To Start A New Year – Suite: Judy Blue Eyes


Happy New Year, lighting industry!!!

We’re so excited to start 2014 off with a beam of light — this is going to be an excellent year, we can feel it like the rays from the sun!  We here at CHAUVET Professional hope that your New Years Eve was everything you wanted it to be, whether it was behind a desk driving a rig, hanging out with family and friends, or sitting on the couch resting from a long 2013!

Here’s something that we’re quite fond of, a live version of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes from Crosby, Stills, and Nash.  Happy New Year, everyone!  We hope that today is a great day for you, and that tomorrow is even better than today.


Monday Morning Grooves — Van Morrison’s “Jackie Wilson Said” Live!

Happy Monday morning, lighting industry!

As that crazy time we call Christmas comes quickly on the calendar, we see people scrambling all over the place to get things done, people seal deals, people finishing projects, and people getting ready for that end of the season event.  One thing is for sure — make sure that you’re taking a few of those minutes to spend with your family, friends, and with yourself!  Down time during the holiday is always sanity maintenance.

Here’s something to perk up your Monday morning — Van Morrison playing some Jackie Wilson Said live on the German television station Rockpalast.  Funk for your Monday!


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Top Ten Posts on the CHAUVET Professional Blog, TRADE SHOW SEASON Edition!

Happy Wednesday evening, Lighting Industry!

It’s been a crazy Fall trade show season, hasn’t it?  We saw so many of you this season, and we’re hoping for twice as many next season!  As is the end of every trade show season, we’re busier than a coffee pot popping the breaker on house power (even though the house is absolutely sure that the breaker isn’t tied into the production power at all) and getting back to business at hand — blogging and making the light!

Something that was interesting to see was the posts that made the top ten during the trade show season as a whole — it’s an interesting list, check it out!  Starting with the number one read post during trade show season…


Post #1:  Cat West, Lighting Director for KASKADE, Rocks the Rig AND the STAR WARS Dress!




Post #3:  A LEGO CONCERT KIT?!  Yes, Please!


Post #4:  Got A Case of the Mondays?  How About Some Awesome Grooves?


Post #5:  Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders NFL Intro and CHAUVET Professional!


Post #6:  TECH TALK, Special LDI 2013 Edition — NEW TOYS!


Post #7:  Congratulations to Oscar Dominguez’ Emmy-Winning Design for THE VOICE!


Post #8:  Ovation E-190WW LED Ellipsoidal Wins the WFX 2013 Best LED Fixture Award!


Post #9:  Chauvet Professional’s NEXUS 4X4 Nominated for a 2013 Parnelli Award!


and Post #10 for Trade Show Season on the CHAUVET Professional Blog is:

TECH TALK September 2013:  LOAD OUT!



Live Design’s 2013 TV and Concert Lighting Master Classes!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!!

We’re just getting back from this year’s TV, Concert, and Electronic Dance Music Master Classes sponsored by Live Design — a great time was had by all.  We had so much fun sponsoring and being a part of the events and festivities this year in Los Angeles at the famous USC Campus, and we’re looking forward to next year!  It was a great load-in, a great show, and a great crew.  Thanks to the excellent USC students for being such talented technicians and helping hands!

We’ve got a TON of photos for you, hopefully you’ll feel like you were at the show — excellent presentations from the cream of the crop in the industry.  Enjoy!

TV Lighting Master Classes

Our man Tim Edwards manning the CHAUVET Professional table at the TV and Concert Classes


In between sessions, onstage with the CHAUVET Professional Nexus AW 7×7 and COLORado 4 IP LED wash fixturesTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-3

Long shot of the room at USCTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-5

The award-winning Nexus 4×4 panels on displayTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-7

Getting ready to talk with Bill Klages and Mark Sanford, TV greats!TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-1

Television Lighting Design greats Jeff Ravitz, Bill Klages, and Mark Sanford talking about how it is to work in television in lightingTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-17

Session break!TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-16

Getting ready to talk with Bob Barnhart about how it is to light in the broadcast worldTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-11

The Emmy-winning lighting design team of Oscar Dominguez for The Voice!TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-18

Taking a break and getting ready to hear about Bruno Mars on The Voice (which had some rocking Nexus 4×4 designed in!)TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-6

Concert Lighting Master Classes

Talking about concert programming with master programmers Benny Kirkham, Cory Fitzgerald, and Jason Badger concert-lighting-master-classes-22

Discussing artist and designer management and representation with industry leaders Will Sharp and Todd Cameronconcert-lighting-master-classes-24

The most amazing John Broderick talking about how he and his team conquered on the Metallica tours — John is the long-time designer of the band, and an excellent presenter!   john-broderick-2 john-broderick

