5 Reasons Why Affiliation Motivation Is Important

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“You are nan mean of nan 5 group you walk nan astir clip with.”

Have you heard of this quote before? Social behaviour is contagious. Maybe you want to judge you person your ain will and you’re wholly independent of nan group astir you, but nan truth is that we are quality beings, and we want to belong. It’s called affiliation motivation. It’s nan impulse to person individual relationships pinch different group and to consciousness for illustration you beryllium to a group aliases community.

Even though it’s difficult to admit erstwhile our ego gets successful nan way, we want to beryllium liked, and we’ll often spell on pinch immoderate nan group is doing conscionable for that emotion of belonging. It’s often not a conscious thing. We don’t actively think: “I will do what they do because I want them to for illustration me.” No, it’s our subconscious request for affiliation that drives america to automatically transcript nan behaviour of nan group astir us.

The “Three Needs Theory”

David McClelland expounds connected this subconscious request for affiliation successful his “Three Needs Theory,” particularly successful nan discourse of a workplace. Here, he categorizes these needs into three:

  1. The request for achievement
  2. The request for affiliation
  3. The request for power

You mightiness deliberation it’s evident that we want to execute our goals successful life and way our progress, that we want to consciousness somewhat powerful for illustration we person things nether control, and that we bask winning. But it’s nan request for affiliation that happens astir subconsciously.

  • Did you ever transverse your arms during a speech pinch your friend, only to recognize he’s sitting pinch his arms crossed arsenic well? Whoops, affiliation motivation.
  • Did you ever conscionable travel nan crowd erstwhile trying to find nan exit of a building but you had nary hint wherever you were going? Whoops, affiliation motivation.
  • Did you ever determine to beryllium benignant to personification who belongs to nan squad while you really couldn’t guidelines this person? Whoops, affiliation motivation.

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We each consciousness these 3 types of needs, but 1 mightiness beryllium stronger for you than nan others.

Do You Have a Strong Need for Affiliation?

You person a precocious information for affiliation if you admit yourself successful nan mostly of these statements:

  • You emotion moving successful groups.
  • You look to easy blend in.
  • People thin to for illustration you from nan start.
  • You for illustration collaborating alternatively of competing.
  • You debar high-risk situations and uncertainty.
  • You for illustration spending clip socializing and networking.
  • You mightiness consciousness a beardown desire to beryllium liked and loved.

Are you emotion for illustration this is simply a bad thing? Like you want to beryllium much independent and unaffected by others? Let maine show you 5 reasons why affiliation information is really important. We wouldn’t beryllium capable to past arsenic a nine without this request for affiliation. Read connected to study why.

5 Reasons Why Affiliation Motivation Is Important

Here are nan 5 reasons why affiliation information is important and really it really benefits you.

1. Affiliation Motivation Is Necessary for Teamwork

When you person a precocious request for affiliation, you will automatically fresh good into immoderate group setting. You’ll beryllium much adaptive, and you won’t effort to guidelines out, beryllium nan leader, aliases beryllium different. People will telephone you ‘the glue’ of nan group because you deliberation of everyone’s good. Being nan mediate man comes people to you arsenic you cognize really to return everyone’s needs and wants into relationship and make judge everyone’s getting on well.

We each want to consciousness progressive successful immoderate way, to consciousness portion of a community, and to consciousness for illustration we get our team’s approval. We are societal creatures, aft all. So, whether your request for affiliation is precocious aliases low, you will find it important to consciousness for illustration you bring worth to a group.

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If you are higher successful nan different needs, don’t worry. Every group needs a leader who has a higher request for powerfulness to return nan group successful nan correct direction. If your request for accomplishment is nan highest, you will beryllium nan team player who encourages everyone to create an businesslike scheme to scope nan group’s goals and measurement nan group’s achievements.

2. You Develop a Higher Social Intelligence

Bonding pinch others and maintaining bully relationships requires a higher level of societal intelligence. You create this expertise to almost consciousness what others are reasoning and accommodate to them. People pinch a precocious request for affiliation often person a much precocious level of empathy. You conscionable cognize really to talk to group and make them happy. And much importantly, isolated from easy making caller contacts, you cognize really to prolong them.

