The TOP TEN Lighting Insights Articles from 2014!


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We’ve been watching what your favorite Lighting Insights Newsletter articles have been in 2014, we love to see what you love to read!  The Lighting Insights Newsletter brings interviews, industry stories, and product news — not to mention our video series with lighting industry veteran Jim Hutchison as he takes us through tips, tricks, and all kinds of other great stuff to help you make your lighting designs better!  People love Lighting Insights!

Check out the Top Ten LIGHTING INSIGHTS articles from 2014 — all chosen by YOU!

Counting down from #10…

10:  Christian Hibbard — Creating Moments with Lighthibbard

9:  Darien Koop — Stepping UP Pixel Mapping

8:  We’re Adding RGBW Washes to the ROGUE Series!

7:  Visualizing Possibilities with Cory Fitzgerald

6:  Beyond DMX — A Lighting Insights Video!

5:  Toning Your Truss Rig — A Lighting Insights Video!

4:  Michael Meacham — Revolutionizing Space in Club Lighting

3:  Pixel-Mapping Your Truss —  A Lighting Insights Video!

2:  Joshua Hutchings — A Lighting Imagination

The #1 Article on Lighting Insights for 2014, chosen by YOU, the wonderful readership!

1:  Inside Life in Color with Lighting Designer Collyns Stenzel

We’ve got awesomesauce planned for 2015…  check back soon, we’re gonna be rocking!  Thanks for reading LIGHTING INSIGHTS!


The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and TRUSST — Quatuor Erro!

weekly-rig-7-chauvet-professional-dIt’s that time again – another installment of The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!  This week’s installment is called Quatuor Erro, which translates to Four Hallways in Latin.  Now you’re learning Latin!

Particular attention was paid to this week’s design with respect to repetition – an important design element that is often overlooked is the power of repetition and symmetry in your lighting and truss designs.  This brings up another very important aspect of design – do you want even numbers of fixtures in a row or odd numbers?  Each gives you different looks, and the even vs. odd debate also lends itself to different combinations of aerial and wash looks.  Even numbers of fixtures lends itself to interesting center splits in a design, especially when fanning, and the odd numbered fanned splits will require you with a beam right in the center of your view.  Keep in mind this isn’t a bad thing at all; it’s just a different kind of aerial look!


This week’s installment of The Weekly Rig features the bright and powerful Legend™ 330 SR Spot and the eye-popping Nexus™ 4×4 LED panels, with the COLORado Batten 144 Tour being utilized for architectural blasts.  All of the four lighting positions are made from Trusst™ trussing, all self-standing, and self-supporting!  The Trusst “doorways” are made from 2m straight sections with 90° corners creating the top of the doorway.  COLORdash™ Par Quad 7 LED wash fixtures are used for truss toning – with truss used as scenic elements, it’s best to have a bright fixture lighting your structure up!

Check out some renders of this week’s Weekly Rig, Quatuor Erro!












The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – Digital Buddha!


It’s time for another installment of The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst trussing!  This week’s rig is geared towards EDM and unconventional bands like The Black Keys and The White Stripes  — meet Digital Buddha!



This week’s installment of The Weekly Rig brings a relatively new fixture to the forefront of design and maximum output — the bright, versatile, and punchy Nexus Affinity AW7x7 pixel-mapping panel!  Nexus AW7x7 can be mounted in myriad configurations, what we’ve provided here for you is a mere scratch to what can be done with the Nexus AW7x7.


Also in this week’s Weekly Rig is the venerable Legend 330 SR Spot, the COLORdash Par Quad 7 for truss toning, the COLORado 2 Quad Zoom Tour for backlight blasts, and a FOH truss sporting the Legend 330 SR Spot for maximum audience enjoyment.



In addition to the CHAUVET Professional lighting fixtures, this week’s edition of The Weekly Rig features several excellent pieces of TRUSST trussing, including 1m sticks, 6-way cornerblocks, 3m truss arcs, and the versatile, strong, and easily configurable universal TV mount for adding displays and monitors to your design!  A media server and some fun content, and you have some excellent dynamic graphics to go along with your rocking light show!






Stay tuned for next week’s rig where we incorporate circles, triangles, and squares of truss into a design!  Check out our other episodes of The Weekly Rig as well, we hope you find something that rocks you!


THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst – THE GREAT WALL!

It’s the fifth installment of THE WEEKLY RIG from CHAUVET Professional and Trusst!  This week’s installment is affectionately called THE GREAT WALL — check it out!


The Great Wall, built from TRUSST Trussing, gives a solid structure on stage for you to use in any configuration you can invent — the edges of The Great Wall design features built-in out-rigging support in the form of truss legs that keeps the design upright and weight-balanced.  Make sure that if you modify this design at all that you plan in these pieces on the edges to support the structure!


THE GREAT WALL utilizes several different models of TRUSST trussing, including 6-way corner blocks (strong and dependable!) 3m straight sections2.5m straight sections1m straight sections, and 24″ base plates.  THE GREAT WALL is a tall-standing backdrop for your tour, band, event, or for anything else to which you can add light and truss!

