George Washington Party Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Too cool!  George Washington’s Party at Washington College went CHAUVET Professional this year, making beautiful looks and happy faces at this long-time event!  Check it out!


CHESTERTOWN, MD – Back in 1782, George Washington consented to have the small “College at Chester” renamed in his honor. More recently, the students and alumni at Washington College (the 10th oldest in the US) have been showing their appreciation for this gesture by throwing a giant annual party in honor of the first president. This year’s George Washington Party may have been the most colorful ever, thanks in no small measure to a dynamic and colorful lighting display created with a collection of Legend and COLORado fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Massimo Didonna of Partners in Sound (New York) created the party’s lighting rig to be impactful and versatile at the same time. “The party is a very big event for the school,” said Didonna. “Not only does it draw a huge turnout of students, it also attracts quite a few alumni. The students want dancing, intensity and visual excitement; the alumni want more subtlety and sophistication. We were able to give them both with the way we designed the party and with the Chauvet lights we used.”

For the students, Didonna built a 30’ x 30’ truss structure over the dancefloor and blasted it with bright, vividly colored light from Legend 330SR Spot fixtures and Q-Wash 419Z-LED moving washes. “The lighting gave us the kind of club look that pumped up the dancers,” he said. “The power and brightness of the 419 fixtures provided all the coverage we needed to cover this spacious area, which is about 40,000 square feet. The zoom capability of the 330SR was essential to getting the gobo projection we wanted to create atmosphere.”


Didonna used 16 Q-Wash 419Z washes and 12 Legend 330SR spots over the dance floor and at other areas throughout the party pavilion. For example, the Q-Wash 419Z fixtures were used to wash the stage and the DJ booth as well as a “lounge area” created for alumni.

“We built a very attractive area with pipe and deluxe drapery to create a lounge where faculty and alumni could mingle away from the club atmosphere,” said Didonna. With plush furniture, uplighting provided by 24 COLORado 1-Quad Tour par-style fixtures and scenic elements, he and his team were able to create a space that offered a getaway from the dancefloor while still blending in with the overall look of the party.

Part of that overall look was created by the party’s New Orleans theme (even though the first president of the US never visited the Crescent City, which at the time of his administration belonged to France). Nevertheless, the Big Easy scenic elements lent a special decorative element to the party, especially with the colorful uplighting rendered by 10 Freedom Strip Mini Quad-5 linear battery-powered wireless fixtures from CHAUVET Professional’s sister company CHAUVET DJ.


Partners in Sound brought in 400K power supply to run the George Washington party lighting rig, which was controlled by a grandMA lighting console. “The job went very smoothly,” said Didonna. “The people at the college were wonderful to work with. Of course, when you have this many scenic elements and are creating so many different looks, setup time is always a challenge, but our team did a great job. We look forward to celebrating George Washington again next year!”

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Aaron Shust Christmas Celebration Colorized by COLORado!

Christmas Concert3

RICHARDSON, TX  – Music not only conveys the spirit of Christmas at The Heights Baptist Church, it also creates memories that worshippers cherish. A decade ago, leaders of this church outside Dallas made a decision to move away from theatrical holiday productions and instead have their Christmas season services feature concerts by their choir, orchestra and special guest artists. This year’s guest was very special indeed, as the church welcomed multi-Dove Award winner Aaron Shust, who performed on a stage that was illuminated in warm seasonal colors by COLORado™ 3P IP LED wash banks from CHAUVET Professional.

“The Christmas concerts with their special guests have become a tradition here,” said Bobby Dennis, Technical Director at the church. “In the past, we’ve had artists like Point of Grace, Andrew Peterson, Larnelle Harris join us. Of course part of the feeling we create on stage comes from the very lush holiday colors that light these performances. The COLORado fixtures were key in colorizing the stage for Aaron’s Christmas concert; they are our workhorse color wall and stage wash, performing flawlessly and never flickering, which is important because we HD/IMAG the concert.”

A high output RGB wash bank consisting of three independently controlled circular pods of 18 LEDs, the COLORado 3P IP fixtures were used to frame the choir loft and provide color accents for the choir riser, as well as the area on either side of the choir. “We positioned three COLORados on each side of the choir and flew two units on the upstage catwalk,” said Dennis. “The color accents help in visually separating the choir area from the rhythm section located on the floor in front of choir riser wall.”

