Have YOU Gone ROGUE?! Check Out the ROGUE Family!

We’re thrilled to have the ROGUE family of fixtures out to such great reception and adoption in the industry!  We’d love to take a moment and show off the lines in their own merit, starting out with the newest member, ROGUE RH1 Hybrid, and move through the new ROGUE R1 Wash and R2 Wash units, then we’ll check out the reliable ROGUE R1/R2 Spots and R1/R2 Beams!


Check out the ROGUE RH1 Hybrid — a SPOT, a BEAM, and a full-coverage WASH all in one beautiful package!

Onto the new powerful ROGUE R1 WASH and ROGUE R2 WASH units — dedicated WASH LED power with quick, responsive, and easily programmable features!

Powerful, fast, smaller package with big punches — meet the ROGUE R1 Spot and ROGUE R1 Beam units!  Sturdy, tough, and popular!

Last but definitely not least in the ROGUE family of fixtures, the high performers — the ROGUE R2 Spot and ROGUE R2 Beam, the upper-level punch of the R2 series!  Check out the intensity and control of these well-designed, carefully thought out fixtures!