COLORdash HEX Series Gives You Unbelievable Color Control!

Have you seen the new COLORdash HEX series from CHAUVET Professional?

COLORdash Batten Hex 8 and COLORdash Par Hex 12 are two excellent fixtures for any rig!  COLORdash Par Hex 12 is a par-style wash fixture with 12 hex-color LEDs (RGBWAUV) and the COLORdash Batten Hex 8 is a linear wash fixture with 8 of the same series of hex-color LEDs in a solid, road-worthy body!

Whether you’re lighting for broadcast, live events, parties, tours, or theatre — the COLORdash HEX series will give you colors that you’ve only seen in your most creative dreams!  Here’s Product Manager Mike Graham talking a bit about the HEX series, check it out!



The COLORdash Batten Hex 8:


The COLORdash Par Hex 12:



Congratulations to Oscar Dominguez’ Emmy-Winning Design for The Voice!

Congratulations are in order to lighting designer Oscar Dominguez of Darkfire Lighting Design and his lighting team for Season 3 of NBC’s The Voice for winning the 2013 Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction for a Variety Series.  Oscar’s team for The Voice is comprised of lighting director Daniel K Boland, lighting director Samuel Barker, and media server operator Craig Housenick.  Major congratulations are in order for your beautiful work!

Oscar Dominguez has been using Chauvet Professional fixtures to create his stunning designs for The Voice since Season 1 of the show’s history, starting with the COLORdash Batten Tri and the COLORado 1 Tri Tour.  Oscar and his team from Darkfire Lighting Design used COLORado and COLORdash to bring pure eclectic color and intensity to the performances given on The Voice while giving the audience a stellar experience both live in studio and at home in broadcast.


Oscar’s work in Season 2 of The Voice brought over 500 Chauvet Professional fixtures into the lighting rig:  over 350 COLORdash Batten Tri units, 60 COLORado 1 Quad Tour fixtures, 48 COLORado 1 Tri Tour units, and 44 pixel mapping Epix Bar fixtures helped Oscar and his team to create the vibrant designs that audiences across the world have come to expect from The Voice.


Season 3 of The Voice was another milestone for Chauvet Professional and The Voice, as Oscar’s lighting rig incorporated the first 86 Nexus 4X4 pixel display units.  Oscar and his Darkfire Lighting Design team designed some of the most spectacular broadcast lighting in recent history, gaining him the Creative Arts Emmy that his work, his team, and The Voice deserve.  Bravo from Chauvet Professional to you and your team, Oscar!


About Oscar Dominguez, from his About page at Darkfire Lighting Design:

Oscar Dominguez, the founder and head designer of DARKFIRE INC, is the man behind the exciting visuals of NBC’s THE VOICE, THE BACHELOR and SHARK TANK. With over 20 years of experience lighting live and episodic television, he is one of an elite group capable of producing the large scale lighting spectacle that top-rated TV shows demand. Oscar was recently nominated for an Emmy for his work on THE VOICE LIVES Season 2 and with his team has created an impressive body of work.

DARKFIRE works closely with producers, art directors and videographers to create a lighting plot, budget and equipment recommendations. New technology appears on the marketplace every week and DARKFIRE’s technicians check out its viability and compatibility with modern cameras. The expectations of the TV viewing public have never been higher and the range of traditional and LED based fixtures has never been wider. A generation raised on  excellence in concert lighting wants the same look and texture in their favorite weekly TV show. Fortunately modern camera technology has allowed designers like Oscar to re-create the looks that were previously only possible in live concerts.

Lighting for television is a collaborative process; with the convergence of set, lighting and special effects, the business of design is becoming more specialized. DARKFIRE continues to take a leading role and with every show renews its mission to bring visual excitement to millions of television viewers. 



CHAUVET Professional Supports Wakefield’s Backstage Academy with Q-Wash 560Z


Here at Chauvet Professional, we love to help the next generations of budding lighting designers, technicians, and touring professionals learn their respective crafts!  Students at Wakefield’s Backstage Academy in Yorkshire, UK, benefited from a donation of four CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 560Z-LED fixtures, which offered them the opportunity to really get some hands-on moving head experience.  The moving washes integrated by the students at the Backstage Academy into one of the school’s main lighting rigs.

