5 Types of Happiness You Can Experience in Life

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Happiness is an affectional state, which is characterized by feelings of joy, fulfillment, aliases satisfaction. But did you cognize location are different types of happiness? That’s right. Happiness is not a one-size-fits-all emotion.

All happiness is not nan same, and location are moreover stages and levels of happiness. In this article, I will stock pinch you 5 types of happiness, nan stages of happiness, and astir importantly, circumstantial actions to create a scheme for your happiness.

5 Types of Happiness

Knowing which type of happiness you’re experiencing tin thief you amended admit your life, different people, and nan things that you person correct now. Here are nan 5 types of happiness that you tin acquisition successful your life.

1. Pride

Have you ever completed a challenging project? Or person you ever volunteered for a worthy origin you judge in? These events astir apt evoked a consciousness of pridefulness wrong you.

Pride is simply a shape of happiness. Often, we subordinate pridefulness pinch over-competitive antagonistic emotions. However, pridefulness successful one’s accomplishments is simply a awesome shape of happiness to savor. You tin return pridefulness successful your work, your family, aliases thing which provides a consciousness of accomplishment.

2. Fostering Relationships

Many firmly judge that money is simply a concealed to a happy life. However, a group of Harvard researchers launched a study successful 1938 wherever they followed 268 antheral Harvard undergraduates for 75 years.

The unsocial Harvard Grant Study collected information connected nan men’s lives done surveys and interviews. They looked astatine each aspects, including relationships, authorities and religion, coping strategies, and intoxicant use—and they recovered astonishing results.

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According to Robert Waldinger, a psychiatrist and a professor astatine Harvard Medical School, nan study showed that “our relationships and really happy we are successful our relationships has a powerful power connected our health.” He added that “[t]aking attraction of your assemblage is important, but tending to your relationships is simply a shape of self-care too.”

Waldinger, successful a TED Talk successful 2015, besides said that “people who are much socially connected to family, to friends, to organization are happier. They’re physically healthier, and they unrecorded longer than group who are little well-connected.”

You tin study much from his TED talk below.

In his book astir nan study, Triumphs of Experience: The Men of nan Harvard Grant Study, Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant, and study head from 1972 to 2004, writes: “There are 2 pillars of happiness. One is love. The different is uncovering a measurement of coping pinch life that does not push emotion away.”

He says that galore of nan things group thought mattered erstwhile it comes to happiness don’t. For example, galore judge money and societal people are captious to success. These 2 things were astatine nan bottommost of nan list.

3. Contentment

Contentment intends to beryllium happy pinch what you have, who you are, and wherever you are. It is respecting nan reality of nan present. It is appreciating what you do person and wherever you are successful life.

Contentment does not mean nan absence of desire. It conscionable intends that you are satisfied pinch your coming and judge successful nan champion imaginable outcomes.

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Many group coming deliberation that life is an absolute title wherever you must beryllium nan champion astatine everything. We must person a fancier car, a bigger house, a better-earning job, aliases much money. The infinitesimal we execute 1 thing, nan title for nan adjacent point starts. Rarely do galore individuals spare a infinitesimal to conscionable beryllium back, relax, and beryllium grateful for each they person achieved.

Contentment brings bid of mind and positivity that tin facilitate maturation and self-improvement. This does not mean you don’t person dreams and aspirations. But you tin judge nan coming and still wish for a amended future.

Contentment only intends to beryllium astatine bid pinch nan present, not complacent.

Therefore, contentment promotes happiness. When 1 accepts their situation, you are allowing yourself to acquisition a type of happiness. Being grateful for everything you person alternatively of spending your clip reasoning astir what you don’t makes life much joy-filled.

4. Fun

Just because we’re adults, that doesn’t mean we person to make life each astir work. In our hectic, modern lives, galore of america attraction truthful heavy connected activity and family commitments that we ne'er look to person clip for axenic fun. Somewhere betwixt puerility and adulthood, we stopped having fun.

