Are You Spending Your Time on What Is Time-Worthy?

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We each person a constricted magnitude of time. With 24 hours successful a day, minus 7 to 8 hours of sleep, really galore time-worthy activities do you do successful nan remaining 16 to 17 hours each day?

Be honorable pinch yourself: Do you walk each infinitesimal and hr of your time connected activities that are genuinely worthwhile?

How galore hours do you walk scrolling done societal media? Or connected television?

How galore hours do you walk moving pinch laser focus? How galore hours do you really walk talking to your family aliases playing pinch your kids?

If you walk much than half of your clip connected things that aren’t very important, it’s alarming. This tin connote that you person already wasted half of your life.

In this article, you will study astir nan conception of “time-worthiness” and observe nan strategies for making nan astir of nan constricted clip we person available. You will besides find retired if you really deficiency clip successful general, aliases deficiency precocious value time.

What Is Considered to Be Time-Worthy?

There is simply a correct clip for everything, and a incorrect clip for everything else.

When you do nan correct point astatine nan correct time, you are doing thing time-worthy, and this play of clip is known arsenic “quality time.”

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These are nan principles for what creates existent “quality time”:


The first rule is erstwhile your clip is “Authentic.” This is nan constituent astatine which you admit your existent clip constraints and attraction connected doing nan correct point during that clip play while avoiding focusing connected nan incorrect things.

You person to show yourself,

“I’m making a conscious prime to do this correct now because this is nan correct clip to do it. I respect this by not allowing nan incorrect things to get successful nan way.”

For example, erstwhile you’re having meal pinch your partner and take not to deliberation astir tomorrow’s customer meeting; aliases erstwhile you’re spending clip pinch your children and make nan conscious determination to put your telephone away.


Quality clip is clip spent pinch intention. That is, you don’t get value clip by chance. And this aligns pinch being “Authentic.”

“With Intention” intends that you person a consciousness of attraction and intent successful what you’re doing, and frankincense do it deliberately. It besides intends you’re deliberately allocating clip for something, nary matter really large aliases mini it is.

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This is nan other of simply “going pinch nan flow” without existent focus, which happens erstwhile you don’t cognize what you want and alternatively attraction connected nan “next” thing. When clip is eaten distant portion by portion by forces beyond your control, you statesman to wonder, “Where has each nan clip gone?” while emotion arsenic if you haven’t accomplished thing meaningful.

Now, this doesn’t mean that location must beryllium a “goal” to beryllium achieved astatine each moment. It doesn’t mean you person to beryllium productive aliases businesslike 24 hours a day.

You tin person 10 minutes to conscionable relax and look retired nan window. But alternatively of spacing retired for half an hr without realizing it, you do it WITH INTENTION. When you do it connected purpose, you will consciousness genuinely rested, whereas erstwhile you don’t, you will apt hit yourself up for being lazy. One is successful control, while nan different is not.

Why You Should Aim For Having More Quality Time

Always purpose to give your clip to only time-worthy activities because those are nan things that will supply you pinch fulfillment and satisfaction.

Here I’ll explain:

Increased Sense of Accomplishment

High value clip tin bring a consciousness of fulfillment and happiness to our lives because it allows america to attraction connected what is astir important to america and consciousness a consciousness of accomplishment and satisfaction.

When we are capable to efficaciously negociate our clip and utilize it to execute nan astir important tasks, our assurance and consciousness of wellbeing tin increase. Imagine completing nan long-desired statement of your storeroom!

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Increased Sense of Control

By ensuring that we do nan correct things astatine nan correct time, we are successful power of our ain clip and not being interrupted by thing else. This keeps america from emotion overwhelmed aliases burned retired and provides america pinch a consciousness of power complete our lives.

On nan different hand, if we do not give capable value clip to nan things that are important to us, we whitethorn travel to regret it.

For example, failing to walk capable value clip pinch your children erstwhile they are young tin lead to regret later successful life aft they person grown up and moved out. Similarly, if you activity erstwhile you are not astatine your astir productive, you whitethorn find that you activity slower aliases make much mistakes than usual, affecting nan value of your activity and starring to feelings of vexation aliases regret.

Simply beryllium much mindful of nan value of your clip and your wide well-being and consciousness of restitution will beryllium improved.

What Causes Us to Degrade nan Quality of Our Time?

Most group desire much high-quality time, but what prevents them from doing so?

The value of our clip whitethorn beryllium degraded because of these:

1. Lack of Focus

It tin beryllium difficult to afloat prosecute pinch nan task astatine manus and make nan astir of our clip erstwhile we are perpetually interrupted aliases distracted.

Notifications connected our phones, alerts connected our computers, and different distractions successful our situation tin each origin america to suffer focus. In addition, we tin go distracted by our ain thoughts and feelings. It mightiness beryllium difficult to attraction connected nan task astatine hand, for instance, if we are worried aliases anxious.

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This article entails nan types of distractions we each look today.

2. Lack of Priority

When we do not shape and prioritize our tasks and activities, we whitethorn find ourselves wasting clip connected unimportant activities aliases emotion pressed for clip to decorativeness important tasks.

For instance, if our priorities are unclear, we mightiness walk a batch of clip connected tasks that are not important aliases urgent while ignoring those that are much captious aliases urgent. This tin consequence successful a changeless consciousness of being rushed aliases overwhelmed, lowering nan value of our time.

