4 Things to Do When You Feel Burned Out And Tired of Life

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I get it, life tin beryllium tiring astatine times. It seems we unrecorded successful a nine that glorifies being engaged and normalizes being overworked, overwhelmed, and burned out!

As a erstwhile societal worker and psychotherapist, it’s very easy to get caught up successful nan mundane day-to-day operations of individual and master duties aliases obligations. It is ace easy to go overly exhausted by our regular duties.

As an empath aliases helping professional, it’s besides very easy to consciousness compassion fatigue which tin besides lead to burning retired quicker. Burn-out whether astatine location aliases activity is avoidable if you’re consenting to prioritize immoderate self-care, self-love, and self-maintenance. If you’re emotion tired of life, overworked, aliases overwhelmed present are 4 elemental things you tin do today!

1. Re-evaluate Your Calendar And Quit Comparing

Being quoted arsenic “booked, busy, and blessed” has go rather nan trend. When I activity pinch my treatment coaching clients, it’s often difficult for them to admit erstwhile they are overworking themselves. It’s arsenic if immoderate blank clip aliases “free time” connected their almanac aliases schedule MUST beryllium filled aliases other they consciousness inadequate, lazy, aliases under-productive.

I often show my clients to re-evaluate their schedules. What I realize, from a psychological standpoint, is that location is simply a level of comparison that occurs for them. They thin to consciousness arsenic if they are quoted, “keeping up pinch nan Jones” by keeping a mostly often filled calendar. They often fearfulness a consciousness of judgment, shame, blame, aliases guilt if their almanac isn’t arsenic filled arsenic their neighbors, colleagues, relatives, aliases friends. Additionally, they consciousness a consciousness of unworthiness if they are not gathering nan perceived expectations of those astir them.

I often show them to get retired of their ain heads and get backmost into what their bodies need. Remember, conscionable for illustration what we deliberation of others is nary of other’s business, it’s besides nary of our business what others deliberation of us!

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Letting spell of cognitive distortions that show up specified arsenic mind-reading what others deliberation of america tin beryllium a immense thief successful re-evaluating their calendars and schedules. Additionally, remembering nan quote, “comparison is nan thief of joy”, tin besides support you. Understand that it really doesn’t matter what truthful and truthful is doing versus what YOU request to do for YOU! Take a difficult look astatine your almanac and re-evaluate what things are necessary. Reassess your wants versus needs.

I show my clients (and myself) “you can’t effort to put a buffet connected a small tapas plate, right? So, why overload your schedule for nan purposes of filling successful gaps successful your schedule pinch unnecessary tasks, events, and perceived obligations that you earnestly don’t request connected your plate?” This is literally, self-induced burnout and it will manifest successful not only nan intelligence and affectional bodies but besides nan beingness bodies arsenic beingness conditions aliases ailments and origin psychosomatic symptoms erstwhile you get excessively overwhelmed and overworked.

After you’re done reference this, beryllium judge to spell re-evaluate your schedule, and astir importantly, discontinue comparing!

2. Set Boundaries And Say No

Part of being capable to re-evaluate your almanac intends being capable to measure your boundary-setting skills. Remember that sometimes, we person to, “say nary to bully things truthful we tin opportunity yes to greater things.”

When we person trouble saying no, our schedule gets overfilled pinch things that are truthfully unnecessary, don’t service us, are not mutually beneficial, and are things we genuinely don’t want to do.

Releasing immoderate guilt, shame, blame, and /or judgement that shows up from saying “no” and keeping boundaries is key. A coach for illustration myself tin thief you activity and benignant done this aliases you tin usage what I telephone “mindful mantras” aliases positive affirmations specified as, “I cognize my bosom and I cognize my intentions”, to thief support and/or merchandise immoderate guilt associated pinch saying “no” particularly pinch loved ones.

Remember that while mounting boundaries is key, it’s besides conscionable arsenic important (if not much important) to reenforce your “no” and nan boundaries you set- each and each time.

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Unfortunately, immoderate group will effort to return an limb erstwhile we lend our 1 hand, truthful it’s very important to reiterate your boundaries and keep saying no each azygous time!

We genuinely do thatch group really to dainty us. If you’re mounting boundaries and not reinforcing them aliases going against your ain word, you are virtually school group that your connection is not your bond. It’s akin to seeing nan kid successful nan market shop pinch nan genitor who sets boundaries stating they are not going to get immoderate candy adjacent nan cheque retired line, past nan kid has a tantrum, and retired of fearfulness of judgement from others aliases guilt, nan caregiver gives successful and goes against nan bound they initially set. That caregiver conscionable taught that kid that erstwhile they opportunity “no” location are loopholes. This kid now learns that “no” doesn’t really mean no.

Remember, nan only group who go upset astir nan boundaries you group aliases erstwhile you opportunity nary are nan group who straight use from you not having a bound successful nan first place! Setting boundaries and being capable to believe saying nary is going to beryllium important successful avoiding burnout successful life: whether astatine activity aliases astatine home.

3. Schedule Self-Care, Self-Love And Self-Maintenance

When we are overwhelmed, overworked, and connected nan verge of burning out, we request to extremity and not only re-assess what we are putting connected our schedule. Also, extremity and measure really overmuch self-care, self-love, and self-maintenance we really person carved into our routine.

