CHAUVET Professional Candids at #LDI2014!

As hard as we work, we also like to have fun while we’re working!  Otherwise, what’s the point?!  Check out some non-glamour shots of us doing the 2014 LDI Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.  We loved seeing all of you there and packing our booth full for three straight days — we love making the lights you love!

Click on any of these images below and your screen will transform into the magic photo lightbox that makes the photos larger!  :)


CHAUVET Professional at Entech Connect with Australian Distributor

CHAUVET Professional Australian distributor Showtools International showcased a great selection of products at Entech Connect, organized July 23-24 in Melbourne. The stand was loaded with Nexus 4×4 lights, Nexus Aq 5×5, Nexus Aw 7×7 pixel-mapping panels, fixtures from the Ovation line for theater and stage, like Ovation C-640FC, Ovation E-190WW and more! Here is an awesome shot of the striking display Showtools did:



Ovation at London’s ABTT Theatre Show

ABTT-2014-1CHAUVET Professional recently exhibited at the annual ABTT Theatre Show in London. Focus was on the company’s Ovation line, created especially for theatre and stage.


Graham Barron and Simon Cox, from the UK sales team, were on hand to demonstrate the products – including the Ovation E-190WW ellipsoidal-style luminaire, Ovation C-640FC cyc light, Ovation F-165WW and Ovation F-95WW Fresnel fixtures.


ABTT-2014- 4

The centrepiece was based on a retro private investigator’s office, which proved to be an interesting attraction – Graham was particularly taken with the typewriter!


ProLight+Sound 2014 with CHAUVET Professional – PHOTOS!

We’re back from ProLight+Sound 2014, and we had an excellent time meeting all of you and spending some German time talking lighting!  For those of you we didn’t meet this time, we’re always out on the road meeting and greeting, so please check out the CHAUVET Professional Show Schedule and come say hi!

Check out some new photos from the show!

PLS-day-2-chauvet-professional-1 PLS-day-2-chauvet-professional-2 PLS-day-2-chauvet-professional-3 PLS-day-2-chauvet-professional-4 PLS-day-2-chauvet-professional-5 PLS-day-1-chauvet-professional-6 PLS-day-1-chauvet-professional-2 PLS-day-1-chauvet-professional-3 PLS-day-1-chauvet-professional-4


Live Design’s 2013 TV and Concert Lighting Master Classes!

Happy Tuesday, everyone!!!

We’re just getting back from this year’s TV, Concert, and Electronic Dance Music Master Classes sponsored by Live Design — a great time was had by all.  We had so much fun sponsoring and being a part of the events and festivities this year in Los Angeles at the famous USC Campus, and we’re looking forward to next year!  It was a great load-in, a great show, and a great crew.  Thanks to the excellent USC students for being such talented technicians and helping hands!

We’ve got a TON of photos for you, hopefully you’ll feel like you were at the show — excellent presentations from the cream of the crop in the industry.  Enjoy!

TV Lighting Master Classes

Our man Tim Edwards manning the CHAUVET Professional table at the TV and Concert Classes


In between sessions, onstage with the CHAUVET Professional Nexus AW 7×7 and COLORado 4 IP LED wash fixturesTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-3

Long shot of the room at USCTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-5

The award-winning Nexus 4×4 panels on displayTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-7

Getting ready to talk with Bill Klages and Mark Sanford, TV greats!TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-1

Television Lighting Design greats Jeff Ravitz, Bill Klages, and Mark Sanford talking about how it is to work in television in lightingTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-17

Session break!TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-16

Getting ready to talk with Bob Barnhart about how it is to light in the broadcast worldTV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-11

The Emmy-winning lighting design team of Oscar Dominguez for The Voice!TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-18

Taking a break and getting ready to hear about Bruno Mars on The Voice (which had some rocking Nexus 4×4 designed in!)TV-master-classes-CHAUVET-Professional-6

Concert Lighting Master Classes

Talking about concert programming with master programmers Benny Kirkham, Cory Fitzgerald, and Jason Badger concert-lighting-master-classes-22

Discussing artist and designer management and representation with industry leaders Will Sharp and Todd Cameronconcert-lighting-master-classes-24

The most amazing John Broderick talking about how he and his team conquered on the Metallica tours — John is the long-time designer of the band, and an excellent presenter!   john-broderick-2 john-broderick

Tobias Rylander, Cory Fitzgerald, and Loren Barton talk about designing and programming media for major market tours.  An excellent presentation by three unbelievably talented people!concert-lighting-master-classes-9 concert-lighting-master-classes-10 concert-lighting-master-classes-11

Raj Kapoor and Loren Barton talking about media and content design for industry greats Shania Twain and Nine Inch Nailsconcert-lighting-master-classes-12

Nexus AW 7×7 and the COLORado 4 IP rocking the stage in between sessions!concert-lighting-master-classes-13

Nexus AW 7×7 and COLORado 4 IP onstage at the Concert Lighting Master Classesconcert-lighting-master-classes-14 concert-lighting-master-classes-15

The Saturday night mixer at the Concert Lighting Master Classesconcert-lighting-master-classes-17 concert-lighting-master-classes-18 concert-lighting-master-classes-19

An awesome session — Raj Kapoor, Peter Morse, and Benny Kirkham talking about permanent show design and its particular challenges/rewards.  Very cool!concert-lighting-master-classes-0

Nexus AW 7×7 shining through the haze!concert-lighting-master-classes-1 concert-lighting-master-classes-2

The famous Mr. Jeff Ravitz giving the beginning keynote at the Concert Master Classesconcert-lighting-master-classes-4 concert-lighting-master-classes-5

Jeff Ravitz (Bruce Springsteen, et al) interviewing Marc Brickman (Pink Floyd, et al)concert-lighting-master-classes-6

Tobias Rylander, Cory Fitzgerald, and Loren Barton talking about IconoPop and XXconcert-lighting-master-classes-7 concert-lighting-master-classes-8


Chauvet Professional Has An AWESOME Time at PLASA Focus Austin!


This gallery contains 11 photos.

if you’re traveling today or finishing up at the PLASA Focus show in Austin this week, we hope you had an excellent time!  We had a great time meeting you all, talking lumens, and showing off the Chauvet Professional line of … Continue reading


KASKADE Love – Get Your Blood Pumping!


Happy Monday, World!

We here at Chauvet Professional are up and at ‘em this morning early, and to get our day started, we’re celebrating the music of Kaskade on this fine Monday, September 9, 2013.  The Kaskade tour has some Nexus 4X4 panels and a whole ton of Geyser RGB foggers, and as always, they’re seriously rocking the venues with a very top-of-the-line show!

Check out the KASKADE show at Ultra Music Fest in Miami back in march below — it’s the whole set, so crank it up, and get to work!

Have an amazing Monday, everyone!