Storm Events Glamourizes the Grosvenor House with EPIX!

Chauvet Grosvenor

Storm Events rocked this one — check out this article on a recent Grosvenor House event that was made in proper glamorous English fashion with CHAUVET Professional’s EPIX family of products!


LONDON – Glamour is commonplace at Grosvenor House. The Beatles have stayed at this majestic hotel, so too have US presidents, Saudi princes, movie stars and moguls. The hotel’s Great Room, one of the largest ballrooms in Europe, has hosted so many high-profile events that it’s become a familiar sight on BBC news reports. Standing out in such a glitzy venue is no easy task, but that’s exactly what a recent awards ceremony did thanks to some inspired pixel mapping by Storm Events using the EPIX 2.0 Strip and EPIX 2.0 Bar from CHAUVET Professional.

“Everyone wants an event at Grosvenor House to be special, because there is such a rich tradition here,” said Andy White, Production Director at Storm Events (Peterborough, UK). “This was a prestigious event hosted by Claudia Winkleman a well-known BBC presenter and journalist and attended by many key publishing people, so our client asked us to do something to make the set stand out.”

Creating a stand out design is precisely what Storm Events did using the EPIX 2.0 products to achieve a glittering pixel-mapping effect. “We joined all of the EPIX units end-to-end in twos, and spaced them at 250mm across the set,” said White, noting that a total of 80 strips and bars were used. “Our design alternated strips and bars back and forth with the strips set slightly higher than the bars to create a 2.3m high continuous image. Using Kling-Net we were able to map the entire image in about 30 minutes.”

Storm positioned video projection screens between its EPIX strips and bars. The company also used Q-Spot 460 LED moving yokes and Legend 412 RGBW LED washes throughout the venue for added color, spotting and washing. The razor sharp beams of the Q-Spot 460 fixtures added extra punch to the lighting design, while the Legend 412 RGBW provided a smooth even color wash to the background.

“The end result was really quite dazzling,” said White. “I think the pixel mapping really brought the backdrop to life, creating a very engaging presentation.”

White says there were three key reasons why the Chauvet products were selected for this project. “We went with Chauvet because of the ease and flexibility of rigging their lightweight products. We also liked the fact that they were simple to program and cable; and finally we were very impressed with their performance and bright output.”

In addition to pixel mapping and creating the lighting design, Storm provided live filming to screen, audio, set and event lighting. “It was a very comprehensive project,” said White. “We’re very proud of the end result.”

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