5 Lessons on How to Be a Productive Leader by Nathan Chan

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In this section of The Lifehack Show, we person invited Nathan Chan, nan CEO and Founder of Foundr to subordinate us.

Nathan has a passion for entrepreneurship and people, which is why he created Foundr, a world media and acquisition institution that produces magazines, books and online courses for entrepreneurs.

Nathan believes life is excessively short to do activity you hate, and is connected a ngo to turn Foundr into a family sanction that impacts tens of millions of group pinch its contented and online business school.

In this episode, Nathan is sharing really he started Foundr, and his hacks connected getting things done arsenic a leader and entrepreneur.

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Lessons connected Leadership & Productivity from Nathan Chan

Nathan has shared a batch of his thoughts and tips connected really to get things done arsenic a productive leader and entrepreneur, here’re immoderate of nan cardinal takeaways:

1. Be Disciplined And Stick to a Routine

I’d get up early successful nan greeting and earlier I started my time job, I would get up astatine six successful nan morning, spell done emails et cetera… I’m fundamentally going to nan agency early and find a gathering room and do an question and reply aliases 2 successful nan morning, past I’d spell to my existent occupation and I’d commencement astatine nine. I do interviews during my luncheon break arsenic well.

When asked astir really he managed clip erstwhile he was still moving a full-time occupation and starting Foundr, Nathan told america really important it was to instrumentality to a routine.

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Despite trying to turn his business, Nathan wants to beryllium capable to put arsenic overmuch clip arsenic he tin pinch his family, friends and parents  Stricking a equilibrium is tricky yet essential. Nathan still allows clip for family and friends successful his disciplined schedule for work. He’d walk clip pinch his family each Sudany and schedule catching up pinch friends 2 weeks successful advance.

2. Get Help And Focus connected Doing Things That You Enjoy

When Nathan conscionable started Foundr, he did almost everything including markeintg, nan writing, and nan interviews. But he did get thief from others and he employed group connected a contractual task basis.

When you want to get ahead, sometimes there’s conscionable things you dislike that you’re really bad of and you dread it… If you tin spend it, find personification connected a contractual task ground and get them to do it. Then you will attraction connected nan things that you enjoy.

Nathan looked astatine it from nan consciousness of what he was bad at, and that it was really amended for him and nan business if he delegated it to personification else.

3. Be Clear of What You Want to Achieve

Many leaders and entrepreneurs struggle astir erstwhile to measurement backmost from nan cognition and attraction connected seeing nan bigger picture. Nathan has this portion of proposal for them:

It comes down to really what you want and what nan goals are… what’s nan intent and really really large do you want to build… It’s your occupation to spell retired if you want to build thing really ample and special, that you person to find nan champion imaginable group you can, and you person to beryllium a awesome leader that tin lead them.

If you want to execute thing really big, retrieve that you will request much than conscionable YOU to execute it.

4. Find nan Right People to Help You

Nathan mentioned 1 point that was genuinely inspiring successful nan interview:

There are group that are amended than you astatine each sorts of different things, and you can’t beryllium a maestro of each azygous trade.

So erstwhile it comes to getting help, it’s astir nan who alternatively of nan what — who has done it before? Who has lick a akin problem already? How tin you thief your squad and stock pinch them these group who person done it earlier to springiness them nan blueprints?

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By providing your squad pinch resources, education, and introducing them to group who person “been there, done that,” you tin accomplishment up nan squad effectively.

5. Empower Your Team Members Instead of “Managing” Them

Nathan believes that successful bid for a squad to thrust outcomes, it’s important to thief nan mebers to observe themselves what they could beryllium doing to make improvements. To him, nan cardinal to connection comes down to making judge everyone knows wherever they’re going, what they request to do and what occurrence looks for illustration arsenic a institution astatine a institution level, a squad level arsenic good arsenic an individual level.

Like getting things done, it’s not bully conscionable saying hey do this, spell do this…. because really you don’t want to beryllium reasoning for people, you want to empower them, you want to springiness them ownership, you want to springiness them autonomy, you want to springiness them accountability.

At Foundr, Nathan encourages and fosters an situation for continuous growth and learning, truthful squad members are empowered to do their champion activity pinch autonomy astatine Foundr.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re an entrepreneur aliases a leader astatine work, these activity lessons by Nathan will surely thief you go a much productive and effective leader.

If you want to watch nan afloat question and reply pinch Nathan, don’t hide to cheque retired nan YouTube video above. Stay tuned pinch america connected The Lifehack Show arsenic we will beryllium interviewing much leaders and productivity experts!

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