We’re Back from #PLASAFocusKC!

We’re back from Kansas City for the PLASA Focus Kansas City show!  A good time was had by all, and we got to talk to you all on that one-on-one level we love.  Are you coming to the next event?

Check out some photos of the CHAUVET Professional booth at PLASA Focus KC!!

A great way to start the #PLASAFocusKC show — with Richard Pilbrow! #Chauvet

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#CHAUVETProfessional at #PLASAFocusKC

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Beams and spots and #ROGUEHYBRID, OH MY! #CHAUVETProfessional

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THE WHO, Rocking and Rolling, with NEXUS 4×4!

Have you seen the new tour that The Who is doing around the world? They are just as excellent as ever, never stopping, never quitting, and now they are rocking a huge rig that includes 50 of CHAUVET Professional’s NEXUS 4×4 pixel mapping LED wash panels on the US legs of the tour!

You have GOT to see these great photos…  Check it out!  Also, check out some audience view video of The Who rocking with the NEXUS 4x4s (and some more video of NEXUS and The Who HERE!) from our CHAUVET Professional Facebook page!























For more on The Who’s 2015 Tour, check out Pollstar — dates and times, etcetera.  Great website for lighting industry people if you haven’t heard of it already!


Special Olympics After Party Taps CHAUVET Professional

Tebo Thibault of Life is Art Studios recently created a beautiful rig of CHAUVET Professional ROGUE and COLORado fixtures provided by the Alpha Production Group for an amazing Special Olympics After-Party bash at North Carolina State University.  Take a peek at some awesome shots!


RALEIGH, NC – Aside from being one of the premier public university research centers in the United States, North Carolina State University has also led the way in another important area as one of the foremost supporters of the Special Olympics. Every year, the school holds a 5K marathon and other events supporting this worthy cause. The 2015 festivities culminated with a jam-packed “Run Dance Glow” after party at the school’s sprawling 1314-acre Centennial Campus.

Putting together a versatile light show for this popular event, which had a relatively small stage despite the large crowd, required a versatile rig that could perform multiple functions. Lighting designer Daniel “Tebo” Thibault of Life Is Art Studios was able to create just such a rig using a collection of CHAUVET Professional Rogue and COLORado fixtures provided by Alpha Production Group.

“We wanted to create a concert and club atmosphere for the kids on campus while still staying within the physical limits of our stage and the realities of our budget,” said Thibault. “This meant that we needed fixtures that were not only punchy and powerful, but also versatile enough to do a lot of different things.”


Thibault got this versatile performance from COLORado 2-Quad Zoom Tour fixtures, which he positioned downstage on his rig and on his FOH truss. “I used the COLORados in a bunch of ways, which greatly expanded my creative options when matching the lights to the music,” he said. “I used them as my front wash and in my scenic wash. They also worked very well for me as audience blinders when I flipped them out from my front of house truss. The zoom feature, as well as the great whites the fixtures produced, made it easy for me to call on the COLORados to do a variety of jobs.”

The Rogue R2 Wash fixtures in Thibault’s rig were used to fill out movements and create extra dimensional looks, which served to lend a concert tour feeling to his fund-raising event rig. “I like to start a look with my beam fixtures and then use the Rogues to really fill out the stage,” he said “This brings a level of texture that people don’t expect from an outdoor event rig. The zoom feature of the Rogues influences how I design with them. They give me the ability to fill out my stage as a wide wash and then cut down into a tight beam. That makes every stage look bigger — and it makes fixtures like the Rogue an indispensable part of the rigs we build.”

Controlling his rig with a grandMA2 console, Thibault created a variety of scenes for the wide mix of DJs who performed on the Run Dance Glow stage. “I was very pleased with the scope of the show that we were able to create,” he said. “The kids at NC State are not used to seeing anything on their campus quite like what we did for this event. We brought what they see in club shows and at concerts and gave it to them right there in their own backyard.”

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For more information on Alpha Production Group visit www.alphaproductiongroup.com



International Fitness Showcase Flexes Lighting Muscles with CHAUVET Professional!

A plethora of CHAUVET Professional LED fixtures were employed at the Blackpool Winter Gardens for the International Fitness Showcase — a lineup of ROGUE, COLORado, Q-Wash and Q-Spot came together for an amazing rig with amazing looks.


Lancashire, England – As befits an event devoted to physical conditioning, the pace was nonstop high energy at the International Fitness Showcase 2015, which drew 3,500 fitness instructors to Blackpool Winter Gardens for three intense days of Pilates, kettlebells, spinning, pole fitness, Zumba, step aerobics, street dance and other activities. Helping to pump up the action and motivate participants at the annual event was a collection of LED fixtures from Chauvet.