Christmas Concert2

Although Heights Baptist rented additional lights – “mainly movers” – for the Aaron Shust concert rig, which as controlled by an ETC ION2000 console, Dennis points out that it was the COLORado 3P IP washes that set the visual tone for the Christmas concert. “The richly saturated colors we get from these fixtures are extraordinary,” he said. “They really create the ambience we want on stage for a Christmas concert.”

The COLORado 3P IP fixtures are also steady performers at Heights Baptist during the rest of the year. “During our normal services, we used the COLORados pretty much the same way as we used them for the Aaron’s performance,” said Dennis. “We will wash the walls and stage in different colors depending on the services and the time of year.”

Dennis also relies on the fixture to add an extra touch to special events. In these cases, he appreciates their versatility. For example, each of the COLORado 3P IP’s pods can be controlled separately, a feature that Dennis uses to create playful effects for children’s choir concerts.

Christmas Concert

“This year we even sent out four COLORados with our student ministry for a summer beach camp, where they were used as blinders,” said Dennis. “They worked out great there, but of course where the lights really stand out is at our Christmas concert. This is a very important event for us, and we want to make sure the stage looks just right.”


CHAUVET Professional At Busch Gardens® Tampa Christmas Town!

Incredibly colorful and fun!!  Have you seen the installation?  Thanks to Barbizon Lighting and Busch Gardens Tampa, a beautiful Christmas Town has emerged to bring all of the dreams of this holiday season to life!


A collection of roughly 175 COLORado 1-Quad Tour par-style LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional provided by Barbizon Lighting Company were used to help illuminate and enhance the more than one million lights at Busch Gardens® Tampa’s Christmas Town. Most of the fixtures provided external lighting for the attraction’s impressive 50’ tall tree.


Ovation C-640FC Llena de Color a la Nueva Plaza Galerías Toluca

En español en todo el mundo para nuestra audiencia de habla española!


TOLUCA, México – La luminaria Ovation C-640FC de CHAUVET Professional hizo su debut en la nueva Plaza Galerías Toluca, incrustada en una de las zonas industriales más pujantes del país. Ubicada sobre el paseo Tollocan, a sólo 10 minutos del centro de Toluca y 45 minutos de Santa Fe, surge esta nueva opción para miles de habitantes de varios municipios mexiquenses, en el que podrán hacer sus compras y disfrutar de múltiples opciones de entretenimiento.

El nuevo centro comercial está encabezada por la nueva tienda de Liverpool, una de las cadenas de almacenes más prestigiadas y de mayor crecimiento en el país, y compartirá el espacio con un gran número de establecimientos que ofrecerán una amplia gama de productos, servicios y diversión.

AG Lighting, S.A. de C.V. fue la empresa encargada de diseñar el proyecto de iluminación de los enormes espacios comunes de este complejo, y después de analizar detalladamente las especificaciones de varias luminarias eligió a la Ovation C-640FC para crear los ambientes propicios en la dinámica de la plaza. Otro factor decisivo fue la extensa garantía y respaldo que ofrece Chauvet and Sons de México para todos los productos.


“La Ovation C-640FC es magnífica para reemplazar las luces tradicionales de ciclorama. Puede crear cualquier color de los catálogos de filtros, y ofrece un consumo mucho más bajo que el de las luminarias convencionales”, afirmó Fernando Argueta, especialista de CHAUVET Professional. “Está preparada para su uso en cualquier aplicación en espacios cubiertos que requiera baños de luz amplios y potentes, gracias a sus dos cabezas ajustables individualmente. Puede ser operada mediante DMX, y de forma autónoma a través de los programas de cambio de color con velocidad ajustable o con colores estáticos”.

La zona central del área común está cubierta por una enorme carpa blanca, bañada por 18 equipos Ovation C-640FC colocados estratégicamente sobre cada uno de los tres soportes con tensores de acero de la cubierta, para lograr cambios de color que van desde los tonos pasteles más sutiles hasta colores intensos y saturados. “La alimentación de electricidad no representó ningún problema”, continuó Argueta, “Al igual que otras luminarias de la serie Ovation, cuentan con conectores PowerCON™ de Neutrik® para garantizar una conexión segura y una fuente de alimentación que se ajusta automáticamente a rangos de voltaje de 100 a 240 VAC de 50/60 Hz”.


