How to Discover Your Next Career Move Amid the Great Resignation

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More than 4 cardinal group person near their jobs each period successful nan U.S. truthful acold this year, and 44% of workers are looking for a caller job. Research from LinkedIn shows that 87% of group are unfastened to uncovering amended occupation opportunities, while different study from ADP identified that 7 retired of 10  employees had contemplated a awesome profession move this year.

With nan ongoing conversations astir nan “great resignation,” nan “big quit,” and “quiet quitting,” nan bottommost statement is this: people are looking for their adjacent profession move. And for a wide assortment of reasons, it’s not astonishing why group are looking for more.

  • 85% of labor worldwide are not engaged astatine work.
  • 83% of U.S. workers suffer from work-related stress, pinch 25% saying their occupation is nan number 1 stressor successful their lives.
  • With only 33% of labor thriving successful their wide wellbeing, astir would opportunity that they don’t find their activity meaningful, don’t deliberation their lives are going well, aliases don’t consciousness hopeful astir their future.

Some group are leaving owed to toxic institution cultures, bad managers, debased salaries, and a deficiency of patient work-life equilibrium while others are looking for alteration – thing caller aliases different, greater fulfillment, a chance to springiness back, aliases that elusive “something more.”

I’m present to support those of you who are fresh for change, nary matter why. You are evidently not alone.

Why is It Often Hard to Make a Career Move?

Well, inquire yourself: why americium I staying? Perhaps you consciousness stuck, aliases you don’t cognize wherever to start. You’re terrified of nan what-ifs: what if you can’t find different job? What if nan adjacent 1 is worse?

Maybe you person imposter syndrome. You’ve mislaid your confidence; will anyone want to prosecute you? Do you person nan skills necessary? Perhaps you person been looking, but it each feels daunting and overwhelming.

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These are each existent and valid worries. But not thing to support you from making nan move you need to make.

In fact, person you considered nan other what-ifs? What effect is your existent business having connected your life, health, relationships, and well-being? What if you support going nan measurement you are going?

As an executive, career, and activity coach, I’ve worked pinch galore clients who waited until nan proverbial “straw that collapsed nan camel’s back” to leave. But that straw is often a surgery marriage, unbearable stress, aliases a important wellness rumor that takes complete and forces them to leave. My dream is that nan correct conversations – held BEFORE these drastic measures – lead you to a much fulfilled path.

Don’t wait. If you’re unhappy, stressed, overwhelmed, unfilled, aliases moving successful a toxic, unhealthy activity environment, there’s nary amended clip to see a change.

Now, what that alteration is whitethorn look different to different people. You don’t ever person to time off your job. Sometimes, you tin create alteration by looking for a caller domiciled successful nan aforesaid company, a caller challenge, aliases a caller measurement of working.

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Whether you want to reinvent yourself, alteration careers entirely, move up your existent role, aliases return to activity aft clip distant from nan workforce, support reading.

If you’re fresh to subordinate nan millions of group looking for their adjacent profession move, present are 5 elemental steps to observe YOUR next.

5 Steps to Discovering Your Next Career Move

Step 1: Take a STEP BACK

It is basal to first return a measurement back, reflect, look astatine nan large picture, and place what you really want earlier moving forward. When you intentionally look from a distance, you spot things from a different perspective.

By looking back, you tin amended articulate what you want to spot successful nan future. Having a clear extremity aliases imagination for this adjacent measurement successful your profession is essential.

In nan words of Stephen Covey:

“It doesn’t really matter really accelerated you’re going if you’re heading successful nan incorrect direction.”

So, what do you want?

  • Are you looking for maturation and development?
  • A circumstantial institution culture?
  • A spot wherever you tin afloat utilize your talents and skills?
  • Better work-life balance?
  • Are you looking to consciousness excited and energized successful your role, to person much state and autonomy, aliases to collaborate pinch group you love?
  • Or are you wanting to make a difference, get your assurance backmost aliases person much stableness and consistency?
  • Are you looking for a domiciled wherever you consciousness recognized for your contribution, aliases it’s a new, breathtaking situation you’re after?

