THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – WINGS of ICARUS!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time again – time for The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!

You’ll have to pardon our posting pause, our little digital stagehands needed to have a few weeks vacation after a 7-week tour, and you definitely have to make the crew happy. I mean, who is going to move the emails if the digital stagehands go on strike?!


This week’s rig is called Wings of Icarus – with the stage design being pretty simple and relying heavily on the architecture of the venue we’ve created for this week’s rig, we wanted to push the idea of being able to use the powerful beams of the Legend 330 SR Spot as your scenery. With this expansive stage-width truss design, you can give your audience member a focal point on the stage from anywhere in the venue to really keep their eyes focused where you want them.


An interesting design choice this time was the addition of 14 panels of PVP S5 5mm video panels in a wing configuration across the fronts of the truss podiums.  In addition to content being broadcast across the panels from the Arkaos Media Master Pro server powering the panels, they can be used either on their own for certain moments of songs, or as a major visual effect any time you need it.  Balancing video and beams, now THAT separates the photons from the electrons, doesn’t it!

The Wings of Icarus truss design is pretty simple, but expansively effective.  Spanning across the rear of the band and beyond is the wing structure of the design, all ground-mounted with 30″ Trusst Base Plates.  A unique but very effective piece we utilize in this week’s design is the 2-Way 135° Truss Corner, which gives us those great shapes in front of the drum riser.  The 2m Stick1m Stick, and Half-meter Stick are all utilized in Wings of Icarus, composing the uprights bearing the Legend 330 SR Spots and the PVP S5 video panels, as well as the center mass around the drummer.  As most Trusst designs should be, we’ve also utilized about 16 of our 6-Way Corner Blocks on this design, it’s a valuable, regular piece of Trusst that everyone should have to open their design horizons!


Front light and back light spots are all the Ovation E-190WW LED ellipsoidals. We also added a front blast from the FOH truss of E-190WW LED ERS with Chroma-Q scrollers attached, just to please the people who still use scrollers in their rigs! E-190WW is versatile and ready for whatever you want to toss at it in production.

We’re using the dependable, reliable COLORdash Par Quad 7 as toners for our rig; the Par Quad 7 is a bright toner that fits inside most 12” box truss, and since we’re using Trusst brand truss here and we know that the COLORdash Par Quad 7 fits right inside, it seems like an ideal fit!


As a real-world side note, the Par Quad 7 fits nicely right between the diagonals of the Trusst sticks and arcs that you would use to put a rig of this nature together, so keep them in mind as a great toner in your inventory! They make great backlights, too!

For the toner rig, we’re generally using a pretty simple rule of 1m – if the stick is at least a meter long, we added two toners, top and bottom, to the stick. This gave us a nice compliment of dual-toned colors to make undulate and vibrate during portions of the set. Toners can be very special additions to any rig, just make sure that you’re using them to bring some life to the structure!


For Wings of Icarus, we went for a rig of single model units, in this case all Legend 330 SR Spots because of their excellent output and complement of beam shaping accessories – great rotating gobo wheels, color mixing, and a steel wheel of scrolling gobos that each can be individually selected and manipulated. The Legend 330 is a powerhouse among its competitors too, bringing affordability and power to one complete package.

We hope you enjoy this week’s Weekly Rig – check out some renders of our virtual concert!