YELLOWCARD and LD Cody James ROCK the LEGEND Line!

Chauvet_Yellowcard 1

The band YELLOWCARD is out there right now with lighting designer Cody James, rocking the Legend 230 SR Beam and the Legend 412 LED wash from CHAUVET Professional.  Have you seen their show?  It’s energetic, the audiences love it, and the band brings a lighting performance that accentuates the wide scale of their talent!


From the press release:

PROVIDENCE, RI – The platinum recording group Yellowcard refuses to be pigeonholed. That’s not surprising from a band that was featured in a compilation called “Punk Goes Acoustic.” Audiences may love Yellowcard’s meshing musical performances — but some flexible fixtures in the hands of a skilled LD are required to create a lightshow that keeps pace with the group’s eclectic musical mix.  The Legend 230SR Beam and Legend 412 moving heads from CHAUVET Professional provided this flexibility, while LD Cody James of JDI Productions furnished the skill to create just such a lightshow for the band’s sold out performance at the iconic Lupos Heartbreak Hotel concert hall.

Chauvet_Yellowcard 2

Described by one music critic as “two concerts in one,” the Lupos appearance marked the 10th anniversary of Yellowcard’s Ocean Avenue album. The concert was divided into two hour-long sets: the first devoted strictly to acoustic performances, and the second turned over to the band’s famous hard-driving electric punk sound.

Yellowcard’s LD since 2012, James relied on the CHAUVET Professional fixtures to set a distinctly different visual tone for each set. “The moods of the two sets were very different, and this had to be reflected in the lightshow,” he said. “We used the Legend 412s to create a mellow atmosphere during the first set and then turned to the SR Beams to create a big bang in the second hour. In both cases the mood created by the lights got the audience more into the music being performed on stage.”

Time pressure made James’ task even more challenging.  As a result of scheduling issues, he had only six hours to build and program the Yellowcard lightshow.   “I’ve worked with Legend fixtures before and they are very responsive; this made programming very easy, which was essential given the timeframe we faced,” he said. “The lights were critical to this show coming off successfully, so was Derek Iorfida at JDI Productions, who was always there when I need him.”

James used 12 Legend 412 moving heads on upright trusses across the back of the stage. The fixtures were staggered at different heights on the truss to provide a more textured color wash.  With a light source of a dozen 10-watt RGBW LEDs and color macros with speed adjustments, the Legend 412 units provided a richly saturated uniform output that supported the mellow acoustic mood during the concert’s first hour.

When the pace quickened in hour two, the half dozen Legend 230SR Beams in James’ rig were there to pump up the crowd with their smooth ultra-quick movements across the stage and audience. “The hard edged beams from the 230SR have the same punch and intensity as the band’s music, so it gave the fans the same visual feeling they were already getting from the songs themselves. The fast pan and tilt movements of the Legend 230SR Beams were important to me, because the pace of the band’s electric music is pretty intense.”

Powered by a 230-watt Osram Sirius lamp and putting out an intense 96,000 lux at 15 meters, and with a slit-like 2.25-degree beam angle, the Legend 230SR Beam delivers the intensity Yellowcard’s music calls for, according to James.  The LD was also impressed with the gobos he could create with the fixture. “I liked the gobos’ capabilities,” he said. “This definitely came into play with my lighting design. During the electric set the band went from fast punk pieces to giant crowd sing-alongs, so I used the very distinct gobos to create some separation between the different types of songs.”

Figuring out how to navigate your way through sharp musical turns is part of the challenge and fun of designing for a group like Yellowcard, says James — especially when you have some nimble fixtures like these Legend units in your rig.


Czech Distributor Showcases Chauvet Lights at Seminars

Czech Distributor AudioMaster recently organized a series of seminars aimed at training customers on various CHAUVET® Professional fixtures, such as Nexus™ 4×4 pixel-mapping wash lights, Legend™ 412 moving yokes, WELL™ 2.0Q-Spot™ 360-LED and Q-Spot™ 460-LED lights and more. Here a couple of photos from the training:




Chauvet Lights Serenade at the Troubadour

The popular Troubadour Club in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, entertains crowds with talented performers and quality lighting provided by Chauvet. Artists and bands such as Elton John, Guns’n’roses, No Doubt, Metallica and more started their careers at the Troubadour. Chauvet lights include six CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 412 pixel-mapping moving yokes, four COLORado™ Batten 72 Tour linear lights, four Q-Spot™ 560-LED moving spots, four COLORado™ Zoom Tour wash lights and more.










Chauvet Rocks All-Night Event in Birmingham

Fixtures from Chauvet’s Professional, DJ and TRUSST® brand of trussing completed the exciting Godskitchen Christmas Party at the HMV Institute, in Birmingham, U.K. Twelve CHAUVET® Professional Legend™ 412 pixel-mapping moving yokes worked for amazing effects from a triangular-shaped trussing system, built of four 3-meter and two 1-meter pieces of truss from TRUSST®. SJ Grevett from DMX Productions of Birmingham also specified 12 CHAUVET® DJ COLORband™ PiX eye-candy linear fixtures, which he placed on the DJ console.


CHAUVET® Professional Lights Country Singer Justin Moore

CHAUVET® Professional lit the stage for country singer Justin Moore at the BB&T Center, in Sunrise, Fla., as the opening act for Eric Church. Lighting Designer Aaron Luke specified 44 Legend™ 412 pixel-mapping moving yokes for the tour’s 168 shows. The lights were provided by Special Events Services production company, of Nashville, Tenn. Here are some awesome pics:








Chauvet Attends JTSE 2012 in Paris

CHAUVET® Professional and its French distributor Algam recently participated in the 16th Salon International des Techniques du Spectacle in Paris. A variety of fixtures were on display, such as eye-candy pixel-mapping Nexus™ 4×4, luminaires for theater and stage Ovation™ E-190WW LED and Ovation™ F-165WW LED, sharp and bright moving yoke Legend™ 230SR Beam, versatile wash lights Q-Wash™ 436Z-LED and Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED, moving yoke spot Q-Spot™ 460-LED, pixel-mapping Legend™ 412, linear light COLORdash™ Batten-Quad 6, PAR-style fixtures COLORdash™ Par-Quad 7 and COLORdash™ Par-Quad 18.


Chauvet Sponsors Live Design Master Classes

Chauvet is a corporate sponsor for Live Design Magazine‘s Concert Master Classes, organized Dec. 3 and 4 in Los Angeles. One topics discussed was the deconstruction of the “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band” tour by the tour’s Lighting Designer Jeff Ravitz, Lighting Director Todd Ricci and Programmer Jason Badger. Here are some nice photos of the stage, lit by pixel-mapping CHAUVET® Professional Nexus™ 4×4 wash lights, Legend™ 412 moving yokes and COLORado™ 1-Quad Tour fixtures.