THE WHO, Rocking and Rolling, with NEXUS 4×4!

Have you seen the new tour that The Who is doing around the world? They are just as excellent as ever, never stopping, never quitting, and now they are rocking a huge rig that includes 50 of CHAUVET Professional’s NEXUS 4×4 pixel mapping LED wash panels on the US legs of the tour!

You have GOT to see these great photos…  Check it out!  Also, check out some audience view video of The Who rocking with the NEXUS 4x4s (and some more video of NEXUS and The Who HERE!) from our CHAUVET Professional Facebook page!























For more on The Who’s 2015 Tour, check out Pollstar — dates and times, etcetera.  Great website for lighting industry people if you haven’t heard of it already!


Calibash Goes NEXUS 4×4!!


LOS ANGELES – Ten of Latin music’s most glittering stars were shining on the Staples Center Stage for Calibash recently, and a dozen Nexus 4 x 4 panels from CHAUVET Professional were there to support them step by glittering step. Production manager William Cortes of Link Productions and LD Brandon Dunning of Visions Lighting used the intensely bright LED panels to create bands of dazzling light on massive circular downstage truss at one of North America’s premier Latin music festivals.

Pixel mapped to display graphical and video images that support the performances on stage by artists like Pitbull, Don Omar, Carlos Vives, Wisin, Becky G and others, the Nexus panels served as kind of a crown jewel for the massive lighting array, which was anchored by circular truss set ups of 100’, 60’, 40’ and 20’. “This was without a doubt a powerful display for a powerful show,” said Todd Roberts, president of Visions Lighting. “The level of excitement and anticipation that you see at Calibash is intense, so you want a lightshow that matches that mood.”

The Nexus panels were essential to setting an appropriately bold tone at the concert, according to Roberts. “We used the Nexus panels as audience blinders and they were plenty bright,” he said. “Most of the time we ran them at 100% brightness and if you know the Nexus, you know how intense that is! The 12 panels we had on the downstage truss lit up the entire Staples Center. It was quite impressive.”


A grandMA console was used to control the Nexus panel, and ArKaos MediaMaster Pro was used to pixel map the units. The images on the panels were part of a general pixel mapped theme that covered the entire stage to deepen audience engagement.

Creating this pixel mapped presentation in a short setup time period was the main challenge with this project, noted Roberts. “The only big issue we had to contend with was the time frame for setup,” he said. “We had to load in at 4:00 am and be ready for rehearsal at 10:00 am, and we had 37 different video surfaces to map. This required a lot of teamwork on our crew’s part, but we finished everything for rehearsal and were able to put the stage in place at 9:45. We were actually fifteen minutes early!”

Of course, anyone who saw this amazing concert had no idea about the frantic rush to set up 37 mapped video surfaces, a combined 220’ of circular truss and a large array of lighting fixtures. “We got a lot of great comments on the lighting rig,” said Roberts. “William Cortes, who was responsible for hiring us, gave a lot of great props to our team. We all wanted to make a big statement on stage, and certainly Nexus helped us turn up the lighting volume.”

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For more information on Visions Lighting visit:


USITT! Booth #1013! CHAUVET Professional! Come Say Hi!

Happy Wednesday, lighting industry! This is a special week, tomorrow (Thursday, March 19, 2015) is the opening of the 2015 USITT Conference and Stage Expo here in Cincinnati, OH!


CHAUVET Professional is here, and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you on the USITT show floor tomorrow morning! The show floor opens at 10am, and we’re right up at the front in Booth #1013, some come on by and check out what we’re offering the Entertainment Lighting community – new technology, super performing moving head spots and washes, and an industry firstthe first LED ERS and Fresnel that can operate on both a conventional dimmer, meet the Ovation ED-190WW and Ovation FD-165WW, two of the newest developments in technology in our industry!

We’re showing off some of our other awesome products at the USITT show as well, like the ROGUE R2 Spot, our LED powerhouse moving head spot, and the ROGUE R2 Wash, our brightest LED wash in the ROGUE line. The ROGUE series is excellent for theatrical endeavors across all genres of theatrical entertainment – Opera, Dance, Theatre, Musical Theatre, and workshopped performances. ROGUE R2 Series spot and wash heads are reliable, LED powered, value-driven, and popular across all genres of entertainment, from La Traviata to Garth Brooks!

We’re very proud to bring the Ovation C-640FC LED cyc light to the USITT audience – we’ve got a top and bottom design of the excellent C-640FC cyc light on a hand-painted Ann Davis piece from Chicago, Illinois, please com on by and watch the LED wash bring the already amazing hand-painted drop to life! That’s what the C-640FC is known for – bright color mixing and a wash coverage that is every bit as good as what you can dream up, minus all the power consumption!

