NXT1, Legend 330SR Spot ROCK The Secret Warehouse in Brooklyn


BROOKLYN – The “Secret Warehouse” on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn is really not that secret. In fact it’s one of the epicenters of the borough’s bustling nightlife. Surrounded by chic sushi restaurants and tapas bars, it hosts concerts by some of the hottest names in EDM. It’s not surprising that sick beat masters Dada Life and special guest Grammy winner Paul van Dyk kicked off the start of their Compound Tour with a concert at this evocative urban venue.

Holding an EDM concert at an abandoned warehouse in the borough that brought us Jay-Z has undeniable street cachet. However, it can also present power draw issues when trying to create a high impact lightshow. Kevin Mignone of KM Productions met this challenge at the Dada Life concert, which was produced by RPM Presents, with some help from Next NXT-1 moving LED panels and Legend 330SR Spot moving fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

“The warehouse is a very cool venue for an EDM concert, but no doubt there were challenges,” said Mignone. “We had only 400 amps for the entire show. This made it necessary to utilize as many low-power but high-output fixtures as we could. The NXT-1 provided an excellent wash across the entire space. We used them for eye candy effects above the crowd, utilizing the preset macros. Being LED, they were very energy friendly, so they gave us great visuals without sucking up a lot of power.”

Mignone used six Next NXT-1 panels and 12 Legend 330SR moving spots in his Secret Warehouse rig. The fixtures were hung on overhead truss in groups of six – two LED panels and four moving heads. Together they provided a sweeping, intense and colorful effect over the crowd of 3,000 EDM fans, despite the historic venue’s low ceilings.

“This building is very typical of your old-style New York area warehouse, so it wasn’t set up to be a concert center,” said Mignone, who constructed a 16’ by 24’ temporary stage for the Dada Life and Paul Van Dyk concert. “There are a lot of old architectural elements here like large support beams located throughout the entire area, low ceilings and different nooks and crannies.”


With a zoom range of 5°-24° and a powerful output from its OSRAM Sirius lamp, the Legend 330SR Spot was ideally equipped to handle the sometimes challenging angles Mignone had to navigate at the warehouse. The rapid movements and abundant output of the Legend fixture allowed Mignone to create aerial effects over the crowd without consuming an inordinate amount of power.

“We got a lot of bang for the power drawn from the Legend 330s,” said Mignone. “The 330s provided a nice textured effect through the fog and haze in the venue. We used them throughout the area and we had intense light all over the place. As far as the crowd was concerned, the lighting made them feel like they were at a modern concert venue even as they enjoyed the ambience of this historic warehouse. RPM Presents put on an excellent event and I was happy the lighting contributed.”

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KM Productions Takes LAND ROVER to CHAUVET Professional!


PALM SPRINGS, CA Modernism Week is an annual Palm Springs event celebrating the architecture and lifestyle that characterized this SoCal enclave of the rich and famous back in the 1950s and ’60s. Associating the term “modern” with a week dedicated to events of 60 years ago might seem oxymoronic, but the sustainable mid-century architecture of Palm Springs remains as cool today as it was back when Frank Sinatra raised a Jack Daniels flag over his home in the city to announce that parties would be taking place around his piano-shaped pool.

This coolness was very much on display at a VIP event during Modernism Week put on by Land Rover and illuminated by a collection of LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional. Held at one of Palm Springs’ most notable examples of mid-century architecture, Siva House, which was designed in 1959 by Hugh M. Kaptur, the event featured a cocktail reception and a design discussion by Land Rover Design Director and Chief Creative Officer Gerry McGovern from the company’s Design Studio at Gaydon, Warwickshire in the UK.


McGovern spoke by a stunningly beautiful fluorescent wireframe replica of a Land Rover vehicle. Resting on a shimmering surface at the edge of a cliff overlooking the Coachella Valley, the see-through sculpture set an appropriately expansive tone for the proceedings, especially when it was accented with richly saturated colored light from a collection of COLORado 1 Tri-7 Tour and COLORdash Par-Quad 7 LED fixtures.

KM Productions, which did the lighting and sound for the event, positioned the fixtures approximately 20-feet from the “wire car.” The fixtures were angled 45° off axis from the centerline of the vehicle. The company credits the CHAUVET Professional fixtures with helping it achieve the right combination of output and energy efficiency at an upscale project where power draw was an issue.

Given the transparent nature of the wire structure and the surroundings, the company wanted to deliver enough punch to make it glow. At the same time since this is a house, not a theater, concert hall or some similar venue, KM needed to be careful about how much power it was using. The company had only one 6500-watt generator to power all of the different lighting elements as well as sound for the entire house. “The Chauvet fixtures did the job of delivering a lot of punch for the power,” according to Kevin Mignone, president of KM Productions.


Mignone also gave the CHAUVET Professional LED fixtures added praise for their color mixing capabilities. “The color rendering on these fixtures is impressive,” he said. “You want to go through different colors to change moods and engage the audience — nothing beats LED fixtures in this regard.” Indeed, in the pre-LED days of the 1950s and ’60s, it’s doubtful that even Frank Sinatra could have conjured up the magic produced by today’s lighting fixtures.