Oliver Wilkinson, lighting designer and engineer at Arranpaul, which supplied lighting, sound and AV for the event utilised a variety of color rendering Chauvet fixtures to add a festive, glitzy air, not to mention a dash of intensity, to Blackpool’s Spanish Hall. A spacious Andalusian-style vaulted room, Spanish Hall was the main spot for the event, which was organised by Chrysalis Promotions, in addition to serving as the site for its awards ceremony.

Wilkinson’s lighting rig included four Rogue R1 Spot fixtures, four COLORdash Batten-Quad 6 linear fixtures, 16 Q-Wash 560Z-LED moving washes and two Q-Spot 460-LED moving spots from CHAUVET Professional. The Q-Wash 560Z fixtures were flown in the corners of the ballroom for the “Zumba Party” atmosphere, whilst the Q-Spot 460 spots and COLORdash Battens were used to bring a dynamic backdrop to the stage. The Rogue R1 Spots served as stage and audience lighting.

The intense output of the Rogue and Q-Spot 460 fixtures made an indelible impression on Wilkinson. “For the size of the room, the 460 spots didn’t let us down,” he said. “As far as Chauvet’s Rogue range goes, the R1 Spot has really made its mark. The optics are incredible for a fixture of this size and price range- plus, the high output of the LED still seems to amaze us at every event we use them on. No matter what the challenge is, the Rogue is always up to the job!”

In addition to offering fitness activities and an awards ceremony, the International Fitness Show brought many of the leading suppliers from the industry to its exhibition space. Wilkinson added an attractive visual element to these stands by illuminating them with Freedom Par Tri-6 fixtures from CHAUVET DJ.


“For trade stands, the Freedom Pars were perfect! No messy cabling and no need for hot power, we just charged them up every night and they were ready to go in the morning,” he said. “We also used to the Freedom pars to uplight the extravagant mirrored staircase for the awards ceremony. They never missed a beat.”

Wilkinson also used 14 PiXPar 24 par-style fixtures, four SlimPAR HEX 3 IRC units and 10 SlimPAR Pro Tri fixtures to light smaller rooms at Blackpool and as side lighting for the awards stage. “These fixtures worked really well, giving us rich and vivid colors that showed nicely even when it was sunny outside,“ he said. “This was an exciting event, and the lighting more than kept pace.”

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Sound Stylists Goes Bold With CHAUVET Professional For Chris Brown In South Africa!

Chris Brown and his world tour show recently reached out to Bryan Hartley of Trans-Siberian Orchestra fame to create an amazing, powerful, and stunning show for the world.  Bryan reached out to Sean Crawley, Head of Lighting for Sound Stylists in Midrand, South Africa to add Legend 230 Beams to the rig.  Check this out!


JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA – The world tour supporting Grammy-winner Chris Brown’s latest album X features a power-packed lightshow designed by LD Bryan Hartley, who is widely known for his work with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. As sometimes happens with international tours, however, rigs have to be pared down when the show travels from country to country.

This was the case, recently when the Chris Brown tour made two stops in four days in South Africa. The lightshow nevertheless was able to deliver the bold, powerful statement that Brown’s critically acclaimed album deserved, thanks in part to a powerful performance from Legend 230SR Beams from CHAUVET Professional.

“The original design had 174 fixtures, but the number of fixtures was reduced slightly due to venue structural weight limitations and availability of outdoor stage structure for the tour,” said Sean Crawley, Head of Lighting for Sound Stylists (Midrand, South Africa). “We also substituted Legend 230SR Beams for other fixtures on the rig. The lighting designer, Bryan Hartley, was receptive to our adding the Legends.”

Despite its compact size, the Legend 230SR has a powerful output (96,000 lux at 15 meters) that makes it capable of delivering the kind of eye-tingling punch suitable for a performance by Brown. The South African X tour featured 30 of the Legend fixtures provided by Audiosure, which like Sound Stylists is also located in Midrand.

The South African rig had 12 of the Legend 230SR Beams on the floor downstage — six on either side — and 18 of the fixtures on trussing over the stage. Preprogrammed and controlled with a Hog 4 console, the Legend 230SR Beam units created an array of high impact beam looks. “It was bold statement lighting,” said Crawley. “We had pillars of light going straight up. We had crisscrossing beams, and we had this unique look where the beams converged and then opened up like a flower. As I said, the looks made a very powerful statement.”