When we carve retired immoderate leisure time, we’re much apt to area retired successful beforehand of nan TV aliases machine than prosecute successful fun. Fun tin adhd joyousness to life, relieve stress, supercharge learning, and link you to others and nan world astir you.

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Fun brings astir affirmative feelings for illustration excitement, pride, and hope, and of course, affirmative feelings make america happy.

Most group person hobbies. Hobbies thief america cultivate nosy successful our lives. It doesn’t matter what we do, arsenic agelong arsenic it provides america pinch a reasonable magnitude of nosy regular aliases weekly.

It tin beryllium sports, cooking, collecting, etc. Either way, it’s a elemental measurement to herb up your life and return a break from nan mundane tasks of life.

Many bask recreation arsenic a shape of fun. From enjoying new, unsocial cultures to sunbathing aliases skiing, it each comes down to awesome nosy successful nan end.

5. Gratitude

Gilbert Keith Chesterton, often known arsenic G.K. Chesterton, is simply a prolific English writer, poet, philosopher, etc. who coined nan quote, “I would support that acknowledgment are nan highest shape of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.”

Choosing to beryllium thankful whitethorn good beryllium an easy and accessible measurement to boost your happiness. Gratitude has a beardown affirmative effect connected psychological well-being arsenic well. It increases self-esteem, enhances affirmative emotions, and makes america much optimistic.

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Dr. Amy E. Keller, PsyD, a matrimony and family therapist, doesn’t time off retired nan purposeful facet of building happiness. When you consciousness joyful and that your life has meaning, you’re much appreciative of what you have.

She says, “When I talk astir happiness pinch clients, I stress emotion purposeful and connected and cultivating restitution and self-worth, arsenic good arsenic simply emotion pleasure—which of people is besides a factor! Gratitude supports happiness successful ways related to each of these.”

Cultivating an cognition of gratitude supports happiness successful our lives.

5 Stages of Happiness

At different stages of a person’s life, nan main sources of happiness change. What made america happy erstwhile we were 5 astir apt won’t astatine 25 and changes again astatine 35, 45, and truthful on.

Therefore, it is important to understand what shape of happiness you are successful and why thing successful your past doesn’t bring you happiness anymore.

Stage 1: Early Happiness

Our first experiences pinch happiness are erstwhile we are children. As infants, our joyousness is earthy and expressive.

Of course, not galore group retrieve those experiences earlier we learned to talk. However, erstwhile we look astatine children, we spot their joyful nature.

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The look of joy, love, and happiness is nan normal and earthy state.

From nan clip we are capable to talk and understand nan connection “NO!”, we statesman to get socialized. Growing up arsenic children, we study nan rules of our parents, school, community, and world. We besides study to judge nan affectional punishments and rewards of those rules.

When we do tasks, we person affectional acceptance successful nan shape of praise and approval. When we don’t travel nan rules. we get antagonistic affectional feedback successful nan shape of reprimands and criticisms.

We study to deliberation astir ourselves and judge ourselves nan aforesaid measurement others deliberation astir america and judge us. We besides study to springiness ourselves nan aforesaid emotions that others did pinch their punishments and praise

We person antagonistic emotions from others done criticism, and past we study to create and consciousness those aforesaid emotions astir ourselves arsenic well.

Stage 3: Conditional Happiness

When we are wholly socialized, we nary longer request anyone telling america what we should and shouldn’t do. We person acquired a immense room of rules and person nan verbal, emotional, and sometimes physical, conditioning of punishments and rewards truthful that we nary longer request anyone reminding us.

We support ourselves connected nan way of “shoulds” and debar nan “shouldn’t”—the conditions of our perceived happiness.

In a self-socialized state, we still bask it erstwhile we are recognized aliases praised. We get an affectional boost erstwhile personification is attracted to america and desires us. We besides respond emotionally erstwhile fixed antagonistic feedback. Our happiness is based connected these conditions.

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Stage 4: Transition to Happiness

Similar to nan rebellion we had arsenic a teenager, now we are rebelling against socialized beliefs and behaviors. We aren’t rebelling against what different personification says. We are rebelling against what our mind is many times telling america and being taught. It besides differs because it is simply a conscious rebellion arsenic our emotions person go reactive.