If you person ever been connected airplanes, nan formation attendants ever counsel you to put connected your oxygen mask, successful lawsuit of an emergency, earlier you thief personification other pinch theirs. I show this to my clients and punctual them they can’t move from quiet cups.

With that said, what do you really person connected your schedule that is successful truth filling up your cup and serving you earlier you service others? Do you person a morning routine aliases a night routine dedicated to you? What are you doing daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly to tailor to self-care, self-love, and self-maintenance? You can’t conscionable schedule a nail salon aliases hairsbreadth assignment and deliberation that unsocial is self-care — that’s really self-maintenance of nan beingness vessel.

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What are you doing to self-care for each 4 bodies: mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically? Self-care tin beryllium choosing to return a intelligence wellness time aliases belief wellness time and return yourself to nan beach; while self-maintenance tin beryllium scheduling a manicure aliases a pedicure; and self-love could beryllium scheduling clip to beryllium compassionate pinch yourself, believe affirmative affirmation, scheduling a bully ablution cry, aliases a yoga convention for yourself wherever you virtually hug and buss yourself successful nan past pose-savasana.

I usually situation my clients to look astatine their calendars seasonally and book self-care, self-love, and self-maintenance successful beforehand passim nan twelvemonth while besides scheduling days wherever you virtually do nothing.

The “do nothing” days person to beryllium treated for illustration appointments. If your leader asks you to return connected different task that requires off-work hours, aliases if a friend invites you past infinitesimal to and event, you really person to opportunity nary because connected your calendar, you made a committedness to yourself to do nothing. You must dainty that assignment for illustration a literal responsibility you can’t miss aliases flak retired on.

While you’re taking a look astatine your schedule, beryllium judge to not only carve successful self-care, self-love, aliases self-maintenance; but successful summation to this, beryllium judge to carve retired “do nothing” days. This will thief to alleviate immoderate burnout and nan semipermanent effects specified arsenic exacerbations of intelligence wellness including depression, anxiety, aliases relying connected substances to cope.

4. Sensory Deprivation

In today’s society, we are connected sensory overload. We beryllium pinch devices connected each time long. We overconsume things via our show and sound.

When we are emotion overwhelmed aliases burned out, somatic work, emotion regulation, and distress tolerance techniques specified arsenic mindfulness-based stressed simplification practices, breathwork, social media and integer detoxes, and literal derivation of nan senses tin beryllium very adjuvant to calm nan onset of burn-out.

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Sensory Deprivation Tank Therapy

Over nan years, location has been an summation successful wellness studios pinch sensory deprivation services specified arsenic float therapy tanks that tin thief to support accent relief. Float vessel therapy is simply a mini vessel aliases unfastened excavation of h2o pinch Epsom salt, which is besides known to having treatment properties and wellness benefits. The Epsom brackish successful nan h2o creates buoyancy, truthful nary worries astir sinking. The thought is to spot nan assemblage successful sensory deprivation mode while floating successful nan water.

Some sensory deprivation aliases float tanks connection bluish led lighting, soothing sounds, and dim lighting to thief support nan alteration of outer stimuli versus afloat sensory deprivation. The extremity is to beryllium capable to ween disconnected nan usage of nan complete compounded senses specified arsenic nan 5 senses of feeling/touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight. While decreasing show and sound is optional, it is very beneficial for nan assemblage to alleviate aliases alteration outer stimuli.

Grounding Sensory Deprivation Technique

If you’re not unfastened to trying float vessel therapy, grounding sensory deprivation method is different method I would urge successful times of overwhelming feelings related to burn-out.

Here’s really to do it:

  1. Sit quietly.
  2. Ground down nan 4 corners of your feet into mother world aliases nan level beneath you.
  3. Take immoderate slow heavy breaths.
  4. Place 1 manus to bosom and 1 manus to belly, and breathe. As you inhale and exhale, announcement your earthy normal activity and nan hit of nan emergence and autumn of your belly and your chest.
  5. Tune into nan coming infinitesimal by inviting your energy to beryllium present and now. Invite your power and thoughts to beryllium present and distant from what you person to do aft this and distant from what you were doing earlier this.
  6. Scan your 5 senses. What do you hear, smell, see, taste, and really do you feel?
  7. Now return nan palms of your hands and slow and spot them complete your ears to alteration nan usage of nan consciousness of proceeding audibly while still focusing connected your breath.
  8. Allow yourself to beryllium present for a fewer slow breaths.
  9. Now, return nan palms of your hands and mildly put them complete your eyes without use unit to nan eyelids, and let your eyes nan chance to region and remainder arsenic you beryllium present for a fewer moments.
  10. Continue to announcement nan emergence and autumn of your belly and thorax pinch each inhale and exhale.

Do this arsenic galore times arsenic you request to passim nan day. If you consciousness comfortable effort this activity successful a quiet acheronian safe abstraction for a fewer breaths aliases minutes. Feel free to group a timer.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re genuinely emotion tired of life, I highly urge consulting pinch your superior attraction expert and/or seeking support from a intelligence wellness master to thief you navigate life.

As always, I americium present and here!


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