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Hey friends, come on in!

In this video, I’m takin’ you on a full house tour. We bought this home in May 2019, and it was our first time as homeowners! It's a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath in Austin, TX. We are now actually in the process of building our dream house together, and while we are excited for it, we will surely miss this place.

Y’all have been askin’ for it, so this felt like the perfect opportunity for me to document this space before we move. I know I’ll be able to look back on this with a big ol’ smile on my face.

Without further ado, here's our home.


We don't really have much space for storage in this area of the house, and so we try to keep things as tidy as possible by giving everything a home (this is a process we stick to throughout the house). There’s a shelf that Andrew built, and it’s really perfect for storing our mail, keys, wallet, sunglasses, just all of the odds and ends that we grab as we're going in and out. If you're like us and don't have a lot of room for storage, I definitely recommend using bins and baskets. This is how we stay organized and group like-minded things together so that we can reduce the amount of clutter that can build up.


We definitely consider our kitchen the heart of our home. We do a lot of cooking at home, so it gets messy very quickly, but it's our happy spot. I love how open the kitchen is, how white and bright it is. We’ve hung plants by the window, and it just feels like a very peaceful place to be.

To reduce clutter, we try to keep out only the essentials that we use daily, and then we store everything else underneath in our cabinets. I also have a “daily rituals corner” where I keep my matcha bowl, my utensils, my probiotic, my tea… things that I access daily. It makes it easy for me to choose the things that I know make me feel good from the inside out when they’re handy.

Our glasses, flatware, plates, and bowls are from a brand called Year & Day, and I highly recommend them. We've had them for three years now, and so far, everything is held up wonderfully. When we move into our new house next year, we definitely will be ordering from them again.

Today, we're giving you a full tour of our  first house in Austin, Texas! My husband and I bought this house over two years ago. We're now in the process of building our next house together, and while we are excited for it, we will surely miss this p

Living Room

There are tons of bins and baskets in my home - it's really my go-to way for keeping things tidy and organized. This house really doesn't have a lot of storage so we had to get creative and make our own storage. Pretty much all of the bins and baskets you see are from World Market, The Container Store, or Target.

Our living room is where I watch all of my Korean dramas and Andrew plays his video games. Our TV is the Samsung which I love because it looks like art. It sits flush against the wall, and it's really incognito for a TV. I decorate a lot with plants, but I also use decor that is functional and multipurpose. Speaking of which, we love Clover's dog crate from Fable because it doubles as a side table. It blends in with our decor, but it's also her crate that she likes to go in throughout the day.

For a more personal touch, we have two floating shelves on the wall behind our couch. We have a really cute illustration of Luna and Clover and our family, and gifts from our wedding so it's really special.


We use our laundry closet to maximize our space. We installed a narrow shelf from Home Depot, and it's the perfect fit to store our laundry detergent, dog treats, extra cleaning supplies, towels, rags, and just any of the utility items that we need for cleaning. You can check out a more detailed tour on how we maximize our Laundry space over here.


We were never really able to fit our car in our garage since it's quite narrow, and we also have bikes and a moped, so we decided to turn this into a space where we could work out. Having a gym at home was so nice, especially during the past year when I didn't feel comfortable going to workout studios.

Finding a new routine at home was a little bit of a challenge for me, but creating a dedicated space to move definitely helped me get into a rhythm. We have a Tonal machine that uses digital weights, and I really love the classes and the teachers overall. We also have a mixed fitness spin bike because I love spinning.

When we redid our garage, we wanted to have a more organized set up so we got tall cabinets from Ikea. All in all our garage makeover cost us around $1,500 to finish the floors and install the new cabinets, and I'd say it was well worth it.

Today, we're giving you a full tour of our  first house in Austin, Texas! My husband and I bought this house over two years ago. We're now in the process of building our next house together, and while we are excited for it, we will surely miss this p

Guest Bedroom

Let's head up to the second floor of our house. When you first walk up, there is our guest bathroom, and then we have our guest room. I love hosting people, and I always want them to feel right at home when they come to visit so I tried to create a space that felt cozy, felt like a place they could relax, unwind, and just unplug a bit while they're visiting. We store our towels in this room too, because we don't have a linen closet. We also have a bin for extra face wash shampoo and toiletries… just anything that our guests might need while they're here.

We really wanted to optimize our space so we opted for a daybed that pulls out into a big king size bed. The bed is from Ikea, and while I like it, next time I’d opt for a murphy bed because it saves you even more space.

I also use the guest room to sew, to read, and I'll take meetings here since we have a little desk. It’s an intentional and multifunctional space. You can see a full tour of our multi-purpose guest room by heading here.

Owner’s Bedroom

Now, onto our bedroom. I’ve done a full, in-depth bedroom tour, which you can check out here. In a nutshell, our bedroom is a space where we can relax and retreat. We are really mindful of our technology boundaries, especially in our bedroom, so we don't charge our phones next to our bed. There are wooden hexagon shelves built by my husband. This was his first time ever building something like that, and he did a great job.

Today, we're giving you a full tour of our  first house in Austin, Texas! My husband and I bought this house over two years ago. We're now in the process of building our next house together, and while we are excited for it, we will surely miss this p

We have a queen size bed that we share with our two dogs so it gets a little crowded. Our sheets are from Parachute and our dresser is from West Elm. We have some Korean family heirlooms here, and they are just a nice personal touch, something special to remember my Halmoni and Harabeoji.

One of the things I really love about our house is that Andrew and I have separate closets. This probably saves us a lot of arguments because I'm able to focus on my own stuff and my own organization. Meanwhile, he can do his thing in his closet. I invested in the Elfa System from The Container Store and I would 10/10 do it again for the next house. Head here to check out my closet makeover and how I organized my closet to maximize the space.

Our bathroom has matte black tiles and finishes, and I really love this look. I think it feels really clean and minimal and helps to keep our surfaces looking clear. We store most of our things in the drawers or under the sink. The top drawer is dedicated to my makeup. The second drawer is for skincare and hair products. The third drawer is where I keep my hair appliances and extra products. I do my best to reduce waste where I can, and I use shampoo and conditioner bars from Grove. I also use my biodegradable loofah from my shop, the Homebodies, and a stainless steel razor from Leaf.

Home Office

We've made it to the last room of our home, our office. When we first moved into this house, this was my office. My husband worked downtown at the time, but since the pandemic, he is now in a new role that’s completely remote and we now share the office. Over on my side, I have a big desk from World Market. My chair is from PB Teen, and this is where you'll find me on my potato days. I'll be here editing, recording, voiceovers, writing out my next video script or planning my workdays.

My office chairs are from Ikea, and we just switched the handles to make it feel more elevated.

This shelf + clothing rack is from Amazon. We got it used, and it had a few scratches on it, but nothing noticeable. It's a great place to store more plants as well as anything that I need to shoot. Our rug is from nuLOOM, and of course, our dogs love it.

As for Andrew's side of the office, it was pulled together in the midst of the pandemic so he's really looking forward to having his own space to really personalize and make his own when we move into our next house.

That's it for our full house tour! I hope you enjoyed getting to see more of the inside of our space. While I'm excited to move into our new home next year, I'm definitely going to miss this place, miss our location, and it's always going to hold a special place in my heart.

So thank you for giving me the opportunity to share it with you. When the time comes, I'm looking forward to renting our home out to someone who will really love and cherish the space as if it's their own!

Today, we're giving you a full tour of our first house in Austin, Texas! #minimalhome #minimalhousetour #minimaldecor