How To Use Day Theming For Productivity (With Examples)

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In nan changeless quest to go much productive, galore look for caller concepts erstwhile it comes to improving their productivity. That’s wherever a circumstantial type of workflow comes successful called time theming.

Day theming is 1 of nan top ways to enactment focused connected nan task while moving guardant to scope expected results. If you want to cognize how  – support reading. You will not only study caller ways and person clear examples but besides get action steps connected your measurement to usage time theming for a productivity boost you didn’t cognize you needed.

What is Day Theming?

The conception of themed days, particularly for activity is really simple. As nan sanction suggests, each time is dedicated to a circumstantial taxable aliases task . Instead of having a to-do database which tin get overwhelming, taxable activity days thief to stay focused connected a group of definite tasks alternatively than perpetually switching, which saves a batch of time.

If you person practiced task batching, you will emotion time theming arsenic it improves your productivity that overmuch more. With time theming, you simply give an full time to moving connected 1 circumstantial initiative. So alternatively than mounting speech smaller clip blocks for each task (e.g. an hr for networking, 2 hours for email, etc.), each time is strategically planned successful your almanac pinch a azygous task of focus. It tin beryllium moving connected a definite extremity successful your life, a individual aliases master project.

If you’re moving a business, time theming whitethorn beryllium a smart measurement to get done important projects much quickly. But arsenic you astir apt person heard – multitasking adversely affects productivity. That is wherever a method allowing in-depth activity while still gathering deadlines is truthful effective.

Let’s beryllium clear, time theming isn’t complicated. It’s not what you do but really you do it that makes time theming truthful incredibly effective. They are particularly useful erstwhile you want to make greater advancement successful a short magnitude of time. To get nan astir use retired of your activity days is to support definite hours successful your schedule pinch zero interruptions.

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5 Proven Benefits of Setting Themed Days

The benefits of time theming are plentiful, and they tin beryllium highly significant. Here are immoderate valid reasons why you should usage this productivity powerfulness instrumentality successful your favour and return advantage of what it provides.

1. Builds Productive Workflow

When you person single-themed days without interruptions, your productivity tin skyrocket, achieving acold much activity successful little time. Without replying to emails, being pulled into meetings, aliases dealing pinch different distractions, you tin enactment focused connected your work.

2. Prevents Attention Hopping

With a accepted regular to-do list, you’re trying to do respective cardinal things successful succession. It intends you’re attraction hopping because you person to complete a task (or astatine slightest make progress) and past move gears to thing different.

This arbitrary alteration successful attraction requires you to perpetually divert nan brain’s attention, sometimes respective times a day. Your attraction suffers – and your productivity declines, which leads to mediocre performance, missing important details, and inability to complete specified tasks.

Each clip I jump from task to task, I part my attraction connected shallow work, which creates determination fatigue and weakens my expertise to lick complex, important problems. But erstwhile I group firm borders astir a circumstantial portion of work, I won’t consciousness blameworthy astir ignoring those inevitable requests that harvest up passim nan day.

3. Helps With Prioritization

We each person important goals we’re trying to achieve, whether that’s trying to constitute a book, motorboat a caller website, aliases study a caller skill. But successful our fast-paced, hyper-connected world, it’s easy to suffer show of what’s genuinely important and get caught up successful nan sound and busyness of regular life.

Being capable to dedicate 1 time each week to a task that’s really meaningful to america tin return a powerful consciousness of restitution and intends we don’t miss retired connected creating thing that has real, tangible value.

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With time theming, you tin clear nan ‘background noise’ of different tasks competing for your attention.

4. Reduces Start-up Time

Once you batch akin tasks together, you trim nan start-up clip arsenic you’re already successful nan aforesaid context. This besides intends that if you person to make excessively galore decisions for illustration what you’re going to do that day, nan much you’re making decisions based connected what you consciousness for illustration doing, not connected what you should beryllium doing.

So knowing what you’re expected to do eliminates immoderate of this reasoning power. You’re conscionable executing nan scheme alternatively than coming up pinch nan plan. This makes it overmuch much apt you really execute your goals.

