CSD Goes CHAUVET Professional!


McAllen, TX – The Baptist Temple of McAllen opens its doors and hearts to all. This much is evident in the welcoming section of its website, which declares, “We are teachers, lawyers, bookbinders, skateboarders, painters, musicians, and bikers…” It’s also plain to see on the church’s large stage, which bustles with energy during services, thanks in part to its dynamic band and singers, as well as the vivid light from a plethora of CHAUVET Professional fixtures, including six Rogue R1 Spot moving heads.

“This is a very contemporary and dynamic house of worship,” said Doug Hood, president of Custom Sound Designs (Fort Wayne, IN), which designed and installed the church’s all-Chauvet lighting rig. “There’s a lot happening on the stage at this church, such as line array speakers, environmental projection, and video projection – so we had to work the lighting plan around this activity level. Moving heads work great in this type of church because of the dynamic visual element they bring to services. We needed a cost-effective moving light that was still a “real” mover. The Rogue fit the bill perfectly.”

According to Hood, the key to integrating moving fixtures successfully into a house of worship design is to understand the character of the church. “You have to know your church, its style of worship and its congregation, then take all of that into consideration when programming. Can moving lights be a distraction? YES! Can they be used as an effective tool to create an environment for worship? YES! It all hinges on the person creating the vision for the visual worship space. You must know your congregation and you must plan visuals that are appropriate to speak to that congregation.”


As important as the Rogue moving heads are, however, the foundation of Hood’s design is the warm white light from 16 Ovation fixtures. “We love the Ovation fixtures for key light; they give us an excellent natural white light at a great price point, and the motorized zoom on the Fresnel version is an added plus,” he said. “We started our design with them, and since that was our foundation it made sense to supplement the warm white light from the Ovations with other Chauvet fixtures for color and movement.

Hood used six Ovation F-165WW Fresnel’s for warm wash lighting and 10 Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal fixtures for beam lighting. His design also included six COLORdash Accent compact washes, which he positioned in some of the church’s tight spaces, and six Legend 412 beams to coordinate with the Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, as well as two CHAUVET DJ products: SlimPAR Pro Tri LED wash lights and COLORband PIX RGB linear fixtures.

“The fixtures work well together to give the church a complete lighting package,” said Hood. “For example, the new Ovations give the church great key lighting; plus we work the Ovations with the RGB lighting to create some very attractive back lighting for video services. Ideas about what church lighting should do have come a long way. Churches want it to do more today, and with the right design and products we’re able to meet these expectations.”

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For more information on Custom Sound Design visit www.CSDus.com


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong Goes ROGUE!

Taking FLIGHT!  Eight ROGUE R1 Spot fixtures help Aaron Kovelman make awesome music with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong — check it out!!


BALTIMORE, MD – Back in the 1950s, noted psychologist BF Skinner grabbed headlines by using controversial behavioral modification techniques to teach pigeons to play ping pong. Today Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is making waves again, not with psychology, but with psychedelic riffs along with some funky rock and extended jams that are attracting an ever-expanding flock, as their fans like to call themselves, to this up-and-coming band.

Lighting designer Aaron Kovelman (aka Ronny RedRocks) is having fun keeping pace with Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s improvisational performances with the help of eight Rogue R1 Spot fixtures from CHAUVET Professional.

Kovelman worked with 4Wall Entertainment Lighting to include the powerful LED spots on his client’s national tour for reasons both practical and passionate. “For sure, there are a lot of things about the Rogues to like, and 4Wall helped connect me to them,” said the LD. “Scott Church runs an awesome operation at 4Wall’s DC location, and he’s been really great at connecting me to fixtures that fit my vision and fall within my budget. I decided to use the R1s for Pigeons’ tour for many reasons. For one thing, I like that they are lightweight, because it makes setup and breakdown easier on tour.

“The Rogues are also easy to place in various positions and orientations as a result of their light weight,” continued Kovelman. “This is important because the band plays on stages that differ widely in size. You can wind up rigging them differently just about every night. Sometime they will be hung from truss, on cases on the floor, mounted on top of vertical truss towers. My ideal setup is four flown high and four low to get a full-depth look.”

It is the performance of the Rogue R1 Spot, however, that trumps the fixture’s practical benefits for Kovelman. “Practicality aside, this one powerful light,” he says. “At 140 watts it will be able to hold up to some of the larger size/lamp fixtures that we encounter on big festival rigs. The two gobo wheels are exciting for me, as they have many looks to choose from. I was limited to one wheel fixtures and varying types of fixtures before, so I was unable to get clean gobo looks. Also, being able to have a motorized focus between the two allows for some cool psychedelic morphing.”

Keeping pace with the free-flowing jangle-tinged flight that is Pigeons Playing Ping Pong music presents a wonderfully unpredictable challenge for any LD. It’s one that Kovelman, who uses a grandMA2 and Luke Stratton APC Midi setup, meets with enthusiasm. “Lighting Pigeons is in many ways unique and very gratifying,” he said. “Keeping the band illuminated with a good wash is super important with Pigeons, because they are extremely theatrical, and are almost always doing something visually that shouldn’t be missed.


“This has been a fun challenge; it makes me hold back a little on going crazy with my lights, and keeps my show more focused on the music,” continued Kovelman. “However, due to the nature of Pigeons’ psychedelic-funk, there are large improvisation sections that really allow me to dig deep, and open up as a lighting designer. These long jams are the moments where I am really not only trying to build individual looks, but going through all my special chases, effects, and fun stuff. I definitely like to be more aggressive visually in these sections.”

