CHAUVET Professional Supports Wakefield’s Backstage Academy with Q-Wash 560Z


Here at Chauvet Professional, we love to help the next generations of budding lighting designers, technicians, and touring professionals learn their respective crafts!  Students at Wakefield’s Backstage Academy in Yorkshire, UK, benefited from a donation of four CHAUVET Professional Q-Wash 560Z-LED fixtures, which offered them the opportunity to really get some hands-on moving head experience.  The moving washes integrated by the students at the Backstage Academy into one of the school’s main lighting rigs.

Product specialist for Chauvet UK, Sam Bowden said: “Chauvet is a great believer in the talent of the future, and frequently hires staff who have just completed technical courses. We feel it is essential to support and aid the fresh blood coming into the industry not just to continue to push live events forward in terms of the product available but also to see the unique and varying ways that people use it.”






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