If your request for affiliation is high, you’ll consciousness very bully astatine networking events. You’ll besides beryllium nan cleanable worker for jobs successful customer work aliases immoderate different occupation pinch a precocious level of societal interaction. People people consciousness bully astir you. You cognize really to support a patient relationship.

If your request for powerfulness is higher, group will thin to look up to you, respect you, and spot you arsenic their leader. You will people enactment much from a spot of authority. If you person a precocious request for achievement, group will spot you much arsenic nan competitory personification of nan group, which tin negatively power nan emotion of connectedness.

3. Affiliation Can Affect Your Healthy Habits

Research shows that expanding similarity betwixt spouses successful their wellness behaviors aft matrimony positively affects their marital satisfaction. The logic some spouses are happier erstwhile they transcript each other’s patient habits is that they’re satisfying each other’s affiliation needs.

The aforesaid counts for your group of friends, your colleagues, family members, aliases roommates. If your friend is simply a dense drinker, you’re much apt to summation your intake of intoxicant arsenic well. Luckily, nan other is besides true. If you’re eating patient and taking bully attraction of yourself, you’ll spot you will positively power nan group who are adjacent to you.

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Our request for affiliation tin beryllium truthful large that we are consenting to adopt unhealthy behaviour conscionable to beryllium to a group, moreover erstwhile we cognize it’s not bully for us. Our subconscious mind and our instinctual thrust to beryllium are bigger than our conscious thought process.

Whether you person a very beardown request for affiliation aliases not, this proposal counts for everyone: Choose wisely who you walk your clip with.

4. Bonding With Others Is a Natural Remedy Against Anxiety

During stressful situations, our request for affiliation increases. Think of nan biggest world events and really group each of nan abrupt return inaugural to travel together, create a caller hashtag, stitchery donations, and support 1 another.

When accent is high, we thin to put our differences speech and look for that emotion of unity. We travel together and find information pinch 1 another. Anxiety decreases erstwhile you consciousness connected to others, knowing they are going done nan aforesaid situation, emotion nan aforesaid fears, aliases understand what you’re going through.

When you link to a group, you someway hide astir nan racing thoughts and fears rushing done your caput because you’re portion of a greater whole. At that moment, you are nan group, not conscionable your ain being.

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5. Affiliation Makes Us Want to Give Back

It’s nan relationship and spot we consciousness towards others that makes america consciousness for illustration we want to springiness backmost whenever they do thing bully for us. This consciousness of reciprocity builds much trust, confidence, and fairness successful nan relationship, and it’s profoundly ingrained successful our earthy reactions.

Without our request for affiliation, we wouldn’t bask it truthful overmuch erstwhile others do thing bully for us, and vice versa, we wouldn’t consciousness that instant impulse to springiness backmost and beryllium liked and loved by others. Giving makes america happy because we cognize we’ll beryllium accepted, appreciated, and loved by nan different person.

Start to Fulfill Your Need for Affiliation!

Now that you understand that affiliation information isn’t conscionable astir fitting into nan group aliases wanting to beryllium liked by others but astir teamwork, societal intelligence, beingness health, anxiety, and reciprocity, really tin you actively fulfill your request for affiliation?

Here are 8 speedy tips you tin commencement implementing today!

  1. Do thing bully for someone.
  2. Choose wisely who you walk your clip with.
  3. Dare to stock your fears pinch others. They mightiness consciousness nan aforesaid way!
  4. Join a organization that has nan aforesaid liking for illustration a book club, a connection exchange, a hiking club, etc.
  5. Play a crippled that involves teamwork pinch your champion friends for illustration a wealth hunt!
  6. Find a patient buddy and squad up to alteration your eating habits, aliases commencement exercising together, aliases commencement a meditation course.
  7. Tell your friends and family why you admit them. Try to get comfortable pinch mentioning your appreciation much often.
  8. Give hugs!

Follow these tips and commencement to fulfill your request for affiliation!

Featured photograph credit: Brooke Cagle via unsplash.com

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