With intelligibly defined priorities, however, we tin efficaciously negociate our clip by prioritizing nan astir important tasks first. Completing nan astir important tasks tin summation our consciousness of accomplishment and fulfillment.

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3. Low Mental Energy

Due to a changeless but finite power supply, our brains tin only process a constricted magnitude of accusation astatine once. If processing accusation successful normal conditions is difficult, ideate really difficult it is erstwhile you deficiency intelligence energy.

When you deficiency intelligence energy, you will find it difficult to deliberation clearly, enactment focused, and make sound decisions. You whitethorn besides find it challenging to afloat participate successful activities aliases bask your clip because you are tired aliases depleted.

Low intelligence power tin beryllium caused by a assortment of factors specified as:

  • Sleep deprivation: You tin suffer intelligence power and your expertise to ore and attraction if you do not get capable value sleep.
  • Poor diet: Consuming a fare precocious successful processed, sugary, aliases unhealthy foods tin trim intelligence power and wide well-being.
  • Anxiety and stress: Chronic accent and worry tin sap your intelligence energy. These emotions tin make you consciousness overwhelmed aliases drained, impairing your expertise to attraction and prosecute successful activities.

4. Poor Physical Health

Physical fittingness refers to nan expertise to support bully wellness and beingness well-being. Health issues specified arsenic chronic symptom aliases unwellness require a important magnitude of clip and power to manage, which tin effect nan expertise to attraction and simply do immoderate you want.

I’m nan champion personification to talk astir this because I utilized to suffer from terrible backmost symptom arsenic a consequence of mediocre posture and prolonged sitting astatine work. My backmost symptom was truthful aggravated that I couldn’t ore connected moreover nan simplest task astatine hand. I tried a assortment of methods, including painkillers, stretching, and acupuncture. My backmost symptom has only gotten amended successful caller years since I began moving retired regularly to fortify my halfway and backmost muscles. My intelligence power accrued arsenic my backmost symptom improved.

How to Ensure We Only Do Things That Are Time-Worthy

By this point, I judge you want to beryllium judge that you only give clip to things that are really worthwhile. You tin employment nan pursuing strategies to make judge that you are investing your clip to time-worthy activities:

1. Be Clear About Your Goals

As discussed earlier, your “intention” is important. At Lifehack, we thatch group really to group SMARTer goals. This is not nan aforesaid arsenic nan SMART goals that you are astir apt acquainted with.

The SMARTer extremity includes a reflection connected what is astir important to you and why it matters, successful summation to nan emblematic elements of a SMART extremity (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Bound). This “why” will beryllium your driving unit erstwhile attempting to execute nan goal.

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You tin commencement by considering what you want to execute and why. This could see some short-term tasks and projects that you request to complete successful nan coming weeks aliases months, arsenic good arsenic semipermanent goals, specified arsenic profession aspirations aliases individual improvement objectives.

Go to Achieving Goals: The Ultimate Guide to Goal Achieving & Goal Setting to study much astir really to group a SMARTer goal.

2. Prioritize and Focus

Once you’ve identified your goal, you tin disagreement it into a database of tasks and activities that will thief you scope it.

This database tin past beryllium prioritized utilizing Lifehack’s Superstructure Method. The cardinal to utilizing nan Superstructure Method is deciding which tasks are Must Haves, Should Haves, and Good-to-Haves truthful you tin prioritize them accordingly.

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Let maine stock pinch you my individual example.

Some of my mundane Must Do’s include:

  • My business / activity astatine Lifehack
  • Driving my sons to schoolhouse / picking up my sons from school
  • Playing / talking pinch my family
  • Exercising
  • Sleeping

Some Should Dos which I don’t request to do each azygous time are:

  • Reading
  • Helping pinch family chores
  • Grocery shopping

Some Good-to-Dos which I tin do occasionally are:

  • Watching Nexflix
  • My individual hobbies and interests

Once you’ve prioritized your tasks, you must besides guarantee that you’ll allocate your clip accordingly. Schedule each tasks, whether they are Must Haves, Should Haves, aliases Good-to-Haves.

Using a planner to schedule your tasks will travel successful useful here. I powerfully urge The Full Life Planner. The Full Life Planner is Lifehack’s eventual Focus System, which was created based connected nan occurrence look of nan Lifehack Business. It allows you to easy align your regular tasks pinch your extremity and scheme your actions. Check retired The Full Life Planner by clicking here.

3. Stay Fit Mentally and Physically

As antecedently stated, mediocre wellness tin degrade nan value of your time.

While being mentally fresh allows you to amended attraction connected tasks and debar distractions, enabling you to make nan astir of your time; being physically fresh allows you to person much power and stamina, boosting your productivity and ratio successful your tasks.

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Instead of having to dress up clip owed to wellness problems, staying mentally and physically fresh tin thief you make judge that you are spending your clip connected worthwhile activities.

Regular workout and mindfulness practices tin thief amended some intelligence and beingness fitness. Developing patient habits specified arsenic eating a nutritious fare and getting capable slumber are besides basal for bully health.

Here are immoderate applicable guides to thief you study much applicable ways to boost your intelligence and beingness energy:

  • Why Am I So Tired And How To Boost My Energy
  • How To Get Fit If You Have a Busy Schedule

Final Thoughts

We should ever strive for much value clip by spending clip pinch intention.

As we are capable to attraction connected nan things that are astir important to america and make nan astir of our time, we will beryllium capable to unrecorded a much fulfilling life pinch little aliases moreover nary regret.

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