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NEXUS and NXT-1 Help KM Productions ROCK NYE!


NEW YORK– In the city that gave us Times Square, New Year’s Eve is just too big to be confined to one night. That is why RPM Presents created Big Week NYC, a weeklong, heart-pounding EDM celebration, to ring in the New Year with sick beats by superstars like Martin Garrix and Kaskade and a scintillating lightshow created by Kevin Mignone and Mike Gionfriddo of KM Productions using a collection of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Held in Manhattan starting December 27 and going on through the wee hours of January 1, the event drew visitors from around the world. Most of the performances took place at Pier 94, a 135,000 square foot historic dock and warehouse that was converted into New York’s hottest pop-up concert venue.

Artists like Carnage, Armin van Buuren and Disclosure rocked the famous Pier 94 stage. This all-star lineup preforming at a world-renowned venue required an intense lightshow, which is exactly what KM Productions created using the ultra-bright Nexus 4×4 LED set pieces and Next NXT-1 moving LED panels. For good measure, the KM designers engaged the crowd with aerial beams from 24 overhead Legend 330SR Spots.


“We were going for layered fullness in this design,” said Mignone. “Our vision was to fill the room with punchy textured lighting. This is a high-energy, star-studded event on one of the biggest nights of the year so we needed a powerful lightshow. Anyone who’s been to Pier 94 knows it’s a spacious room, so we needed lights that had significant output if we hoped to fill it. The Nexus, NXT-1 and the 330SRs all have the ability to do that, so they were the best choice.”

Mignone and Gionfriddo used 16 Nexus 4 x 4 panels in their Pier 94 design. The panels were positioned throughout the stage on truss and at times ran at 100 percent brightness to create an intense blinder effect. “We were looking for brightness at this kind of event and in this venue, and the Nexus delivered it,” said Gionfriddo.


The designers positioned 12 Next NXT-1 moving LED panels over the stage, using their built-in dynamic and static patterns to create a variety of audience engaging looks.  “We felt that the moving panels overhead helped draw people into the stage even though the room was very large,” said Mignone. “We also relied on the rapidly moving Legend beams to create a festival feeling throughout the audience. People expect to be a part of something big on New Year’s Eve, and a dynamic lightshow is one of the ingredients that help make that happen.”

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Manhattan’s Pier of Fear, with CHAUVET Professional!

NXT-1 and the Legend 330 SR Spot helped make this year’s NYC Pier of Fear in Manhattan a bright, intensely lit success!  Check it out!

Pier of Fear1

NEW YORK – Manhattan’s Pier 94 has seen a lot of history pass through its 135,000 square feet of space since it opened in 1935 as an ocean liner terminal, but it’s doubtful that this venerable structure, which was later remodeled as an exhibition center,  has ever witnessed anything quite like the Pier of Fear. Now in its third year, the two-day festival served up a spectacular Halloween treat for New York’s EDM fans with a stellar lineup of DJs, a colorful array of costumes that were definitely not picked up at Wal-Mart, and a brain tingling lightshow anchored by Next NXT-1 and Legend 330SR Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

KM Productions of Hicksville, NY set up the lighting rig for the Halloween festival, which is put on by RPM Presents (New York). “This is a major event on the EDM calendar,” said Kevin Mignone, president of KM Productions. “It’s very DJ centric with performers like Knife Party, Adventure Club and Nicky Romero on stage, so our lighting designer Mike Gionfriddo and I wanted a fixture that could really add extra punch to the DJ booth, especially at a long setting like Pier 94.”

The punch Mignone and Gionfriddo were looking for was provided by 13 Next NXT-1 fixtures, which flanked the elevated center stage DJ booth, in addition to being positioned below it on trussing. A moving head panel with 25 pixel-mappable Quad-Color RGBW LEDs, the Next NXT-1 has the intensity to cut through haze and the light from other fixtures, a quality that helped it draw attention to the Pier of Feat DJ booth.

Pier of Fear2

“Everyone was impressed with the forceful visual impact of the NXT-1,” said Mignone. “Mike and I also loved the eye candy qualities that resulted from its bright colors and lightning quick movements. It was an ideal effect to keep up visually with the intense music on stage.”

The Pier of Fear lighting rig, which was controlled by a full-size grandMA2, also included 24 Legend 330SR Spot fixtures. Quick and agile with an extremely bright output of 62,200 lux at 5 meters, the Legend fixtures were used as the primary spot fixture over the stage.

“The Legend 330SR Spots were the workhorses of the rig, hitting the stage from every conceivable angle and engaging everyone in the audience regardless of where they were on the pier,” said Mignone. “We were totally impressed with these Legends. They were smaller and lighter than the big name moving spots we used in the past, but they were equally functional. The fact that they were more compact made them a lot easier to set up.”

As befits a Halloween festival in “the city that never sleeps,” Pier of Fear went on until four in the morning.  (The event’s first performance started at 8 pm.)  Even with dawn rapidly approaching, the big crowd at the historic pier was still ready to party on – so too were the CHAUVET Professional fixtures.