Chris Lisle Talks Lighting and Honesty in Lighting Insights February 2015!


Chris Lisle is a lighting designer.
Chris Lisle is a lighting designer who makes amazing light.
Chris Lisle spoke with CHAUVET Professional this month…  it is awesome.

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Bandit Lites Increases Their CHAUVET Professional Lineup!

We’re humbled and honored to be considered worthy of the types of major scale productions that Bandit Lites puts on everyday!  Check out an awesome article by Live Design on the incorporation of CHAUVET Professional Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels, Nexus™ 4×4 fixtures and Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures into the Bandit Lites inventory!

Garth2 PlatinumStage

NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE – While 2014 may be edging its way to a close, Bandit Litescontinues to increase its inventory of new gear by purchasing Chauvet Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels, Nexus™ 4×4 fixtures and Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures. With the most popular acts in music putting on bigger and brighter shows, Bandit looks to provide its clients with the best and most versatile technology available.

Lighting designer Chris Lisle took advantage of the Nexus™ Aw 7×7 LED panels versatility on Miranda Lambert’s Platinum Tour, which just announced it’s 2015 plans following an amazing 2014 leg. The panels project narrow beams of light, provides warm washes, makes instant audience blinders, and displays impactful text and vivid animated graphics.

Lisle built the Nexus panels into an “M” shaped truss downstage. The panels were driven via the lighting console to create a variety of visual effects that flowed with the far-ranging mix of songs in the concert set.  “My idea was that the Nexus panels would be nice eye candy for everyone above floor level,” said the LD to Chauvet. “I wanted to give them a little something more that the people on the floor wouldn’t see. Our programmer, Scott Chmielewski, worked hard to create some great mapping moments in the GrandMA2 for the Nexus panels.”

In addition to adding new gear for Miranda’s tour, Bandit also added the Rogue™ R2 Beam fixtures to Garth Brooks’ world tour. Lighting designer Dave Butzler was able to utilize the fixtures incredible beam, giving punchy looks with versatility, as its fully scrollable, variable speed color wheel provides 14 fixed colors plus white. Bandit project manager Don Lockridge added they provide one of the biggest looks in the show.

Dave also uses a large number of Nexus 4×4 for audience light, as he finds the smooth color texturing vital to the audience looks he desires to achieve. It affords him so much more versatility than simply a white audience all evening.

We are absolutely thrilled and honored by David’s decision,” said Albert Chauvet, president and CEO of Chauvet Lighting. “Everyone knows the reputation that Bandit Lites has established over the years for its dedication to excellence in every facet of this business. To have a relatively new series like Rogue selected by a company like Bandit for something as prestigious as the Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood tour is a validation of the vision our team had when we were spending all those long days, nights, weeks and months developing the Rogue Series.”

Bandit Chair Michael T. Strickland stated, “Albert and the people at Chauvet were brilliant to work with and a great partner. They continue to come up with innovation solutions with their products. The products are reasonably priced and of the highest quality; our hat is off to them for being such an innovator and for assisting us on so many projects.”

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Revolution Continues: Miranda Lambert

The last leg of Miranda Lambert’s tour, The Revolution Continues, has begun and with it a revved up light show from Chris Lisle. We were able to get some behind-the-scenes photos of the new stage design. On deck are COLORado™ Batten 72 TOUR linear wash lights and Legend™ 300E Beam moving heads.


LD Profile: Chris Lisle

Five questions with Chris Lisle
Production designer for Miranda Lambert CMT Revolution Tour 2010-2011

1. What was the overall vision, theme, or message of your lighting design?
The main goal of the design was to give Miranda’s show a look that complemented her musical style, but also conformed to two major criteria: budget and truck space. It definitely made me slow down and take a hard look at what elements I actually NEEDED versus those that I just WANTED. In the case of this project, I chose fixtures that I knew would give me the looks that I was going for, and were also affordable. Miranda definitely had the final say in which of the three designs that I submitted, but she is not a micro-manager – she wants those that are around her to do what they are paid to do. So once she chose the design, the rest was in mine and Aaron’s hands. She definitely had some input at rehearsals in terms of some looks that she wanted to do, but also let us be creative as we saw fit.

2. Why did you choose the products you did?
There are different things I like I about each of the fixtures that I chose, but in the end I look at what is going to do what we need it to do within our budget. I also like to choose fixtures that are road worthy and wont end up being a repair/technical nightmare for the techs.

3. What special challenges did you run into in this design?
The biggest issue we was time. We had 28 songs to get into the console in less than a week. There were a lot of long nights and coffee involved, but we pulled it off!

4. Do you have a favorite fixture (and why)?
I became a huge fan of Legend™ 300E Beam fixtures on this tour. We use them on the floor to create aerial looks that punch through the color washes coming from the fixtures in the air. We found these lights to have great optics that allows a good concentrated beam of light. The effects wheel in them is great as well and allows for some great looks. From a technical end, these fixtures are very light weight and easy to manage!

5. What was the most rewarding part of designing this tour?
The most rewarding part of this tour was definitely seeing almost six months of work come to life. You look at a design on paper for months and months, then one day you stop by the lighting company and they have truss laid out, then the next week the truss is hanging, then a week later you are in rehearsals programming, and then the first night of the tour. It is my favorite part of the process on that opening night when it all just comes together.

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