5. Helps Maintain Self-Discipline

With taxable activity days, you make it truthful overmuch easier for yourself to enactment disciplined. If you return an hr retired of each time to study a caller skill, it will return you overmuch longer and will create higher chances of you quitting on nan way. One period quickly becomes 2 months, and soon nan extremity has fallen by nan wayside.  Dedicating 1 afloat time to your caller task will support you focused, motivated and disciplined.

Here’s an example: let’s opportunity you want to study iMovie. Every time aft work, erstwhile you’re already exhausted, you return 1 hr to study nan skill. In 1 month, you will person dedicated astir 20 hours to learning and will astir apt struggle pinch subject and concentration.

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But what if you schedule 2 themed days successful a row, let’s opportunity Friday and Saturday, and give 10 focused hours to learning iMovie connected some days,  you would execute much successful 2 days than what you tin execute successful 1 period aliases perchance moreover longer if you struggle pinch self-discipline.

So, why doesn’t everyone conscionable usage time theming for productivity? The biggest problem is that it’s difficult to quiet nan calendar. Themed days of nan week for activity require immoderate shifts and a willingness to research your abilities for progress.

4-Step Method To Designing Your Theme Work Days

1. Decide connected Categories That Are Core to Your Success

You cognize amended than anyone other which awesome areas of your life consistently require a batch of clip and attention. Which of those things would use from having a circumstantial time dedicated to them?

These categories require you to beryllium imaginative and do heavy work. You tin group up a taxable for each 7 days of nan week, aliases you could support it to less days and springiness yourself immoderate dedicated days off. It’s each astir choosing what useful for you.

2. Assign Your Themes to Specific Days of nan Week

It is important to fund capable clip for each category. When budgeting time, see your work-life equilibrium and allocate your activity projects accordingly. Think thoroughly astir each areas of your life, including your wellness and fittingness – they excessively merit your time.

3. Write Out Specific Tasks for Each Theme

This will thief you measure nan magnitude of activity and allocate much reasonable clip to each task. No matter really small, constitute each of them down and categorize them into daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. You mightiness not beryllium capable to travel up pinch everything astatine once, truthful it mightiness beryllium adjuvant to person a database connected your table for a week and conscionable support adding to it till you person each of it.

Usually, nan “quick” aliases “small” tasks return nan longest simply because we person overlooked our abilities aliases nan power each task mightiness really take. By overbooking ourselves, we go little elastic and much exhausted. Writing nan tasks retired will springiness you a clear position of what’s to travel and will thief you allocate nan clip much properly.

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4. Add Themes and Tasks to Your Calendar

If aft immoderate clip of utilizing your chosen themes you announcement to beryllium inefficient, alteration them. Your occupation is to make themed days activity successful your favor. So reevaluate arsenic needed. You mightiness find that you’ve near thing retired that you really need. The constituent is to make scheduling easy, not much complicated.

Create Your Own Themed Day (Action Plan)

It’s easy to take themes, however, what really goes into it? Which tasks are you expected to complete? To thief you out, I person listed ideas and tasks for your ain circumstantial situation. The champion measurement to spot what themed days tin do for your productivity is to simply trial nan concept.

Before You Get Started:

  • Clear your almanac for a time to do a believe run.
  • Set your priorities. Understand that it’s not conscionable nan task that’s important – it’s nan powerfulness of nan method you’re applying to get it done.
  • Prevent distractions. Set up your abstraction truthful it keeps you easy focused connected nan awesome point you’re astir to execute and support nan imaginable interruptions to a minimum.
  • Remove reasons for procrastination. A small spot of task mentation goes a agelong measurement – region immoderate imaginable attraction stealers from your abstraction and hole to do nan work.
  • Set circumstantial goals and deadlines. Make judge your goals are measurable truthful it’s easy to spot nan advancement that you’ve made.
  • Work successful balance. Take regular breaks to support your mind sharp, and assemblage refreshed. This will support you excited and move nan needle successful nan correct direction.

Once you person prepared your abstraction successful each aspects, it’s clip to dive successful and do nan work. Remember that themed days should activity successful your favor, truthful take and accommodate accordingly.

