CHAUVET Professional Sharpens Metal Edge for Motionless In White

Motionless in White was looking for a hardcore lighting edge to accentuate their shows even further than their Horror Rock monikers have pushed them.  Freddy Thompson of JDI Productions reached into the Legend case to create a bold, dark, and moody atmosphere for the rockers.  Check it out!


WORCESTER, MA– (For Immediate Release) – A Motionless in White concert is not for anyone expecting a predictable metalcore experience. Sometimes described as “horror metal,” the iconic group never fails to surprise and unsettle audiences by pulling unexpected tricks out of its musical bag, whether it’s a shattering blast beat that bursts out of nowhere in the middle of a verse or a haunting keyboard effect that leaves audiences looking over their shoulders. The band’s headline performance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was no exception, arousing the crowd with its unexpected twists and turns.

Keeping pace with the music was an intense and sometimes darkly theatrical lightshow by lighting designer Freddy Thompson of JDI Productions that featured a collection of Legend moving fixtures and Vesuvio RGBA foggers from CHAUVET Professional. Thompson used six Legend 230SR Beams and eight Legend 412 moving washes positioned on truss towers, as well as two Vesuvio RGBA foggers on a rig that also included blinders, strobes and hazers to capture the penetrating mood of Motionless in White’s music in light.

“I was going for was a darker theatrical look which I felt would complement the band’s persona,” said the LD. “I used very, very minimal lighting from the house rig at the Palladium, which helped the Legend’s beams stand out even more. By layering the stage with the rich colors of the Legend 412 wash fixtures, I could capture the moment during every song on the band’s set list (which began with Death March and ended with Devil’s Night).”


Thompson was careful to coordinate the colors of the two Legend fixtures in his rig. “At critical points we wanted to bathe the stage in color,” he said. “At those points, I would use brighter colors in the beam fixtures to ensure that they cut through the rich color wash of the Legend 412 units.

“The Vesuvios were critical to creating the theatrical atmosphere on stage,” continued the LD. “We used them to send up colorful columns of fog (the Vesuvio RGBA shoots light through fog). Aside from adding extra drama to the stage, the fog also worked well to highlight gobos, rotating prisms and fast random strobes.”

Thompson positioned the Vesuvio foggers on the downstage center edge, leaving enough room for an ego riser to be placed in between the units. “We arranged the Vesuvios this way so the artist could stand between the units while they shot colorful fog upwards,” said the LD. “It was all very dramatic.”


The Legend fixtures were arranged on four 8’ and two 5’ truss towers. Thompson spaced the taller towers evenly between the drum riser and guitar cabinets. He positioned the shorter towers stage left and stage right. Each tower had a Legend 230SR Beam on top. The taller center truss towers had two Legend 412 fixtures, while the smaller side towers had only one 412 unit.

“Having the beams mounted on top of the towers helped create a great position for these fixtures to be focused almost anywhere desired, whether it was on the audience or a point on stage,” said Thompson. “The 412s were mounted on the face of the truss towers to help create an eye candy effect for the set. I knew these Chauvet fixtures would be a good choice for this design because the units have proven their road worthiness time and time again. With such a short time frame loading in at the beginning of a three-day music festival, I needed fixtures I could trust would get the job done with no issues.

“A big challenge with a project at the end of a three-day festival is that there isn’t a lot of onsite programming time available,” continued the LD. “Thanks to Josh Korel, the band’s production manager sending me a complete set list, I was able to complete most of my programming in our visual studio at JDI Productions using Light Converse. By the time the rig was set up at the beginning of the festival’s third day, I had just enough time to update my position, focus my gobos and start the show.”


Start the show is exactly what Thompson did and with flying colors, not to mention a fistful of dramatic effects. The end result was a lightshow that was as intense, original, evocative and multi-layered as the music of one of the metal genre’s most complex bands.

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Fantasia and CHAUVET Professional Get the Soul Out in Concert!

Gotta love the soul!!!  From Columbus, Georgia — a story about the soul brought to the floor with Fantasia Barrino on tour, playing shows and rocking faces with the CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 560Z LED, the Legend 230SR Beam, and the COLORado Batten 72 Tour.  A powerhouse rig for a powerhouse voice and soul!  Check it out!


COLUMBUS, GA – Award winning Broadway actress; New York Times best-selling author; Grammy recording artist; American Idol winner… Fantasia Barrino has already worn many hats extraordinarily well in her young career, but this multi-talented superstar is (by her own description), one thing above all else: a soul singer. This much was very evident to the fans at her recent southeastern tour stops. Holding nothing back, Fantasia rocked the house to its very core with a heartfelt collection of powerful tunes all supported by an appropriately intense light show featuring a variety of CHAUVET Professional fixtures.

Lighting designer Jay Chiari and lighting tech Brandon Thomas of Audio Visual Services (Macon, GA) used 12 Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving yoke washes, six COLORado Batten 72 Tour linear washes and 18 Legend 230SR Beam moving beams in a rig that drenched the stage in intense colors. “We wanted an intense light show to match the power of Fantasia’s performance,” said Thomas. “The concert covered a range of moods so we relied on a lot of dimming and color changing to reflect these changes.”

The COLORado Batten 72 Tours, which were positioned downstage and used to uplight Fantasia and other performers, were key to setting different emotional tones for the concert. Powered by 72 calibrated red, green, blue, white and amber LEDs and featuring five dimming curves, the batten-style wash produces a vast range of colors.

“We were impressed with the colors produced by the COLORados,” said Thomas. “The amber LEDs really help enhance the quality of the color mixing. The fixtures were great for setting moods on stage.”


For added impact and to engage the crowd with audience lighting, the Legend 230 SR Beams were positioned throughout the rig. “We had them upstage, downstage and mid stage,” said Thomas. “We had them on truss and on the floor. Their sharp beams were essential to creating the dynamic look that the music demanded. There were six big name beam effects on our rig along with the Legend 230s, and if you were at the show – even if you were in the lighting profession – I don’t think you could have told the difference between the two sets of fixtures.”

Rounding out the rig were the Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving yokes, which were positioned upstage and down stage. Producing a uniform wash emitting an impressive 13,100 lux at 5 meters, these fixtures were more than able to hold their own next to the rest of this intense output rig.

“We used this rig at three venues: the Columbus (GA) Civic Center, the Johnny Mercer Theater in Savannah, and the Florence South Carolina Civic Center,” said Thomas. “The rig was easy to set up and the lights were easy to program, which is always nice when you’re touring. Wherever we went people were impressed with the lightshow; the great performance on stage deserved nothing less.”