How to Leverage Time to Make More Time

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Why does it ever look for illustration there’s excessively overmuch to do successful excessively small time?

We each person conscionable 24 hours successful a day. And yet, why are location immoderate group easy capable to juggle a full-time job, build their broadside hustles, and bask value clip pinch family and friends without breaking a sweat while others tin hardly find nan clip to do thing too activity and sleep?

The concealed lies successful clip leverage. Having capable clip isn’t astir moving harder, but alternatively moving smarter and much intentionally making decisions to optimize your life.

If you want to cognize really to leverage clip to execute your personal, financial, and profession goals without emotion burnt retired and utterly exhausted doing so, publication connected arsenic I’m going to show you how!

What Is Time Leverage?

Before diving into really to incorporated clip leverage into your engaged life, it’s basal to person a patient grasp of what clip leverage means.

According to nan Merriam-Webster dictionary,

Leverage is defined arsenic “the action of a lever aliases nan mechanical advantage gained by it”.

In different words, leverage involves utilizing resources to summation an “advantage”, specified arsenic achieving your goals much efficiently.

Time is arguably nan scarcest resource. Understanding that clip is finite and that you are successful power of really you usage your clip are basal principles of utilizing clip leverage to optimize your life.

Time leverage involves achieving nan astir important consequence pinch nan slightest imaginable effort.

Time leverage does not mean moving 12 positive hours a day, 7 days a week, and risking your beingness and intelligence wellness to execute your goals.

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Rather, learning really to leverage clip allows you to still execute those aforesaid goals arsenic if you were moving each time and night, isolated from you don’t person to consciousness perpetually overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed.

This is because time leverage involves utilizing different people’s clip to delegate tasks they tin do for you and/or utilizing exertion and nan powerfulness of automation to activity smarter, not harder.

There’s only truthful overmuch clip you person connected immoderate fixed day; therefore, there’s only truthful overmuch you tin execute each connected your ain per day. However, by utilizing others’ clip and taking advantage of exertion to automate your life, you’ll beryllium capable to execute your goals much efficiently, without needing to discuss your wellness and well-being.

Time leverage boosts your productivity by being capable to delegate lower-level tasks (i.e. responding to emails, cleaning your home, moreover stepping your dog) to different group who are besides capable to do those aforesaid tasks for you astatine a fixed rate.

While delegating these lower-level tasks does travel astatine a cost, nan magnitude of clip you summation backmost will let you to give much undivided attraction to higher-level tasks and moreover individual commitments/opportunities that tin importantly amended your individual life and master profession (i.e. processing a business strategy, amended managing your staff, presenting astatine a conference, spending value clip pinch loved ones).

Some of nan astir successful group of our generation, Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, moreover usage nan powerfulness of clip leverage to successfully tally and standard their companies by intentionally delegating tasks to nan correct group to efficaciously turn their businesses.

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While you whitethorn not beryllium moving a multi-billion dollar company, if you are an entrepreneur and tin offload immoderate tasks to nan correct people, this tin not only thief you execute your goals much efficiently, but guarantee you don’t pain retired aliases person to discuss value clip pinch friends and family to execute your goals.

How to Leverage Time to Boost Productivity

If you are funny astir really to leverage clip to execute goals much efficiently successful your life, consider:

  1. leveraging your ain time
  2. leveraging different people’s time.

Being self-aware of wherever you are successful position of really you tin successfully leverage your clip is important. If you are conscionable starting your business, you whitethorn not person arsenic overmuch money and resources to leverage different people’s clip to turn your business rather yet. However, you tin still leverage your ain clip to efficaciously turn your business.

Likewise, you tin only turn your business truthful overmuch each connected your own, moreover pinch clip leverage, until you scope a constituent wherever leveraging others’ clip tin beryllium highly beneficial.

Learn really to summation your productivity and results by leveraging some your ain clip and nan clip of others:

Leverage Your Own Time

While we each person constricted time, that doesn’t mean location aren’t effective ways to leverage your ain clip to execute your goals efficiently. Use these 3 tips to thief leverage your ain clip much effectively.

1. Setting SMARTer Goals

One of nan astir important ways to leverage your ain clip is defining what your goals are and devising a actual scheme arsenic to really you are going to execute those circumstantial goals.

You’ve astir apt heard of SMART goals, but what astir SMARTer goals?

Many group neglect to execute their goals because they whitethorn not genuinely understand why they want to execute definite goals. Understanding why you want to execute definite goals tin thief you make nan favoritism betwixt what you want (your perceived goal) vs nan intent down nan extremity you are setting. This measurement you tin make adjustments to your goals to guarantee they really align pinch nan intent down nan goal. This is besides what makes a SMARTer goal.

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Sometimes it tin beryllium tricky to understand your truest desires and intentions down a peculiar goal. If this is nan case, see utilizing nan 5 Whys Framework to summation a amended knowing arsenic to why you whitethorn person your extremity successful nan first place.

Once you understand your “why” down your goals, it’s clip to activity towards mounting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Bound) goals that align pinch your purpose, while besides giving you a consciousness of accountability to successfully execute these goals.

Setting circumstantial goals is conscionable 1 of nan 5 factors that dress up nan SMART extremity system. One premier illustration of why mounting clear goals is important is Edwin Locke’s goal-setting theory. The goal-setting mentation refers to nan powerfulness of mounting goals successful improving wide capacity successful that those who group specific, much difficult goals are much apt to execute those goals compared to individuals who group much general, easier goals.

