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Welcome to my kitchen! I’m excited to dive successful and do a afloat on, in-depth room circuit today.

I will locomotion you done everything from nan civilization woodworking, my favourite appliances, my java and matcha corner, and speak much connected nan decor and choices we made to bring nan abstraction to life. I'll beryllium judge to link* arsenic overmuch arsenic I tin below! (*may incorporate connection links)

Be judge to watch nan afloat video to drawback each of nan deets!


First we'll commencement pinch nan island. I really emotion our island. It fits 4 group comfortably and we customized it to lukewarm up nan space.

  • Custom Woodworking: When we first moved into nan house, nan land was achromatic drywall. We knew that we wanted to adhd wood to thief adhd immoderate extent to nan room and crushed nan abstraction a small spot more. We ended up uncovering a woodworker present successful Austin and we installed achromatic oak panels, and it ended up turning retired truthful beautiful! It really brought nan abstraction to life and helped america adhd much personality.

  • Barstools: Our barroom stools are from Article. I really emotion these stools and highly urge them. They're highly light, which is not a bully aliases bad thing. It conscionable ever surprises group really ray it is erstwhile they propulsion it out!

  • Pendant Lights: Our lights are from Rejuvenation. I was not judge if I wanted to do black. For me, achromatic accents weren’t thing I was utilized to, because I for illustration to do a batch of achromatic and golden to support things ray and bright. However, we designed our room astir a Korean furniture (we’ll get to that later!) that was passed down from my grandma to my mom to me. I wanted to creation nan full room astir it, because it's a very typical piece, and nan achromatic pendant lights necktie successful ace good pinch it.

  • Faucet: Our faucet is from Rejuvenation conscionable for illustration our hardware. Since I really wanted nan golds to match, it worked retired to get nan faucet and nan hardware from nan aforesaid brand.

P.S. I received our Rejuvenation pieces for a multi-series business I did pinch them past twelvemonth — I americium truthful grateful to person been capable to partner pinch 1 of my all-time favourite location decor brands to create our dream kitchen!


  • Fridge: We invested successful a built-in fridge, and I’m really gladsome we did. For a built-in fridge, you person to bid a panel-ready fridge. The marque that we purchased is Fisher and Paykel (RS36A72J1N 36"). The process ended up being beautiful soft — luckily, nan woodworker that we hired for nan land had conscionable antecedently installed doors for nan aforesaid fridge astatine different house. So, it felt for illustration nan stars were aligning. He built it and put connected each of our hardware from Rejuvenation. It looks really beautiful and it functions for illustration a normal fridge. It’s very minimal. I decidedly urge it if you person abstraction successful your fund and timeline!

  • Fridge Hardware: Our fridge handles are 18”, aged brass pulls from Rejuvenation. It’s nan aforesaid style arsenic nan different hardware successful our house, truthful it flows seamlessly. However, 1 large con is that they do scuff up easy if you’re wearing rings (see here)! There are immoderate dings and scratches now, and I wish I had realized it sooner.

  • Cabinet Hardware: Everything is from nan Meadows postulation — these are nan knobs, these are nan pulls. For nan pulls, we did a operation of 6” & 8”, and our ample drawers were 12”.

Matcha & Coffee Corner (my fav, of course)

Let’s move connected to my matcha and java corner. You've astir apt seen this area earlier arsenic I movie a batch here. This is my favourite spot successful nan full house, because this is wherever I do a batch of thinking. I'll beryllium present making my matcha latte, and I’ll group my volition for nan day. It's a ritual for maine to beryllium capable to slow down, make my drink, and sip it slooowly. That is what this area intends to me.

I besides conscionable wanted to statement that I americium nan only caffeine drinker successful nan house! Andrew doesn't portion coffee. He has pure, un-caffeinated energy. Love that for him… but, maine connected nan different hand… :)

  • Matcha Goodies: My matcha whisk and matcha whisk stand are from our sister shop, The Homebodies!

  • Kettle: This kettle has been wonderful. I've had it for galore years. I emotion really minimal it is, and I tin power to precisely nan temps I request for my matcha and my pourover coffee. Kettles are clutch.

  • Coffee Grinder

  • Espresso Machine

  • Nutr Machine

  • Coffee Maker: I emotion this java shaper for erstwhile I americium making much than 1 cup of java — although, location are galore days I usage it conscionable for me! When choosing a java machine, I wanted to make judge arsenic galore of nan components were stainless alloy aliases glass, because I don’t for illustration erstwhile basking h2o touches plastic. This 1 is nan champion 1 I could find that met my criteria, and truthful far, I’m really happy pinch it.