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Take my client, Stephanie. She was looking for a caller role. She had ever thought occurrence was climbing up nan firm ladder for illustration galore of her colleagues and friends. When she deed a midlife crisis and genuinely thought astir what she wanted for her life and career, she identified that work-life equilibrium and contributing to a meaningful origin were overmuch much important than a title, nonstop reports, and moving up nan ranks.

The much circumstantial you tin get, nan better. But don’t interest astir making it perfect. This is measurement one, and overmuch of what you want will go much evident arsenic you spell done nan remainder of this process.

Step 2: Take a look astatine YOU

As you research this adjacent measurement of your career, a definite magnitude of self-awareness and soul-searching will beryllium captious to your success. The thought down this measurement successful nan process is to return a person look astatine yourself – to spell inward and trim nan clutter and sound of expectations and demands. To sift done what others want from you and get to nan principle of who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to do.

Understanding yourself astatine a deeper level and making decisions based connected these insights will make judge that immoderate you take to do adjacent is thing that will make you happier, much successful, and much fulfilled.

Key Questions to Ask Yourself successful This Step

  • What are my core values? Life values typically bespeak what is important to you – your priorities. What beliefs, guiding principles, aliases ideas are basal to you?
  • What is nan effect I want to have? What are you committed to? How do you want to lend aliases adhd value? How do you want to thief aliases serve? How will others – your company, community, aliases world – beryllium positively impacted because of you?
  • What are my passions? What do you love? What interests you? What gets you engaged, motivated, aliases excited?
  • What are my skills and talents? These mightiness beryllium tangible items (H.R. aliases consulting skills) aliases much intangible (listening, empathy, navigating politically delicate situations). List everything that comes to mind, and past item nan ones you would for illustration to APPLY successful this adjacent phase. You whitethorn person galore skills but don’t needfully want to use them arsenic you spell forward.
  • What is connected my wish list? What do you want and request successful your profession and adjacent shape of life? What benignant of workplace situation does that look like? What benignant of group do you want to beryllium around? What benignant of elasticity do you want? What will make you thrive? Identify which of these are astir important to you.

Brainstorm and Write nan Following

  • I consciousness happy when…
  • I consciousness proud when…
  • I consciousness stressed when…
  • I consciousness excited when…
  • I consciousness weighted when…
  • I consciousness fulfilled when…

As you bespeak connected your answers to these questions, are location immoderate themes you tin spot that drawstring passim each of these items? What’s nan wide principle aliases emotion you get reference it? Are location immoderate keywords aliases phrases that guidelines retired to you?

Step 3: Identity nan Possibilities

In this step, your first extremity is to brainstorm everything that mightiness beryllium possible. This is not astir the right choice, but astir allowing your imaginative mind to grow and spot opportunities you whitethorn not person seen before.

We often dive consecutive into uncovering nan right one and destruct thing that doesn’t consciousness perfect. However, by expanding your options, you whitethorn observe thing you hadn’t seen earlier aliases thing you discredited because it wasn’t right.

Here are immoderate possibilities that my clients person considered this year. Do immoderate of these consciousness for illustration what you’re looking for?

  • Perhaps you’re looking for a complete overhaul of your profession – a occupation successful a caller manufacture aliases starting your ain business.
  • Maybe you’re looking for a akin role, but pinch different institution aliases manufacture that amended aligns pinch who you are aliases want to be.
  • Maybe you recognize that you’d for illustration to enactment successful nan aforesaid organization, but you’re looking to effort a different role.
  • What if you emotion nan institution AND your role, but request a caller situation aliases heart-to-heart pinch your leader astir what’s moving and what’s not? Sometimes that’s nan simplest and champion choice, but conscionable needs to beryllium explored.

Consider ALL your options and constitute them down. Nothing is disconnected limits…yet!

Which options do you consciousness compelled by? Drawn to? Which consciousness astir natural? Go wherever nan power is. Cross disconnected immoderate options that you cognize aren’t a awesome fresh correct now and circle nan 2-3 options you consciousness and deliberation could beryllium best.

