful, spacious venue with tons of character. They have an amazing custom floor that we did not want to damage, so had to run DMX and power throughout the ceilings and walls to get our fixtures where they needed to be.  It required a scissor lift, took a lot of time, but when we finished, there weren’t any visible wires and it looked awesome.

5. Complete this thought: A show without light is like…
A show without lights is like no presents on Christmas day — disappointing.


Off the Hookah is Smokin’ Hot with CHAUVET®

Located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, Off the Hookah features world-ranked flair bartenders, belly dancers and a hypnotizing light show made up of more than 200 CHAUVET® fixtures. To create the one-of-a-kind atmosphere, lighting designers installed 32 Epix™ Strip pixel-mapping strip light, 28 Q-Wash™ 260-LED and four Q-Spot™ 560-LED moving heads, four Impulse™ 648 strobe lights and more than 100 COLORstrip™ wash lights. Check out the eye-candy below and stay tuned for the complete installation story and On the Road video story.


Detonate Blows Up with CHAUVET®

The recent Detonate Indoor Festival featured loads of CHAUVET® gear and the hottest drum and bass acts around. Sub Focus, David Rodigan, Skream and more performed under (or in front of) CHAUVET® Professional MVP™ 18 modular video panels, CHAUVET® Professional Q-Spot™ 260-LED and CHAUVET® Professional Q-Wash™ 260-LED moving heads, CHAUVET® DJ Intimidator™ Scan LED 300 scanners, CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Accent, CHAUVET® Professional COLORado™ 1 Tour, CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Par Tri, CHAUVET® DJ SlimPAR™ 56, CHAUVET® DJ COLORband™ Pix, CHAUVET® DJCOLORband™ Tri wash lights, and CHAUVET® DJ Hemisphere™ 5 effect lights. Check out these photos from The Forum (one of eight stages in four venues at the festival).


COLORado™ Range Uplights Kauffman Center

A dozen COLORado™ Range IP fixtures uplit the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts during the week of events leading to the MLB All-Star Game 2012 held at Kauffman Stadium. The Kauffman Center’s distinct architectural lines were the perfect recipient for the wash of “Kansas City Royals” blue from the 12 LED-fitted fixtures. See below.


ILUMINARC® Resides at Turnberry Colony

Dozens of ILUMINARC Ilumiline Logic 12 linear interior wash light solutions are used in a private residence inside the tony Turnberry Ocean Colony of Sunny Isles Beach, Fla. The fixtures were specified by Maxicon based in North Miami. Can you imagine yourself living here?


Team CHAUVET® has a BBQ

On Friday, June 29, team CHAUVET® took a break from lingering around LEDs to enjoy a good old fashioned summer barbecue. Our team gathered at CHAUVET® Headquarters to enjoy some delicious food, warm weather and great company. Check out some photos below.


NOLA’s Tropical Isle Explodes with CHAUVET®

Tropical Isle Original, located on Bourbon Street and “Home of the Hand Grenade, New Orleans Most Powerful Drink”, uses over 30 CHAUVET® fixtures throughout the club/restaurant. Over each door as well as downlighting the tiki statues behind the stage (13 total) are ILUMINARC® Ilumipod Logic Tri-4 wash lights, over the bar and behind the bamboo palapa are 12 ILUMINARC® Ilumiline Logic 12 linear wash lights. Supplying power to the ILUMINARC fixtures are four ILUMINARC® Logic 1×36 and one ILUMINARC® Logic 4×36 power supplies.

Elsewhere, four CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Batten linear wash lights add color to the stage performances, three CHAUVET® DJ COLORstrip™ Mini provide additional wall washes, while three CHAUVET® DJ Scorpion™ Storm RGX lasers add to the club’s atmosphere.

All the fixtures were supplied by Griffith Sales and the lighting designed and installed by Rain Jaudon of Magnolia Music Center – AVIS Division (Audio Video Installation and Service).