30-Minute HIIT Workout You Can Do At Home (Without Equipment)

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The “HIIT” successful HIIT workout is an acronym for “High-Intensity Interval Training.” It is an interval programme that alternates a high-intensity exercise, which is done for a short magnitude of clip pinch a little aggravated betterment play done until exhaustion.

This type of workout is not for nan faint astatine heart. HIIT workouts should beryllium approached pinch caution. If you are opening your fittingness journey, this workout whitethorn not beryllium retired of nan mobility arsenic it tin beryllium adjusted for immoderate “body” type. Once you are acquainted pinch nan format, it is 1 of nan champion styles to adhd to your weekly routine.

Benefits of HIIT

Adding HIIT workouts astatine location to your regular offers galore benefits. It is nan champion measurement to boost your metabolism, suffer unwanted pounds, build strength, prevention time, and thief you announcement dependable advancement successful your fittingness journey.

Adding a 10 to 20-minute bodyweight HIIT workout to your week is beneficial erstwhile astatine location aliases erstwhile walking and you are short connected time. Activities should beryllium adaptable to your fittingness level, regular needs, and existent life situations to spot accelerated results and debar wasting time.

What to Expect While Performing a HIIT Workout

Any workout programme will elevate your bosom rate, truthful if you person been retired of nan crippled for a bit, ever consult pinch your expert earlier undergoing immoderate fittingness program. It is besides advisable to commencement mini and build up your endurance.

If you are conscionable starting, your remainder play whitethorn beryllium a spot longer initially, but pinch consistency, you will go much fit, allowing you to grip shorter remainder periods and much intervals astatine a higher intensity. Expect to springiness maximal effort for nan first fewer intervals.

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Remember that this is your fitness journey, and everyone’s acquisition will beryllium different. The astir important point is to meet yourself wherever you are and beryllium consistent, truthful you tin statesman to announcement your results.

Let’s get started.

30-Minute HIIT Workout

Here is simply a speedy 30-minute HIIT workout you tin do anytime, anywhere. Go astatine an due gait for your fittingness level truthful you tin support bully shape passim nan routine, and ever statesman and extremity pinch a stretch.

I for illustration to travel nan RPE standard aliases Rate of Perceived Exertion to gauge my intensity. If you do not ain a heart-rate monitor, this standard will let you to place erstwhile you request to alteration aliases summation nan intensity. (See floor plan below.)


On a standard of 1 to 10, really are you feeling? 1 equals very ray effort pinch a regular breathing pattern, and 10 intends an all-out max effort wherever you are incapable to transportation a conversation. Throughout nan video, I will supply tips and modifications to thief you set your levels accordingly.

For this HIIT workout astatine home, location will beryllium 1 circuit of 5 exercises pinch 3 rounds each, 35 seconds of work, and 10 seconds of rest. Allow for a 30-second to 1-minute betterment aft each round.

Always statesman each convention pinch a move warm-up to prep nan assemblage for much aggravated moves. Once you person mastered nan method for each exercise, situation your assemblage by adding different group and expanding your speed.

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Let’s dive correct in:

5-Minute Dynamic Warm-Up

Decrease musculus hostility and summation your elasticity and mobility astir nan joints pinch this 5-minute move warm-up.

(1 x 10 repetitions for each move)

1. Jumping Jacks

Stand pinch your feet together and spot your arms by your side. At nan aforesaid time, jump nan feet isolated and raise your arms overhead. Jump your feet backmost together and bring your arms backmost down. Repeat until nan desired reps are met.

Modification: Lose nan jump and measurement broadside to side.

2. Hamstring Crossovers

Begin astatine nan extremity of your mat. Cross your correct limb complete your near and front aliases fold guardant from nan hep crease, reaching toward your toes. Repeat connected nan different side, stepping to nan right. Come backmost up and repetition 5 times while stepping left.

3. Walking Quadriceps

Stand astatine nan backmost of your mat facing forward. Bend your correct knee and drawback nan apical of your correct foot, pulling your bottommost to your glutes. Push your hips guardant truthful you consciousness nan agelong successful nan beforehand of nan thigh. Alternate pinch nan near ft and complete 5 per side.

4. Walkouts With Low Lunge Hip Stretch

Stand astatine nan backmost of your mat. Inhale arsenic you expanse your arms up overhead. Then, exhale and fold guardant towards your toes. Walkout to a precocious plank. Take your correct ft and bring it up to nan extracurricular of nan correct pinky toe. Keep nan near manus connected nan crushed and scope nan correct limb consecutive up nan sky. Twist. Bring nan correct limb down and travel backmost to plank. Switch to nan near side. Come backmost to plank and locomotion nan hands backmost to nan feet. Come backmost up to opinionated and repeat.

