64 Monday Motivation Quotes to Start the Week Right

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What is it astir group who for illustration Monday? You cognize nan type—you spot them pinch their plastered-on smiles, their peppy outlook, and their vanished to-do lists. I envy these people, chiefly because I’m not 1 of them.

For years, I would effort to replicate their emotion for Mondays. I’d aftermath up early, shake hands nan day, and echo my affirmation statements while I sipped my greeting macromolecule shake. My life looked for illustration nan cleanable Instagram station to nan naked eye, but I committedness you, my Monday information mornings were highly filtered.

I hated nan opening of nan week, and nary magnitude of java could unit maine to alteration my mind astir this heinous day. I still deed my siren timepiece aggregate times and outcry astatine nan world while I resistance myself retired of furniture connected Mondays. But I’ve learned really to past these manic mornings. And it has thing to do pinch forcing a grin aliases faking my emotion for a time that I hate.

If you’re tired of emotion for illustration Monday is simply a drag, you’re not alone. But location is dream for you. If you’re consenting to alteration your morning routine and commencement your time differently, you mightiness conscionable study to emotion nan commencement of each week—or astatine slightest tolerate nan Monday blues without shouting astatine nan barista.

So, what’s nan secret? Pick retired 10 quotes each week and station them everywhere. Here are 64 Monday information quotes to get you started.

Quotes That Help You Be Positive

1. “Mondays are nan commencement of nan workweek, which connection caller beginnings 52 times a year!”—David Dweck

2. “Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”—Jim Ryun

3. “When you originate successful nan morning, deliberation of what a privilege it is to beryllium alive, to think, to enjoy, to love…”—Marcus Aurelius

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4. “Morning is an important clip of time because really you walk your greeting tin often show you what benignant of time you are going to have.”—Lemony Snicket

5. “Each greeting erstwhile I unfastened my eyes, I opportunity to myself: I, not events, person nan powerfulness to make maine happy aliases unhappy today. I tin take which it shall be. Yesterday is dead; tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I person conscionable 1 time today, and I’m going to beryllium happy successful it.”—Groucho Marx

6. “If you don’t creation your ain life plan, chances are you’ll autumn into personification else’s plan. And conjecture what they person planned for you? Not much.”—Jim Rohn

7. “Try not to go a personification of success, but alternatively effort to go a personification of value.”—Albert Einstein

8. “Success intends doing nan champion we tin pinch what we have. Success is nan doing, not nan getting; successful nan trying, not nan triumph. Success is simply a individual standard, reaching for nan highest that is successful us, becoming each that we tin be.”—Zig Ziglar

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9. “I was reasoning 1 time and I realized that if I conscionable had personification down maine each nan measurement to motivate maine I could make a large difference. Nobody came on for illustration that truthful I conscionable became that personification for myself.”—Unknown

10. “Do not beryllium embarrassed by your failures, study from them and commencement again.”—Richard Branson

11. “A vessel is ever safe astatine statement but that is not what it’s built for.”—Albert Einstein

12. “The successful warrior is nan mean man, pinch laser-like focus.”—Bruce Lee

13. “Keep distant from group who effort to belittle your ambitions. Small group ever do that, but nan really awesome make you consciousness that you, too, tin go great.”—Mark Twain

14. “Things whitethorn travel to those who wait, but only nan things near by those who hustle.”—Abraham Lincoln

15. “I property my occurrence to this: I ne'er gave aliases took immoderate excuse.”—Florence Nightingale


64 Monday Motivation Quotes to Start nan Week Right

17. “If you don’t salary due attraction to what has your attention, it will return much of your attraction than it deserves.”—David Allen

18. “Keep connected going, and nan chances are that you will stumble connected something, possibly erstwhile you are slightest expecting it. I ne'er heard of anyone ever stumbling connected thing sitting down.”—Charles F. Kettering

19. “Winners make a wont of manufacturing their ain affirmative expectations successful beforehand of nan event.”—Brian Tracy

20. “People who win person momentum. The much they succeed, nan much they want to succeed, and nan much they find a measurement to succeed. Similarly, erstwhile personification is failing, nan inclination is to get connected a downward spiral that tin moreover go a self-fulfilling prophecy.”—Tony Robbins

21. “The only existent happiness lies successful knowing who you are…and making bid pinch it.”—Laurell K. Hamilton

22. “Do you want to cognize who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and specify you.”—Thomas Jefferson

23. “I deliberation portion of maturity is knowing who you are.”—Rob Lowe

24. “True beauty is knowing who you are and believing successful yourself. Happy group cognize their purpose, person nan courageousness to conflict for it and spot to support going.”—Rita Ora

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25. “I deliberation knowing your life arsenic a communicative is simply a really terrific measurement of benignant of knowing wherever you are and knowing who you are.”—Donald Miller

Quotes That Motivate You successful Business

26. “The starting constituent of each accomplishment is desire.”—Napoleon Hill

27. “Shoot for nan moon. Even if you miss, you’ll onshore among nan stars.”—Brian Littrell

28. “It is not a regular increase, but a regular decrease. Hack distant astatine nan inessentials.”—Bruce Lee

