How to Get Your Life Together When You Feel Overwhelmed

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I’ve been there, wondering really to get my life together. There is nary denying really overwhelmed we each are amidst world pandemics, earthy disasters, governmental challenges, economical downturns, family drama, and activity deadlines. It’s capable to make anyone propulsion up their hands, jump successful bed, and propulsion nan covers complete their caput until 2030. Yet, each large wind has an end, and you are beardown capable to upwind it.

When you are overwhelmed, you consciousness for illustration things are excessively overmuch to woody with. Put simply, location is an all-consuming sentiment that emotions are conscionable excessively strong. Overwhelm tin beryllium situational aliases general.

Situational overwhelm is linked to a peculiar group of circumstances, for illustration erstwhile location is simply a large task owed astatine work, but you are not judge if it will spell good and your promotion is hanging successful nan balance. General overwhelm is linked to nan mundane pressures of showing up for yourself and others. Regardless of which type of overwhelm you encounter, it tin beryllium a genuinely challenging ordeal.

Everyone gets overwhelmed from clip to time, but overwhelm doesn’t person to upend your advancement aliases thrust you into a downward spiral. In bid to thief you navigate these treacherous waters, present are immoderate tips to thief you get your life backmost together erstwhile you consciousness wholly overwhelmed.

1. Slow It Down

The first point you request to do erstwhile you consciousness flooded aliases overwhelmed is to slow everything down. The sensation you are emotion is for illustration an alarm. Your assemblage and tone are trying to bring your consciousness to thing important, and now they person your attention. In bid to process nan information you are being fixed and measure what is happening, you person to slow everything down.

The activity is your champion instrumentality for slowing it down. The power of your breath is incredible. Since nan respiratory, circulatory, and tense systems are connected, immoderate intentional manipulation of nan activity is going to straight effect your humor unit and affectional state.

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Doing thing arsenic elemental arsenic taking a infinitesimal to return 3 slow heavy breaths erstwhile you are successful nan throws of overwhelm tin commencement to slow everything down. You tin cheque retired immoderate different elemental stress-relieving techniques successful nan video below:

When you springiness yourself support to slow down your thinking, it is arsenic if you person put nan brakes on. You are forcing yourself to beryllium coming for what you are emotion and reasoning successful nan moment.

The acquisition of overwhelm tin consciousness very chaotic and retired of control, but erstwhile you slow it down, you are reclaiming power complete nan experience. Lean connected nan group successful your life who attraction astir you, and talk done your problems. This will thief you measurement backmost and slow down.

2. Step Back, Reflect, and Reframe

If you’re wondering really to get your life together, it’s clip to measurement backmost and bespeak connected what led up to nan overwhelm. Some bully questions to inquire yourself are:

  • Did I put excessively overmuch connected my plate? If so, who tin thief me? What tin I group speech for now?
  • Am I prepared enough? If not, what other tin I do to prepare? Is location thing getting successful nan measurement of my preparation?
  • Were location signs I ignored that would person kept maine from getting to this point?
  • Is location immoderate self-sabotage astatine play?
  • What is nan azygous astir important point I tin do correct now that will move maine towards my semipermanent extremity and individual development?

Reflecting is awesome because it helps you to benignant done nan information you received from being overwhelmed. Taking nan clip to decipher this data will besides thief you to amended understand what your assemblage is trying to show you successful nan early if you acquisition these sensations again.

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Reflective journaling is particularly helpful. It involves reasoning of an experience, interpreting what happened, and analyzing lessons learned from it.

Try reflective journaling erstwhile you want to cognize really to get your life together

Having a framework of reference for overwhelm up of clip is invaluable. Instead of it emotion for illustration a chaotic incoming tornado siren, it will consciousness much for illustration a monotone, preventative, early informing system.

Reframing happens erstwhile you person collected, processed, and reflected connected nan information and tin now spot nan acquisition successful a caller perspective.

For example, erstwhile I grounded nan bar, I thought it was nan worst point that could person ever happened to me. I was overwhelmed by nan thought that I had wasted $140,000 successful loans and would not beryllium capable to salary my bills, get a job, aliases create nan life I ever wanted. My assemblage felt sick, weak, and tired, and my mind was dense pinch each mode of antagonistic thought patterns. I didn’t cognize what I needed to do to get my life together.

Yet, erstwhile I gave myself support to slow it down, measurement back, and reflect, I realized that I would person hated being a lawyer. It took a while, but I was capable to reframe that acquisition arsenic a blessing that allowed maine to place my existent calling – helping others execute nan occurrence they genuinely desire.

If you’ve knowledgeable a antagonistic group of events recently, attraction connected your short-term goals and nan mini steps you tin return to put your life backmost together. Over time, surviving your life will get easier done individual maturation and improved beingness and intelligence health.

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3. Release, Regroup, and Redirect


It’s easier said than done, but erstwhile it comes to overwhelm nan champion point you tin do is let it go. Your effort to slow down, measurement back, reflect, and reframe person made it a batch easier for you to merchandise nan origin of your overwhelm.

Once I gave myself support to reframe failing nan bar, I was capable to merchandise it without immoderate regrets. The merchandise of nan root of overwhelm is captious to nan “getting my life backmost together” constituent of this process.


In bid to genuinely get your life backmost together, you person to regroup and redirect. The overwhelm put a chink successful your chain, which halted your progress. Now that nan chink has been worked out, you tin spot your concatenation backmost connected nan cogs and get backmost to work.

Regrouping is important because it allows you to adjacent nan feedback loop connected each nan slowing down, stepping back, reflecting, reframing, and releasing. It is for illustration a metaphorical play connected nan condemnation of nan lived experience. It allows you to deed nan reset button, and pinch each you cognize now, you tin move guardant successful an informed, prepared, and empowered manner.


The past enactment is to redirect. Thankfully, each nan activity you person done starring up to this infinitesimal will make it overmuch easier for you to place your caller trajectory. Remember that redirecting doesn’t mean you must move successful a radically caller direction; moreover if your trajectory only somewhat altered its course, that’s ok!

What is astir important is that you person processed, integrated, and learned from your overwhelm truthful that you are some amended prepared for early overwhelm and much equipped to debar it each together.

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Final Thoughts

We person each been overwhelmed and wondering really to get our lives together. However, your advancement doesn’t request to beryllium wholly compromised because life throws you problematic situations aliases toxic people. You are strong capable to flooded it and get your life backmost connected track.

When you are emotion overwhelmed, retrieve to slow it down by utilizing your breath. Give yourself support to measurement backmost and bespeak connected what led up to nan emotion of overwhelm because location is valuable information there. Reclaim your powerfulness by reframing nan acquisition and releasing nan root of overwhelm.

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