5. Cat-Cow

Come down to hands and knees. Inhale, assistance your gaze, and driblet nan belly to nan mat, coming to a somewhat arched back. Exhale, tuck nan chin, propulsion nan belly in, information nan spine, and repetition 5 times.

6. T-Spine

Stay connected your hands and knees. Place your correct manus down your head. Twist nan body, reaching nan correct elbow to nan near thumb. Repeat 10 times, past move sides.

7. Bear Crawl to Down Dog

Stay connected your hands and knees, and tuck your toes under. Hover your knees astir an inch disconnected nan ground. Inhale to prepare, past exhale, and straighten your legs and assistance your hips to nan sky, coming to an inverted “V.” Peddle your feet, bending 1 knee and past nan different to consciousness nan agelong successful your calves and hamstrings.

HIIT Exercises

Here are nan HIIT workouts you tin do astatine home. Remember to return 30 seconds to 1 infinitesimal of betterment clip aft each round.

1. Squat With Kick

Begin opinionated pinch your feet somewhat wider than your hips pinch toes turned out. Keeping your halfway engaged and thorax proud, statesman to prosecute your glutes and beryllium nan hips backmost and down arsenic if sitting successful a chair. Continue engaging nan glutes and legs arsenic you thrust done nan feet to guidelines up. Balance connected nan near limb arsenic you footwear nan correct ft out. Pretend you are knocking down a door. Squat backmost down and repetition for 35 seconds, past move sides

Modification: Keep nan footwear low.

2. High Plank Shoulder Tap to Push-Up

Begin successful a High Plank position. Keeping nan halfway tight, and assistance nan correct manus to nan near shoulder. Place it backmost down and repetition connected nan different side. Alternate 3 times per side, past adhd 3 push-Ups. Repeat this series until 35-seconds is up.

Modification: Elevate nan level by performing nan workout connected your room antagonistic aliases a sturdy java table.

3. Lateral Lunge to Single-Leg Hop

Begin by stepping nan correct ft to nan right. Keeping nan near limb straight, crook into nan correct knee, and beryllium nan hips backmost and down. Come backmost up, measurement nan correct ft up, and hop connected nan near ft driving nan correct knee to nan chest. Repeat for 35 seconds, past move sides.

Modification: Lose nan hop.

4. Side Plank Reach Through

Begin successful Side Plank, supporting your assemblage weight connected your near elbow and lifting nan little assemblage disconnected nan ground. Ensure your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles are stacked. Take your correct limb consecutive to nan sky. Bring your correct limb down and scope it underneath nan body, coming into a twist. Untwist and bring it backmost up to nan sky. Complete 35 seconds and move sides.

Modification: Keep nan bottommost knee down.

5. Single Leg Knee Drive

Support your assemblage weight connected your correct limb and widen your near limb to nan side. Bend into nan correct knee and raise your arms. At nan aforesaid time, crook your arms by your broadside and bring your near knee successful towards your chest, past backmost retired consecutive to nan side. Continue pinch this mobility until nan 35 sec is complete, past move sides. Move astatine a velocity that is due for your fittingness level.

Just Getting Started?

It is normal to beryllium intimidated by HIIT programs owed to their intensity, but do not fto that discourage you from trying it out.

If you statesman slow and set nan workout to your ain fittingness level, you will yet reap nan benefits. Begin by adding a fewer jog intervals if you are presently stepping comfortably for 30 minutes astatine a dependable pace. Walk 2 minutes, past jog for 1 alternating a fewer times until fatigue aliases for nan remainder of nan time.

Once you consciousness ready, alteration nan magnitude of walking. If staying location is much your jam, execute a spot workout for illustration push-ups followed by 30 seconds of jumping jacks.

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Don’t for illustration to jump? Perform nan aforesaid move. Only do a broadside measurement and suffer nan jump. Once you person built a baseline fittingness level and are fresh to return up your level, execute nan workout supra erstwhile per week.

If you person been moving retired for longer than six months and person a coagulated baseline, adhd nan beneath workout 2 to 3 times per week. You tin besides set nan strength by expanding nan clip to 45 seconds to 1 infinitesimal alternatively of 35 seconds, and support nan betterment to 20 to 30 seconds aft each workout and remainder clip per information to 30 to 40 seconds.


HIIT workouts astatine location are a awesome summation to your play programing to improve your fittingness level and alteration your assemblage composition. Adjusting nan strength arsenic you amended will springiness you nan assurance to continue.

Listen to your assemblage to understand what’s champion for you, and cognize your limitations. The much accordant and committed you are to adding these workouts to your routine, nan faster you will spot results.

Featured photograph credit: Olivia Bauso via unsplash.com

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