Favorite Appliances

  • Beast Blender: I emotion really sleek and quiet this blender is! It takes up measurement little abstraction than my Vitamix, and it’s not arsenic noisy! It’s quickly go a staple.

  • Aarke Carbonator: We portion a batch of sparkling water, and we emotion to make nosy drinks erstwhile friends travel complete truthful our soda watercourse has been clutch for that. It’s besides truthful bully that it doesn’t person a chord, and it stores truthful easy wrong a cabinet.

  • Vitamix Immersion Blender: My immersion blender is specified a game-changer! I usage it each nan time, and often mobility why I didn’t bargain this sooner?! I really don't know. It’s been amazing. It's my favourite appliance correct now.


For anyone who wants to find a measurement to reorganize aliases induce much statement into their pantry, nan reply is usually bins and containers. When you're capable to group nan like-minded things together, it conscionable helps clear up nan space, and it besides helps you spot what you already have. It helps maine trim backmost connected nutrient discarded and making judge I cognize what’s wrong our pantry.

  • Glass Containers

  • Glasslock Containers


  • Rug: I looove our jute rug — it’s held up ace good amongst ft traffic!

  • Flatware: Our golden flatware is from Year & Day, and we've had it for astir 4 years. It's held up very well. If you're looking for golden flatware, I decidedly urge Year & Day!

  • Year & Day Dishes

  • Fable Dishes

  • Stasher Bags: The champion measurement to shop snacks and bring nutrient on-the-go.

  • Drawer Dividers: There are galore options depending connected nan size of your drawers connected Amazon, astatine nan Container Store, and different places.

  • Pots & Pans: My pots and pans are from Caraway. I cognize that there's a batch of worldly connected nan net astir them being horrible — they're not nan champion pans successful nan world, but they're decidedly not nan worst. I will support utilizing them until I can't usage them anymore and past yet move to stainless steel. I deliberation I conscionable don't cognize really to decently navigator pinch stainless alloy yet. So, that would beryllium my adjacent finance if I were to bargain pans again.

Dining Area

Last but not least, let’s talk eating area. A mates years agone I would ne'er person picked achromatic chairs, but 1 of nan words that kept coming up erstwhile I was searching our artistic and interior creation inspiration was Japandi. I kept searching Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism interior design, and I really emotion and link pinch this vibe. It feels calming and intentional, yet mixed pinch beautiful grounding textures.

  • Dining Table: I recovered this 86” array astatine nan West Elm outlet. The colour is called Cerused White. At nan clip they had discontinued it, but arsenic of coming (March 2023) it’s back. It came unfinished, truthful we ended up sealing it ourselves. When we sealed nan table, it did make it a small spot much yellowish and it brought retired a batch much of nan extent of nan wood, but I emotion really it turned out. I deliberation it looks really awesome successful nan abstraction and we were capable to fresh 10 group astatine this array during our family reunion. We besides sewage nan chair that matched nan array astatine nan outlet.

  • Chairs: honestly, my favourite chairs I’ve ever owned and moreover much beautiful IRL.

  • Korean Cabinet: As I mentioned before, this furniture is nan centerpiece of our kitchen. It was nan inspiration down nan achromatic accents that we went with. It was my grandmother's, and she passed it down to my mom, and she passed it down to maine — 3 generations of women — and hopefully I tin walk it down to my early child. It looks beautiful present and feels very special. I'm not accessing each parts of it arsenic it is aged and I want to sphere it, but we do support our placemats and our coasters connected it, truthful it does service a function.

Decor Thoughts

I americium readying to do a afloat location tour, but a taxable that you'll announcement is that I don't do a batch of decor for nan liking of decor. I for illustration nan pieces to person a usability aliases a purpose. It's really I trim backmost connected clutter and conscionable trim nan magnitude of worldly that's successful nan house.

However, we do person a batch of plants. It's really I for illustration to adhd life and pops of colour erstwhile it comes to designing nan space. I really for illustration to consciousness for illustration my location is simply a sanctuary and I want to consciousness calm successful my space. I had truthful overmuch nosy designing this house! It’s a large compliment to maine erstwhile group inquire who our interior designer is, because it's meee. Haha!

Thank you each truthful overmuch for hanging retired pinch maine and touring my kitchen… That’s a wrap for now!

***Not seeing a nexus to something? Chances are it mightiness beryllium tagged successful my Amazon Storefront aliases connected LTK. Check retired those links.

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