How to Gain Clarity And Find Happiness in Life by Alice Inoue

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In this section of The Lifehack Show, we person invited Alice Inoue, Founder & Life Guide astatine Happiness U — a business pinch a intent to thief individuals find unprecedented clarity, to subordinate us.

Alice is an award-winning writer and life guidance master who has dedicated her life to helping others find answers to life’s challenges. As 1 of Hawaii’s thought leaders and celebrated expert, thousands of individuals person recovered clarity complete nan past 20+ years done her work. Her unsocial marque of life contented is featured successful her 8 books connected self-growth and happiness, arsenic good arsenic successful her long-running file successful MidWeek, Hawaii’s largest publication pinch 200k readers.

In this episode, Alice shares astir her travel connected realizing her intent successful life and has immoderate applicable tips for anyone is looking for clarity successful life.

Check retired nan afloat question and reply here:

Here I’ll item immoderate of nan awesome insights from nan interview.

The Purpose of Life Is Not About Happiness

As opposed to what galore believe, nan intent of life is not astir happiness. Think astir it, if nan intent of life is happiness, past erstwhile each nan crummy worldly happens to us, we will consciousness that we are not surviving a intent astatine all. In reality, we will each look challenging moments and consciousness sad and disappointment often.

I person to judge nan bully and nan bad, nan affirmative and nan negative, and nan full of it is what makes life good. And if I tin judge that and I’m increasing done it, past I’m fulfilled and past I’m happy. — Alice Inoue

The intent of life is astir increasing and learning, and uncovering much of who you are and what you’re tin of.

Accepting wherever you are, whether you’re facing a awesome situation aliases failure, is nan first step. Once you person learned really to judge your circumstances, you cognize you request to return actions to get complete them. This is really you turn and go a amended person. The process of ever-learning and increasing is nan intent of life.

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Life is for illustration 2 sides of a coin. It’s truthful valuable to admit that you can’t person 1 without nan other, truthful you whitethorn arsenic good judge it. And erstwhile we judge it, that’s wherever nan process of happiness. — Alice Inoue

You Find Happiness Where You Find Your Purpose

Happiness is what makes america consciousness good, it could beryllium thing meaningful aliases purposeful.

For example, if you helped personification opened a doorway that they couldn’t do it, and they said “thank you truthful much,” you would consciousness good; aliases erstwhile you person accomplished something, you consciousness good.

How to cognize what makes you consciousness good? Alice suggests asking yourself these 2 questions:

  • Where americium I teaching each day? 
  • Where americium I learning each day?

Try to bespeak astir your mundane life:

Are you a mother fig aliases a begetter fig to someone? Are you a connector to immoderate group — opportunity recommending personification to a person, a business aliases a work for bully experience? Are you providing support aliases a nurturing acquisition to immoderate people?

These elemental questions thief you to recognize that you are a meaningful portion of this world.

We astir apt tin each place ohio I’m learning from YouTube, I’m school my kid really to brushwood their teeth, aliases I’m school Executives really to coach… By asking yourself elemental stuff, you admit that you really person a purpose. — Alice Inoue

Being Unclear About Life Actually Helps You Gain Clarity

We tin ne'er beryllium perfectly clear astir each nan aspects of life, including our future. What we request to do is to judge that life is analyzable and will ne'er beryllium perfectly clear. The clarity we should spell for is to attraction connected nan 1 point we tin do coming to move towards a greater clarity. What is unclear coming tin really leads america to summation much clarity tomorrow.

Alice shares a communicative successful nan interview:

A man came to Alice and told her that he didn’t make capable money. He ever thought that if he could make much money, past he could bargain amended gifts for friends and family. He ever blamed his occupation for not paying him much. Then Alice asked him: “Do you person a a slope account? Do you person savings? Do you person a in installments card?” And his answers were each yes. The truth was, he didn’t bargain costly gifts for others because he chose not to. It wasn’t because of not having capable money, but he chose to prevention nan money for his children’s school.

These elemental questions helped nan man summation clarity successful life.

Own your decisions. Don’t blasted nan institution aliases different people. You tin (do something) if you want to, you’re conscionable choosing not to. Don’t fool yourself astir thing that you’re really owning — this is what clarity is like. — Alice Inoue

Moving towards a greater clarity isn’t thing instant, it doesn’t hap pinch conscionable 1 affirmative thought. It’s a mindset shift that takes clip and requires committedness of practice.

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We’re truthful lazy we judge each thought that comes out. We judge worldly that we’re told that we ne'er research, truthful we’re conscionable half a bunch of garbage sometimes successful our caput that we’re surviving by. That’s our representation and nary wonderment we’re not happy. — Alice Inoue

We person to commencement to place wherever our belief systems are off, and wherever we’re looking that’s not taking america successful nan correct direction. This is really we tin gradually summation clarity. We must first find retired wherever we are astatine and past spell from there.

Final Thoughts

If you’re emotion mislaid and overwhelmed successful life, this question and reply pinch Alice will thief you summation insights to find clarity successful life truthful you tin commencement to fig retired ways to activity towards nan life and goals you want to have.

Finding life intent and happiness successful life surely isn’t easy. But you person a life-time to study and turn to go a amended aforesaid each day!

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