COLORdash Accent Quad is HERE!


You might know the original COLORdash Accent…  it’s an extremely popular RGB fixture that is packed into a cool-to-the-touch package with tremendous output for a little unit!

We’ve improved upon the initial design of the COLORdash Accent to include a quad-colored (RGBA) 10W LED for great punch, an OLED screen for ease-of-use, and some other excellent features we’re sure you’re gonna love.  Check it out, meet the COLORdash Accent Quad from CHAUVET Professional!


Cameron Wake, the COLORdash Accent, and American Football!


Cameron Wake getting some lighting love from CHAUVET Professional’s COLORdash Accent!  From Product Manager Ben Dickmann:

The Dolphins Productions Team used the Colordash Accent and ShowXpress software to add some visual hits to the 2014 Miami Dolphins Player Introduction Videos. “We wanted to add a ‘flash bulb’ look to the background of this year’s shoot” says Director/Producer Matt Bergbauer. Lighting Designer Ben Dickmann added “I really wanted to use fixtures that could go beyond white light and add hits of the team colors to tie the effect to the team. The Colordash Accent was perfect because of its small size and RGBW color mixing.”

Cool shots!  Good work, Ben and the Dolphins Production Team!


CHAUVET® Professional Tours with Rascal Flatts

During its recent tour, country music group Rascal Flatts performed on a vibrant stage, which included 100 CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Accent fixtures placed in truss cubes floating over the stage. For this show, LD Andy Knighton received a Parnelli Awards nomination.  Here are some great shots:


Royal Shakespeare Company Lit by CHAUVET® Professional

Royal Shakespeare Company, located in Stratford-Upon-Avon, U.K., refurbished its auditorium of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre. Upon doing so, it incorporated 18 CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Accent wash lights, supplied by Stage Electrics.

“Lighting Designer Rick Fisher incorporated [the fixtures] into his design for “Merchant of Venice”, [and] RSC Lighting purchased and fitted them during the production period,” said Simon Bayliss, assistant head of lighting, Royal Shakespeare Company.


Detonate Blows Up with CHAUVET®

The recent Detonate Indoor Festival featured loads of CHAUVET® gear and the hottest drum and bass acts around. Sub Focus, David Rodigan, Skream and more performed under (or in front of) CHAUVET® Professional MVP™ 18 modular video panels, CHAUVET® Professional Q-Spot™ 260-LED and CHAUVET® Professional Q-Wash™ 260-LED moving heads, CHAUVET® DJ Intimidator™ Scan LED 300 scanners, CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Accent, CHAUVET® Professional COLORado™ 1 Tour, CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Par Tri, CHAUVET® DJ SlimPAR™ 56, CHAUVET® DJ COLORband™ Pix, CHAUVET® DJCOLORband™ Tri wash lights, and CHAUVET® DJ Hemisphere™ 5 effect lights. Check out these photos from The Forum (one of eight stages in four venues at the festival).


Ibizia Rocks CHAUVET®

The annual Ibizia Rocks music event is now in full swing. Here’s a quick photo from last year featuring a Lite console lit by CHAUVET®. Behind the lightning bolts are CHAUVET® DJ COLORband™ Tri linear wash lights and warming the truss are CHAUVET® Professional COLORdash™ Accent wash lights.


Ahoy, Legend™ 412!

In Ahoy, Rotterdam was a trade show called CUE2012. Our distributor in The Netherlands, M Works Distribution, exhibited a few selected pieces of CHAUVET® Professional gear in their stand. (And were kind enough to share some photos, too!) The stand showed Legend™ 412 moving heads, COLORdash™ Par Tri wash lights, COLORdash™ Batten and COLORdash™ Batten Tri linear wash lights and COLORdash™ Accent compact wash lights.

M Works Distribution described the COLORdash™ Series as “energy-efficient, providing opportunities for permanent installation, corporate events and architectural solutions.”

M Works Distribution also described the Legend™ 412 as “one of the most versatile moving yokes on the market.” Naturally, we agree.