This week’s installment of THE WEEKLY RIG features the powerful and fast LEGEND 330 SR Spot from CHAUVET Professional — a moving head spot that is just as much of a feature-packed tool as it is a photon cannon.  Also included on the FOH Truss are the venerable Q-Wash 419Z LED fixtures, used in THE GREAT WALL design for front light color washes, and the excellent 3200K LED fresnel in the Ovation line, the Ovation F-165WW, as low backlight blasts.  Truss toning of THE GREAT WALL is done by the COLORado 1 Tri-7 Tour, one of CHAUVET Professional’s hot LED PARs that blasts color down the chords of the truss effectively and intensely.

Spread the word, The Weekly Rig #5 is OUT!














The Weekly Rig from CHAUVET Professional and TRUSST – Soul Mirrors!

It’s time for the third installment of CHAUVET Professional and Trusst‘s weekly series, The Weekly Rig!


This week we feature a larger design that includes a scenic element of mirror-finished conical discs hanging behind the act, which in this application is an EDM-style design.  With TRUSST arcs compiled into circle lighting positions, this design is created to make the best use out of music in the electronic style!

Keep in mind that it’s always a good idea to sandbag the rear ends of any structure that has a front-heavy load.  This helps ballast the pieces and add additional safety to standing pieces on stage.

This week’s design, which we’re calling Soul Mirrors, features Trusst 1.5m and 3m arcs, 1m, 2.5m, and 3m straight sections, and Trusst 6-way corners to make the connections where needed.  On the CHAUVET Professional fixture front, Soul Mirrors features Legend 330 SR Spots, Legend 230SR Beam fixtures, Legend 412Z wash heads, the venerable COLORado Batten 144 Tour, and the bright and punchy COLORado 4 IP units.

Check it out, and please share with your fellow lighting communities!











CHAUVET® Professional at PLASA Focus Nashville 2012

Check out CHAUVET® Professional’s booth and a video from this year’s PLASA Focus Nashville show. We showcased Legend™ 412 pixel-mapping moving yoke lights, PVP™ S7 and MVP™ 12 high-resolution video panels, and our brand new moving yokes Q-Spot™ 360-LED and Q-Spot™ 460-LED. The truss lit so nicely in pinkish and blue hues is from TRUSST®, the newly launched line of trussing backed by CHAUVET®.


CHAUVET® Professional Booth Stands Tall at InfoComm 2012

Maybe it was the impressive 30-feet height, or the colorful light and music show that ran every half an hour, or the 300 fixtures lighting in harmony the 20-by-40-feet space. Or, might have been all of the above that drew hundreds of visitors to our booth at this year’s InfoComm show in Las Vegas.

“I think it was the best booth we have ever done overall, as far as design and execution,” said Mike Graham, product manager for CHAUVET® Professional. “It was well planned and everything came together smoothly.”

We launched the new line of trussing called TRUSST® and we announced new fixtures, like PVP™ S7 high-definition video panels, VID™ 100 video drape, Q-Spot™ 360-LED and Q-Spot™ 460-LED moving yokes, COLORado™ 1-Quad IP wash light and WELL™ 2.0 wireless wash light. Our ILUMINARC® brand of fixtures suited for the architainment industry saw the addition of two new luminaires, the Ilumipanel 40 IP and Ilumipod 18g2 IP.

The booth was built around a large video wall, made of 142 video panels of various resolutions. A walkway of 38 Legend™ 412 and Legend™ 412 VW pixel-mapping moving yokes visually guided visitors to a tall wall made of 66 MVP™ 18 and 28 MVP™ 12 video panels, and 48 PVP™ S7 high-definition video panels. The panels, ÉPIX™ Bar batten-style pixel-mapping fixtures and VID™ 100 video drape ran with ArKaos MediaMaster Express™ software.

ÉPIX™ Bar lights placed vertically formed a luminous crown on the semi-circular truss, also loaded with Q-Spot™ 560-LED and Q-Wash™ 560Z-LED fixtures. Framing each video section  were COLORado™ Zoom Tour lights, COLORado™ 2 Zoom Tour and COLORado™ 1-Quad Tour wash fixtures. Twenty-three COLORdash™ Accent VW discreetly lit the display pieces of truss from the TRUSST® line.

Lighting Designer Alex Ares programmed the entire rig with a grandMA console and used about 180 cues. “I think it was one of the best looking booths at the show,” Ares said. “And it worked as a perfect example of what you can use in small tours.” Ares has been the lighting designer for the TV show “Duets” on ABC, the Country Music Awards (CMA), CMA Music Festival and more.

The video content for the seven-and-a-half main show was created in-house, by CHAUVET® Video Production Specialist Todd Murray. “We wanted the show to be raw and edgy, and to give the viewer different looks during each segment of the video,” Murray said. “The music was carefully selected to match every segment, and aimed for a concert-like experience, more than a technology-based booth at a trade show.”

Enjoy the video loop and light show which ran in the CHAUVET® Professional booth: