NEXUS and NXT-1 Help KM Productions ROCK NYE!


NEW YORK– In the city that gave us Times Square, New Year’s Eve is just too big to be confined to one night. That is why RPM Presents created Big Week NYC, a weeklong, heart-pounding EDM celebration, to ring in the New Year with sick beats by superstars like Martin Garrix and Kaskade and a scintillating lightshow created by Kevin Mignone and Mike Gionfriddo of KM Productions using a collection of fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Held in Manhattan starting December 27 and going on through the wee hours of January 1, the event drew visitors from around the world. Most of the performances took place at Pier 94, a 135,000 square foot historic dock and warehouse that was converted into New York’s hottest pop-up concert venue.

Artists like Carnage, Armin van Buuren and Disclosure rocked the famous Pier 94 stage. This all-star lineup preforming at a world-renowned venue required an intense lightshow, which is exactly what KM Productions created using the ultra-bright Nexus 4×4 LED set pieces and Next NXT-1 moving LED panels. For good measure, the KM designers engaged the crowd with aerial beams from 24 overhead Legend 330SR Spots.


“We were going for layered fullness in this design,” said Mignone. “Our vision was to fill the room with punchy textured lighting. This is a high-energy, star-studded event on one of the biggest nights of the year so we needed a powerful lightshow. Anyone who’s been to Pier 94 knows it’s a spacious room, so we needed lights that had significant output if we hoped to fill it. The Nexus, NXT-1 and the 330SRs all have the ability to do that, so they were the best choice.”

Mignone and Gionfriddo used 16 Nexus 4 x 4 panels in their Pier 94 design. The panels were positioned throughout the stage on truss and at times ran at 100 percent brightness to create an intense blinder effect. “We were looking for brightness at this kind of event and in this venue, and the Nexus delivered it,” said Gionfriddo.


The designers positioned 12 Next NXT-1 moving LED panels over the stage, using their built-in dynamic and static patterns to create a variety of audience engaging looks.  “We felt that the moving panels overhead helped draw people into the stage even though the room was very large,” said Mignone. “We also relied on the rapidly moving Legend beams to create a festival feeling throughout the audience. People expect to be a part of something big on New Year’s Eve, and a dynamic lightshow is one of the ingredients that help make that happen.”

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BBC’s ‘Children in Need’ Charity Event, with CHAUVET Professional!


We are very honored to have been included in making the BBC’s Children in Need event a beautiful success.  In addition to being a beautiful broadcast event, it raised funds for a very important cause.

Read more about the BBC Children in Need event, check out two excellent articles from Live Design and Lighting and Sound International.  Check them out!



Ricky Martin Mexico City BEHIND THE SCENES – Video and Photos!

We had first-line access to the Ricky Martin tour stop in Mexico City a few weeks ago, and the photos and video we got were outstanding!  Check out Ricky Martin’s Mexico City load-in, with CHAUVET Professional Nexus 4×4 panels, NEXT NXT-1 moving pixel panels, and the Vesuvio RGBA hybrid atmospheric!

Check out the video, Behind the Scenes:  Ricky Martin in MEXICO CITY

Now for some excellent behind the scenes photos!

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (102 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (104 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (115 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (119 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (122 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (125 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (127 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (128 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (131 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (134 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (136 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (145 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (149 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (153 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (156 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (94 de 115)

Chauvet_Ricky_Martin_Montaje_Fin_2014 (71 de 115)


Check out the initial press release here!


Ricky Martin ROCKS Mexico City with CHAUVET Professional!

One of the most fun shows with the most exciting design team, Lighting Designer Churry Lafuente and his Mandy Lights team rocked Mexico City’s Ricky Martin show with a rig that included 105 Nexus 4×4 units, 36 NEXT NXT-1 moving pixel panels, and more!  Check it out!


MEXICO CITY – Everything about Ricky Martin’s phenomenal career has been written on a grand scale. His success has been nothing short of awesome, with six Grammy Awards, 17 Billboard chart toppers and 85 million album sales to his credit. Throngs of fans turn out for his concerts around the world. As for the shows themselves, “extravagant” doesn’t even begin to do justice to their dazzling choreography and scenic elements. There is no room in a Ricky Martin performance for anything that’s less than intense, which is why tour manager Veikko Fuhrman of Motion Music, lighting designer Richard Neville, lighting director Churry Lafuente and lighting programmer Alex Girerson built the lightshow for the superstar’s Mexican One World Tour around pixel mapped Nexus 4×4 and Next NXT-1 panels from CHAUVET Professional.

Opening before a sellout crowd at the 15,000-seat Palacio de los Deportes in the nation’s capital, the Mexican tour featured 105 Nexus 4×4 LED panels and 36 Next NXT-1 moving panels in its rig, along with other CHAUVET Professional fixtures, including four Vesuvio RGBA LED fog machines and two Amhaze II foggers. Monterrey-based rental company Audio Systems del Norte, SA de CV supplied the gear. Beginning with the uptempo EDM-tinged dance tune “Come With Me” and rollicking on through classics like “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” the concert captured the irrepressible energy that has made Ricky Martin a fan magnet around the world.


“Being part of Ricky Martin’s crew is an exciting experience and setting up this tour pushed our limits to create a magic show that complements Ricky’s talent. We are very happy with the production, the lighting design, and we appreciate all the support CHAUVET Professional has given us,” said Fuhrmann. “Rehearsing in three different cities in the US and Mexico in between Ricky’s engagement at The Voice Mexico was a challenge, but even more so was building the stage and programming all new content and lights in five days before opening night. This was the shortest ever Production Timeline we had for a Ricky Martin Show, but our creative team together with the Chauvet team worked wonders.”

The Nexus panels, which were arrayed in various-sized wall configurations upstage and the Next NXT-1 panels (hung on geometric overhead truss) kept pace with the superstar’s performance step for dynamic step, displaying pixel mapped images and vivid colors that matched his songs. For example, when Martin sang of his native Puerto Rico, the panels flashed the colors of the commonwealth’s flag.

“Ricky is known for spectacular performances with a lot of great dancing and a massive stage presence; so we obviously wanted a lightshow that was in keeping with the aura that surrounds this superstar,” said Neville of Mandylights (Sydney, Australia), the lighting designer for the international Ricky Martin tour. “The Nexus and NXT-1 gave us so many exciting visuals to incorporate into the show as lights, pixel-mapped effects and as scenic elements in their own right.”


Lighting Director Lafuente of Light Years Productions (Mexico City) echoed this view. “The goal of the show was to join lights, color and video with the music — and the Nexus and NXT-1 did a great job at this,” he said. “When Ricky saw the show during a rehearsal he said to me ‘Fantastic!’ At the beginning, we were just going to use the Nexus panels. Then we saw a video on the NXT-1 moving panel and decided to give it a try. It’s been an amazing fixture. Its square shape, brightness and movement really stand out.”

The Nexus 4×4 panels themselves are a relative newcomer to the Ricky Martin tour, having been added to the rig earlier this year as a replacement for the video panel walls that were used in 2013. “Last year we had a video wall behind Ricky, but we wanted to be more diverse and go with something different, because we have a lot of other video screens in the show,” said Neville. “The Nexus was the perfect fixture to use in place of the video walls because aside from being incredibly bright – we ran it at only 20-percent – and having really cool colors, it also looks incredible on the stage when it isn’t running. The frosted body of the fixture takes light really well.”


Neville and lighting programmer Girerson (also of Mandylights) made the Nexus and Next NXT-1 integral parts of the lightshow programming. The fixtures were programmed two different ways during the show. They were patched through the console as individual RGB cells for simple bumps, color effects and chases. At other times during the show, they were controlled via a media server to take video files as well as content from the large video screens over the stage.

“We achieved a nice flowing design throughout the stage by using content on all surfaces,” said Grierson. “The Nexus was not only a lighting fixture; it was also a video content display, which created a very unified look on stage. Another factor that contributed to this look was the impressive ability of the Nexus to render smooth even colors that looked consistent from fixture to fixture.”


The Next NXT-1 also came in for praise for being easy to program. “There were a lot of things to like about the NXT-1,” said Neville. “I was very impressed by how straightforward this fixture is in terms of control.  A lot of similar fixtures have incredibly complicated channel maps.”

As Ricky Martin’s international lighting designer, Neville has taken the superstar’s lighting rig to a variety of different-sized venues. “We set up for large venues such as the concert arena in Mexico City to more intimate settings, so we have to adjust our rig accordingly,” he said. “The Nexus panels have made it easy for us to be flexible. They also give us the dependability we need. We had 2,000 different cues in this show and we haven’t had to swap a single fixture from CHAUVET Professional.”



This Week’s TOP TEN POSTS on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

What a week!  Touring the Today Show, Fantasia out on the road with the Legend 230 Beam et al, meeting people all over the world, and spreading the good news of CHAUVET Professional!  How was YOUR week?  Are you keeping busy, staying happy, and making the light??

It’s time to see what you all loved to read over this week!  We love seeing what interests you and drives you to keep coming back to the CHAUVET Professional Blog, we’re lighting nerds, geeks, and dweebs too!

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THE VOICE Portugal is Singing with NEXUS 4×4!

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NXT-1 from CHAUVET Professional Makes Moving Pixels

Have you seen the NEXT NXT-1 from CHAUVET Professional?  Imagine a grid of pixels on a yoke with excellent output and brilliant speed — you’ve just imagined the NXT-1:

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NXT-1 is HERE for Your Moving Pixel Pleasure!

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re so happy to pronounce the coming of the NEXT NXT-1 from CHAUVET Professional — it’s a moving head pixel panel with nothing but great looks and bright beams coming from the unit.  You must check out the video!

The NXT-1 is awesome, and it’s a lot of fun to program, too!

  • Pixel mapping LED moving head utilizing bright 25 RGBW 10 W Osram LEDs
  • Tight beam angle of 6° ensures maximum punch at long throws, with 22,780 lux at 5 meters
  • Lightweight housing with ultra-fast pan/tilt movement guaranteed to keep up with your other professional moving head fixtures
  • Versatile control options include Art-Net™, Kling-Net, and 3- and 5-pin DMX
  • Neutrik® powerCON® and etherCON® connection for power and data linking
  • Built-in web server for remote diagnostics and firmware upgrades