ROGUE, Pro Systems, and the San Diego Padres!

ROGUE in the news!  We’re finding that people absolutely LOVE going ROGUE!!!  Check out a great story from San Diego, with the one and only San Diego Padres!


SAN DIEGO – Power was the name of the game as the San Diego Padres pounded the World Series-champion San Francisco Giants 10-2 on April 11 during their 2015 Home Opening Series. But the 20 hits off the bats of Padres sluggers weren’t the only pyrotechnics on display at Petco Park that Saturday night; the 42,823 fans in the stands were treated to a post-game laser lightshow with some punchy effects provided by 12 Rogue RH1 Hybrid fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

San Diego-based Pro Systems, which designed the lightshow, had recently added the Rogues to its inventory. A compact hybrid spot/beam moving head with 13 colors and gobo and prism effects, the Rogue RH1 Hybrid boasts an impressively intense output for its size: 170,000 lux at 15 meters at a 2.5° beam angle. Pro Systems had broken out the Rogues at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami several weeks earlier, but the company knew the Chauvet fixtures would be put to the test lighting up a venue the size of a major league ballpark.


“It was a real challenge to fill up a space as large as Petco Park,” said Brad Donaldson of Pro Systems. “We were contacted by the Padres a year ago about putting together a show of this type, but it just never came together. So they reached out to us again this year because they wanted a laser lightshow as part of their Opening Week festivities.”

The challenge of illuminating such an immense space was compounded by the need to position fixtures in spots where they wouldn’t obstruct the sight line of fans. Pro Systems ultimately decided to set up rigs containing lasers and moving lights at seven carefully chosen locations around the stadium’s perimeter. From these seven vantage points, the company was able achieve coverage of the entire field, and Donaldson credits the Rogues with playing a major role in this accomplishment.

“We used the Rogues in Beam Mode and we were definitely impressed with their output,” he said. “We also used some of their gobo and prism effects on the field, and it was quite remarkable how they cut through everything and looked so bright and good, especially in such a big space.”

The 18-minute lightshow featured a soundtrack developed by Pro Systems, along with some San Diego-themed video clips which were intermingled with the lighting effects to “provide breaks for us to reset (the lights) and build up again,” said Donaldson. He added that the show went off extremely well, both with fans and the team’s management: “Looking around during the show you could tell people were having a good time. The Padres themselves said they got a lot of positive feedback from fans. In fact they said people liked it so much, they wanted to get another date on the calendar this year to do it again.”



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George Washington Party Goes CHAUVET Professional!

Too cool!  George Washington’s Party at Washington College went CHAUVET Professional this year, making beautiful looks and happy faces at this long-time event!  Check it out!


CHESTERTOWN, MD – Back in 1782, George Washington consented to have the small “College at Chester” renamed in his honor. More recently, the students and alumni at Washington College (the 10th oldest in the US) have been showing their appreciation for this gesture by throwing a giant annual party in honor of the first president. This year’s George Washington Party may have been the most colorful ever, thanks in no small measure to a dynamic and colorful lighting display created with a collection of Legend and COLORado fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Massimo Didonna of Partners in Sound (New York) created the party’s lighting rig to be impactful and versatile at the same time. “The party is a very big event for the school,” said Didonna. “Not only does it draw a huge turnout of students, it also attracts quite a few alumni. The students want dancing, intensity and visual excitement; the alumni want more subtlety and sophistication. We were able to give them both with the way we designed the party and with the Chauvet lights we used.”

For the students, Didonna built a 30’ x 30’ truss structure over the dancefloor and blasted it with bright, vividly colored light from Legend 330SR Spot fixtures and Q-Wash 419Z-LED moving washes. “The lighting gave us the kind of club look that pumped up the dancers,” he said. “The power and brightness of the 419 fixtures provided all the coverage we needed to cover this spacious area, which is about 40,000 square feet. The zoom capability of the 330SR was essential to getting the gobo projection we wanted to create atmosphere.”


Didonna used 16 Q-Wash 419Z washes and 12 Legend 330SR spots over the dance floor and at other areas throughout the party pavilion. For example, the Q-Wash 419Z fixtures were used to wash the stage and the DJ booth as well as a “lounge area” created for alumni.

“We built a very attractive area with pipe and deluxe drapery to create a lounge where faculty and alumni could mingle away from the club atmosphere,” said Didonna. With plush furniture, uplighting provided by 24 COLORado 1-Quad Tour par-style fixtures and scenic elements, he and his team were able to create a space that offered a getaway from the dancefloor while still blending in with the overall look of the party.

Part of that overall look was created by the party’s New Orleans theme (even though the first president of the US never visited the Crescent City, which at the time of his administration belonged to France). Nevertheless, the Big Easy scenic elements lent a special decorative element to the party, especially with the colorful uplighting rendered by 10 Freedom Strip Mini Quad-5 linear battery-powered wireless fixtures from CHAUVET Professional’s sister company CHAUVET DJ.


Partners in Sound brought in 400K power supply to run the George Washington party lighting rig, which was controlled by a grandMA lighting console. “The job went very smoothly,” said Didonna. “The people at the college were wonderful to work with. Of course, when you have this many scenic elements and are creating so many different looks, setup time is always a challenge, but our team did a great job. We look forward to celebrating George Washington again next year!”

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Ricky Martin Mexico City BEHIND THE SCENES – Video and Photos!