Tobias Rylander, Cory Fitzgerald, and Loren Barton talk about designing and programming media for major market tours.  An excellent presentation by three unbelievably talented people!concert-lighting-master-classes-9 concert-lighting-master-classes-10 concert-lighting-master-classes-11

Raj Kapoor and Loren Barton talking about media and content design for industry greats Shania Twain and Nine Inch Nailsconcert-lighting-master-classes-12

Nexus AW 7×7 and the COLORado 4 IP rocking the stage in between sessions!concert-lighting-master-classes-13

Nexus AW 7×7 and COLORado 4 IP onstage at the Concert Lighting Master Classesconcert-lighting-master-classes-14 concert-lighting-master-classes-15

The Saturday night mixer at the Concert Lighting Master Classesconcert-lighting-master-classes-17 concert-lighting-master-classes-18 concert-lighting-master-classes-19

An awesome session — Raj Kapoor, Peter Morse, and Benny Kirkham talking about permanent show design and its particular challenges/rewards.  Very cool!concert-lighting-master-classes-0

Nexus AW 7×7 shining through the haze!concert-lighting-master-classes-1 concert-lighting-master-classes-2

The famous Mr. Jeff Ravitz giving the beginning keynote at the Concert Master Classesconcert-lighting-master-classes-4 concert-lighting-master-classes-5

Jeff Ravitz (Bruce Springsteen, et al) interviewing Marc Brickman (Pink Floyd, et al)concert-lighting-master-classes-6

Tobias Rylander, Cory Fitzgerald, and Loren Barton talking about IconoPop and XXconcert-lighting-master-classes-7 concert-lighting-master-classes-8


Funky Friday! Umphrey’s McGee Playing Hajimemashite LIVE #umphreys


HAPPY FRIDAY, lighting industry and all of those who love light!

It’s another fine Friday — and whether you’re booked all weekend or you’ve got a book to read for the whole weekend, we wish you the very best load-ins, GO-presses, and bus trips that can be!  Just remember the #1 rule of the bus!

Here’s some outstanding tuneage for your Friday morning:  Umphrey’s McGee playing their great number Hajimemashite, LIVE at the Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL on 5/28/11!

Enjoy, and HAPPY FRIDAY!


HUMP DAY HARMONY! Guns N’ Roses, “November Rain”


Happy Wednesday, lighting industry!

Just this morning we heard an old classic on the radio down here in Broward County and we instantly thought of you!  Remember when Guns N’ Roses was playing all the time back in the 1990s?  Check it out — November Rain by Guns N’ Roses!  A classic video, a great tune, and something to get your blood (and memory muscles) kicking this fine Wednesday morning!

Enjoy, all of you people who remember the 90’s as a time of music and madness!


Wireless LED Art – Studio Roosegaarde’s Crystal LED Art Installation

Wireless LED art featuring little crystal structures that power on when they come in contact with the floor?  We love it!

New from Studio Roosegaarde, an excellent project for Dutch Design Week 2013 – meet “Crystal,” an interactive LED project made for interpersonal communication!

Crystal by Studio Roosegaarde from Dezeen on Vimeo.

This project features hundreds upon thousands of little LED-containing poly crystals that were formed by the studio — as the user places them onto the ground, which contains a magnetic field to power the LEDs, they illuminate, allowing the person placing the crystals to create words, shapes, or other light art!

From Studio Roosegaarde, info on the crystal installation:

CRYSTAL are hundreds of crystals of light which brighten when you touch them. People can play and share their stories of light.

Artist Daan Roosegaarde calls them “Lego from Mars”. The name refers not only to its futuristic design, but also to its endless potential to play. CRYSTAL has been previously exhibited in Amsterdam, Paris, Moscow and is now permanent in Eindhoven NL.

Each Crystal contains LEDs that are wirelessly charged via a magnetic floor. Once visitors start adding, moving or sharing Crystals, the basic breathing of the Crystals changes. The lighting behavior of crystals moves from ‘excited’ to ‘bored’, keeping visitors curious.

The coming years different Crystal shapes and colours will be developed together with high-tech companies and cultural organisations. CRYSTAL keeps on growing.

2012-2018. Hundreds of wireless LED rocks (variable sizes) on a black power mat.

Self commissioned by Studio Roosegaarde. Premiere at PICNIC, EYE Museum Amsterdam.
Permanent installation for Light-S at Natlab. Open for public at night at Kastanjelaan 500 in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Check out some images of the installation — gorgeous work!

Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_dezeen_02 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_09 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_08 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_07 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_06 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_05 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_04 1364-4466-image Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_01 Crystal-by-Studio-Roosegaarde_03