Getting Things Done | Life Tasks I've Been Avoiding (Mid-Year Reset)

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This month, as we near the halfway point in the year, we’re focusing on resetting n' realigning our goals, routines, and spaces.

We kicked things off by revisiting our goals and doing a life audit together, and now that we’ve taken some time to reflect on the year so far, we’re shifting our focus to getting things done and clearing through any of the potential blockers to move forward feeling refreshed n’ refocused.

In this video, I’m tackling the life tasks I’ve been avoiding. I’m talkin’ about those little things that keep getting put off - the ones you know you really should do that end up getting stuck in the back of your mind. It feels so good to just get 'em done so they’re not in the background taking up mental energy.

I’m bringing you with me as I do the life tasks I’ve been putting off. Want to get things done along with me? Check out the video to see how I’m sorting through it!