Want to study much astir really to group smarter goals and execute them? Read “Achieving Goals: The Ultimate Guide to Goal Achieving & Goal Setting”.

2. Prioritize

Prioritizing your clip is different measurement to leverage your ain time. Prioritizing involves focusing much of your clip and power connected meaningful, important tasks, and spending little clip connected small, little meaningful tasks.

Therefore, it’s basal to understand nan favoritism betwixt tasks that are important vs not arsenic important. Rather than completing each your tasks astatine random, beryllium judge to people nan worth of each task first. This measurement you tin past commencement and intentionally dedicate nan astir clip to these much valuable tasks first, and activity your measurement down.

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To study much astir each things prioritization, read “The Ultimate Guide to Prioritizing Your Work and Life”.

3. Use Technology and Automation

In today’s integer age, location are countless ways to usage exertion to leverage your clip and automate your routines that would different return up valuable clip retired of your day.

You’d beryllium amazed to study each nan different processes and routines you consistently do that tin easy beryllium automated to do much successful little time.

A assortment of automation package coming provides nan expertise to uniquely customize, automate, and past execute alternatively mundane tasks that don’t request overmuch quality assistance aliases guidance.

Top automation devices that tin beryllium utilized to much efficiently complete day-to-day tasks include:

  • Google Calendar
  • Calendly
  • Alfred
  • 1Password

You tin find much clip guidance devices successful 18 Best Time Management Apps and Tools. 

Leverage Others’ Time

There comes a constituent wherever you tin only do truthful overmuch to leverage your ain clip earlier needing to prosecute retired help. While leveraging others’ clip tin beryllium an fantabulous measurement to execute your goals faster, it tin besides beryllium disastrous if you don’t return nan clip to find nan correct group to delegate your tasks to.

Here are immoderate adjuvant tips connected really to leverage others’ clip to execute your goals much efficiently by moving pinch nan correct people.

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1. Develop Clear Guidelines and Plans

Setting a elemental yet broad line for your squad upfront tin prevention you clip and plentifulness of headaches down nan road. It’s basal you laic retired to nan individuals you are off-loading your tasks to 1) what they request to do, 2) erstwhile they request to do it, and 3) really they tin spell astir achieving these tasks to meet your standards.

While immoderate tasks specified arsenic sending retired emails tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic constructing an email template for your caller hires to follow, different tasks specified arsenic analyzing information for your business aliases creating contented to turn your business whitethorn not beryllium arsenic straightforward.

This is wherever creating a broad guideline for your squad to travel is of utmost importance. Not only will this prevention you clip successful nan agelong tally truthful your squad won’t perpetually person to inquire you questions to understand really to do nan task effectively, but this will guarantee nan activity your squad does meets your expectations.

Therefore, mounting clear guidelines and plans for your squad to travel upfront helps your full squad activity efficiently. This measurement your squad has each nan correct resources and devices astatine their disposal to efficaciously lick problems and create value work, without having to trust connected you.

For much analyzable tasks that whitethorn confuse your team, see creating training videos that tally done nan process from commencement to decorativeness you’d for illustration your squad to complete. This measurement nan individual tin rewatch nan video clip and clip again, and if they are still confused, scope retired to you for guidance.

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2. Delegate

While delegating tasks whitethorn sound scary, it is basal to efficaciously boost your productivity and execute your goals. However, you must beryllium building nan correct squad to delegate your tasks to. Failure to find nan correct individual(s) to delegate your tasks to tin beryllium detrimental and negatively effect your advancement toward achieving your individual and master goals.

Some important delegation rules to retrieve include:

  • Identifying nan correct person(s) to complete definite tasks. For example, if 1 personification is exceptional astatine creating and organizing information wrong Excel, delegate specified data-related tasks to that individual.
  • Be circumstantial and clear astir expectations connected really to complete nan task effectively. However, defy the impulse to micromanage arsenic this will wounded your employees’ capacity and productivity.
  • Provide support erstwhile needed to guarantee your worker has each nan resources and accusation basal to complete their tasks.

Read my article “How to Start Delegating Tasks Effectively (Step-by-Step Guide)” to study much astir really to delegate your tasks nan correct way.

3. Bring successful Experts and Consultants

Some things are champion near to nan experts. Introducing experts and consultants tin beryllium a awesome measurement to capable knowledge, skills, and acquisition gaps successful your existent squad that whitethorn beryllium hurting your business’s expertise to do its champion activity arsenic efficiently arsenic possible.

Experts tin not only maximize your business’s performance, but bring successful caller ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds to excel your business.

Bottom Line

Time is limited; however, clip leverage tin importantly amended nan value of your outcomes, thief you execute your goals much efficiently, without perpetually emotion burnt retired and overwhelmed.

Learning really to leverage clip successful leveraging your ain clip and leveraging different people’s clip is important to scope your goals much efficiently, without having to discuss your wellness aliases nan value of your work.

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If you’ve been looking for ways to either return your business to nan adjacent level aliases are simply looking to find much equilibrium successful your time to build some your master and individual life, effort to leverage your time.

By being intentional pinch really you usage your clip and pursuing nan supra ways to leverage your time, you tin much efficaciously scope your goals without emotion stressed, exhausted, and pressured to sacrifice value clip pinch loved ones successful nan process.

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