Stage Weights, Dropped on Things, for Fun!


Now obviously we here at CHAUVET Professional don’t support anything like this done without the utmost considerations on safety and protection of all parties involved…

…but have a look at this video — Kansas City Rep did this, and it looks like they had an absolute BLAST doing it! Check it out!  Stage weights, dropped from a height (the loading gallery, it looks like) onto stuff they were in need of destroying!  Even a grand piano!

How many stage weights do YOU think it takes to get to the bottom of a grand piano?  Let’s find out!

Hat tip to JimOnLight!


Brothers Gow, BACK on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!


Awesome!!  San Diego local band Brothers Gow has another bunch of great live videos on the band’s YouTube page — a popular favorite here on the CHAUVET Professional Blog, Brothers Gow is out there rocking a full rig of CHAUVET!

From the band’s website:

The San Diego quintet Brothers Gow combines rock, funk, jazz and reggae influences with thoughtful lyrics, deep grooves and an ear for improvisation that keeps each show fresh and unique. With more than 500 shows under their belts, this well-seasoned band started off in Flagstaff, AZ, and since moving to Southern California, has developed a more dynamic sound, adding strong vocal harmonies and complex arrangements to their guitar-driven rock. Add to this mix an awe inspiring light show, and you have a recipe for a memorable concert experience.

Check out the title track from their newest album, Reflections — here on the CHAUVET Professional Blog!

The Brothers Gow rig consists of:
8 CHAUVET Professional Q-Spot 260
4 CHAUVET Professional Q Spot 560
4 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Wash Zoom 350
4 Chauvet DJ Intimidator Beam 350
22 Chauvet DJ Slim Par 64 RGB


Happy CHAUVET Professional Customers!

We love seeing happy customers, these customers are going to be making some pixel-mapping, beam-razing, hazy haze good times pretty soon!


Check out their purchases:

WELL Flex: Battery-powered uplighting mastery!

ROGUE R2 Spot: A monster moving head spot, powered by LED!

EPIX Tile 2.0: 12″ square of pixel mapping goodness!

AMHAZE II: Arena hazing, from your trusted source!



Jim Hutchison Talks Lighting Physiology at PLASA Focus Orlando!

Are you heading to PLASA Focus Orlando next week? Come listen to Jim Hutchison, who creates and is our Customer Engagement and Education Manager for CHAUVET Professional and Iluminarc, talk about how to better use your colors to make a more impactful lighting design!

Register for Jim’s course here!


SUNRISE, FL – The human eye contains millions of cone cells for detecting color — and Jim Hutchison hopes to tingle each and every one of them in his upcoming LED Color: The Psychological Experience seminar at PLASA Focus Orlando from 2-3 pm Tuesday February 17. Hutchison, the customer engagement manager at CHAUVET Professional and ILUMINARC, will take visitors on a colorful tour showing the effect that different colors and combinations of colors have on human thought and emotion. Along the way, he’ll share some insights on ways LDs can utilize the influential power of color to create more impactful designs.

“I’ve geared this course to show lighting designers what it means to be able to use color on a level that gives their designs even more depth and a greater ability to convey the story they want to tell,” said Hutchison. “It’s obviously very important that, as designers, we spend time talking about the pixel pitch and batching of LED fixtures and look at their mathematical data and photo metrics, but that’s still only part of the equation. What we also need to do is put ourselves in the audience’s seat to see how we can better tell a story to them and suspend their disbelief more effectively.  This course will offer advice on how you can do that by having your audience experience different colors of light.”

Some of the examples of color influence that the seminar will explore include the power of red to increase breathing and digestion rates, how heavy yellow hues evoke “an almost a blissful confusion,” and how blues and greens engender states of calmness.  “Individual colors are potent influencers,” said Hutchison. “Then, when you use them in combination with one another, you pump up their power even further. Our seminar will cover some proven examples of this color synergy.”

Hutchison will be relying on a collection of CHAUVET Professional COLORado Batten Quad-9 fixtures to provide vivid examples of LED rendered colors in action during the seminar. “We’re going to fill that room with heavy hues and induce some color fatigue in everyone’s cone cells for the sake of art,” he said. “It should be fun and I promise that anyone who attends will never see color in quite the same way.”


COLORado Colors Carnival in Curaçao

CHAUVET Professional distributor Massive Productions supplied about 45 COLORado fixtures for the exuberant Curaçao Carnival 2015. Eight COLORado 2-Quad Zoom VW and 38 COLORado 1-Tri IP wash lights drenched the stage in color, animating the carnival’s fiery performances. Here are some hot shots:

CHAUVET Professional At Busch Gardens® Tampa Christmas Town!

Incredibly colorful and fun!!  Have you seen the installation?  Thanks to Barbizon Lighting and Busch Gardens Tampa, a beautiful Christmas Town has emerged to bring all of the dreams of this holiday season to life!


A collection of roughly 175 COLORado 1-Quad Tour par-style LED fixtures from CHAUVET Professional provided by Barbizon Lighting Company were used to help illuminate and enhance the more than one million lights at Busch Gardens® Tampa’s Christmas Town. Most of the fixtures provided external lighting for the attraction’s impressive 50’ tall tree.