Lighting Production vs. Mother Nature

Check out a seriously pertinent article in this month’s PLSN Magazine…  production and the world of outdoors…  with serious issues of production safety and live entertainment very clearly in the forefront of everyone’s mind, this is an article to read.


Check it out!  From the article…

After a long design process, the plan was set. Close to 800 guests were bused the 100 miles or so from Los Angeles. The event would begin in a clear tent with a press conference and speeches by Sir Richard Branson and the governors of California and New Mexico. Guests would then be invited out into the Mojave evening to watch SpaceShipTwo rolling down 1,800 feet of taxiway, passing giant icons of the Virgin Galactic brand dubbed “The DNA of Flight.” As it approached the audience, 36 X&Y Big Lights and 40 Martin MAC 2000XB washes (part of a 500-light rig provided by Upstaging) would dramatically light SpaceShipTwo. After a walk around the history-making spacecraft, guests would move back into the tent along with two inflatable domes measuring 80 feet in diameter to party and celebrate. Sounds like a lovely evening, right?