Sara Bareilles with Nexus 4×4 on The Today Show!

She’s got a great voice, serious talent, and she’s up onstage rocking with the Nexus 4×4!

Check out the article below with Peter Greenbaum, talking about lighting Sara Bareilles with Nexus 4×4 on the Today Show!


NEW YORK – In her young spectacular career, multi-Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles has already worked with an impressive array of superstars, collaborating with the likes of Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Pharrell Williams, and opening for Maroon 5 and Counting Crows. This summer Bareilles harmonized on stage before a national TV audience with another new star that’s been garnering a great deal of attention lately, the Nexus 4×4 COB LED panel from CHAUVET Professional.

LD Peter Greenbaum (Illumination By Design, NY), the lighting director for the Today Show, used 12 Nexus 4×4 panels to accent Bareilles’ dynamic Toyota Concert Series performance on the popular morning program. Greenbaum lined the upstage area behind the platinum-selling recording star’s piano with two banks of three Nexus panels to create a focal point behind her as she performed. He also lined two upright truss supports with the three Nexus units to frame the stage.

“As a set element, the Nexus panels look great on stage and highlight the area we want to focus on,” said Greenbaum. “We’ve been using them consistently throughout our summer concerts, and they’re excellent for the camera. We offer the producers a choice of four different packages. I worked with Drew DeCorleto from WorldStage to put together each package, and the Nexus is in most of them. ”

Since the Toyota Concert Series is held outdoors at the TODAY plaza in Rockefeller Center between 48th and 49th Streets, any fixture used on the set must be able to stand out against ambient light, even on the brightest mornings. In this respect, said Greenbaum, the Nexus panels performed superbly; their intense output made them readily visible to the live audience and TV viewers on the sunny summer’s day when Bareilles performed.

Greenbaum used the panels as bright white set pieces. He also relied on them to help fill in sections of the stage with a variety of vivid colors. “We can create a bunch of varied looks with the Nexus,” he said. “My programmers Brian Davis and Mike Gugliotti love to work with them. When we did the Fall Out Boy concert for the Today Show, all we had was Nexus panels. I love the way they look as a design feature. The Nexus is a great tool for creating scenes on the stage for the camera, which really creates magic when you have an inspired performance from an artist like Sara Bareilles.”

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Peter Greenbaum is ROCKING the Nexus 4×4 on the Today Show!

We love seeing the ways lighting designers across the world design with our fixtures — and one of those LDs is Peter Greenbaum who is using the Nexus 4×4 on the Today Show!  Check it out!

All images © Today Show and Peter Greenbaum. Lighting Design by Peter Greenbaum.


Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy engaging the crowd!today-show-peter-greenbaum-10

Sara Bareilles in the moment!today-show-peter-greenbaum-1


Pharrell Williams layin’ it down:today-show-peter-greenbaum-3



Mariah Carey, elegant and talented!today-show-peter-greenbaum-6

Phillip Phillips delivering the groove!today-show-peter-greenbaum-2


Beautiful work, Peter!


Peter Greenbaum Specs NEXUS 4×4 for the Today Show

LD Peter Greenbaum gives the Nexus 4×4 a great present — Peter has spec’ed Nexus 4×4 units for the Today Show!  Check out the story below.


NEW YORK – Performers often win new fans when they appear on NBC’s Today Show. Sometimes high-output LED panels do too. Such was the case recently when the Nexus 4×4 panel from CHAUVET Professional was used for superstar Mariah Carey’s performance on the Today Show.

Lighting designer Peter Greenbaum was planning on running halogen panels, when Drew DeCorleto, director of lighting production at World Stage (New York), asked him to consider the Nexus 4×4 LED panels instead. “On Drew’s recommendation I tried the Nexus and was very pleased,” said Greenbaum, who is now using the Nexus 4×4 throughout the Today Show’s Toyota Concert Series. “My programmer, assistant LD Brian Davis, is also having a lot of fun with them.”

In addition to being the lead lighting director for the Today Show, Greenbaum, (Illumination By Design, NY), has worked on some of the most notable televised concerts in memory. His extensive experience creating set lighting designs for televised concerts, including the critically acclaimed HBO Reverb series and VH-1 Live, gave him extra appreciation for the “camera friendly” features of the Nexus panels.

“As a set element, the Nexus panels give me one more tool for creating fun and exciting looks, not to mention they also give the camera more focal points for composing better shots,” he said. “This is still very much television. We have a varied list of performers this summer so hopefully I can create a bunch of varied looks with the Nexus.”

Marking the start of the Toyota Concert Series on Today, the Mariah Carey performance took place outdoors at the TODAY plaza in Rockefeller Center between 48th and 49th Streets. This setting, with its high level of ambient light, made the intense brightness and vivid color rendering of the Nexus panels extremely important.

“I am very pleased with the Nexus panels,” said Greenbaum, who ran 12 of the units across his stage. “I think they look great on air. We will be featuring them in most of our summer concert series. Right now I’ve only used them lining the deck, but I plan to line the upright truss supports with them vertically, time permitting. They are in three of the four packages we’re offering the artists.”

Based on Greenbaum’s experience, it’s safe to assume that the Nexus 4×4 panel will not only be included in televised concerts and performances “today,” but well into the future as well.