5 Simple Ways to Stop Procrastinating for Good

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Procrastination is simply a dream killer. The goals, desires, and dreams we person tin go reality once we flooded our procrastination. In this post, we’ll stock 5 elemental ways you tin extremity procrastinating for good.

1. Forgive yourself

As humans, we can’t expect ourselves to beryllium cleanable each nan time. There will beryllium times erstwhile we gaffe and fall, and alternatively of letting 1 infinitesimal bring america down, we should forgive ourselves and move on.

The connection we usage is often cardinal here, and astir of america are harder connected ourselves than we think. While it’s important to person precocious expectations for ourselves, it tin besides beryllium damaging.

Instead of saying “I’m truthful lazy…”, effort saying “I’m conscionable human, and moreover nan astir successful group person bad days.”

Instead of “I’m astir apt not going to succeed…”, effort saying “I’m going to springiness it my champion shot, and successful nan worst lawsuit scenario, I’ll still beryllium fine.”

2. Prepare nan nighttime before

Studies person shown that humans person a finite magnitude of willpower, and procrastination usually comes from deficiency of motivation.

Preparing for our time nan nighttime earlier allows america to return action from nan infinitesimal we aftermath up, alternatively of being successful guidance mode. This is because readying tin return up a important magnitude of power that should beryllium utilized to get important tasks done instead.

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The method of preparing will alteration from personification to person, but my individual favourite is to schedule my time utilizing a integer calendar, for illustration Google Calendar.

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 astatine 1.52.49 PM

For others, it could beryllium creating a to-do database aliases simply moving connected nan astir important task for nan day. Whatever your method, it’s important that you person immoderate level of building to your time planning.

3. Say “No” much often

What we opportunity “No” to successful our life will find nan value of nan activity we do. It’s intolerable to return connected each opportunity that comes astatine us, and it’s captious that we person a model for prioritizing our mundane decisions.

Try to usage nan model nan Eisenhower Matrix to make decisions.

Here’s a scheme of action for each quadrant:

  1. Urgent & Important: Do it immediately.
  2. Non-Urgent & Important: Decide erstwhile you’ll do it.
  3. Urgent & Non-Important: Delegate to personification else.
  4. Non-Urgent & Non-Important: Do it later.


4. Discover your “ONE Thing”

Most activities that we do during our day, week, aliases month, person small effect connected our extremity result.

I’ve been personally blameworthy of this, trying to capable up my schedule pinch “busy” activity alternatively of activity that matters. The consequence was that I yet burned retired pinch very few results to show astatine nan extremity of nan day.

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Then I discovered nan “ONE Thing,” which was introduced by nan bestselling writer Gary Keller. The “ONE Thing” is described arsenic nan 1 activity aliases task that will make everything other easier aliases unnecessary.


If you want to get successful shape, you tin spell for a tally each greeting alternatively of trying retired each different fare strategy that is advertised connected TV.

If you want to turn your business, you tin summation your prices and attraction your efforts connected nan 20% of clients bringing you 80% of income alternatively of pleasing everyone.

If you want to study a caller language, you tin find a master coach who tin activity pinch you one-on-one alternatively of learning from books, Youtube videos, mobile apps, etc.

5. Follow nan 2-minute rule

Most of america person astir apt knowledgeable a cliffhanger infinitesimal connected TV. It’s that infinitesimal wherever thing unexpected aliases breathtaking happens, and earlier you get to nan conclusion, nan section ends.

It turns retired that Hollywood has been leveraging what’s called the Zeigarnik Effect, which was named aft nan scientist Bluma Zeigarnik.

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The Zeigarnik Effect states that erstwhile we commencement thing without finishing it, we person a earthy inclination to decorativeness what we started. Studies besides show that our cognition of nan task changes aft we start, and we often extremity up enjoying nan task.

This is why nan 2-minute norm is powerful. By simply starting a task, moreover for 2-minutes, it’s apt that we’ll proceed what we started aliases extremity up finishing it astatine a later time.

If you want to publication much books, publication nan first fewer pages and you’ll apt extremity up reference for hours.

If you want to get healthier, conscionable get to nan gym and you’ll astir apt activity out for an hour.

If you want to study Spanish, find a master coach online and you’ll beryllium motivated to study each week.

Over to you

What’s nan 1 point you’re procrastinating on? Which of these strategies will you usage to return action?

Featured photograph credit: Julian Hochgesang via unsplash.com

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