Rider University and ProSho ROCK the PVP S5!


LAWRENCEVILLE, NJ – Ask a Rider University student how the school’s football team is doing, and you’re likely to get the response, “We haven’t lost a game since 1951!” Of course this small liberal arts university in the shadows of New York City hasn’t fielded a team on the gridiron since 1951 either — but such is the free flowing sense of humor that characterizes life at Rider. This wry spirit was very much on display recently at Rider’s annual pre-spring break party, which this year featured a flamboyant cast of characters on stilts, some popular New York DJs and an eye-popping lighting design by LD Jason Ayala of ProSho Inc. (Staten Island, NY).

Ayala created staggered video walls using 48 PVP S5 LED panels from CHAUVET Professional and inter spliced them with Chauvet’s Q-Wash 419Z-LED RGBW moving washes. “This is a big annual event that draws a lot of people and some local celebrities like DJ Mike G and DJ Yonny from 92.3 NOW, the former flagship station of Howard Stern,” said the LD. “The energy level is pretty high. My goal and ProSho’s goal was to create an ambience in the venue that matched that energy level people expect from the Rider party.”

The first step in creating that ambience was to lend an extra level of color and depth to the prominent DJ booth by surrounding it with different sized video displays. Ayala built two tiers of video walls in front of the DJ booth, the first measuring 6’ x 4’ and the second 4’ x 4’. He then suspended a 4’x 2’ video panel from the ceiling behind the booth and added two vertically oriented video strips measuring 4’ x 2’ and 4’ x 1’ to either side of it with the thicker strip being closer to center stage.

“We had the DJ basically floating in a sea of video walls, which really drew attention to the performance,” said Ayala. “This is a dynamic party, but it takes place in a plain institutional room that doesn’t have a real stage. Since there was no real stage setting, we had to build our own scenic elements to create depth and texture, which is what we did with the multiple layers of PVP S5 video panels.”

To add to this texture and depth, Ayala ran various “geometrical graphical images” on the video walls. He gave his design even more depth by pixel mapping these images on the eight Q-Wash 419Z LED fixtures. These moving LED washes filled the spaces on the stage’s back wall that were not covered by the video panels.

“The Q-Washes filled the breaks in the wall beautifully to create a very immersive look,” said Ayala. “We pixel mapped these washes to show the same content as the video panels. All the lights were run on a grandMA and I used ArKaos MediaMaster to run the video content, so the ArKaos fed the grandMa.”

In addition to running video images on the Q-Wash fixtures, Ayala used them as audience lights, particularly when there were live performances on the stage area in front of the DJ. He also used the PVP S5 panels themselves as audience blinders and color fills at different points during the party. “The output of the panels is very impressive,” he said. “We ran them at 50 percent and they were plenty bright; and the 419Zs were bright enough to stand up to them.”

Another CHAUVET Professional product in Ayala’s mix was the Legend 330SR Spot. The ProSho LD used 12 of these fixtures on a massive circular truss structure that surrounded the dance floor. “We did a lot of zooming and gobo projecting with the Legends,” he said. “They were bright and fast so they really created a good energy level. If you were on the dance floor, you were engaged by these movers. If you were looking at the stage, you were engaged by the video wall and pixel mapping. All in all, the lighting helped us turn an ordinary room into a club for this party.”

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Club Mamajuana in NYC Gets a Legend 412Z Makeover!

Jason Ayala of Jason Blends just recently brought the Legend 412Z to Club Mamajuana in NYC.  The results?  Colorful!  Check it out!


NEW YORK – Getting into Mamajuana isn’t always easy. On weeknights the upscale club is packed with New Yorkers dancing to the hottest Hip-Hop, Top 40, Bachata and Salsa music. On weekends it may be an international Latin star like acclaimed Bachata artist Raulin Rodriguez who’s packing them in. Still, the owners of the popular club did not want to rest on their laurels, so they revamped Mamajuana’s look recently, giving the chic nightspot a new color palette, not with paint, but with the Legend 412 LED moving head from CHAUVET Professional.

“Essentially, we have ‘re-colorized’ the club,” said LD Jason Ayala of Jason Blends (New York). “We went away from the traditional heavy club colors that were used before, to more elegant purples, cyans and blues. These more rounded colors better complemented the carved wood architectural elements that a very talented designer, Andre Rodriguez, added to the club to create an upscale look. The idea was to use color to foster an environment that makes people feel like they’re someplace special when they enter Mamajuana.”

The color creating capabilities of the Legend 412 were essential to helping Ayala accomplish his design vision for the club. A compact, but high output moving head fixture with 12 10-watt RGBW LEDs that can be controlled in quadrants, the Legend 412 features white emitters for enhanced color rendering.

“Without a doubt, the Legend is my go-to light for color washing, because the quality of its colors is so spot-on,” said Ayala. “When you want something like Congo Blue, not all lights in this price range – or even in higher ranges — will get it right, but the Legend does; its colors are very rich.”

Ayala positioned 12 Legend 412 fixtures along two 20-foot I-Beams (six on each) that run along either side of the Mamajuana dance floor. On nights when there isn’t a concert, six additional Legend 412 fixtures will also flood the dance floor. “We like to bathe the floor with very rich colors using a GrandMA to program some dynamic shows. We rely on the intensity of our color beams to touch the crowd without using patterns or gobos. The dance floor is so packed, no one will see any of the patterns you create, so it’s all about the colors and intensity of the beams.”

On nights when there is a concert performance at Mamajuana, the six Legend fixtures on the back set take on a new role as stage washes. Ayala breaks up these fixtures with four CHAUVET Professional Q-Spot LED moving head spots. “We use the Legends for wash and the Q-Spots for movement and texture,” he explained. “Since the floor is so packed with people, we shoot the gobos in the air and rely on haze from the CHAUVET Arena Hazer 2 to create a lot of textured effects above eye level.”

Although Ayala gave Mamajuana a new color palette and new look, there were some fixtures that he was able to carry over from the previous lighting design. “The DJ booth had COLORtube 3.0 EQ fixtures (from CHAUVET Professional) that the owners really liked, and were sorry to see go in the new design,” he recalled. “However, we were able to re-use them in a very innovative way, which not only saved the owners money, but gave the DJ booth a very unique look.”

Ayala had the club designer create a customized wood frame for the DJ booth with inlays to hold the COLORtube 3.0 EQ fixtures. He created two horizontal center rows of 10 tubes each and two side rows each holding six tubes. Using the COLORtube 3.0 EQ’s linear chase and real time music visualizer effects, he’s able to create stunning scenes that match the DJs’ performances.

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the DJ booth, which just goes to show how you can reach people when you use lights in new ways,” he said. Indeed, his entire Mamajuana project is a colorful testament to the wisdom behind that observation.

For more information on Jason Blends visit www.jasonblends.com.


New York Club Rising


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