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Step 4: Open nan Door

Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it’s clip to research them successful greater depth. The constituent is to research what’s down each (door) option. The much you tin visualize and experience what life would beryllium for illustration successful each scenario, nan much accusation you person successful your arsenal to decide.

Here, you will research your options successful some an intellectual way and an emotional way.

Exploring from an intelligence constituent of position mightiness see online research, informational interviews pinch others successful that statement of work, and looking astatine required training aliases qualifications.

Exploring from an affectional constituent of position assesses your feelings astir this imaginable caller profession and life:

  • Can you spot yourself doing this?
  • What do you consciousness erstwhile you ideate telling a bully friend astir your job?
  • What do you announcement erstwhile you visualize opening nan first time of work?

Trust your instincts and intuition. What are they telling you?

Allow yourself to fto spell of nan whys, have tos, and shoulds to link pinch your subconscious. Get to nan depths of what resonates arsenic nan champion prime for you.

Have nosy pinch this measurement – it’s often astonishing what comes up!

How to Discover Your Next Career Move Amid nan Great Resignation

Step 5: Bring it each to LIFE!

Okay, friends, it’s determination time! Once you’ve narrowed down and explored your options, it’s clip to perpetrate to something. I cognize this portion is tricky. What if it isn’t right? What if location is thing other retired there? What if it’s nan worst determination I ever make? Arrgghh!

These are each real and good questions, but not if they extremity you from moving forward.

Consider this: If you cognize you request to return nan adjacent measurement and you cognize you’re unhappy wherever you are, what is nan bigger risk? Staying wherever you are retired of fearfulness OR taking nan adjacent measurement and seeing wherever it leads?

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“It’s amended to stone nan vessel than to dice sinking successful it.”

You’ll inherently cognize nan champion action because it will beryllium nan 1 that feels astir correct aliases natural. It’s nan 1 that gives you a consciousness of excitement aliases energy. It’s nan 1 that you consciousness drawn to aliases moreover pulled by. That doesn’t mean you won’t beryllium frightened – you will apt still person fears and worries astir this move. That’s alright!

A large situation present is not to do what you deliberation you should do aliases what others judge will beryllium champion for you. Given your circumstances and nan activity you’ve done successful nan anterior steps, what do you judge is champion for your future?

Remember, each measurement you return will bring you person to wherever you want to be. Make each 1 count.

Final Thoughts

This is not astir nan remainder of your life. This is astir what’s next, astatine this shape of your life and career. I spot galore group paralyzed by reasoning they must activity everything retired for the remainder of their lives. Of people that’s stressful and overwhelming! Plus, it’s conscionable not realistic aliases practical.

The mean personification changes jobs 10-15 times during their profession and group alteration careers anywhere from 3-7 times passim their lifetime.

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My grandfather ever said, “A way leads to a path.”

But you must commencement walking. You won’t cognize what you want to do aliases really it will look until you commencement exploring. So commencement somewhere, commencement anywhere, and it will lead you to your next.

You person to DO something. This is not a passive process; alteration takes action. Schedule clip to bespeak connected these questions and activity done this process. If you’ve publication this acold into nan article, you are intelligibly seeking immoderate shape of alteration and your wheels whitethorn beryllium turning. Lean into that! Challenge yourself – but bask it, too.

Twenty years for now you will beryllium much disappointed by nan things you didn’t do than by those you did. So propulsion disconnected nan bowlines, sail distant from nan safe harbor, drawback nan waste and acquisition winds successful your sails. Explore, Dream, Discover. – Mark Twain

When you look backmost successful five, ten, aliases 20 years, what will you wish you had done?

You are awesome. You mightiness beryllium emotion stuck, low, frustrated, and down connected yourself. Or you whitethorn conscionable person that caller spark to alteration directions! Either way, you are awesome. You are courageous.

You person everything you request wrong you to beryllium successful successful immoderate you determine to pursue. I’m not saying you won’t person fears aliases doubts – those are normal. But you can do this. You can make this change. Regardless of what personification other has told you aliases immoderate self-doubt you’re experiencing, you’ve sewage this.

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