Another quality is that overmuch of what our mind offers america is useful, helpful, and necessary, truthful we request to support that portion intact. However, we agelong to free ourselves of nan judgmental negative thoughts holding america backmost from our earthy look of love.

A personification whitethorn statesman meditation, yoga, reference self-help books, and practicing mindfulness, each successful an effort to get free of antagonistic thoughts and alteration their halfway beliefs.

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Stage 5: Authentic Happiness

The personification that has transcended nan conditional happiness modes they were socialized pinch and tin definitive themselves genuinely acquisition authentic happiness. This authentic look has a akin joyousness and state that a young kid has.

At this point, emotion joy, gratitude, love, and respect is nary longer limited connected nan information of outer triggers. It is simply a mindset, perspective, and affectional authorities that has been practiced and internally maintained.

Creating a Happiness Plan for Your Life

5 types of happiness

Just arsenic you travel a look for cooking success, 1 tin besides cultivate much happiness done intentional, deliberate actions.

1. Growth Mindset

Develop a growth mindset that focuses connected creating a life you love. It’s astir believing that you tin execute and flooded challenges moreover if it takes immoderate patience. Having a maturation mindset is believing you will get amended complete time.

2. Volunteer

Volunteerism tin beryllium a measurement awesome measurement to summation a consciousness of intent and create much happiness. Volunteering has been shown to springiness you a consciousness of accomplishment and summation feelings of happiness.

3. Find Joy Everyday

Happiness is sometimes recovered successful nan smallest, astir mean things. You should effort to salary much attraction to them and understand that getting exercise, enjoying nan smell of that first cup of java successful nan morning, spending a small clip reading, aliases moreover doing a activity task pinch a precocious chance of occurrence tin springiness you that emotion of happiness.

4. Practice Gratitude

Spending clip penning astir what you admit is simply a awesome measurement to spark happiness from within. Even five-minute journaling tin make a quality positively effect your intelligence wellbeing and health.

5. Disconnect: Power Down Your Gadgets

By disconnecting from email, matter messaging, and societal media, you tin summation your connectivity pinch nan group astir you. And you’ll consciousness a heck of a batch amended while you’re astatine it.

6. Try Something New

People who participate successful bold, caller activities and cod unsocial experiences are much apt to clasp much affirmative memories than antagonistic ones. The much affirmative memories we keep, nan lighter we become. So, spell up and motion up for those guitar lessons. Book that travel to Antigua. Do them in nan sanction of happiness.

7. Practice Self-Love

Self-criticism is self-defeating. But if you’re compassionate toward yourself, you tin make yourself much productive, stronger, and much relaxed. The adjacent clip you deliberation negatively astir yourself, constitute down that antagonistic thought. By seeing really hurtful those words look connected paper, you’ll statesman to train yourself to extremity saying them successful your head.

8. Stop Saying “I’m Sorry”

Science tells america that those who debar apologies are happier than those who ain up to their blunders. Refusing to apologize gives america a consciousness of powerfulness and entitlement, investigation shows.

9. Spend Time With Loved Ones

Nurture your relationships. Losing touch pinch friends and family is 1 of nan apical 5 regrets group person connected their deathbed.

10. Have Fun!

Start surviving successful nan moment, and extremity waiting for nan cleanable time—be spontaneous, and person fun! Take a break, and extremity waiting for each nan activity to beryllium done, nan location to beryllium clean, nan canine walked, and spell person fun! When you deliberation that genuine nosy conscionable happens connected immense occasions aliases planned activities, you’re denying yourself nan mini pleasures of life.

Final Thoughts

All successful all, creating a happy life is simply a elemental matter of putting much of what we bask into our lives. You person to cultivate it intentionally if you take to do so.

Begin coming by taking nan steps to unrecorded a happier life and creating a bequest of joy.

Featured photograph credit: KAL VISUALS via unsplash.com

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