5 Ways to Prevent Yourself From Catastrophic Thinking

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Catastrophic thinking, successful its simplest form, is erstwhile an individual assumes nan worst will travel true. It is erstwhile a personification sees an unfavorable result of an arena and past decides if it does happen, nan consequence will beryllium a disaster.

Catastrophic reasoning is taking a setback to nan worst imaginable outcome. The adage astir erstwhile you play state opus backward, you get your occupation back, your pick-up back, and your woman backmost is nan reverse of catastrophic thinking!

Negative aliases catastrophic reasoning plays a very important portion successful nan diversion arena. Therefore, galore examples from this world will beryllium cited.

What is Catastrophic Thinking?

According to Psychology Today, catastrophic reasoning tin beryllium described arsenic ruminating astir irrational, worst-case outcomes. Two communal ways of describing catastrophic reasoning are “making a upland retired of a molehill” and “blowing things retired of proportion.”

An illustration would beryllium your leader making a derogatory remark astir your work. You past return that remark to nan conclusion that he is going to occurrence you and you’ll ne'er find different job, ending up homeless.

A 2nd illustration would beryllium if you neglect this exam, you will neglect nan course. If you neglect this course, you will ne'er graduate. If you neglect to graduate, you will ne'er get a occupation and you will person wasted a awesome woody of clip and money connected college.

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These are not true, and it’s astir shifting your perspectives astir nan situation. Here are 5 tips connected really to extremity catastrophic thinking.

How to Stop Catastrophic Thinking

1. Lou Holtz’s Philosophy

When Lou Holtz was coaching shot astatine nan University of Notre Dame, he would show his players,

“Things are ne'er arsenic bad arsenic they look nor arsenic bully arsenic they seem. They are location successful nan middle.”

This is particularly existent successful nan diversion world. If you tin judge this Lou Holtz philosophy, you will ne'er get excessively down during nan reliable times nor excessively precocious during nan bully times. You will not autumn into catastrophic reasoning aft losses aliases setbacks.

2. Access Your Thoughts

When you find yourself falling into antagonistic reasoning astir a situation, find a quiet spot and journal. Once you put your catastrophic reasoning onto insubstantial and spot nan thoughts, you tin analyse them much clearly.

Don’t wait. Write them down, judge really realistic they are, and antagonistic them pinch a much pragmatic approach.

3. Perspectives and Positive Affirmations

When antagonistic reasoning arises successful a situation, put it into perspective. Tell yourself to “stop,” then analyse nan problem from each perspectives – positive, negative, and neutral. Realize that thoughts are simply thoughts. They are not happening now. We are projecting a disaster, but often that projection ne'er comes to fruition.

Instead of spiraling into negativity, beryllium down and analyse nan rumor from each perspectives. If location is to beryllium a disaster, really bad will it be? Can we retrieve from it? Will it destruct our institution and our team, aliases is it a bump successful nan roadworthy that we tin woody with?

Positive affirmations, on pinch breathing exercises, tin move negatives into positives.  A study was done astatine Harvard that concluded that breathing successful done nan chemoreceptor for a count of three, followed by breathing retired done nan rima for a count of astatine slightest six, relaxed nan body. Once nan assemblage is relaxed, you tin provender your mind pinch affirmative affirmations.

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When immoderate hoops players spell to nan free propulsion line, they show themselves they are not bully free propulsion shooters. When they opportunity that capable times, they travel to judge it.

Other players measurement to nan statement and springiness themselves a affirmative affirmation. Prior to shooting nan ball, they say, “swish,” aliases “they fouled nan incorrect guy,” thereby expanding their confidence.

4. Attitude of Gratitude

When catastrophic reasoning enters your mind you go a catastrophic thinker. Counter it pinch each you person been given.

There was a coach successful our section schoolhouse territory who particularly exhibited an cognition of gratitude. His sanction was Jack Hermanski.

He was a typical acquisition teacher, serving 8 different schools successful adaptive beingness education. He could person strictly conscionable been a beingness acquisition coach successful nan district, which was not a demanding job. However, he chose his typical kids, moreover though they spot him, threw up connected him, and defecated connected him. He loved them and gave his each to them because they were “his” kids.

He entered 1 of his schools connected a Friday, and a boy successful a wheelchair greeted him by saying he was gladsome it was Friday. Jack responded by asking him if he had large plans for nan weekend. The boy said, “no, you travel to our schoolhouse connected Fridays.”

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What Makes Us Happy

Jack was nan happiest erstwhile he had a boy successful 1 of his classes who was deathly acrophobic of water, to nan constituent wherever he could not put his manus successful a bucket of water. It took Jack 3 years of moving pinch him and yet nan time came erstwhile nan boy mislaid his fearfulness of h2o and jumped disconnected nan precocious dive! Jack was elated for nan boy.

What made Jack’s activity moreover much bonzer was that he accomplished truthful overmuch for his kids, while he was struggling pinch aggregate Sclerosis for complete twenty-five years. But you ne'er heard him kick astir it.

He conscionable served each nan group he worked pinch and often talked astir really truthful galore group had it worse than him. He was grateful for each that he did person and ne'er mislaid show of nan blessings he had.

Given his aggregate sclerosis had placed limitations connected him, he easy could person fallen into catastrophic thinking, but he ne'er mislaid his attitude of gratitude!

5. Exercise and Fatigue

Exercise and fatigue are astatine 2 ends of nan totem pole. Exercise enhances affirmative thinking, whereas fatigue tin lead to catastrophic thinking. Catastrophic reasoning tin origin worry and tin lead to beingness and affectional fatigue.

When we exercise, we secrete serotonin which leads to affirmative feelings. Any exercises for illustration walking, yoga, aliases pilates put america successful a bully authorities of mind to make sound decisions. However, fatigue tin easy lead to catastrophic thinking. So, we must believe self-care.

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Fatigue must beryllium monitored intimately successful nan diversion arena. In nan early portion of a hoops season, you must return nan clip to inculcate each your school of nan fundamentals and your crippled strategies into your players.

This tin and does make for longer practices. However, arsenic nan play progresses, your biggest force is fatigue, and you must shorten your believe times to support your players caller for games.

One coach feared fatigue truthful overmuch that he ne'er practiced nan nighttime earlier a game. His rationale was that erstwhile you gave your players a nighttime off, they came backmost to nan gym refreshed for nan adjacent practice. So, why not person them travel to games refreshed and fresh to play?

Most coaches would not person nan courageousness to springiness their players nan nighttime earlier a game. Instead, they would want to finalize and activity connected nan astir important points of nan crippled plan.


It is ne'er easy to support each together and support fighting. Whether it’s your job, career, relationship, health, aliases freedom, thing tin deterioration america down if we don’t cognize really to grip it.

Oftentimes, we extremity up taking a autumn and accepting that it is nan end. However, it is only nan extremity if we take it to be. There are ways we tin combat our catastrophic thinking, and utilizing immoderate aliases each of these 5 concepts will thief you debar falling into catastrophic thinking.

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Realizing that you tin move this astir is simply a awesome measurement to commencement battling antagonistic thoughts. After all, they are our thoughts. We should power them and guideline our minds toward what we want to achieve.

If you deliberation negatively, you tin only expect that you are paving nan measurement toward failure. But if you deliberation differently, judge successful yourself, and believe nan creation of reasoning positively, there’s a chance that you tin acquisition a amended outcome.

If each other fails, it would beryllium easier for you to guidelines up. You’ve done it before, you’ll surely do it again.

Featured photograph credit: Anthony Tran via unsplash.com

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