The 18 Legends on the overhead truss were used for audience lighting. “We drove those beams into the crowd to engage the audience,” said Crawley. “The brightness, the color, the sharpness of the beam all worked well to connect to people.”

Grouped with a robust collection of other beams, washes and followspots, the Legend 230SR Beams created a “world class concert look” for the Chris Brown South Africa tour, which took place at the Coca-Cola Dome in Johannesburg and the Moses Mabhida People’s Park in Durban. Although it may have been trimmed somewhat from its original design, the South African rig was still substantial, with close to 150 fixtures included. This created special demands for Crawley when setting up and tearing down the rig.

“Time was the big challenge with this project,” he said. “We had 18 hours of set up time in Johannesburg on Thursday, and then we had to take down the rig and get to Durban, where we had 12 hours of set up time on Friday. It was non-stop work, excitement and a lot of lighting power for four days — and we enjoyed it a great deal!”

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For more information on Audiosure visit: www.audiosure.com
For more information on Sound Stylists visit: www.soundstylists.co.za


CHAUVET Professional Sharpens Metal Edge for Motionless In White

Motionless in White was looking for a hardcore lighting edge to accentuate their shows even further than their Horror Rock monikers have pushed them.  Freddy Thompson of JDI Productions reached into the Legend case to create a bold, dark, and moody atmosphere for the rockers.  Check it out!


WORCESTER, MA– (For Immediate Release) – A Motionless in White concert is not for anyone expecting a predictable metalcore experience. Sometimes described as “horror metal,” the iconic group never fails to surprise and unsettle audiences by pulling unexpected tricks out of its musical bag, whether it’s a shattering blast beat that bursts out of nowhere in the middle of a verse or a haunting keyboard effect that leaves audiences looking over their shoulders. The band’s headline performance at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival was no exception, arousing the crowd with its unexpected twists and turns.

Keeping pace with the music was an intense and sometimes darkly theatrical lightshow by lighting designer Freddy Thompson of JDI Productions that featured a collection of Legend moving fixtures and Vesuvio RGBA foggers from CHAUVET Professional. Thompson used six Legend 230SR Beams and eight Legend 412 moving washes positioned on truss towers, as well as two Vesuvio RGBA foggers on a rig that also included blinders, strobes and hazers to capture the penetrating mood of Motionless in White’s music in light.

“I was going for was a darker theatrical look which I felt would complement the band’s persona,” said the LD. “I used very, very minimal lighting from the house rig at the Palladium, which helped the Legend’s beams stand out even more. By layering the stage with the rich colors of the Legend 412 wash fixtures, I could capture the moment during every song on the band’s set list (which began with Death March and ended with Devil’s Night).”


Thompson was careful to coordinate the colors of the two Legend fixtures in his rig. “At critical points we wanted to bathe the stage in color,” he said. “At those points, I would use brighter colors in the beam fixtures to ensure that they cut through the rich color wash of the Legend 412 units.

“The Vesuvios were critical to creating the theatrical atmosphere on stage,” continued the LD. “We used them to send up colorful columns of fog (the Vesuvio RGBA shoots light through fog). Aside from adding extra drama to the stage, the fog also worked well to highlight gobos, rotating prisms and fast random strobes.”

Thompson positioned the Vesuvio foggers on the downstage center edge, leaving enough room for an ego riser to be placed in between the units. “We arranged the Vesuvios this way so the artist could stand between the units while they shot colorful fog upwards,” said the LD. “It was all very dramatic.”


The Legend fixtures were arranged on four 8’ and two 5’ truss towers. Thompson spaced the taller towers evenly between the drum riser and guitar cabinets. He positioned the shorter towers stage left and stage right. Each tower had a Legend 230SR Beam on top. The taller center truss towers had two Legend 412 fixtures, while the smaller side towers had only one 412 unit.

“Having the beams mounted on top of the towers helped create a great position for these fixtures to be focused almost anywhere desired, whether it was on the audience or a point on stage,” said Thompson. “The 412s were mounted on the face of the truss towers to help create an eye candy effect for the set. I knew these Chauvet fixtures would be a good choice for this design because the units have proven their road worthiness time and time again. With such a short time frame loading in at the beginning of a three-day music festival, I needed fixtures I could trust would get the job done with no issues.

