Manhattan’s Pier of Fear, with CHAUVET Professional!

NXT-1 and the Legend 330 SR Spot helped make this year’s NYC Pier of Fear in Manhattan a bright, intensely lit success!  Check it out!

Pier of Fear1

NEW YORK – Manhattan’s Pier 94 has seen a lot of history pass through its 135,000 square feet of space since it opened in 1935 as an ocean liner terminal, but it’s doubtful that this venerable structure, which was later remodeled as an exhibition center,  has ever witnessed anything quite like the Pier of Fear. Now in its third year, the two-day festival served up a spectacular Halloween treat for New York’s EDM fans with a stellar lineup of DJs, a colorful array of costumes that were definitely not picked up at Wal-Mart, and a brain tingling lightshow anchored by Next NXT-1 and Legend 330SR Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

KM Productions of Hicksville, NY set up the lighting rig for the Halloween festival, which is put on by RPM Presents (New York). “This is a major event on the EDM calendar,” said Kevin Mignone, president of KM Productions. “It’s very DJ centric with performers like Knife Party, Adventure Club and Nicky Romero on stage, so our lighting designer Mike Gionfriddo and I wanted a fixture that could really add extra punch to the DJ booth, especially at a long setting like Pier 94.”

The punch Mignone and Gionfriddo were looking for was provided by 13 Next NXT-1 fixtures, which flanked the elevated center stage DJ booth, in addition to being positioned below it on trussing. A moving head panel with 25 pixel-mappable Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, the Next NXT-1 has the intensity to cut through haze and the light from other fixtures, a quality that helped it draw attention to the Pier of Feat DJ booth.

Pier of Fear2

“Everyone was impressed with the forceful visual impact of the NXT-1,” said Mignone. “Mike and I also loved the eye candy qualities that resulted from its bright colors and lightning quick movements. It was an ideal effect to keep up visually with the intense music on stage.”

The Pier of Fear lighting rig, which was controlled by a full-size grandMA2, also included 24 Legend 330SR Spot fixtures. Quick and agile with an extremely bright output of 62,200 lux at 5 meters, the Legend fixtures were used as the primary spot fixture over the stage.

“The Legend 330SR Spots were the workhorses of the rig, hitting the stage from every conceivable angle and engaging everyone in the audience regardless of where they were on the pier,” said Mignone. “We were totally impressed with these Legends. They were smaller and lighter than the big name moving spots we used in the past, but they were equally functional. The fact that they were more compact made them a lot easier to set up.”

As befits a Halloween festival in “the city that never sleeps,” Pier of Fear went on until four in the morning.  (The event’s first performance started at 8 pm.)  Even with dawn rapidly approaching, the big crowd at the historic pier was still ready to party on – so too were the CHAUVET Professional fixtures.


NZ trip: Day 6, Christchurch

Written by Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET® Professional

I was back in Christchurch. Annie and Connor were in Sydney for another day and I have meetings to get to. My first was with New Zealand Rockshop. The Rockshop is one of three music store chains in NZ. This one is exclusively serviced by MDR in the lighting department and that means one thing for me, CHAUVET® Club and DJ gear sales.

I met with Dave and showed him the COLORdash™ Accent family. He had not seen any of them and was blown away by them. So much so that he called Brodie for pricing and availability while I was still in the store.

Next was a meeting with one of the top lighting and sound installers on the South Island. Leon Burt runs a company called One Man Wiring Ltd. While I was waiting for him, I noticed that at the hotel we were staying at, they had a place called Below Zero Ice Bar. I stopped by to see what kind of lights they had inside. I had no idea at the time that it was a CHAUVET® installation and that Leon had done it. After Leon and I had lunch, he took me over to look at the bar.

Photos of the Below Zero Ice Bar's interior. The back bar area is lit with a COLORpalette™.

It was a very “cool” installation to say the least. We showed the people there the Accents as well because it looked like they need to add a few more lights to the job. For this installation, LEDs are the key as the low heat keeps the ice frozen a whole lot easier and more economically. They keep the room at a pretty steady -7 Celsius and with the fact that the temperature outside was about 24 C, air conditioning is a factor.

The Below Zero Ice Bar’s walls are lit with COLORstrip™ wash lights .

For the rest of the afternoon, I took a walk around the town square looking for job opportunities. I thought at the time that the cathedral would be an excellent lighting opportunity.

I thought at the time that the cathedral would be an excellent lighting opportunity. Too bad it has since been destroyed in the 2/22/11 earthquake.

Later on that evening, the plan was for Annie and Connor to get back at about 11:30. They got back at about 3:30 am. Did I mention that 3:30 is early? The fun part is that we are off to Wellington in the North Island later that day.