We had first-line access to the Ricky Martin tour stop in Mexico City a few weeks ago, and the photos and video we got were outstanding!  Check out Ricky Martin’s Mexico City load-in, with CHAUVET Professional Nexus 4×4 panels, NEXT NXT-1 moving pixel panels, and the Vesuvio RGBA hybrid atmospheric!

Check out the video, Behind the Scenes:  Ricky Martin in MEXICO CITY

Now for some excellent behind the scenes photos!

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (102 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (104 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (115 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (119 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (122 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (125 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (127 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (128 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (131 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (134 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (136 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (145 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (149 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (153 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (156 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (94 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (71 de 115)


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NXT-1 from CHAUVET Professional Makes Moving Pixels

Have you seen the NEXT NXT-1 from CHAUVET Professional?  Imagine a grid of pixels on a yoke with excellent output and brilliant speed — you’ve just imagined the NXT-1:

Check it out in depth in this month’s edition of Lighting Insights!


Anthony Hamilton Gets Funky Onstage with the Q-Wash 560Z LED!

Anthony Hamilton2

WOW!  Have you seen Anthony Hamilton onstage lately?  The voice, the power, the feeling that is Anthony Hamilton is just as ever-present as it was back in the day!  Brandon Thomas of Audio Visual Services recently lit Anthony Hamilton’s show using the Q-Wash 560Z LED in place of the typical 60 piece 1kW PAR rig, and the results were magic for all involved!  Check it out!

Anthony Hamilton1

ALBANY, GA Grammy winner Anthony Hamilton is thought by many to be the coolest man in R&B thanks to his natty attire, deft moves on stage and seemingly effortless way he can breeze through long winding vocal runs that go from vulnerable highs to gritty lows and everything in between. The multi-platinum artist, whose song “Freedom” was featured in the soundtrack from Django Unchained, found it easier to keep his trademark cool recently at the Savannah Civic Center in Georgia and Florence Civic Center in South Carolina, thanks to a new lighting rig set up by Audio Visual Services of Macon, GA.

Brandon Thomas, lighting designer for Audio Visual Services, replaced the 60 1000-watt pars that the company had been using in its touring rig with 12 Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving yoke washes from CHAUVET Professional.  Featuring 91 high intensity calibrated LEDs (22 red, 23 green, 22 blue, 12 white, 12 amber), the Q-Wash 560Z puts out an impressive 13,100 lux at 5 meters. This output allowed Thomas to achieve the brightness and color rendering he had been getting with his par setup while generating far less heat and consuming far less electricity.

Prior to adding the 12 Q-Wash 560Z fixtures to his downstage rig, Thomas used the 1000W pars in groups of 10 to 15 to create different colors on stage. Now, the Q-Wash 560Z allows him to create colors using fewer lower wattage fixtures.

“I fell in love with the Q-Wash 560Z as soon as I saw it because of its brightness, which is greater than anything I’ve encountered at this level of the market,” said Thomas. “We can use it for something like the Anthony Hamilton concert and draw much less power and generate much less heat on stage, which is something the performers really like.”

Another thing performers tend to appreciate about the Q-Wash 560Z is its amber output. “Most of them want amber, because it makes them look better,” said Thomas. “The zoom angle and color blending are other features that we put to good use when designing this lightshow.”

The Q-Wash 560Z also saved Thomas time creating colors for the Anthony Hamilton concert.  “When we had the 1000-watt pars, we had to take the time to gel and focus six different colors,” he said. “Now that the color rendering is done inside the fixture, we don’t have to focus different gels; we just daisy chain the units and we’re good to go. I should also tell you that the Q-Wash 560Z cut our set up time in half.”

Thomas positioned the Q-Wash 560Z fixtures downstage truss to wash the performance area. He also used six CHAUVET Professional Batten Tour-72 LED fixtures to wash the stage with added colors, and eight Legend 230 SR Beam moving fixtures to provide intensely bright (96,000 lux at 15 meters) beams effects for the concert.

Hamilton, who won a 2009 Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance Grammy for his collaboration on “You’ve Got the Love I Need” with soul legend Al Green, has earned nine Grammy nominations, including ones for Best R&B Song and Best R&B Album, making him one of the hottest acts in this genre. However for two performances in Georgia and South Carolina the crooner remained incredibly cool despite being immersed in an intense lightshow thanks to Brandon Thomas’ new rig.

Thomas credits Jamey Brock of Creative Stage Lighting, (North Creek, NY). for helping him discover the potential of the Q-Wash 560Z. “Everyone was very happy with the Q-Wash 560Z,” said the LD. “The way it performed at this concert has made us rethink how we wash the stage.”


Legend 230SR Beam Switches on the Stage for Killswitch Engage

CHAUVET Professional Legend 230SR Beam powerful moving yoke spiced up the stage for 30-plus performances of Killswitch Engage during their recent U.S. Tour. Lighting Designer Cody James used four Legend 230SR Beam fixtures toward the back of the stage, shooting bright beams on the artists and toward the audience. “These lights were everything that I was looking for and more,” James said. “My show is very stroby and the Legend 230SR Beam moving heads were extremely bright, giving nice effects. It’s nice that they didn’t get lost with the strobes. I like the speed, the smooth transitions, the gobos. They’re also very well-built, road-worthy, and hold their own very well.” JDI Productions full-service production company provided the lights.