29. “I’ve missed much than 9000 shots successful my career. I’ve mislaid almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to return nan game-winning changeable and missed. I’ve grounded complete and complete and complete again successful my life. And that is why I succeed.”—Michael Jordan

30. “Show maine a personification who has ne'er made a correction and I’ll show you personification who has ne'er achieved much.”—Joan Collins

31. “Amateurs beryllium and hold for inspiration, nan remainder of america conscionable get up and spell to work.”—Stephen King

32. “The concealed of getting up is getting started. The concealed of getting started is breaking your analyzable overwhelming tasks into mini manageable tasks, and past starting connected nan first one.”—Mark Twain

33. “Things whitethorn travel to those who wait, but only nan things near by those who hustle.”—Abraham Lincoln


64 Monday Motivation Quotes to Start nan Week Right

35. “The entrepreneur ever searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it arsenic an opportunity.”—Peter Drucker

36. “One finds limits by pushing them.” – Herbert Simon

37. “If personification offers you an astonishing opportunity but you are not judge you tin do it, opportunity yes, past study really to do it later!”—Richard Branson

38. “Successful group are ever looking for opportunities to thief others. Unsuccessful group are ever asking, What’s successful it for me?”—Brian Tracy

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39. “The fastest measurement to alteration yourself is to bent retired pinch group who are already nan measurement you want to be.”—Reid Hoffman

40. “You don’t person to beryllium awesome to start, but you person to commencement to beryllium great.”—Zig Ziglar

41. “Your astir unhappy customers are your top root of learning.”—Bill Gates

42. “Your clip is limited, truthful don’t discarded it surviving personification else’s life.”—Steve Jobs

43. “The only spot occurrence comes earlier activity is successful nan dictionary.”—Vince Lombardi

44. “You only person to do a very fewer things correct successful your life truthful agelong arsenic you don’t do excessively galore things wrong.”—Warren Buffett

45. “Success is often achieved by those who don’t cognize that nonaccomplishment is inevitable.”—Coco Chanel

46. “Nothing happens until you decide. Make a determination and watch your life move forward.”—Oprah Winfrey


64 Monday Motivation Quotes to Start nan Week Right

48. “If thing fails contempt being cautiously planned, cautiously designed, and conscientiously executed, that nonaccomplishment often bespeaks underlying alteration and, pinch it, opportunity.”—Peter Drucker

49. “We are reminded that successful nan fleeting clip we person connected this Earth, what matters is not wealth, aliases status, aliases power, aliases fame, but alternatively really good we person loved and what mini portion we person played successful making nan lives of different group better.”—Barack Obama

50. “If it’s your occupation to eat a frog, it’s champion to do it first point successful nan morning. And If it’s your occupation to eat 2 frogs, it’s champion to eat nan biggest 1 first.”—Mark Twain

Quotes That Help You Embrace Mondays

51. “If each Monday morning, you make a prime to move into nan caller activity week pinch renewed committedness and passion, you tin alteration each areas of your life. You tin genuinely alteration your Mondays and alteration your life.”—David Cottrell

52. “This greeting did you aftermath up to an siren timepiece aliases an opportunity clock?” —Zig Ziglar

53. “With nan caller time comes caller spot and caller thoughts.”—Eleanor Roosevelt

54. “All your dreams tin travel existent if you person nan courageousness to prosecute them.”—Walt Disney

55. “The champion measurement to foretell nan early is to invent it.”—Alan Kay

56. “Hey, I cognize it’s Monday, but it’s besides a caller day, a caller week, and successful that lies a caller opportunity for thing typical to happen.”—Michael Ealy

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57. “We cannot nonstop nan wind, but we tin set nan sails.”—Dolly Parton

58. “We are what we many times do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”—Will Durant

59. “Just 1 mini affirmative thought successful nan greeting tin alteration your full day.”—Dalai Lama

60. “The creation of being happy lies successful nan powerfulness of extracting happiness from communal things.”—Henry Ward Beecher

61. “Feeling sorry for yourself, and your coming condition, is not only a discarded of power but nan worst wont you could perchance have.”—Dale Carnegie

62. “Happiness is simply a choice, not a result. Nothing will make you happy until you take to beryllium happy. No personification will make you happy unless you determine to beryllium happy. Your happiness will not travel to you. It tin only travel from you.”—Ralph Marston

63. “I person conscionable 1 day, today, and I’m going to beryllium happy successful it.”—Groucho Marx

64. “As scary arsenic alteration tin beryllium and arsenic overmuch arsenic I mightiness defy it, there’s ever immoderate chartless gift that comes retired of it. I really ne'er thought you could statesman again. You can.”—Debra Messing

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy to rotation retired of bed, consciousness motivated, and fresh to look Monday morning. But it is imaginable to clasp nan opening of each week pinch a refreshed perspective. Start by shifting your mindset and penning 5 to 10 quotes that punctual you to beryllium positive, scope for higher goals successful your business, and find moments of gratefulness each week.

You person each nan devices that you need. Now, put these 64 Monday information quotes into action and find ways to embrace Monday mornings.

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