“A big challenge with a project at the end of a three-day festival is that there isn’t a lot of onsite programming time available,” continued the LD. “Thanks to Josh Korel, the band’s production manager sending me a complete set list, I was able to complete most of my programming in our visual studio at JDI Productions using Light Converse. By the time the rig was set up at the beginning of the festival’s third day, I had just enough time to update my position, focus my gobos and start the show.”


Start the show is exactly what Thompson did and with flying colors, not to mention a fistful of dramatic effects. The end result was a lightshow that was as intense, original, evocative and multi-layered as the music of one of the metal genre’s most complex bands.

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For more information on JDI Productions visit: www.jdiproductions.com


Road and Rental Ready PVP X6IP Outdoor Video Panels!

Such a large amount of production calls for outdoor video, and CHAUVET Professional is at the forefront of providing a tough weatherproof solution to the need — meet the PVP X6IP outdoor video panel!


SUNRISE, Fla. – As the festival and outdoor concert season kicks into high gear, lighting/production designers have a new tool that will make it easier for them to set up ultra-bright, weatherproof video walls at these events – the PVP X6IP high-resolution LED panel from CHAUVET Professional. Featuring a pixel pitch of 6.9mm, the PVP X6IP is an outdoor LED video panel rated at IP65 for its ability to withstand rain, while being brilliant enough to produce images that stand out in the daytime sun. It is also very touring and rental friendly, thanks to an innovative design that allows for quick and secure assembly, easy serviceability in the field, and the versatility to be used indoors as well.

With its high-res 6.9mm pixel pitch and ultra-bright 4,500-NITS illuminance, the PVP X6IP will render images and graphics of any type with impressive clarity, brilliance and definition of detail. The panel utilizes tri-color (red, green, blue) SMD 2623 LEDs with a black body to produce the highest in class contrast levels for video that “jumps out” even in broad daylight. Designed to be both video and audience friendly, it features a 3,120 HZ refresh rate and wide 130° viewing angle, making it ideal for use on-camera, while providing clear visibility from a broad expanse of “live” vantage points.

Designers and installers will find that it’s easy to build video screens and walls of all sizes with the PVP X6IP, too, because CHAUVET Professional has included many innovative and quality features in its design. Each panel has a 19.7 x 19.7 inch (500mm square) display surface, and a thickness of only 3.27 inches (83mm), and is manufactured via a computer guided CNC cutting process to provide the ultimate precision for seamless modular connections. Stainless steel hardware is integrated into each unit to allow for easy and secure interlocking between panels.

For quick, effortless mounting on truss or pipe, the PVP X6IP can be used with CHAUVET Professional’s RB-X50CM or RB-X200CM X-Series Rig Bars (sold separately), which include adjustable connectors that facilitate easy alignment of the panels. Installation can also be accomplished via M12 threaded inserts that are conveniently positioned on all four corners of each panel.

Another handy aspect of the PVP X6IP’s design is that the LED modules themselves are magnetic. This allows for quick replacement of LEDs on the spot whenever necessary, for easy serviceability on the road as well as the repair bench.


To increase safety in outdoor settings where wind is always a factor, the PVP X6IP features a blow-through design with an 8% transparency. But CHAUVET Professional has incorporated innovative sealable louvers into the design, which can be closed to block out back light, giving the panels the versatility to perform equally well in indoor applications. This increases their value to dealers and rental houses, noted Anthony Chiappone, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional.

“We looked at everything lighting and production designers, installers and dealers wanted in a high resolution outdoor video screen, and we created the PVP X6IP to do it all,” said Chiappone. “From its black-body SMD 2623 LEDs and 6.9mm pixel pitch, which produce daylight-defying brightness and highly detailed images, to its rugged IP65 outdoor rating and ease of setup, the PVP X6IP is designed to deliver outstanding performance on the touring and festival circuit.

“It’s even got some very innovative features such as the sealable louvers for indoor use, which were included to give the panel greater versatility,” added Chiappone. “Rental houses and dealers will appreciate the efficiency of stocking one product that has the functionality to fill a variety of different client needs.”

Made of solid die-cast aluminum, the PVP X6IP panels are durable enough for years of touring and rental use. Yet they’re also very lightweight — just 19.8 pounds (9 kg) each – making them easy to transport and handle.

Operating on LINSN control protocol, the PVP X6IP panels include Seetronic® Etherkon® IP65 data connectors. They work with CHAUVET Professional’s VIP Driver (sold separately), which will act as an interface between any
DVI or HDMI video source and the PVP X6IP, and allow media playback, configuration, addressing and remote power control of the panels.


Read more on the PVP X6IP:  http://www.chauvetlighting.com/pvp-x6-ip.html