Although the inspiration of these aggressive looks comes from his own creative sources, Kovelman praises tools like the Rogue R1 Spot fixture for helping him express this vision. “As a designer, I start with a direction in mind,” he said. “I’m grateful that the R1s can help me achieve this direction because of their fast pan/tilt speed, ultra-crisp beams, and smooth gobos. They’re versatile fixtures that can do many things. Plus, for anyone interested in creating some cool psychedelic looks, they’re spot on. ”

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For more information on 4Wall Entertainment visit www.4wall.com


Squeek Lights Has Gone ROGUE!

Victor Zeiser of Squeek Lights has gone ROGUE!!  Check it out!


LONG ISLAND CITY, NY – With over a million albums sold, Canadian post-hardcore group Silverstein has defied expectations as well as easy categorizations. Moving seamlessly from reflective emo tunes to pop punk power chords, these young artists are bent on keeping their creative options open. This independent streak is enthusiastically shared by the band’s LD Victor Zeiser.

Wanting to expand his creative direction as a lighting designer, Zeiser recently started his own rental company, Squeek Lights, and purchased his own gear so he could pursue his unique design vision. Included in this mix of fixtures are a collection of Rogue R1 Spot moving heads and COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 linear washes from CHAUVET Professional.

Zeiser is using both of these CHAUVET Professional LED products to stunning effect on Silverstein’s current “Discovering the Waterfront” 10th Anniversary Tour. “After getting stuck with limited options on a couple tours, I decided I wanted to invest in getting some modern lighting on my own, so Squeek Lights was born,” said the LD.


On the 2015 Silverstein tour, Zeiser has included ten Rogue R1 Spot and six COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 fixtures. He uses the fixtures to backlight the band and illuminate scenic elements and lend rich theatrical colors to the stage.

“The band has a wall of amps on either side of the drum riser, so I decided the best way to navigate this was by building a pipe and base goal post behind each amp wall so I could have lights peeking over the amps,” he said. “We positioned the fixtures 6 feet high, which allows me to use them as low backlights on the band or shoot beams up into the space, depending on the music.”


In addition to the Rogue R1 Spots on the amp wall, Zeiser positioned four of the moving spot fixtures on the stage floor “to fill things out.” He flips these fixtures around at points during the concert to highlight the front of the amp wall. “The prism in the R1 helps me get a really wide beam, which is great on this tour, because of how close the fixtures are to the amps,” he explained. “A thing that I really like about the Rogue’s 3-faceted prism is that it gives me the versatility to do either tight beam looks, or blow things wide open and fill the stage with light.”

Zeiser uses the COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 for “a mix of eye candy,” as well as for its strobe and blinder capabilities. “I wanted something with great saturated colors and a lot of punch to use as a sidelight,” said the LD. “The amber is deeper on the COLORdashes than it is on some of the other fixtures out there, and that gives me a warm color. I like that because I really like to fake a tungsten look. I decided to go with the bar format of the fixture, because this allows me to use it as eye candy – as I do on this tour – or as a wash.”

Backlighting and front lighting from Rogue R1 Spot, along with the lush colors of the COLORdash Batten-Quads help Zeiser lend a theatrical touch to the Silverstein performances, a quality that highlights the band’s multi-faceted music.

“With post-hardcore bands it’s easy to fall into the pattern of strobe, strobe and strobe some more! However, I try to ease back from that and focus on making big looks, with lots of front light, to keep the show clean,” said the LD. “This band runs around a lot on stage, and I feel it is important to keep the focus on them. To keep it interesting during break downs and bridges we do some fun silhouette looks. One of my favorite moments in the show is when 4 of the R1s silhouette the singer in a big amber beam, and then snap to white and strobe on a drum fill into the chorus.”


For the Silverstein tour, Zeiser is using an Avo Quartz to control his rig. “It’s been treating me well,” he said. “The small size of the console makes it perfect for this size tour, but it has the power of a full desk.”

Silverstein’s musical range is well known and much appreciated by the group’s legion of fans. During their concerts, the Canadian-based musicians can go from a brooding emotional sound to a thunderous runaway freight train riff in the blink of an eye. It’s the job of his lightshow, says Zeiser, to keep up with this musical whirlwind.

“The lightshow is really there to support and enhance the show,” he said. “There are very distinctive moods to many of the songs and I try to create an environment for each of the songs to live in. There is a moment in the show when the stage goes dark except for the six R1s on the goal posts. At this point, the bass player starts egging the crowd on to shout along with him. Then the lights push up into the crowd, creating this really great effect, where it feels like there is no separation between the crowd and the stage. As a designer, you always feel great when lighting engages the audience like that.”

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The ROGUE Series is Getting Wash Units! Welcome the R1 and R2 Wash!

When it debuted at PLASA 2014 this month, CHAUVET Professional’s Rogue Series rocked the industry’s notions of value, delivering upscale performance and features that were unheard of in LED moving head spot/beam fixtures at its price point.  Now we’re doing the same for wash lights, adding two new RGBW colorwash moving heads to this trailblazing series: Rogue R1 Wash and Rogue R2 Wash.

Check it out in this month’s Lighting Insights!