10 Simple Habits That Make Life Easier

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Y’all know I love talking about all things simplifying. In this video, I'm sharing 10 simple habits that make your life easier.

These tiny, simple shifts are things that I have integrated and tested in own my life, and I can tell ya, it's helped me so much with things like reducing decision fatigue, creating more pockets of space in my day.

I hope this helps you notice a few simple things in your daily or weekly routine that you can shift to help positively impact your mood, wellbeing, or sense of calm. Whether that’s decluttering a drawer in your home, reorganizing your fridge or pantry, organizing your meals or your workouts ahead of time… it’s often the small shifts and simple habits that add up to a big change. You might start to notice that your days are better, your workload feels lighter and your mood is brighter.