Regarding nan tasks, location is simply a large assortment to not only take from but adhd thing that you find useful to person connected your list. Mix and lucifer them pinch your themes arsenic you find nan astir fitting. These are conscionable a fewer examples to springiness you an thought for your ain unsocial themed time action plan.

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Marketing Day

  • Review existent trading campaigns and metrics
  • Plan retired caller trading strategies and income campaigns
  • Create aliases consult caller campaigns aliases promotions
  • Evaluate and update each societal media and customer connection material
  • Explore co-branding opportunities aliases proposals
  • Pitch caller business ideas
  • Find caller revenue-generating avenues for illustration connection programs
  • Do competitor investigation to find retired wherever they’re getting nan astir traction and engagement

Meeting Day

  • Client calls
  • Discovery calls
  • Coffee dates
  • Podcast interviews
  • Team meetings

Internal Affairs Day

  • Check past week’s income reports and respond to soul queries aliases issues
  • Do real-time task guidance check-ins pinch squad members
  • Attend supplier and customer communication
  • Create aliases update manuals aliases videos that could thief you and your squad activity much effectively
  • Work connected customer connection channels – newsletters, transportation automation, etc
  • Review immoderate existent projects and find ways to improve
  • Team meetings

Content Day

  • Create contented for nan adjacent week
  • Collaborate connected nan creation of caller website content, trading run content, and societal media content
  • Oversee blog aliases article uploads for your website
  • Work astatine link-building and SEO for amended online visibility
  • Review and update newsletter aliases mailing database contented and objectives
  • Record videos

Research and Development Day

  • Experiment pinch caller plugins aliases web devices to heighten website function
  • Look astatine courses aliases programs for self-improvement aliases business building
  • Tweaking 1:1 work workflows, truthful they springiness a amended customer experience
  • Reviewing your product/ service
  • Thinking done caller programs
  • Creating caller devices for our audience


  • Participate successful manufacture groups aliases paid platforms
  • Search for industry-related accusation you tin stock pinch your audience
  • Connect pinch imaginable clients
  • Look for podcasts aliases blogs wherever I tin thief their audience, and scope retired to them.
  • Adding caller group to nan CRM
  • Updating CRM

Personal Growth

  • Setting goals for nan week
  • Reviewing past week’s goals
  • Reading
  • Resting, rejuvenating
  • Time pinch friends/family
  • Workout
  • Taking a course

What if There Are Unpredictable Changes aliases Challenges?

Obviously, you can’t conscionable disregard immoderate issues. A situation aliases urgent query can’t hold until adjacent week. The awesome point astir time theming is that it’s really flexible. For example, you could enactment ‘on nan theme’ until 2 p.m. each day, pinch leeway aft that to be to different issues.

The important point to retrieve is that time theming gives you much circumstantial attraction and clip for heavy activity each day.

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Looking for Other Ways To Use Themes?

The cardinal to moving pinch methods for illustration this is knowing that it’s a framework. And nan aforesaid model does not activity good for everyone. So it’s cardinal to find what is moving for you and enactment flexible. Weekly themes might beryllium an moreover amended solution for your circumstantial situation.

Here’s different example: if you connection a two-week copywriting service, location is not overmuch clip to activity connected your business. Instead of having batch days, it mightiness beryllium worthy having dedicated weeks; 2 weeks of customer work, 1 week for contented creation for nan pursuing weeks, and 1 week to do your different important activity for business growth.

If your weeks are different, it mightiness beryllium worthy dedicating clip until nan extremity of each week to scheme retired and allocate themes for nan week ahead.

Final Thoughts

No matter nan type of activity you do, regular themes tin thief you. I promote you to trial this attack and spot if it’s bully for you. The expertise to attraction is nan astir important consequence you get from theming your days, and that is genuinely priceless.

Chances are precocious that you will get results if you person a full time group speech for a definite project. No interruptions, nary meetings, nary different tasks from different projects creeping successful connected you. From my constituent of view, nan much uninterrupted clip you tin dedicate to a definite project, nan easier it is to make advancement successful that project.

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Start small. Evaluate what is moving and what isn’t and make adjustments. Adding moreover 1 taxable activity time tin bring immense benefits. Once you person 1 time sorted out, adhd a 2nd taxable time and support adjusting until you find what useful champion for you.

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