Design Oasis, Chris Kuroda, and JAM CRUISE – Holy Ship!!

Legendary lighting designer Chris Kuroda, lighting designer for Phish, The Black Crowes, among others, made Jam Cruise 2015 ROCK this year, using CHAUVET Professional’s MVP-12 video panels! Check it out!

Holy Ship 1

MIAMI – Every music festival offers fans a chance to get away from it all, but few do this quite so dramatically – or literally – as Jam Cruise and Holy Ship! Produced by Cloud 9 Adventures, these floating festivals serve up hours of live music on the decks of cruise ships playing their ways through the warm Caribbean waters to exotic ports of call like Half Moon Bay, Bahamas and Rotan, Honduras. The Design Oasis helped provide gear to create an engaging environment at both nautical music fests with a lightshow designed by Chris Kuroda anchored by 72 MVP 12 Video Panels from CHAUVET Professional.

“Jam Cruise and Holy Ship! both feature big name artists and both draw large crowds expecting to have the time of their lives,” said Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis, which supplied the video gear for both cruises. (Premier Global Productions supplied the lighting equipment.) “Chris Kuroda and video engineer Ashten “Whoopi” Winger of V Squared Labs did standout work that lived up to the high expectations that people had when they went on this cruise. They created a big production look on the main stage as well as different points on the deck where fans gather.”

Jam Cruise, which drew 3,500 passenger/fans for five days at sea, featured an all-star lineup of live music bands like Umphrey’s McGee, The Word, Galactic and Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe. The four day Holy Ship! cruise gave fans a chance to set sail with top DJ acts like Knife Party, Boys Noize, Maya Jane Coles, Flume and A-Trak. The same video images on MVP panels were used for both cruises, but IMAG was added for Jam Cruise.

Holy Ship 2

The main wall behind the stage was 20-feet by 10-feet and we broke it into three video sections. Graphic video image were run across all three sections to create a sense of movement and depth. “Of course there are a lot of super bright aerial effects on either side of the stage as well along the top of the truss, not to mention blinders, so the output was intense,” said Ritscher. “The MVP panels more than held their own in this environment. “Not only were the panels bright enough to hold their own, but were used as blinders too.”

A high definition modular video panel with a pixel pitch of 12.5 millimeters, the MVP 12 has a transparency of 13 percent, making it well suited for temporary use in the outdoor environment of the cruise ship, since atmospheric elements can pass through without impacting clarity. The panel’s ultra-bright SMD LEDs also served them well; helping them stand up to the bright lights on the stage rig.

There were 32 MVP panels scattered around the pool deck. Positioned on the railings of the second level, these panels were tied into an existing video wall on the pool deck to create an effect in which people were surrounded by the video images. “Chris and Jason did an amazing job with the Chauvet panels,” said Ritscher. “The whole thing had an effect of bringing everybody closer to the action on stage and made it that much special.”

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Design Oasis and NEXUS Makes the Orange Bowl Halftime Show AWESOME!

Too cool!  Design Oasis made the Orange Bowl Halftime Show even more spectacular and full of pixels than anyone expected!  Such a great design!

MIAMI LAKES, FL – Most fans probably didn’t know what to expect when evenly matched Georgia Tech and Mississippi State squared off at the 2014 Capital One Orange Bowl, but there was one thing that everyone thought they’d see when they entered Sun Life Stadium for this iconic bowl game: a memorable halftime show. Amazing entertainment has become a tradition at the Orange Bowl, which in recent years has featured standout performances from the likes of Train, The Goo Goo Dolls, Kelly Clarkson, Kool & the Gang, Ciara and ZZ Top.  This year, Grammy-winning country superstars Little Big Town did the game’s halftime tradition proud with a nonstop high-energy seven-minute performance set against a dynamic lightshow featuring Nexus AW 7×7 panels from CHAUVET Professional.


Photop credit: Ben Dickmann | Miami Dolphins Photography

Lighting designer Abbas Ritscher of The Design Oasis used 32 of the Nexus Aw 7×7 panels at the show, which was produced by ACT Productions, the Miami-based entertainment company that has produced the entertainment elements of the Orange Bowl’s pre-game and halftime events for the past decade. Ritscher lined the back wall of the mid-field stage with the powerful LED panels and also positioned them over the vomitorium (vom) walkways leading into the field.

From these positions, the DMX-controlled panels covered the entire field and much of the stadium with sharp crisp beams of warm 2800K white light that moved rapidly in vertical waves. “The panels gave us all the punch we needed for this very energized show,” said Ritscher. “They had the output to cover a very large area, and color temperature was great for television.”

Another exciting visual element of the halftime show was the soaring column of colorized fog rising behind the stage. “The colors and the fog played off well against the sharp white beams of the Nexus Aws,” said Ritscher. “It gave us a very complete and balanced lightshow.”


Photop credit: Ben Dickmann | Miami Dolphins Photography

The fog was provided by six Geyser RGB foggers, which shot red, green and blue shafts of LED light through a voluminous column of white water-based fog to colorize it. Ritscher arranged the Geyser units behind the halftime stage.  At key points in the Little Big Town performance, the Geyser RGB foggers sent towering multi-colored columns of fog streaming over the stage. As these columns spread out over much of the field, they created an aura of festiveness and fantasy around the performance, adding to its appeal.

On a more practical level, Ritscher appreciated the Nexus Aw 7×7 units’ easy rigging system that simplified panel alignment. “There’s always a level of time pressure when you do an event like this,” he said. “The panels were very easy to put together and take apart, so that was a big time saver. We prepared for this for months, set everything up in hours and had the show run for only minutes. It was an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world.”

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The largest cross rental company in South Florida, Design Oasis rents lighting, video, audio, staging and power, providing 24-hour customer support at no additional cost. For more information, visit the company’s website

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Photop credit: Ben Dickmann | Miami Dolphins Photography