Product specialist for Chauvet UK, Sam Bowden said: “Chauvet is a great believer in the talent of the future, and frequently hires staff who have just completed technical courses. We feel it is essential to support and aid the fresh blood coming into the industry not just to continue to push live events forward in terms of the product available but also to see the unique and varying ways that people use it.”






THE WHO Always Starts A Thursday Right!

Good morning, world!  It’s another great day of light here at the Chauvet Professional Blog!

This morning, we’re having a special aural treat for you – The Who playing “Behind Blue Eyes” back in 1975.  This is a particularly awesome moment, performed in Houston, TX – one of the first times The Who ever played in Texas!

The Who is known for pioneering laser and lighting technology in their shows, and America was the first time that any rock band ever deployed laser technology, for example, on a rock tour, and that rock band was The Who!

Enjoy, everyone!  Happy Thursday morning to you all out there in the lighting industry!


Rhapsody in Blue with ILUMINARC in Guatemala City

Twenty-two IP-rated ILUMINARC® fixtures brighten Centro Minuto shopping center in Guatemala City, installed at the base of a tower that emphasizes the mall’s main entrance. Ten Ilumiline 36 IP linear fixtures, eight Ilumipod 7 IP and four Ilumipanel 40 IP luminaires were specified and installed by OEG Group, and supplied by Glenn International. Here are some beautiful shots:






















Czech Distributor Showcases Chauvet Lights at Seminars

Czech Distributor AudioMaster recently organized a series of seminars aimed at training customers on various CHAUVET® Professional fixtures, such as Nexus™ 4×4 pixel-mapping wash lights, Legend™ 412 moving yokes, WELL™ 2.0Q-Spot™ 360-LED and Q-Spot™ 460-LED lights and more. Here a couple of photos from the training:




Educating a Brighter Future, Part 2

frank dankoMy Journey in Lighting
written by guest blogger Frank Danko
[ED: Mr. Danko’s journey began at an early age and in an earlier blog post. Here the journey continues.]

back stageTheatre is everywhere.
My passion for technical theatre continued through college where I studied theatre arts and worked freelance around New York. I ran lights and sound for weddings, mitzvahs, concerts, dance events, corporate events and theatrical productions. It was at this point I learned that I didn’t need to be in a theatre to be a technician. Events took place everywhere from parks, hotels, churches and right on the streets. One day I would be sitting behind the console in a hotel and the next day I would be setting up staging on the streets of NYC. Theatre was everywhere and I learned as many lessons on the job as I had sitting in the classroom.

A career begins.
I decided to pursue my passion for technical theatre because it seemed like a natural transition. I worked in a local theatre for several years, which lead to a position with our local IATSE production rental company who was providing gear for Broadway and Off-Broadway. After joining the organization, I came to find out that we were also providing lighting and audio at local schools. I was immediately interested in this side of the business because of how meaningful my educators were to my journey. I began meeting with teachers, directors and facilities managers to see how I could assist in their production needs. We developed a program where IATSE Technicians would go into schools to do workshops with students on lighting and audio. This program allowed me to help solidify the future of our industry by paving the way for students interested in pursuing a career in technical theatre.Ovation at booth

The education continues.
I am proud and fortunate to teach workshops in the New York area as often as possible and I sit on the board of the NYS Theatre Education Association. I represented CHAUVET® Professional and showed the Ovation™ series at The Hemsley Lighting Programs 9th Annual Lighting Portfolio Review this past March at Lincoln Center. This program honors Gilbert Hemsley, a highly regarded designer who dedicated his life to mentoring and educating young talent in the lighting industry. The Hemsley Lighting Program offers master classes and portfolio reviews by the industry’s leading designers in an effort to foster and educate the future of our industry. I have been fortunate enough to attended USITT numerous times, Broadway Lighting Master Class and was pleased to join the CHAUVET® Professional’s team at the 8th Annual Stage Lighting Super Saturday at LaGuardia School of the Performing Arts this past January.

USITT studentsArt transforms people’s lives!
Theatre is a collaborative art that cannot exist or grow without dedication from those who will follow in our footsteps. At the USITT Stage Expo, CHAUVET® Professional helped to inspire young technicians who walked the floor as I once did. With this in mind, I encourage you to get involved with USITT, EdTA and your local organizations promoting theatre education. Join me in helping us to educate a brighter future. You might just learn something in the process.

Inspired to learn more? Please feel free to contact me at .