We’re very excited to show off our wonderful LED houselight, the Ovation H-105WW, which features Remote Device Management (RDM), multiple power configurations, and the ability to hang the unit as a pendant or sconce in your venue.


On the focus bench with the ED-190WW and FD-165WW sits the H-105WW Houselight, the newly released MIN-E-10WW mini-ERS (the perfect complement to the ED-190WW and E-190WW LED ellipsoidals), the new COLORdash Accent Quad single-source RGBA washer, the COLORdash Par Hex 12 LED wash unit that has an amazing color configuration of RGBAWUV, and the venerable COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour, the perfect replacement for any conventional wash – except the COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour features a wide zoom range, low power consumption, an incredible field of output, and RGBWE color mixing. It’s truly an LED color washing powerhouse!

Come on by Booth #1013 this week at the USITT Conference and Stage Expo here in Cincinnati, Ohio at the Duke Energy Arena!  DeAnna Padgett, Dwight Slamp, Ben Dickmann, and Jim Hutchison will be in the booth to answer any and all questions you have about going CHAUVET Professional! We look forward to saying hi!


Our Favorite Shots from LDI 2014

We had a busy show, a packed booth each day, and lots of light!  Check out some great shots of the CHAUVET Professional Booth at LDI 2014, and thank you to all who came to Vegas to see what we had to offer!


NXT-1 units in action!


the CHAUVET Professional booth, lighting design by Jim Hutchison


H-105WW, the LED Houselight with RDM!


CHAUVET Professional’s Jim Hutchison, the magical Susan Rose, the one and only Berenice Chauvet, and everyone knows Joe Fucini!


we’re talking to YOU!


This is Allan Reiss from CHAUVET DJ. We just love Allan though, keep smiling!


Doug Sutherland and Jessica Taylor-Smith in the booth!


Checking out the new ED-190WW and FD-165WW from the Ovation Family!


Ovation ED and FD!


the ceiling diamonds, Nexus 7×7 and Nexus 5×5!


Iluminarc — sense, sight, soul!


The booth, in all its pixel-mapping glory!


Pixel mapping!


Nexus 4x4s in action!


Red ceiling!


Blue ceiling!


Getting ready for show time!





The ROGUE RH1 Hybrid!




Thanks for the incredible show, everyone!  You made it great for us!


Recreating Visions – Pixel Mapping with Sohail e. Najafi of the RX Bandits

A Lighting Insights exclusive!  Sohail e. Najafi, lighting designer for the RX Bandits, had time to chat with us about pixels, light, and his work with the band.  Check it out!!!



TOP TEN POSTS of JULY 2014 on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

Ah, one of our favorite posts to write!  We love seeing what you love to read on the CHAUVET Professional Blog, and this month is no exception!  July 2014’s TOP TEN POSTS start below, and it’s full of awesomeness.  GO!

Counting down from the #1 post of the month of JULY 2014:

King of the month – #1:
Lady Antebellum Shines for CVS Charity Classic with LEGENDS!

Chauvet Lady Antebellum 2

#2 post of July 2014:
TECH TALK – Creating Content for Video Walls, Part 1



#3:  Chicago’s THALIA HALL Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Photo by Clayton Hauck for Dusek's / Thalia Hall

#4:  The Voice Portugal is Singing with NEXUS 4×4

Chauvet Voice Portugal

#5:  Bandit Lites and CHAUVET Professional Give New Life to the Dow Events Center


#6:  Peter Greenbaum is Rocking the Nexus 4×4 on the Today Show!


#7:  Drones Flying through Fireworks – This is AWESOME!


#8:  West Evénement Shows Off an Army of Legend 412Z!


#9:  The Lighting Insights newsletter from CHAUVET Professional!


…and the last but definitely nowhere near least post of July 2014 — #10:
Reno’s Whitney Peak Hotel Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Chauvet WhitneyPeak2


It’s Wednesday, Have Some Light!


Happy Wednesday, world of lighting!  It’s a great day in the industry of light.  No matter what you’re up to this fine Wednesday, whether it’s rocking and rolling, opera, theatre, dance, corporate events, or something in-between with bits of everything, CHAUVET Professional wishes you a great Wednesday!

Here’s a little something to get the heart pumping this morning — Tom Cochrane singing Life is a Highway.  You know it, so crank it up loud in your shop, design studio, production house, or offices!

Happy Hump Day!