How to Make Time Work For You — The Time Mastery Framework

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Do you consciousness arsenic though you don’t person capable time? And you’re not really successful power of time, is it?

We person nary power complete really quickly clip passes; particularly pinch truthful galore demands connected our clip and power for mundane matters, we tin easy consciousness overwhelmed and swept. As a result, we whitethorn consciousness helpless aliases arsenic if clip is moving against us.

While you can’t power clip itself, you tin power really you walk it. It is overmuch preferable to walk 1 hr of precocious value clip connected things that are important to you than 10 hours doing things that are not time-worthy. When it comes to time, value is ever much important than quantity.

In this article, you will study really to amended your value of clip and return backmost power of your time pinch Lifehack’s unsocial model connected clip management.

The Time Mastery Framework

The Time Mastery Framework is simply a model I’ve gradually developed since starting Lifehack.

Around 10 years ago, Lifehack was a one-man show, and I was connected my ain pinch nary family obligations. I had plentifulness of time, truthful I built nan website from scratch and wrote and edited each of nan articles myself. Now that I’ve grown my institution pinch a larger squad and americium nan begetter of 2 sons, my demands and responsibilities person skyrocketed successful caller years.

As you tin see, location person been galore changes. After all, I’m a human, and it wasn’t easy to displacement from being responsible to myself (and my parents) successful nan past to being responsible to everyone connected nan Lifehack squad and my full family. I was overwhelmed and stressed astatine first, and I worried that I wouldn’t person capable clip to complete everything I needed to do.

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I had to juggle activity and family life a batch because I was ever truthful busy. I wanted my institution to expand, but I besides wanted to walk much clip pinch my children and wife. What’s worse is that, I felt blameworthy erstwhile I unconsciously thought astir activity while playing pinch my sons and my woman was upset astir this. What’s worse is that my woman sewage upset because I often thought astir activity while playing pinch my sons. I felt truthful blameworthy astir this.

That’s erstwhile I realized I needed to change.

I began by gathering each of nan tips and insights I’d gained from various productivity books and studies, and I reflected connected my regular schedule to find retired what went incorrect pinch my clip management.

It took immoderate clip for maine to reappraisal and amended my clip guidance system. But it yet worked.

Even though I still person nan aforesaid responsibilities, I nary longer juggle. Now I person a amended clip equilibrium betwixt work, family, and individual care.

It turned retired that it wasn’t a deficiency of time, but alternatively a nonaccomplishment to optimize immoderate of my clip that caused maine to suffer.

My struggle inspired maine to create nan Time Mastery Framework which I created while attempting to lick my ain clip guidance issue. It was besides improved aft I introduced it to nan Lifehack squad astatine work. Everyone astatine Lifehack has knowledgeable occurrence pinch it.

The Time Mastery Framework is simply a 5-step Framework:

time mastery framework

  1. Track – it is keeping way of really you are presently spending your clip successful bid to place areas wherever you could improve.
  2. Design – It entails making a scheme for really you want to walk your clip and mounting goals for yourself.
  3. Optimize – This refers to discovering ways to usage your clip much efficiently and productively.
  4. Do – It is each astir putting your strategy into action and making nan astir of your time.
  5. Review – It entails checking successful connected your advancement connected a regular ground and making immoderate basal changes to your plan.

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Now, fto maine break down nan step-by-step process:

1. Track

Tracking your clip is basal since it allows you to understand wherever your clip is being spent and observe areas wherever you tin improve. You tin spot really overmuch clip you person disposable for different activities by being realistic astir your usable clip and organizing your must-do items successful a almanac format. This tin thief you prioritize your activity and make amended usage of your time.

Tracking your clip mightiness besides thief you detect time-wasting habits and make changes to summation your productivity. You tin get a amended knowledge of your priorities and make much effective usage of your clip if you support a regular grounds of really you walk your time.

2. Design

The 2nd step, “Design,” involves making a schedule for really you want to walk your clip and establishing individual objectives. This is making a database of goals aliases tasks that you want to do and ranking them successful bid of value and urgency. It is captious to beryllium realistic and prioritize only a fewer of your goals, arsenic you will astir apt not person nan clip to complete everything connected your list.

Once you’ve wished your apical priorities, disagreement each extremity into smaller, much doable actions. This tin assistance you successful making advancement toward your goals without emotion overwhelmed.

Starting pinch little, non-ambitious bits of activity allows you to gradually create momentum and make dependable advancement toward your goals. This tin besides thief you support focused and motivated since you will beryllium capable to spot really acold you person travel and really acold you still person to go.

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A planner comes successful useful here. It tin thief you get organized by creating a database of prioritized goals and to-dos. Lifehack’s Full Life Planner tin do conscionable that. It is simply a useful instrumentality for aligning your schedule pinch your objectives.

3. Optimize

The extremity of “Optimize” is to uncover methods to usage your clip much efficiently and productively. This intends reconsidering your priorities and asking yourself questions like, “Do I really person to do this task?” Is it genuinely urgent? Is location a amended measurement to execute it? Can I delegate it to different person?

These questions will thief you place activities that are not urgent aliases important truthful you tin postpone them. By doing so, you tin attraction connected nan astir important tasks and trim down connected clip spent connected unimportant activities.

Put tasks successful nan “Backlog” class if they are not urgent aliases important but still request to beryllium completed. Examine these Backlog tasks erstwhile a week aliases erstwhile a period to spot if it’s clip to schedule them.

For example, astatine LifeHack, each squad personnel brainstorms and creates task backlogs successful their to-do database each week based connected their quarterly goals. Then, each morning, we take from nan to-do database what to activity connected for nan time and artifact a clip to decorativeness it.

Furthermore, by looking for amended methods to do things and contemplating delegating aliases outsourcing, you tin find ways to execute your goals much efficiently and prevention clip successful nan agelong run.

4. Do

“Just do it!” arsenic Nike advertised. “Do” refers to taking action. Whatever you’ve tracked and planned is meaningless unless you enactment connected it.

Use nan Time Blocking method to group speech clip for important tasks. The believe of allocating ample chunks of clip to related tasks is known arsenic artifact scheduling. For example, you could schedule meetings connected Mondays and strategy connected Tuesdays.

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By mounting clip limits, artifact scheduling tin besides thief you nutrient higher value activity successful little time. Setting clip limits tin deflate a ballooning task and thief you get things done, arsenic Parkinson’s Law states that “work expands truthful arsenic to capable nan clip disposable for its completion.”

5. Review

So you’ve taken action connected your important tasks; really are things going? This is what nan last measurement “Review” is for.

Keep way of your advancement and proceed to reappraisal it arsenic you transportation retired your important work. Are you getting person to your goal? What are your thoughts connected your advancement truthful far?

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This last measurement enables you to measure your existent business and nan magnitude of activity still needed to execute your objectives. When you support way of your progress, you tin spot what useful and what doesn’t, and make changes on nan measurement to get person to your extremity much quickly. Furthermore, by perpetually reviewing your progress, you will beryllium capable to observe your mini victories and will not suffer information arsenic easily.

With nan supra 5 steps, you will gradually regain power of your clip and execute much of what is important to you successful little time.


Time whitethorn look to beryllium uncontrollable, but location are things you tin do to maximize your clip and consciousness much successful power of your life.

By being mindful of really you walk your time, mounting priorities and creating a plan, you tin make nan astir of nan clip you have.

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