Además, su tamaño compacto y sólida construcción, el bajo costo de operación, el mínimo mantenimiento requerido y la larga expectativa de vida de sus 64 LEDs RGBWA de hasta 50,000 horas son enormes ventajas que no pueden hacerse de lado.

AG Lighting, S.A. de C.V. es una empresa dedicada al desarrollo de proyectos, suministro e instalación de la más amplia gama de sistemas de iluminación, establecida en la ciudad de México. Cuenta con una gran experiencia y ha creado una infinidad y diversidad de diseños de iluminación en todo el país.

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Meet the COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour!


New to the COLORado Family, a new twist on a dependable, bright, and popular LED wash fixture — meet the COLORado 1 Quad Zoom Tour! CHAUVET Professional’s Jim Hutchison walks us through this excellent addition to the COLORado family, check it out!

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Ovation Offers LED Fixtures That Operate on Incandescent Dimmers!

An incredible milestone that CHAUVET Professional is bringing to market — the Ovation LED series that has garnered public favor over the last year now offers a model that will run on incandescent dimming OR a DMX signal.  Check out the release!



SUNRISE, FL – This year’s LDI show will see the introduction of two products from CHAUVET Professional that resolve a dilemma which has historically confronted end-users who wanted to add dimmable LED fixtures to their existing lighting systems. The new Ovation ED-190WW ellipsoidal and the Ovation FD-165WW Fresnel feature built-in power supply technology that allows them to run off traditional dimming and DMX systems interchangeably, so they can work smoothly with the dimmable incandescent fixtures already on a theater, church, production company or school’s rig.

By seamlessly blending LED and incandescent dimming, the new Ovation products allow energy and cost efficient LED fixtures to be added “unit by unit” to existing lighting systems. “In the past adding dimmable LED fixtures created something of a dilemma for many end-users,” said Albert Chauvet, president of Chauvet. “They wanted all of the savings benefits associated with LED fixtures, but they couldn’t run these lights on the same dimming system as their incandescent fixtures without investing in new infrastructure.”

The new Ovation fixtures solve this dilemma by working with SCR, IGTB, rheostat, and thryristor dimmers to support both LED and incandescent dimming formats. Each of the new fixtures has a built-in auto-sensor that determines which type of power the unit is receiving and instantly adjusts without requiring any action on the end-user’s part.

“Our new fixtures give end-users the capability of running off constant power and DMX, or connecting directly to their current incandescent dimming system,” said Ben Dickmann, Ovation Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional. “Every high school, college and community theatre, every church and anyone else who’s had a couple of hundred dimmers that they just put in a couple years ago can now relax — because they can retrofit to LED without having to run a whole new infrastructure. They can still use their existing dimming systems that they have now and it will work perfectly with their new LED Ovation products.”

CHAUVET Professional has been working on the new LED/incandescent dimming technology found in the new Ovation fixtures for two years. The fixtures combine new power supply technology with special software to allow full range LED dimming on incandescent and DMX systems interchangeably.

“We had the ED-190WW on the dimmer running right next to a tungsten fixture, and our LED fixture was smoother and more responsive, even at the trailing edge of a 30-second fade out. It’s the combination of the power supply technology and our own internal software that creates this capability,” said Dickmann. “CHAUVET Professional is targeting the pool of end-users who are comfortable with their existing systems and may not be experts at dealing with DMX systems and addressing, but want an LED fixture that they can simply plug into their existing system and achieve impressive results. This should definitely make it easier for more theaters, schools and churches to discover the benefits of LED dimming without making wholesale changes to their existing incandescent rigs.”


The ROGUE Series is Getting Wash Units! Welcome the R1 and R2 Wash!

When it debuted at PLASA 2014 this month, CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue Series rocked the industry’s notions of value, delivering upscale performance and features that were unheard of in LED moving head spot/beam fixtures at its price point.  Now we’re doing the same for wash lights, adding two new RGBW colorwash moving heads to this trailblazing series: Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash.

Check it out in this month’s Lighting Insights!